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Jo, a widow, reluctantly leaves the benevolent home for women and children she founded to attend a house party. Her friends from the series are playing matchmaker for her and Edward, a widower with a young son and benefactor to the home . Edward has been on the hunt for a wife since becoming a Duke a year ago. He wants to marry Jo within five minutes of meeting her. The book consists of long inner dialogues. On her part - should I marry him? on his part - will she decide to marry me? This goes on the entire book. Do I love him? Does she love me? Again, and again, and again. There is also too frequent uses of Zeus! and Lud!
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Jo is the proprietor of the refuge featured in the previous two books of this series. I had the impression that she was older than she seems in this book, as she sets out to attend a christening and meet the ducal benefactor of her establishment. Edward, the duke in question, was a widower with a young son and an ordinary job, until a distant relative died a year earlier and left him the title and estate. When the two meet, they are immediately attracted but know nothing can come of it, so they decide to have a fling. As these things go, of course, it quickly becomes more complicated as feelings get involved.

Thanks to Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for the ARC to review. All opinions are my own.
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I completely enjoyed Jo and Edward. I loved Jo’s independence and understand her reluctance. Enjoyed the series and friendships.
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A charming, delightful romance that will bring a smile to  your face!

Having had a terrible marriage, now Jo has dedicated herself to the home her and her friends had established for fallen ladies who were working and trying to get back their lives.

When she somehow driven to attend the christening of her friend's baby and be the godmother, she meets up with the benefactor of the home. 

Edward and his son were attending also and when he meets Jo, he know she is what he has been looking for!

The only problem is to convince her and with the help of friends, a charming dog and an even more charming Duke, it just might happen!
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This is one of those books that makes me want to go back and read more historical romance over and over again. There was a time when I would read exclusively the genre. 
I found the story refreshing and interesting. With female characters that brought a smile on my face due to their particular life trade and the romance story was nicely done. A bit of repetitive things overall but an enjoyable read nevertheless. 

Very grateful to the publisher for my review copy
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A great read! Truly enjoyed the story of Jo who founded The Home for Women and girls in the village of Puddledon. She has been corresponding with Edward for a year, and finally going to meet him at her dear friend estate. Both Pen and Caro wants happiness for her, but can Jo leave Puddledon Manor. Will she finally meet Edward. Don't want to give out too much of the story.  Read it! I Received a digital copy from Netgalley for a honest review. I  recommend this book.
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This book was just ok for me. I found there was a lot of repetition. I found myself skimming through the pages.
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this is the third book in a series that I really enjoyed about three women who basically own and operate a brewery. If you are surprised to find that women have been competent makers of all kinds of liquor and booze, you should check out the book Girly Drinks by Mallory O'Meara.
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This is book three in the series and I am sad to have missed the first two. That has been remedied and they are on my tablet awaiting me.

This is a fun, fast paced story of second chances. Jo and Edward have a few mutual friends who have no problem playing matchmaker. Thankfully, they are both open to the idea of together, they just have different definitions. I enjoyed this book for it's humor, sparks and occasional trip past inappropriate behavior by other house party participants.... Gossip being the behavior. It had me chuckling and turning pages. Ms. Mackenzie has a lovely gift for creating characters you instantly identify with and you are quickly cheering them on.

I liked the many sides of Jo fiercely independent, loyal, strong yet tender hearted and compassionate. Unfortunately for her, her first trip down the altar left her nonplussed and wary of any man, more so members of the ton. This wariness is the vulnerable part that Edward sees and it brings out his protective nature. It is nice that he still allows her her independence, but is there by her side should she have need of him. A great balance for them both.

Edward is just as multifaceted with the added weight of a small son. His fierce protective side extends from his wanting to fond a wife and mother for his son. He doesn't want just anyone and that comes across gracefully in the tender moments he shares with Thomas, his son. I liked the fact he didn't take his position as Duke to mean he was entitled to anything. He saw it as the responsibility it is to not only those dependent on him, but to the rest of society through his having been outside of the ton before inheriting the dukedom.

This second chance for both Jo and Edward was helped along by amazing secondary characters that despite this being book three, you feel you already know if you haven't read the other two. The friendship and closeness between Jo, Caro and Pen is the kind you want in your own life. Each looking out for the others, wanting the best for them and not feeling terribly bad about manipulating things in a friend's favor.

Disclaimer: I received a complementary copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review. This has not affected my review in anyway.

Reviewed by Lisa for Buried Under Romacne
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Absolutely enjoyed this book.  Jo runs a home for unmarried mothers and their daughters, which she started after her husband killed himself after losing everything.   She is determined never to marry again after what her husband.put.her through. So her friends and Livy trick her into attending a house party where she finally meets the Duke of Grainger.  Edward is welcoming the reprieve from London where he was trying to .search for a wife and mother for his son and finding the wife/mother selection available is lacking.  But when he meets Jo he knows she is the.o e and will do whatever he can to convince he to marry him and be a mother to his son. 

This was a fun read. I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review
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Jo, Lady Haveridge, widowed after an unhappy marriage, founded the Benevolent Home for mothers and daughters, together with her now happily married friends Caro and Pen. It is funded by the money they earn from their brewery and alehouse, and charitable donations from the Duke of Grainger. She has declined to attend the christening of Lord Darrow's son, as she feels that she can't leave her responsibilities at the home. When the women of the home collude with Caro and Pen to send her to the Christening anyway, she is frustrated and annoyed, but also looking forward to seeing her friends. Caro and Pen have matchmaking between the Duke and Jo on their minds.

Edward was a widowed solicitor with a young son, when he unexpectedly inherits the Dukedom. Seven year old Thomas needs a mother, and Edward has a duty to secure the succession, so he needs a wife, although the you g debs and matchmaking mama's of the ton are too much hard work. Escaping the season in desperation, he arrives early for the Darrow christening. 

Jo's first interaction when she arrives at Darrow is with Thomas, and his dog Bear. Jo and he form an instant rapport, and as Edward follows, hot on Thomas' heels, he is pleased and then intensely drawn to the Jo and the way she behaves with Tom. Determined that he has found the woman he is looking for, Edward has his work cut out for him. Jo was so scarred by her marriage, she doesn't want to risk her heart or person again, she also doesn't want to give up her work at and control of the home.

Edward is patient and understanding, he knows that she is the one, and waits for her to work through her feelings. When they eventually succumb to their attraction to one another, Edward hopes it will lead to marriage, but Jo is much more wary of the speed and strength of their connection.

This was delightful, as we had two mature characters, behaving like adults, and trying to work things out. There was a little too much angst for my taste in how long Jo took to let go of her commitment to continue to run the home, but they were both delightful, and I really loved Thomas and Bear.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book and all opinions are my own
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Very entertaining read! Jo has become very independent since the death of her husband, running a home that takes in women and their children that society has pushed aside. She's content in her charity being her life, realizing she that it was her lot in life as a widow, until she's pushed to going to a christening for her best friend's baby. Edward has raised his son on his own while he was a solicitor before inheriting his title, he's at a point in life he wants a companion, a wife and more children and a mother for his son. Bored with the young girls of the ton, he can't wait to get away from the city. Edward meeting Jo he found he was interested in the woman he had been communicating with about the home he supported. Great characters, good chemistry and an engaging story makes this a great read!
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This is the first book of Sally Mackenzie I am reading and am I glad I got to discover her. She has joined my list of favorite historical romance authors along with Jilia Quinn and Rose Pearson.

This book is along the lines of Rose Pearson type of story rather than other authors like Sabrina Jeffries. The story primarily follows the hero Edward and heroine Jo as they try to navigate the attraction and feelings they have towards each other. Much like Rose Pearson's characters, Sally's characters are matured and sensible individuals. They don't get swayed easily by what others think of them or want them to do. Rather,  they both like to set their own direction and paths in their lives. Not that such characters are believable for the time period in discussion - neither the lead's characters nor the nature of the other people around them. But still it was a harmless fantasy to imagine such people might have existed and author Sally MacKenzie surely gives us all these deliciously fantastical feelings. 

I rather liked the stance the heroine takes in deciding about accepting the hero's proposal. It seemed quite natural and believable,  in exact tune with her character. The hero's fears and doubts all seemed sensible and believable too. There are some interesting intimate scenes,  which make the reader warm at heart and a little wistful.  Overall, the reader comes out feeling warm and fuzzy as they finish reading it. Can't wait to read more of this author's works.
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I have voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this title given to me via NetGalley. Wow what can I say about this title it was just an awesome read. This book was just something so wonderfully different I’ve never quite read anything like this. You should read to find out you won’t be disappointed. I’m definitely going to read more by this author.
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Cheers to the Duke by Sally MacKenzie was so much fun to read.  I loved Jo and Edward.  There were several parts where I laughed out loud.  Also adding to the fun were Edward’s son, Thomas, and their gigantic dog, Bear.  I discovered that this was book #3 in a series, but this was definitely a standalone read.  However, I enjoyed this one so much, I will be reading the others.  Sally MacKenzie is now a must read author.  Thank you to Netgalley and Kensington Books for the copy.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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I am a  big fan of Romance books and I found this one to be a very enjoyable read.  I will be looking for more books from this author.
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This was a fun book!! It was a great ending to a good series. I enjoyed the main characters and reading about them falling in love. Great dialogue and I loved the relationships that were explored in this story. I would recommend to others.
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I would say a really nice book overall. Two people and everyone around them are trying to push them together, including the hero’s son from a previous marriage. Everyone agrees they are perfect for each other and should just get married, including the hero very quickly, except form the heroine.I did find their relationship storyline a bit tiring. They both agrees they like each other and want to marry but the heroine just feels like she can not change her current life and responsibilities. Her reluctance to marry him while still obviously really love him did make the book feel a bit dragged out.

But I do have to say that the plot stood out because it tries to show a more realistic take on the historical time period. I always feel that that is refreshing in historical romance and makes the book stand out a bit from other books.
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Normally I like a historical romance that features characters that are older, widowed, different ethnicities, etc. You can only read about so many blue-eyed 22-year-olds before it gets stale. So I liked that these main characters were a bit older. The hero has a son, who is supposed be precocious, but he was so inconsistent I'm still not sure if he was 4 or 13. I hadn't read any previous works in the series, and honestly couldn't follow who all the characters were. So overall, it fell a bit flat for me.

Thank you to the publishers and NetGalley for the opportunity to review a temporary digital ARC in exchange for an unbiased review.
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This is book three in the Widow's Brew series. I had enjoyed the previous books but didn't enjoy this one. Although I liked Jo and Edward's characters, I didn't like their romance at all. I thought the story was rushed and I didn't see them falling in love. Either everyone was pushing Jo into a marriage with Edward or they both were planning an assignation after just meeting a couple of times. Even their first few meetings had no spark. I really wanted to like this one but unfortunately, this book is a pass for me.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher for an honest review*
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