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Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch

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I am happy that Jake was finally gifted with his HEA.  And Callie coming into the story introduced us to all the Carson boys who I bet will be future books.
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They both have their demons. 

Jake's parents died when he was a teenager and it has affected his life ever since, he's reckless and a rodeo dude who just retired as he peaked. Now he's chasing something new. I liked Jake but not his buckle bunny banging ways (like thousands. That's a lot of STD's and STI's, so gross). 

Cal (Callie) is his best friend and Jake is her mentor, now temporary husband so she can be a bronc saddle ridder. She has her own need to prove herself. I liked the emotional depth of these two characters. Jake is running from Cal, and Cal is trying to accomplish her dream in a male dominated world. 

4.cuz seriously, you know Jake is riddled with STD's. 
And I hate to do that because I do like the emotional depth of both Cal and Jake and I love a friends to lovers story.  Well written.
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Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch by Maisey Yates is the 13th book in the Gold Valley Series.  I really like that every character in this series is different even though they are recovering from the same tragedy.  

Jake Daniels, a very successful bull rider suddenly retires and goes home. He hopes to start a horse ranch and has never recovered from the deaths of his parents when he was a teenager.  

Callie wants to be a bronc rider. But after an accident, her father refuses to help her. She can not have access to her inheritance unless she gets married.  So, she asks her best friend, Jake to help her out.

This would be easy except Jake has realized that after watching her accident, he is fighting his feelings for his best friend, Callie. The sound of her bones breaking is giving him problems. Combine this with his negative attitude towards marriage makes this an interesting story.

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and given freely.

I did enjoy this story and am looking forward to the next one in the series.
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It was so fun reading about Jake and Callie. Being from the Northeast USA I did not know much about the rodeo and it was fun to read and learn.

I also liked the second story about Jake (a different Jake) and Tala. I love to see good prevail.
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I absolutely adore Maisey Yates. She is always writing fantastic Cowboy romance. This one isn't my favorite but I do love Christmas, Cowboys and Maisey. So I will never regret reading it.
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Jake is a successful bull rider who give up rodeo. After years in rodeo, he know that it is young man game and his body is began to feel the wears and tears of being thrown from a bull’s back. 

Callie, on the other hand, loves them and want to him to train her. Her ambitious is to be the first female saddle bronc rider which obviously her family refuse to support her dream.Callie comes from a wealthy family of seven adult children and she is the only daughter. The other way for her to get the fund to compete is thru her trust fund which she can have if she married. So she came with a fake marriage idea and her choice of pretend husband is her best friend Jake. 

The story continue with how the relationship between Jake and Callie developed and soon, both Callie and Jake realise that both of them want more than just a marriage of convenience. 

This book is about family dynamics and  duties, loss, grief and friendship. Both main characters’ stories touches on various emotions: love, grief, joy, hope and despair.
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I really enjoyed this book.  I liked how Jake's story was told.  Called is firstly and jake is protecting his heart.

This is part of a series but is read as a stand alone.

Thank you Harlequin and Netgalley for allowing me to read this title for an honest review.
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Jake Daniels is a damaged soul, after losing both parents in an accident when he was only 16, he buried all of his feelings, didn't make friends, and found trouble anywhere he went. He joined the rodeo at 18. He rode everything Including bulls, reckless and fearless making him a winner most times.. When he met Callie, a girl who also had no fear and was a capable rodeo rider, he found someone who made him feel things he didn't want to feel. He helped her all he could. It was the closest thing to having a friend. So he left the rodeo. 
Ever since Callie met Jake when she was 16, she felt he was someone special.. He was there for her, teaching her about riding and barrel racing. And since she felt misunderstood by her family, not the person her parents wanted her to be, he was her go to friend. Raised with five brothers she did what they did but never felt she was accepted as one of the boys. Her passion was to be a bronco rider. Her mom wanted her to bake cookies with her, her dad taught her to ride and shoot and be tough but doesn't want his daughter to do such a dangerous sport. As Rodeo commissioner he makes the rules. 
Her solution was to ask Jake to marry her so she could get her trust fund, all she has to do is remain married for three months and it was hers.  Her segway to getting what she wants most enough money to pay the increased fees because she's a girl and pay the extra what her way . Of course all doesn't go according to plan. 
The author has great knowledge of emotions and emotional growth. The relationship between Jake and Callie is interesting to see grow. 
I recommend this book to those who like woman's fiction, romance novels and can handle some racy parts.
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I can always count on Maisey Yates for sizzling, emotional, heart-tugging reads and Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch is no exception. This friends-to-lovers, marriage-of-convenience story grabbed me from the start and held me captive right up to the sigh-worthy end. 

I was a little concerned in the early stages of this book that Yates might take it old school, with an older, alpha, my-way-or-the-highway hero and a young, inexperienced, no-agency heroine. Happily, she chose a different path, giving Callie a significant growth arc, allowing her to evolve into an equal partner in their relationship, learning lessons along the way but also using the wisdom she gains. I loved her hard-earned confidence, how she was willing to fight her family for her dreams, and the stand she took to bring Jake out of the darkness. 

Like his cousins (Gold Valley - Books 9-12), Jake carries deep emotional baggage from the tragic accident that claimed their parents' lives when he was a teen, baggage that has guided his relationships (or lack thereof) ever since. Callie is his dearest friend and has been since she was a young girl but she's all grown up now and inciting feelings that have him running. This is very much a journey of growth for Jake as well. Yates guides him through a difficult, at times, heartrending, journey of self-forgiveness, acceptance, and understanding on his way to a well-deserved happy ending. 

If you enjoy sexy, emotional, and a bit angsty, friends-to-lovers romance with snappy banter, complicated family dynamics, significant character growth, and well-deserved happy endings, give this one a try. Also, don't be put off by the fact that it's the 13th book of a series. You'll meet characters from books 9-12 of the series, but this one works well as a standalone. 
4.5 stars

ARC received for fair and unbiased review
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Jake is a recently retired bull rider and part of a large blended family that came together after a group of kids were orphaned when their parents were killed in an accident. For years he's been on the road and living life like it could all end tomorrow.  No attachments - just sex and rodeo.  During that time he built up a friendship with Callie, the Rodeo chairman's daughter.  She's the youngest of her family and a girl.  Callie's family treated her like one of the boys until she became a teenager.  Since then - they've treated her in a very old-fashioned, frankly sexist way.  Now that Callie is older - she wants to compete in the rodeo as a bronc rider (much more dangerous than her regular barrel racing gig).  To compete, the insurance costs and entry go up for everyone - so Callie is determined to pay the extra to keep things even for everyone.  To do that - she needs access to her trust fund  -and to access that she needs to get married. And for that - she goes to her best friend Jake.

Jake and Callie have a LOT to work through before then can really be together.  Jake really needs to work through the lingering anger and trauma of his parents deaths.  Callie needs to work through her relationship with her family and what it means to be authentically her.  

One of the interesting things about this book for me is that - although it isn't mentioned specifically - I would guess that Callie is probably a demisexual and probably in the range of non-binary.  Jake is accepting of her just as she is - and although he does enjoy seeing her all dressed up and girlie the one time she does in the book - he is happy with her any way she wants to be.  And that was wonderful to see.  

Overall - I liked this book a lot. I got a little frustrated with both Jake and Callie at times - and Callie definitely felt very immature at the start of the book.  This book definitely falls in the range of new adult - and while the characters weren't as shallow as you sometimes find in those books - I didn't love that aspect of it.

I received this as an ARC from Netgalley, but these opinions are all my own.
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‘Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch’ was a lovely friends-to-lovers Christmas romance that I loved and absolutely recommend!
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Another great story in the series . The ragtag group of family and friends is back with Jake's story. He's left the rodeo after watching his best friend, Callie, get tossed from a bronc and break her arm. He realized his feelings run deep and to protect his heart and her he can't be around her.

She shows up at his Ranch to celebrate Thanksgiving with he and his family. She also presents him with a proposal. Can be marry her to help her gain access to her trust fund in pursuit of her dreams? Can she prove to him that live is worth it?

I received a free ARC eBook from Net Galley and the publisher in exchange for my honest opinions.
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Callie and Jake have been best friends for 8 years. Her whole goal in life is bronc riding and proving to her family that she is worthy. She finds that she needs to get married to access her trust fund before her Father pulls his funding so she asks her BFF Jake.

Jake doesn’t do long terms because he has Mommy & Daddy issues. Callie also has Mommy & Daddy issues and the problem is that we are told about it over & over & over again until you want to bash someone upside the head. 

So yeah, I found myself skimming as the constant inner monologues about the same issues got old & frustrating.
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Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch is the thirteenth in the Gold Valley series, but read fine as a standalone.

As I mentioned, it has been a while for me. I forgot just how emotional a Maisey Yates story could be. Jake is a top rodeo star and could keep at it even longer, but an accident to his close friend, Callie, has him facing some facts and deciding to retire and start running his ranch. Callie isn't just a friend- he loves her. He lost his parents and feels a strong need to protect himself from that degree of loss and pain again. But, his reason for leaving the circuit tracks him down with a bodacious offer. And, it will take all he has in him to accept and then keep to the terms.

Callie has high respect and a deep friendship for her mentor, Jake. She is poised to have all she dreamed about when a mistake costs her a bad injury. Her rodeo star dad decides now he'll take back the reins and this cuts her off from her plan when he cuts off the cash flow. Some quick thinking makes her realize that if she gets married then that releases her waiting trust fun so she goes to Jake to help her once again. It's strictly friends because she's afraid that any real feelings she might have will destroy the beautiful and fun, flirty friendship they have always shared. Funny how the heart won't stay in line when her mind is made up, but she is a tough woman and will fight her feelings right on out of her true happy dreams if she isn't careful.

Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch was not just set during the holiday season, but took it's time across many weeks. This is good because this pair had a lot to unpack and work out within their selves and between them. I do have a tough time with heroines and have to admit that I was not enamored with Callie for much of this story. I get where she's coming from and that she had a right to want what she wants, but I didn't care for the way she ran roughshod over others and refused to consider other perspectives and her stubbornness when it came to Jake was huge. Okay, to be fair, he was doing his fair share of resisting, too. But, I loved Jake, he was a special guy who had some early losses that shaped him and I really did want him to find his happy especially since he'd been secretly in love for a while. Seeing them both grow and learn was what kept me reading when their dithering over the same mental ground had me irritated and appreciating what came at the end as worth it.

I've not read the earlier books in the series, but there are updates with earlier couples and characters for the series fan to appreciate.

All in all, it was a deeply emotional, tough-fought, banter-filled and sexy friends to lovers romance set on a ranch. Made me regret waiting so long between the author's books. Cowboy romance fans who haven't tried the author or the series really need to give it a go.
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Jake Daniels was a very successful bull rider. He has had his reasons for giving up something that he dearly loved. Shocked by his best friend's sudden marriage proposal, Jake cannot say no. Callie Carson has dreams for a rodeo career. Marrying Jake seems like the only way to reach those dreams.

What is holding Callie back? It certainly is not talent. It is her inheritance. Or lack of it. Can she get away with marrying Jake, staying married for three months, fool her family and claim her inheritance and fulfill his rodeo dreams?

Well, it is not gifted to her in a neat little package. For one thing, both she and Jake are very drawn to one another. They love one another as best friends, but have never gone any further. More than that, Cal has her family to deal with. Having lost her sister even before she was even born, Cal never felt like enough. Then her several brothers. They all seem to be doing what they want. So, Cal will do the same and thus she literally takes the bull by the horns.

There is a hitch in her plans, however. A huge one. Feelings. Love. Then there is Jake and his own baggage and Cal just might wonder if she went to far trying to fulfill hear dreams.

What a delightfuly story of two hearts destined to be together, all while facing what appear to be insurmountable obstacles.

Many thanks to HQN Books and to NetGalley for this ARC for review. This is my honest opinion.
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A wonderful, reflective, and heartwarming romance from Maisey Yates. The hero captured my heart for sure.
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Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch is the 13th book in the Gold Valley series by Maisey Yates. I have dipped in and out of this series, not reading all the books, but I had no problem enjoying this story. Jake Daniels had retired from the rodeo and is trying to make a living ranching. His old friend, Callie Carson, shows up on his ranch with a proposal. She wants him to train her to ride broncos as her parents have said no. If she gets married, she has access to her trust fund and can do what she wants. Jake has been in love with Callie forever and he is not sure if this is a good idea. He doesn't want to get married at all, let alone a fake marriage to someone he desires. The plan is to get divorced after Christmas, but what happens when their wedding night explodes into a night they won't ever forget.

I enjoy Maisey Yates' writing style and well developed characters. Jake is my favourite character. He is strong, capable, and wears his heart on his sleeve for Callie. He can't say no to her and would do anything to make her happy. Callie is a bit immature. She reminds me of a spoiled child at times, but has a lot of issues to work through based on some family tragedy. Once they realized they were wonderful together, things got steamy. Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch has themes of grief, family trauma, learning to communicate, working through past heartbreak, taking a chance on love, and letting love heal your soul. Although this story is set at Christmas and the wedding is a Christmas Wedding (at town hall), there is not a lot of festive activity. I did like how Jake's family got together for the holidays and how they supported or maybe pushed him a bit. I did enjoy this story and will continue to read more books in this series. I might just read them all eventually.
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Maisey Yates wrote intense, emotional, amazing, fake dating best friends to lovers, marriage of convenience story in Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch, book thirteen in her Gold Valley series.  Jake Daniels is a retired bull rider who left the rodeo after his best friend got hurt from a bull. He purchased a ranch and he's moved near his family. That's all he needs and trusts, though he is dreading the holiday season. Then his best friend shows up with a proposal that he is surprised to find himself considering. Callie Carson’s dream is to break into the male world of saddle bronc riding. She’s good at what she loves, but because of one slip, one mistake, one broken bone, she’s been sidelined by her father because of his place of authority in the rodeo world, and because of her mentor’s leaving her behind. She’s not about to give up that dream and has come up with a way to show them all that she has what it takes to succeed, it just involves a bit of help from Jake; a pretend marriage with her best friend in order to access her inheritance to fund this dream of hers. Jake agrees to help her achieve her goals, as he had with many things in the past. She never intended for the marriage to be real for that was a road straight to losing her best friend, but emotions don’t always fall into line as we want them to. Soon the best friends realize there is a difference going from being friends to being husband and wife. As the dynamic of their relationship change, each must decide if their marriage is worth holding onto.

Callie and Jake’s story touches on so many emotions, hope, joy, despair, anger, and understanding. This is a friendship that can turn into something more, especially given the right circumstances, or rather recognizing what was always there, but simply unsaid; the ways that we trick ourselves into sets of rules that really don’t matter in the long run. Many familiar faces from previous Gold Valley stories about the Daniels family appear during this wonderful holiday story. Also, enjoy watching a couple as they struggle through emotions, doubts, and right into each other arms; finding their forever kind of love. I totally enjoyed Rodeo Christmas at Evergreen Ranch and highly recommend it to other readers. 

I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
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Im here for all of the Maisey books, so I don’t even read the synopsis. 

I really liked Callie and Jake. They’ve been friends for years and both are stubborn and loyal. I really enjoyed the button pushing and UST between them. Of course it was great to see the other couples and I enjoyed seeing Callie’s brothers. 

Plot wise, it was good and also predictable. This entire series has been chock full of angst and emotion and this book was no different. There is a lot more inner monologue than I would have liked, but the last couple of chapters made it all worth it. 

Overall, another great addition to this family. I’m excited to read the next one. 

**Huge thanks to the publisher for providing the arc free of charge**
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I can say one thing about this story, a whole lot of soul searching goes on! Callie and Jake have been best friends for years but that friendship is on the line when Callie begs Jake to marry her so that she can get her trust fund to enter a saddle bronc competition. Jake agrees but not without reservations and although it's supposed to be "in name only", the attraction heats up mighty hot!! 

Both characters have many personal problems that need to be solved before either one of them is in any shape to make any decisions about the future. Callie is fighting to prove herself, to be seen as her own person and able to do as much as a man can do while Jake struggles to believe in love and not wanting to plan on anything because life doesn't always turn out the way you want. My heart ached for both of them but they eventually find their way:)

I think this story could have been a bit shorter and not so much page after page of the same thoughts going on and on but saying that, still a great read. 

I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley and I am voluntarily writing an honest review.
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