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The devotionals vary in length and every few entries include lyrics from one of Ellie Holcomb's songs. Each devo ends with a couple questions to consider and a very short prayer. I skimmed most of the questions (they aren't great), but I did appreciate Ellie's insights.
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Full disclosure, I have yet to finish this book. Not because it is bad, quite the opposite. I got this as an ARC, for which I am grateful, however I love the structure of the book (and the words!) so much that I don't want to hurry through it, instead I'll leave a preview review as I wait to get a physical copy of this devotional.

What is great about it?
I like the layout first of all, I also like the illustrated quotes that appear at intervals. At first I wasn't sure about the lack of space to write in the book, however, keeping your notes separate will make it easier to re-visit and lend this book to others if you wish, so that's a plus when I think about it.

I also really like the structure of each day - your have a Bible quote, a segment from the author that is personal but not too personal, questions for contemplation, then a prayer. I really thought that the questions were very effective and powerful, which is partly why I want this as a physical copy. I need to dwell on some of these questions, as well as the prayers (which are a perfect way to finish each day of reading). 

Once I started bookmarking every page on my tablet I knew it was something I would need to get it and that a digital copy wasn't enough.

So, even if I didn't finish it I can already, in good conscience, recommend it!

Thank you so much to the publishers, the author, and Netgalley for this ARC, I look forward to the print!
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Fighting Words devotional by Ellie Holcomb is absolutely beautiful and such an encouraging read. Each devotional starts with a Bible verse or a passage, and after that comes the reflection on that passage. There are personal stories or lyrics from her songs, all somehow related to the day's passage. Every devotional ends with a written prayer. I loved these devotionals and I really liked the format on this -- to begin with Scripture and to end with a prayer. All in all, I found this was a very good devotional.
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Fighting Words by Ellie Holcomb is a great devotional. I loved the cover and I loved each reminder of how to fight the lies of the enemy in the 100 days. 

Each day is a quick read with a Bible verse, story to think about and how to apply the verse to that season, and ends with questions.

I loved this devo! I highly recommend it and think it would be neat to go through it with a group of friends. The format lends itself to easy discussion and encouragement. 

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Ellie Holcomb is a singer/songwriter that I have listened to for a decade. She sings in a band with her husband, Drew (Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors), while also making music as a solo artist. I’ve loved the music she makes with Drew (check out their kitchen covers on YouTube), but I love her solo work even more. It is drenched in scripture and because of that, her music has been calming to me in times of difficulty. There was a time when I would listen to her album, Magnolia, over and over all night long. It brought hope, encouragement, and filled my heart and mind with scripture when I was struggling with anxiety..

Besides the depth of her lyrics and her honesty with her personal struggles, she is also a very joyful person. She exudes joy, beauty, light, confidence and plain old fun. I don’t think the girl ever stops smiling. She is completely relatable. You will no doubt be inspired by her. I have also enjoyed listening to her share her heart on several podcasts. Listening to Ellie’s interviews on podcasts would be a great introduction to the fun and inspiring human being that she is.

Recently, in addition to making music, Ellie has been authoring books. She has written two children’s books and now this devotional. 

I love one of Ellie’s main ideas in this book: to use God’s word as a way to fight the lies and the enemy. She calls scripture her “fighting words” and has penned a song by the same name. Jesus “wandered in the wilderness and modeled what it looks like to shut down the attempts of the enemy for us. The weapon of choice? God’s word. ‘It is written’.” This is something practical we can speak out loud, followed by whatever verse fits your circumstance. If you are struggling with something or you are feeling spiritual attack, don’t just accept it, get angry at the devil, resist him and fight with scripture.

Each of the 100 days of devotions includes a scripture, a prayer and some questions for additional contemplation or journaling. The questions are excellent. 

Regardless of whether our prayers are answered quickly, or if we must continue asking and praying for our breakthrough, “The real miracle is not that he makes the painful or crazy situations different, but that He makes me different.”

The truth is, God is good, but we can simultaneously feel abandoned by God, while knowing He is good. It’s ok to coach your soul to increased faith and trust by recounting His goodness when you aren’t feeling it. It is normal to live in the tension and it’s easy to forget who God is when we focus on our circumstances. Ellie speaks to this, “I love how David is always trying to boss his soul around, reminding himself of what is true, and yet, in the same breath, he isn’t scared to be honest with God, and to direct his hurt, his fear, his doubt, and his needs to the One who’s love endures forever. In other words, David has shown me that prayer makes room for both remembrance (declaring what is true) and honesty (declaring how we are actually feeling about that truth in the moment).”

I will end with one of the scriptures Ellie used in her book. I find it very comforting in light of the increasing trauma people everywhere are facing. Matt. 28:20 “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

I received an ARC copy from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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I really enjoyed reading this! I have been a fan of Ellie’s music for a while now and her devotional did not disappoint! So happy to hear her wisdom and guidance and learn more about her spiritual journey!
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Fighting Words Devotional
by Ellie Holcomb

First off, I love the cover of this 📖 
Very easy to read, follow along with. Scripture, old and new testament the one thing is I wish this was also a journal or have a journal to purchase separate from the book.

Thank you to the author, publishers and everyone else involved. B&H Publishers

I read and reviewed this book for my honest opinion on Netgalley, Goodreads, Librarything, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
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First sentence (from the introduction): There are some stories that change your life. This is one of them for me.

In Fighting Words, Ellie Holcomb invites fellow sojourners to join her on a 100 day journey of "anchoring down in the promises of God." Each entry begins with sharing a Scripture. Sometimes the Scripture is a single verse (packed with treasure); sometimes the Scripture is a longer passage of Scripture (packed with treasure). After starting with Scripture, Holcomb shares her reflection on the passage. That reflection may include: a personal story, a lyric she's written, a lesson or reminder. Entries include a couple questions designed to probe readers to make a connection of their own with the Scripture in question. Entries conclude with a prayer. 

Day one's Scripture is Philippians 4:4-7. The probing questions include, "What circumstances in your life make it difficult to "rejoice always"?" and "Have you ever experienced a peace or nearness from God that was unexplainable to your friends and family? What was that like?" 

She chooses promises from the Old Testament and the New Testament. A good blend of both in my opinion.

Devotionals aren't usually anything I would choose to read on my own. I do try to review devotionals for the blog (now and then) so that I can share good ones when I find them. 

I do like that she shares the Scripture, the actual Scripture. As opposed to sharing just the Scripture reference. Readers may still choose to be a cheater pants and skim the Scripture, but one can't use the excuse "I was too busy to look it up" or "my Bible wasn't handy." It's right on the page, and you've got the opportunity to read it yourself. 

The verses shared are good ones. These are verses that I'm familiar with and that I already have a connection with (most of the time at least). 

Some entries give readers behind the scenes glimpses into her creative song writing process. Being a fan (for the most part) of her albums (I, of course, have my favorites), I liked seeing the stories behind some of my favorite songs. 

I do think the book does its best to point the way to Jesus and to keep pointing the way to Jesus. If it ever fails, I don't think it's because the intent changed. I think as readers we're just human and easily distracted and full of self.
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I really enjoyed this book! It is broken up into 100 sections ideally to be read over 100 days. Each section highlights one "fighter verse" and then has a page or two with a short devotional that ends with a few questions and a prayer.

Not only is the cover beautiful, but there are beautifully illustrated verses inside as well as pages left blank for notes.

This book would make a great gift and would be a perfect coffee table / nightstand book.

Thanks to Netgalley and B&H Publishing Group I was able to read this book before it was released. It will be available on Oct 15, 2021 for purchase.
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This book will allow you help you spend 100 days “Anchoring yourself down in the promises of God!” You will daily look at the 3 P’s well technically 4 : Promises, Process & Pray, and Permanence! You have space to journal every now and again which is huge to be able to process. I do like the format. I felt daily journaling pages would be useful but you could always use a separate journal.
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