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I enjoyed every story in this one.  They are all well written and didn't feel rushed. 

I do recommend.
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3.5 stars! Christmas, regency style. Well, Christmas in an inn during a bad snowstorm anyway. A chance encounter, encounters I mean.  The inn is closed but a storm forced travelers to take shelter with the proprietress and her small staff.  Enjoyed the stories a lot and I liked that they each about the people in the inn.  I think I enjoyed the 1st story best.  A cozy Christmas anthology.

Thank you Kensington Books and NetGalley for this arc! It was a nice read.
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Lots of Rooms & Romance at the Christmastime Inn

I am normally not one for anthologies, but this interconnected set was a great cozy Christmas read. The stories are linked together and have overlapping scenes and characters which I thought were really well done.

When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries is a second-chance romance. Konrad and Flora met years ago in Bath, and he broke her heart. Now their chance meeting at the inn has brought them together a second time and sparks quickly kindle and fly. 4/5

The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter was my favorite of the three novellas. Jenna Waverly is the innkeeper who finds a man injured and sick and brings him back to her inn to tend for him. Love burgeons over the sickbed, which is rather unusual. When the ill man, Lucas Avonwood, recovers, we learn he was on a mission to track down a criminal and the inn turns out to be the very place to find what he was searching for. I really loved Jenna Waverly. She's so well-developed and down-to-earth. It's so nice to have a heroine who works and is capable of running her own life, and who is somewhat more "working class" than in most Regencies. The story does establish that she is a gentlewoman. I would have loved it even more if she was not but if Lucas fell for her anyway. Either way, their romance is very sweet and believable. 5/5

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney has a fantastic twist beginning which grabs your attention right away. Kate Mcleod is a pretty redhaired young lady who comes across a man from her past who holds the key to her future. 5/5

Steam Level: 2.5/5
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This is a set of three novellas connected by the fact that they are all taking place at the same time, in an inn where a group of travellers become stranded by bad weather just before Christmas. 

When We Finally Kiss Goodnight by Sabrina Jeffries
If you’ve read the Duke Dynasty series, you’ll be quite familiar with Konrad Juncker, the fake playwright employed by the Duke of Thornstock to cover for the fact that Thorn was the author of the popular plays. Flora, the heroine, also appeared briefly, and it was apparent that the pair of them had some history. Here we discover that there was a failed romance between them a decade ago; Flora was in Bath to find a suitable match, fell for Konrad, and then he left to go to London with Thorn and she ended up becoming a companion to an elderly viscountess. 
The chemistry between the two is palpable, but there is an obstacle in that Konrad is currently in limbo, uncertain as to his future and whether he will be able to support a wife at all, much less keep a lady like Flora in good style.
I think this would make a decent amount of sense if you haven’t read the Duke Dynasty series, but if you have read and loved them like I have, this is a nice little addition. Five stars.

The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter
Jenna Waverly is the owner of the White Rose Inn, and she very much did not want guests for Christmas, a time she closes the inn and gives herself a holiday, but she can’t turn away travellers stranded in a ice storm… and certainly she can’t refuse to help a seriously ill and injured man found in the snow close by. Lucas Avonwood is charmed by the beautiful innkeeper who carefully nurses him back to health, but he isn’t telling her everything - he’s searching for clues to the whereabouts of a devious thief and smuggler who may have been using the White Rose as a base.
Spoiler: the villain turns out to be Jenna’s brother, and while I liked the romance between Jenna and Lucas, I had a serious problem with Lucas undertaking to ‘fix’ everything without actually telling Jenna what was going on. He NEVER DID tell her, which meant they were starting their life together with a significant matter Lucas was concealing. While it’s an otherwise decent story, that left a nasty taste in my mouth and I’m knocking a star off for it. Four stars.

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney
The last person Kate Macleod expects to meet at the White Rose Inn is Daniel Faringdon, the man who married her to save her from an untenable situation in India seven years earlier, and then promptly disappears. To add insult to injury, he doesn’t appear to even recognise her at first! But since he’s here and apparently not dead, she’s going to have to convince him to help her get the marriage annulled… except Daniel seems to think that being married isn’t such a bad idea.
I liked this story a lot. Kate and Daniel are both strong, smart people who’ve overcome past difficulties and come to a place where they know who they are and what they want from life. Five stars.

Overall this is a very strong anthology, but there were a couple of puzzling discrepancies, mainly that the three stories had very different heat levels. The first is high heat, open door, the third has no sex scene at all, and the second is a sort of in-between, partially open door. To be honest it felt like they were in precisely the wrong order and should have escalated in heat level instead. Taking each story on its own merits and averaging, however, it comes out at 4.67, which I’ll average up to 5 stars.
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The White Rose is  closed for the Christmas holidays, until a snow storm forces several travelers to seek shelter. Each author writes the story of one of three couples that meet again or for the first time. A snowstorm and the celebration of Christmas will give them enough time to bond and find love. Very nicely done to tie each couple and the other travelers in the same time frame in each story.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.
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I love a good Christmas anthology, and my favourite part about this one, is the fact that the stories are all interconnected and take place during the same timeframe at a closed inn just before Christmas during a snowstorm. It was really fun to see how the authors would link all these stranded strangers together and see the characters cross over to the different stories!✨

This was a nice continuation of the Duke Dynasty series featuring an HEA for Konrad Juncker, the actor playing as a playwright for his friend the Duke of Thornstock. His story is a second chance romance!

A man on the hunt for a thief unexpectedly finds romance with the innkeeper who saves him from illness out in the snowstorm.

After a young woman is rescued from a bride sale in India and reunited with her family, she never expects to find her saviour and erstwhile husband (!) while stranded an an English inn!

Overall, I definitely stop for a night at this roadside inn!

A Yuletide Kiss was released September 28th, 2021.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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When we finally kiss good night. S Jeffries
This was fine. It wasn’t bad but I wasn’t that impressed by it. Konrad and Flora knew and liked each other eight years ago but they were persuaded to cease their interactions, which ended up in Konrad leaving to try his luck in London. The novella begins with Konrad finding shelter at an inn that was supposed to be closed for the holidays, and in which Flora arrives later on. The trope of forced proximity the inn provides is good for them to talk things through and find their HEA. This story just didn’t do much for me, I didn’t feel very emotionally connected to the main characters, and while it wasn’t a bad novella, it failed to grab my attention.
“The Unexpected Gift” by Madeline Hunter
This author was the reason why I requested the ARC from Netgalley. I enjoyed the story, I didn’t love it but I grew attached enough to the main characters, especially the heroine, to want to keep reading and find out about their HEA.
“When Strangers Meet” by Mary Jo Putney
I wasn’t really into this story, I just didn’t feel connected to it and a lot of the scenes seemed forced.
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A Yuletide Kiss is a very fun anthology featuring three couples brought together at the same in over Christmas. The three stories are more connected than most anthologies as there are whole scenes that appear in all three books but from the perspectives of the different main characters. I really liked this as it made the anthology feel more contained and I knew that I wasn’t just getting the leftover characters from other books (and even if I was, I couldn’t tell).

When We FInally Kiss Good-Night by Sabrina Jeffries is a second chance romance between Flora and Konrad who had a flirtation some years ago in Bath but haven’t seen each other since Konrad left town without a good bye. I enjoyed their story and they had some very fun banter. Konrad’s background includes that he was inoculated against smallpox while his parents weren’t and died of the disease, which is a good reminder for people today that vaccines work and have been around for a very long time.

An Unexpected Christmas Gift by Madeline Hunter is a sickbed romance between Jenna, the inn’s owner, and Lucas. I love a sickbed romance and their story was absolutely darling.

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney is also a second chance romance between Kate and Daniel who married each other seven years ago in India but haven’t seen one another since the ceremony. This one had a lot of story in so few pages but it totally worked and made me very happy.

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC.
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“When We Finally Kiss Goodnight”  -  Sabrina Jeffries
“The Unexpected Gift”  -  Madeline Hunter
“When Strangers Meet”  -  Mary Jo Putney

On his way to stay for Christmas with the Duke of Thornstock, Konrad Junker gets stuck in a snowstorm.  Seeing The White Rose inn, he stops.  The innkeeper, Mrs. Jenna Waverly, says they are closed for the holidays, but will not turn him away.  Then another carriage arrives with Lady Hortensia Whitmarsh and her companion, Miss Flora Younger.  Mrs. Waverly allows them to stay as well.  Next, Kate Macloed and several others arrive.  Add to that a man, Mr. Avonwood, who was found ill and unconscious in the snow, and the inn soon becomes full.  With most of the staff away for the holidays and food short, they all have to pitch in to hunt for, and help cook food.  They know they will be stuck for the Christmas holiday so they decide to cook what they know and prepare for a happy time.

The three authors have each taken different characters and written a novella on them that knits the whole story together.  The stories are OK, but nothing really outstanding.  I found that the story being repeated three times was very off-putting.  I’m finding that shared holiday novellas aren’t my favorite.  I will say that I liked Alice and the cat.  My favorite characters.

Copy provided by the NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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What a warm cozy feeling this trio of stories leaves you with! I loved the way the stories were entangled and supported each other. A perfect Christmas read/listen. Stranded at an inn by snow and ice various travelers enjoy the holiday. Out of the travelers 3 main romances emerge with wonderful characters and heart felt stories.  Get your hot cocoa, warm socks, fuzzy blanket, comfy pj's and a warm fire then snuggle down and enjoy this read/listen. 

I was gifted this book as an ARC and this is my voluntary and honest review.
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A Yuletide Kiss features three interwoven stories about a group of travelers who find themselves stranded at a rural inn at Christmastime by an unexpected winter storm, and the romances that follow their forced proximity.

When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries

Grade: B+                            Sensuality: Warm

This is a second chance romance between an erstwhile playwright and a lady’s companion. Flora Younger met Konrad Juncker in Bath years earlier, but he vanished without any explanation after raising her hopes. When they come face-to-face for the first time in years, both still feel the spark, but each now has secrets from the other. If they are going to come to an understanding, they must both be willing to be honest.

An Unexpected Christmas Gift by Madeline Hunter

Grade: A-                            Sensuality: Warm

Jenna Waverly is the owner of the White Rose Inn, at which our protagonists have taken refuge. She plans on closing her establishment for the holidays, to give her and her staff some respite, but when the storm brings a host of guests to her door, she cannot turn them away to freeze. The most intriguing among these guests is a man who was found, clearly ill and unconscious, in the snow. Jenna tends to him, only to find that the intimacy that bond creates isn’t so easily set aside. Her patient, Lucas Avonwood, is on a mission to protect a lady’s honor, and as he becomes enchanted by the innkeeper, he can only hope that she isn’t involved in the scheme that he is investigating.

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney

Grade: B                            Sensuality: Kisses

This is the tale of Kate Mcleod, a woman from a prosperous family who finds herself face-to-face with the husband she barely knows. Kate and Daniel Faringdon were married almost at first sight years earlier, in dire circumstances and under duress. Unbeknownst to Daniel, the marriage was a legal one, and when he sees Kate again she tells him that they must seek an annulment, for another man wishes to marry her. Daniel asks that Kate allow him to get to know her while they are at the inn, and she agrees, for she does not love her would-be fiancé. The question is, will a few days be enough to decide to remain together for a lifetime?

I will say that there is definitely a bit of a cheesy atmosphere to Jeffries’ story, but I go for that sort of thing. I liked the conflict in Konrad about his future, and Flora is fun as well. They have good chemistry on the page and a lot of great scenes together. Jenna and Lucas’ story is probably my favorite; they have some of the best dialogue, and while Jenna is very softhearted despite her practicality, Lucas is pretty much willing to kill to protect her and will verbally eviscerate anyone who tries to pull one over on her. I liked both of their backstories a lot, and found their ending very satisfying. Kate and Daniel round out the group nicely. Daniel’s conflict is very well done and his fears all made a lot of sense and deepened his character. Kate’s indecision also tracks, and I liked her combination of strength and vulnerability.

These stories are well-written and go well together. One of the great risks of a collection in which all the stories takes place simultaneously is that the repeated scenes will get stale, but these are all cleverly told from new points of view and not hampered by too much repetition. The premise is also fun, but the reader must suspend their disbelief a tad. While Jenna and Lucas have no previous acquaintance, and their meeting and subsequent romance isn’t contrived, the other two couples do know each other, and have a history. This makes them getting stranded at an inn together, out of all of the snowy countryside in England, rather unlikely. For the Hunter story, it actually does make sense, because the protagonists are headed to the same party, but Kate and Daniel’s meeting has no such explanation.

All three tales are good reads, and I liked getting to know each character as an individual, even in the stories that focus elsewhere. The collection has good narrative cohesion and is probably one of the better anthologies I have read. I enjoyed the cottage-core, sweet Christmas vibes, and I would recommend A Yuletide Kiss. 

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What a fun, exciting story! I enjoyed the characters and the story line. The story flowed nicely and it had me reading until the end in a day! I highly recommend this book!

Thank you for letting me review this book
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Three novellas that actually intertwine with one another featuring characters stranded together at an inn at Christmas during a winter storm. I enjoyed each story individually and am a big fan of all three authors. By the third story though, some of the scenes were getting repetitive since all three stories take place at the same time.

Sweet Christmas reads that I recommend for fans of these authors or historical romances.

Thanks to the publisher for a review copy via NetGalley.
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A Yuletide Kiss

Three historical holiday romances that occur at an inn when unexpected guests are snowed in and must spend time together see three couples find their happily ever afters. 

There were surprises, kisses, Christmas trees, mistletoe, baking, cooking, meals enjoyed, songs written then sung, secrets exposed, second chances for some and new love for others. This was a varied and fun holiday collection. 

THE UNEXPECTED GIFT by Madeline Hunter
Jenna is a lovely woman dedicated to her inn and unwilling to see anyone turned away during a snowstorm. I enjoyed watching her and Lucas find one another as Lucas searched for the scoundrel and made things right. 

What a tangled web this story had to untangle. I enjoyed watching Flora get to the bottom of what happened eight years before and seeing how she and Konrad were able to find a way to be together. 

Kate and Daniel had a very interesting story. How they met, what happened afterward and whether or not they might have a future together was fun reading. I am glad it worked out as it eventually did. 

Did I enjoy this book? Yes
Would I read more by these authors? Yes

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the ARC – This is my honest review.

4 Stars
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I enjoyed this trio of novellas, centered around a group of stranded travelers. Each author provides the story of a different couple and alternate viewpoints of the same events. I liked seeing the diverse group come together to create a unique holiday experience. I especially liked the various Christmas traditions included. Funny moments go side-by-side with heartwarming ones and results in a lovely Christmas tale.

Series: Duke Dynasty (Book 4.5)

When Flora Younger first met Konrad Juncker, she thought she'd found her match, only to have her hopes dashed. Konrad is now a famous playwright whose plays Flora has secretly panned in reviews. But a chance meeting in a secluded inn may help them rewrite this star-crossed romance…</i>

I loved this follow-on to the Duke Dynasty series. On his journey to spend Christmas with friends, a sudden snowstorm strands him at a closed-for-the-holidays inn. When more travelers arrive, he umps in to help the innkeeper and is pleasantly surprised when one of those travelers is Flora Younger, the woman he loved and lost. Years earlier, they met and fell in love, but he bailed on her when he realized he couldn't support her as she deserved. Since then, he has become a famous playwright who is now at a crossroads in his career. Flora became a paid companion for Lady Whitmarsh and anonymously writes reviews for London plays and consistently bashes his.

The feelings between Konrad and Flora remain strong, but can they overcome their pasts to have a future together? Stuck together as they are, Konrad and Flora use the time to clear the air between them. I enjoyed Konrad's determined pursuit of Flora, even as he fears that he still can't give her what she deserves. At a crossroads in his career, Konrad's future depends on the secrets involving his plays. Flora finds herself falling for Konrad all over again but fears the same heartbreak. I loved seeing Konrad finally trust her with the truth and Flora's protectiveness for the man she loved. The ending was funny and sweet.

<I>THE UNEXPECTED GIFT by Madeline Hunter

Jenna Waverly has closed her inn, anticipating a blissfully quiet Christmas, until a snowstorm brings the first of several strangers to her property. Lucas Avonwood, as charming as he is secretive, is on a mission to track down a scoundrel, but the inn's lovely owner is giving him a more compelling reason to stay…</i>

Jenna closes her inn every year at Christmas to give her staff the time with their families and herself a chance to spend some quiet time. But when her stableman stumbles across an injured and feverish man, she can't turn him away. His arrival precedes that of several more stranded travelers whom she makes room for. Jenna spends her time going back and forth between nursing the stranger and taking care of her unplanned guests. I loved how she got the diverse group to work together, freeing her to spend more time with her patient.

I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Lucas and Jenna. She's a practical woman but also one with a caring heart, and she's determined to pull him through his illness. Once he begins to recover, the sparks between them start to burn brighter. With the fate of her inn uncertain, her growing relationship with Lucas induces dreams of more. But Lucas is a man on a mission, and that mission may have unexpected ties to Jenna. When Lucas finds what he's looking for, he must find a way to solve the problem without hurting Jenna. Though I found the solution a little improbable, it worked to give them the future they wanted.


Kate Mcleod is shocked to find that her fellow guest in the snowbound inn is the dashing soldier who may or may not be her husband. Daniel Faringdon barely remembers that long-ago night when he rescued her from disaster, but the desire they discover now will be impossible to forget, or to ignore . . .</i>

When Daniel returned to England to claim his inheritance after many years in India, he never expected to encounter the young woman he rescued. He barely remembers that night, just the fear of the young woman being auctioned off by her uncle. He remembers the drunk preacher who "married" them before Daniel turned her over to a friend who helped her return to England and her family. He gets the shock of his life when one of the other stranded guests is none other than the woman he rescued.

Kate MacLeod never forgot the handsome soldier who saved her from disaster, though she hasn't heard from him since then. Once she recovers from the shock of seeing him, she informs him that she was about to have him declared dead so that she can marry again. Stunned to discover that their marriage was valid, Daniel finds he's in no hurry to end their connection.

I liked the development of the relationship between Daniel and Kate. Kate is practical and competent in many areas and fits in well with the rest of the stranded travelers. Daniel worries about his return home after all these years, having left under trying circumstances. His time in India transformed him from a heedless boy to a mature and honorable man. Within a short time of talking to Kate, Daniel realizes that Kate touches something in him. He proposes that they consider remaining married. Kate is wary but willing to get to know him before deciding.

I loved watching Kate and Daniel spend time together. Kate is upfront about her life and plans for the future, including continuing to work. She hunts (loved that scene!) and willingly pitches in around the inn. Impressed by her abilities, Daniel makes it clear that he fully supports her while asking pointed questions about her almost fiancé. At the same time, Kate finds herself questioning her feelings for Edmund and considering staying with Daniel. Besides the fun encounters, they also spend some time sharing the less pleasant memories of their pasts. But when it's time to leave the inn, Kate isn't quite ready to commit until she can talk to Edmund. I ached for Daniel, who left wondering if he'd see Kate again.

I loved the ending. Kate gets her concerns addressed unexpectedly, freeing her to follow her heart. Daniel receives the loving support he needs to face his past in a heartwarming scene at the family home.
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It's a charming collection of novellas all set in the same location at Christmas time, but nothing too exciting.

When We Finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries: We met Konrad Juncker in the Duke Dynasty series. Some years ago, he had met and courted Flora Younger for a little while and left her behind in Bath with a broken heart. She hasn't quite forgiven him for that and wasn't all too pleased to run into him again at The White Rose Inn just before Christmas. But Konrad was determined to get back into her good graces and went out of his way to make it a very special Christmas for her. 

It's always fun connecting with the other characters from the series. Konrad was very solicitous and helpful all around. Things between him and Flora stayed tense initially, because of secrets they were unwilling to share. It was a sweet reunion story, but I wasn't completely invested in them as a couple.

The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter: Jenna, the owner of The White Rose Inn was hoping for a few quiet days over Christmas. Her inn had the bare minimum of staff on hand and not a lot of food supplies. Definitely not enough to cater properly to guests. But Jenna is a kind soul and gave shelter to all the lost travelers who needed to get out of the winter storm. She also found an injured man and nursed him back to health.

I quite liked Jenna and Lucas together and the way their relationship developed while she was taking care of him. The ending wrapped things up way too fast and I didn't like it at all.

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney: Kate was in for quite the shock when she and her servants arrived at The White Rose Inn and discovered her long-lost husband there as well. Daniel had rescued her from a horrible situation years earlier and married her, but he never believed the marriage was actually valid. Kate, in the meantime, was investigating ways of declaring him dead, so that she can be free to marry another man. 

I think a novella was maybe a bit too short to properly dive into this situation. Daniel and Kate had to decide fairly quickly whether they wanted to give their marriage a go or not. Kate was an interesting character, not the usual kind of lady. They talked a lot about why she shouldn't marry another man just for comfort and convenience. In the end, Kate actually took the time to make a proper decision.

Summary: It was great how everyone pulled together to make their unplanned stay at the inn a good experience. I liked that all the stories took place in the same place at the same time. The Christmas tree, their cooking efforts, and their Christmas Eve celebration were all sparkly and amazing. But the couples were a bit lukewarm for me. It was all very pleasant and sweet though.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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A great collection of 3 historical romances all tied together by travelers stranded at a Inn during the Holiday season. I enjoyed all three of these stories written by some of my favorite historical authors
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This is a collection of three cute Christmas novellas that is the perfect way to spend a cosy afternoon if you're a fan of historical romance! Though each could stand alone if it needed to, this is a great book to read all in one go - I liked how heavily intertwined the three stories were, as they take place over the same amount of time and there's a fair amount of interaction with each couple in all of the stories, so the links are stronger than in some of this style of collection. 

Of the individual stories, my favourite was Sabrina Jeffries' "When We Finally Kiss Goodnight" - the leads, an incognito playwright and an equally incognito reviewer, clash amusingly, and I enjoyed their dialogue very much. The other two stories were also very cute and fun, but were slightly more forgettable for me. Still, I really recommend this collection for some bitesize treats of festive historical romance!
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A Yuletide kiss is a collaborative read by authors Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries and Mary Jo Putney. In this delightful Xmas anthology containing three individually interconnected stories, some weary travelers find themselves stranded in a winter yuletide storm and have their lives change by those they meet and in some cases, those they discover again for the better. 

The book starts off with when we finally Kiss Good Night by Sabrina Jeffries, where the story of Konrad Juncker and Flora Younger come to life. Those of us who have been reading Jeffries novel have first met Konrad Juncker in her other featured titles where he plays at being a famous playwright. We discover his backstory with Flora, who has secretly been penning reviews of them that are often not savory. In this accidental meeting at the inn we get a clearer picture of their star-crossed romance and watch them get closure

In When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney we find Daniel Faringdon reunited with Kate Mcleod as they become snowbound fellow guests at the inn.  Daniel was the soldier who stepped up to her rescue where a hasty marriage was performed and is very much alive, and very much still her husband. Daniel Faringdon whom is also not a stranger character wise from readers of M J Putney’s Rogues Redeemed on the other hand was not aware that the marriage was very much real and has had Kate in a limbo, not knowing if her soldier husband lived, or died leaving her free to remarry. Their time together at the inn offers them a chance to reconnect and discover indeed, if their marriage is one to last. This one will make you warm and keep you smiling through the end.

In the last installation titled, the Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter, the inn’s owner gets her own story told. Jenna Waverly had closed her inn, as she does every yuletide season to enjoy a quiet Christmas, but the snowstorm brings several strangers to her inn ruining her plans. The most impertinent one being Lucas Avonwood, who she and Peter finds half dead in the snowstorm. As she nurses him back to health, she finds him as charming as he is puzzling. It turns out that Lucas was out there on a mission to track down an unsavory male bearing initials he thinks has ties to the inn. These ties turn out to be possibly detrimental to the inn and Jenna which means that Lucas has to proceed with caution and decide whether his heart or the mission will be more important on this Yuletide. Over all I loved the entire book and give it 5 stars as it truly made for a lovely very connected romantic read. The perks of already knowing some of the characters and having them get their own stories makes this even more worthwhile to get. My review was given on the ARC copy received from the Publisher via NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.
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Sabrina Jeffries, Madeline Hunter, and Mary Jo Putney’s stand alone novellas all intertwine for three stories of love found when travelers find themselves stranded at an inn at Christmas because of a storm.  I’ve read many books from the above authors and as usual, they do not disappoint. 

Sabrina Jeffries’ When We Finally Kiss Goodnight  is a second chance romance with some secondary characters you
might remember from her previous  books, Konrad and Flora. 

The Unexpected Gift by Madeline Hunter is a bedside romance. Where the innkeeper, Jenna finds herself with unexpected guests and caring for an ill Lucas, who was found unconscious in the snow.  

When Strangers Meet by Mary Jo Putney is the story of  Kate and Daniel who find each other at the White Rose Inn in England after a seven years separation after a forced marriage to rescue Kate from her awful uncle in India. 

Thank you to the publisher, Kensington Books and NetGalley for the ARC.
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