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Ethan and Mia’s Big Surprise

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This is a cute little story about brother and sister, Mia & Ethan, who desperately want a dog.  Their parents don’t think they are old enough to care for a dog.  One day Mia and Ethan are stuck inside because of all the snow.  They start an imaginary game of how they would care for a dog.  After their mom & dad observe their play, they surprise them with a puppy a few weeks later.   My 3 yr old grandson enjoyed this story and we loved the interactive play at the end.
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Super cute book, and much needed as my daughter has been begging for a puppy as well.  She really enjoyed the story and the pictures and talking about most of the pages as we went through this book.  Definitely will be adding this to the reading rotation pile.
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Thank you, NetGalley for a chance to read this. 

What an adorable little book. I love it dearly. It teaches kids so much but one of the examples is that with the power of imagination you can create a beautiful memory. It's how you see it that matters. 

The book also educate kids about responsibility; how you have to earn trust. And about being patient when what you want does not fulfil.
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What a delightful story! Not only does this book encourage children to use their imagination, it demonstrates how powerful and uplifting imaginations can be. I liked seeing brother and sister playing cooperatively together, sharing in the responsibilities of caring for their imagined dog while keeping house rules in mind. The kids remained upbeat and happy despite the obstacles they faced and that, too, was a positive lesson in the story. I also appreciated seeing the inclusivity of both the Christmas tree and menorah displayed in the home. The illustrations were cute and colorful. 

Many thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.
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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for a copy of "The Magic Power: Ethan and Mia's Big Surprise" in exchange for my honest review.

This book was very cute and colorful. It was about a brother and sister who want a puppy for a gift. During a snow day, Ethan and Mia decide to use their magic power and pretend they have a puppy.

It shows that you can play pretend and still have a good time doing so. This was a very easy read for my five year old niece and she really enjoyed the ending.
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I love a book that promotes imagination as a "magic power." This is a cute little story about two children who imagine they have a puppy, as their parents have told them they are too young to take care of a puppy themselves. The tale and illustrations show us all the things they imagine doing with their puppy. Thankfully, you can still use your imagination when it's snowing!

As an adult, I appreciate that the illustrations show both a Christmas tree and a menorah; a parent/grandparent/caregiver could easily adapt the ending, which mentions Christmas, to focus on Hanukkah instead.
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How sweet is this book! My three year old son is obsessed with puppies, I know he would enjoy this story. I loved how Ethan and Mia used their creativity and imagination.
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What a super cute colourful illustrated book that will appeal to all young children.

Who doesn’t want a puppy at some time in life?
These two little children, brother and sister, Ethan and Mia would love a puppy.

Parents say they are too young and wouldn’t know how to care for a puppy yet, maybe later.

Up in their bedrooms they are upset about this but Mia has an idea, let’s pretend this teddy is a puppy.

Ethan isn’t sure it can be done.

Imagination is a wonderful tool especially in a child. 

What happens from this is a beautiful thing.

On a more serious note, I was thinking as an adult in my older years how imaginary things aren’t there in the toy world so much. The pretend, the imagination, it’s all on devices or toys that already “do” things instead of you imagining it’s doing it. If anyone understands what I mean?

This book is a wonderful toy to help develope the imagination in your child.
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Ethan and Mia are brother and sister who desperately want a dog but their mum and dad keep saying no. One snowy day they decide to use their imagination to have a pretend dog for the day. this is a lovely story about using your imagination and the adventures it takes you on. With great illustrations throughout, I'm sure most other 4-year-olds would enjoy this story too.
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Ethan and Mia are so excited. While they make their wish list with the gifts they would like to receive, they keep thinking about what it would be like to have a puppy as a pet. Both want it very much and that is why every time they have the opportunity, they ask their parents.

But having a pet requires responsibility and her parents believe that Ethan and Mia are still too young to take on that task.

The day that changed everything, it dawned very cold and with a great snowfall that left them all locked in the house. Mia came up with a plan that not only kept her and her brother entertained all day, but also showed their parents what they were capable of despite their young age.

Ethan and Mia’s Big Surprise is a tender and very beautiful children’s story with which to introduce to children the concept of responsibility and care of animals.

The idea is simple and is very well formulated through a short text and some very beautiful and striking drawings that collect in detail the content of the story.

Ethan and Mia’s Big Surprise shows the little ones how beautiful and important it is to use imagination and everything you can get with it.

A highly recommended children’s story.
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Great book about a brother and sister who desperately want a dog!
They pretend the Teddy bear is a dog, and end up doing everything responsible dog owners should do - taking him for a walk, and cleaning up poop etc.
The illustrations are nice and colourful too so very eye-catching. 
Great read that is perfect for teaching a child about the responsibilities bedded of a dog owner.
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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for a copy of "The Magic Power: Ethan and Mia's Big Surprise" in exchange for my honest review.

Wow, this book was so colorfully vivid! It really draws you in. This book teaches you about responsibility and Imagination! This book can be a gateway to discussing what having a pet would look like. What responsibilities would you have? What would taking care of a real pet look like? Kids have such great imaginations this gives kids a way to envision a pet before taking that step. You can have your kids draw out what having a pet would look like and a schedule! I would recommend.
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Ethan and Mia's magic power is their imagination. This book was cute but I wish it had been a bit longer. I think the author only scratched the surface of what it could've been. Since it's a read-a-long picture book families could add their own discussion points.
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Ethan and Mia's Big Surprise is a simple but beautiful story of a brother and sister who have always longed for a pet but are too young so they use the power of their imagination to have fun instead.

Thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for my copy.
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This was a charming tale with an important message. 

The story is about positive relationships between siblings, responsibility and the power of imaginative play. 

It is probably best for younger readers who will sit still long enough for a shorter story.

Many thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for gifting me this arc in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for a copy of "The Magic Power: Ethan and Mia's Big Surprise" in exchange for my honest review.

This book is full of colourful, detailed pictures that will appeal to children. The story is about brother & sister - Ethan and Mia. Every year at Christmas they make a list and they only want one thing: a puppy and every year they don't get a puppy.

They decide to use their magic power - Imagination - to bring their dreams to life. They realize they can have fun and do anything. They explore the realities of owning a puppy: playing, walking, cleaning up after and naming him or her. 

Their parents are impressed at how well they used their imagination. They asked them what they had named their imaginary puppy and they both said Coco. They talked about all the adventures they had. 

This book is a great way for parents and children to discuss what their favourite pet would be. The realities of having a pet. They can be creative and use their imaginations to draw or create their pet.
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