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Gladys and Lou lived across the street from Katherine and John West and their five-year-old twins George and Sophie. Early one hot summer morning, Gladys noticed the house was still closed up, when Katherine always had the blinds open, with the children getting ready for school, and she started to get a bad feeling. Lou was suffering with Parkinson’s Disease and Gladys cared for him, apart from days Peter, the carer, arrived and Gladys was free to do her usual chores. But Peter hadn’t been able to come that day, leaving Lou in Gladys’ hands.

Logan was a parcel delivery driver and happy to have the job, given to him by his brother-in-law. He had to prove himself – which he was determined to do – but the morning he pulled up in front of Katherine West’s home on Hogarth Street to deliver a computer – which needed a signature – and Katherine wouldn’t open the door, his instincts told him something was very wrong. He continued his deliveries but couldn’t get the house and its residents from his mind.

Gladys was worried – should she call the police? Lou thought she was making a big deal out of nothing: ‘don’t interfere woman’. Logan wondered if he should go to the police, but he wasn’t sure if he was brave enough to enter the station. What would be the outcome for the family across the street?

Set in Sydney, The Family Across the Street (formally named Home Sweet Home pre-publication) by Aussie author Nicole Trope is an intense psychological thriller that I couldn’t put down! I read it in a matter of hours, unable to stop until I’d finished. And the twist near the finish blew me away; I had NOT seen that coming!! One thing though – the blurb is misleading and incorrect in a number of places, which of course I didn’t realise until I had finished, and then read the blurb. But for fans of psychological thrillers, this one is a must! Highly recommended.

With thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for my digital ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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I've now read four of Nicole Trope's novels, including this one and I really enjoyed The Family Across the Street as much as the other three.

The Wests have just moved into Hogarth Street, the road where everyone wants to be. Katherine and John have twins, five-year-old George and Sophie. When a delivery driver, Logan attempts to deliver a package to their address he is told that it can't be signed for as Katherine won't open the door and he can't leave it at the front door as the company he works for don't allow it. The situation leaves Logan with an edgy feeling as he feels something isn't right. Their neighbour, Gladys is also uneasy about the Wests; they don't join in with the street's social activities despite being welcomed.

This psychological thriller was really something! I was totally engrossed right from reading the very first words. Nicole Trope's characterisation was second-to-none and each cast main member had an interesting backstory to savour. In the unfolding drama, I quickly found myself invested in them. Set in Australia, the soaring outside heat was on par with the events in the Wests home as well as the quick-fire pacing. With an astonishing ending, this meaty domestic thriller will doubtlessly enthral all readers of the genre.

Disclosure: Thank you to Bookouture via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of The Family Across the Street by Nicole Trope, via Netgalley for review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.
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The Family Across the Street is a gripping read that sucked me in completely. 

I love that there are different points of view so we get a better view of the different characters and the story. 

The story starts with a bang and gripped my attention all the way through. I read this in an afternoon as I couldn’t put it down. 

I’m not gonna rehash the story but I will say this story certainly had me thinking.. we definitely don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. 

I’m already looking forward to reading this authors next story.
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During a heatwave in Sydney in a quiet neighborhood the last sound anyone expects to hear is a gunshot. Going back seven hours the story provides POV's from several people. Told from past to present, people are brought together to the picturesque home of Katherine, John, and their twin children Sophie and George. An argument the night before is witnessed by the next door neighbor Gladys. From that point on events begin to unfold that gives her an unsettling feeling that something is wrong. Unsure what to do she keeps an eye on the house, unaware of the danger that is happening inside.

This is the first book I've read from this author and this one blew me away! With each person telling their backstory I knew they all had to be connected somehow but couldn't figure it out. You know it's a great book when you discover you had the story all wrong. This was a page-turner for me and I will definitely check out this author's other books.

Thank you Netgalley and Bookouture for the opportunity to read this book.
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Really enjoyed this, though some of it was confusing just because I’m not from Australia! Great writer, thank you!
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This was an amazing dual point of view domestic psychological Thriller.

Rachel and her twins Sophie and George are being held hostage by someone who should always love and protect them.

This story is intense and the suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

The dual points of view gives you an insight into the state of mind of both the hostages and the person who is keeping them hostage.

Loved it and highly recommend.
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I am loving seeing how this writer’s work is evolving and, in my opinion, just gets better and better each time.  For me, this had a slightly different feel to the other books I’ve read by this author but I honestly think it just meant that she has gone up another notch in my estimation.

This was a gripping read that was literally impossible to put down. I fell asleep reading after staying up far too late to read about 75% in one sitting, and was really looking forward to getting back into it the next day.

I loved hearing from the multiple perspectives, especially the armed man. I also loved hearing Logan’s voice. He represents a voice and an identity in our society that we typically don’t hear about. We all see the images of the men who are convicted yet again – where are the news headlines about ex-criminal men and women who put their past behind them and start to do good for their community?

This is just one example of the important social commentary explored in this book. Other themes explored include: dysfunctional families, the meaning of community, the pressures of policing and the idea of appearances vs reality – do we ever really know what goes on behind closed doors?

The characters in this book are all believable and well developed. Gladys fits the wonderful “nosey parker” stereotype, and Katherine comes across as a mixed up lady who is trying to do right by her children.

I have always found Nicole’s books to be emotional, gripping and original but for me this takes it up a level in terms of the tension and psychological elements. The palpable tension runs throughout the book and was reminiscent for me of reading Three Hours by Rosamund Lupton.

Nicole is clearly a multi-talented author and is a rising star of the domestic suspense and psychological thriller genres. I personally believe she is an up and coming queen of these genres! This book absolutely should be a best seller and I think it is absolutely fair to compare this book to the likes of Lisa Jewell, Rosamund Lupton and Shari Lapena. If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I would. It is gripping from start to finish, thought provoking and effectively structured. I cannot find fault with it at all.
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I absolutely loved this book and read it in two sittings. The main characters were wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great unique storyline which kept me gripped throughout.
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Review for 'The Family Across The Street' by Nicole Trope. 

Read and reviewed via NetGalley for Nicole Trope, Bookouture publishers and Bookouture anonymous 

Publication date 6th August 2021.

This is the second book I have read by this author. I have previously read 'The Girl Who Never Came Home' which I also recommend. This book was previously titled 'Home Sweet Home' . 

I was originally drawn to this book by its beautiful eye catching cover and its intriguing synopsis and title. The synopsis stated that this book is  'A completely gripping, twist-packed psychological thriller, perfect for fans of Liane Moriarty and Lisa Jewell.' I am a huge fan of Lisa Jewell so am looking forward to seeing if this lives up to this statement. I am also a huge fan of Nicole Trope and if this is half as good as' The Girl Who Never Came Home' it is sure to be a page turning read. I must admit I was also biased due to the publisher being Bookouture. I have yet to read a book published by Bookouture  that I haven't enjoyed. Hopefully this won't be the first... Watch this space! (Written before I started reading the book).

This novel consists of a prologue, 47 chapters and an epilogue. The chapters are short to medium in length so possible to read 'just one more chapter' before bed...OK, I know yeah right, but still just in case!

This book is set in Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺. 

This book is written in third person perspective and the main protagonists are Logan, Gladys and Katherine . The benefits of third person perspective are that it let's you see the bigger picture of what's going on and you get to know more characters more, what they are thinking and what they are doing. It feels like you get to see the whole picture and not miss out on anything. 

'The Family Across The Street' discusses some topics that may trigger some readers or may not be suitable for others. I like to point this out ahead of time in my reviews so you can judge if this book is for you or not. In this book Nicole discusses/includes threats to children. 

It is set over multiple time lines. When books show what has happened in the past and what is happening in the present I find it really helps the reader (if it is well done) understand why things are happening and what has lead to the present activities and decisions. It also shows the bigger picture.

OMG!!! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! WHAT HAVE I JUST READ!?!?!? Nicole Trope you are a writing legend!!! 

This book is fantastically written with vivid descriptions that absolutely grip the readers attention and puts them right in the middle of it all listening to the cicadas scream and feeling the sweat run down their backs. This book was previously titled 'Home Sweet Home' but I think 'The Family Across The Street' suited it perfectly along with the cover and synopsis. 

This book has got to be the most heart racing books I've read I a long time, of not ever!!! It had be hook, line and sinker from the first page and I could not put it down!!! Every time I said one more chapter it ended on a cliffhanger and I just had to know what was going on!!! If you are going to read this then clear your day because it is truly unputdownable. I started this yesterday afternoon and finished it at approx 2am, read it in one sitting and although I'm knackered today it was 1000000% worth it!!! I loved that you got to see everything that was going on from Katherine who was in the middle of it all, Gladys who was a concerned neighbour and Logan who is an ex con minding his own business doing his delivery drops. It really does make you think how life can change so quickly and different decisions can change a life. It also makes you think how looks can be deceiving. I really liked Logan from the start and along with Logan all the characters were realistic, well developed and had strong characteristics and personalities. I did absolutely NOT expect that humongous bombshell at all. What an absolute twist!!! I can hand on my heart say that I cannot remember when I was so gobsmacked by a book twist but Nicole you have done just that!!! This book is rammed with suspense and tension and will keep you biting your nails, on the edge of your seat with your heart pounding while your flipping the pages because you just cant stop. 

If you read one book on your life, make sure it is this!!!! I would love to see this turned into a movie and Nicole I really hope you are working on your next psychological thriller at this moment because this book will go far!!! A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on what promises to be a MASSIVE success!!! 

Overall an absolutely heart racing, nail biting, unputdownable psychological thriller with a bomb shell you will not see coming!!! 

Genres covered in this novel include Psychological Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller and Psychological Fiction amongst others.  

I would recommend this book to the fans of the above as well as fans of Lisa Jewell, anyone who has read any of Nicole's previous books AND YOU, YOUR FRIENDS, YOUR FAMILY AND JUST EVERYONE!!! . 

224 pages.

This book is just £1.99 to purchase on kindle via Amazon which I think is an absolute bargain for this book!!! 

Rated 5 /5 (I LOVED it ) on Goodreads, Instagram, Amazon UK and Amazon US and on over 30 Facebook pages plus my blog on Facebook. 

Feel free to add me on Goodreads or follow me on my website or Facebook for more reviews 

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The plot of this story is very interesting. Kind of domestic thriller. It kept me hooked as I really wanted to know what really was going to happen. 

But, in my personal opinion, there's a problem with the writing style and execution. The story often meanders to tell unnecessary details and backstories, so much I struggled to stay focused. 

The story has been told from 4 pov. To be honest, I didn't find a very important pov (written in italics) interesting. Plus, the prologue and that pov (the 5th one) are totally unnecessary. I keep wondering about the role of that pov throughout. 

Overall, it was an okayish read, which could have been a more interesting read if the storytelling/execution was smarter and crisp.
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Nicole Trope’s newest book,The Family Across the Street, asks an age old question: Do we ever really know our neighbors and the secrets that they keep?

What we perceive from the outside we never know what is happening behind closed doors. This can be said for anyone as we never really know, other than what is shown to us, how people behave and act towards each other in their own homes. We see that here in this story with Katherine and John West. They appear to be the perfect happy family, they seem to have a  great marriage with five year old twins. But, one day their neighbor Gladys realizes something is amiss and the twins are not up and running around the house as usual, nor have they left for school and when shots are heard coming from next door, their quiet friendly neighborhood will never be the same again.

This story is told through multiple points of view from Gladys, the next door busybody neighbor, Logan a delivery driver with his own checkered past, to Katherine West as she tries to navigate the safety of her children, and last but not least, the person holding Katherine and her twins hostage in their home. 

I wasn’t exactly sure how all of these voices of the major characters of this story were all going to converge as at first they seem unrelated, especially that of Logan and his younger sister, a victim herself of a crime as well. But, Trope did such an amazing job with the characterization of each of our four storytellers with just the right balance of getting to know each one just as equal as the next. 

The Family Across the Street is an intense domestic thriller that will grip you right from the start. I highly recommend giving this one a read. A definite 5 stars from me
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Thank you to Bookouture and NetGalley, too
For this fantastic read, here’s my honest review.

Talk about a gripping tale, one that keeps you reading
Told from different points of view you wonder where its leading
Wow -this is a mother’s total nightmare
But there are neighbours who care
And one old lady who’s brave
Can she this family save?

On Hogarth Street something feels stranger
But just why and who could be in danger?
A delivery is made for Katherine West who
Tells Logan to leave it, what should he do?
He feels that something bad is going on
But can’t leave the parcel and is soon gone.

There’s a neighbour who is worried, too,
She’s Gladys and she’s not sure what to do.
She’s kind and caring, likes looking after others
But a busybody is what she’s called by some of the mothers.
Does the family living across the street
Really need her help in this dreadful heat?

Two men whose childhood upbringing was tough,
One determined to prove that he’s good enough.
The other’s been brainwashed by his Dad
And all his thoughts seem to be so sad.
This story is about families and neighbours who
Learn to look after each other in all they see and do.

It is a psychological thriller
A brilliant read, an edge of your seat chiller.
Shots, danger and children to defend,
It has a shocking twist towards the end.
I highly recommend this to anyone who
Enjoys this genre, like I do, too!
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I really enjoyed this story, it was thrilling. The ending surprised me and so did the connection between the characters. 
I thought the story was written well and it had me asking many questions through - the ending answered them all.
This is the second book I’ve now read by the author, and I look forward to read more
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The Family Across The Street is a mother's nightmare. When shots ring out on Hogarth Street, Gladys, a nosy neighbour warns everyone to stay away, because "he has a gun". The story then goes back seven hours to take us through the day that Kathleen and her children are terrorized inside their home. When, Logan, a deliver driver tries to deliver a parcel that requires a signature, the homeowner tells him she can't open the door and that she hopes he understands, he gets a strange feeling that something is wrong. You see, Logan was raised in an abusive home and spent some time in prison, so he has learned to read people. Before he can do anything about it, he gets a phone call that his sister has been beaten and is in intensive care in Melbourne. Not knowing if he wants to get involved in this strangers life, he continues his deliveries while trying to find out more about his sister's condition. What is happening inside that house? Who beat his sister and will she survive?

I have to say that I read this book in one sitting. I did stop for dinner, but that was about it. The story is told from several points of view, so it was interesting to see what each character was thinking. The switches in POVs and short chapters make this a quick and engaging read, and I wanted to hear from each of the characters. The person with the gun was never identified until the end of the book, but I was pretty sure I knew who it was. Each character is well developed and I was heartsick for Katherine and her children. I can't imagine the terror those five year old twins felt during this ordeal. Logan and Gladys struggled with how involved they should get and I was able to empathize with them. Worrying about being a busybody, or putting yourself in a difficult decision because of your past are problems that caused some inaction. This was a taut, tension filled story that had me on the edge of my seat. I knew there would be a huge twist at the end, but it still took me by surprise, and tied up all the loose ends. This was a heartbreaking story that shows how upbringing can destroy a person, yet there is always hope to rise above it and become a better person.
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The Family Across the Street is a captivating story that demanded my attention from the first page.

Picture this…it’s scorching outside, and the house across the street is eerily quiet. All blinds are drawn and there hasn’t been any movement all morning long. Knowing there are twin five-year-olds, there should be some sort of commotion, or at least the presence of them going to school, right? But there’s not. Being a good neighbor, you decide to knock on the door. The lady of the house opens the peephole, says it’s not a good time, and immediately shuts the peephole. With this scenario, what would you do? Would you call the police? Would you mind your own business? Or, would you even dare to try and enter the house on your own?

It’s gives you something to think about, doesn’t it? This is the premise of the book and I asked myself those same questions. What would I do? I honestly do not know.

This book is full of suspense. It is told from different point of views which adds just the right amount of depth. I thought I had the story all figured out, but the the conclusion was shocking. Wow!

This is an incredible, fast-paced page-turner that will keep you wondering ‘what would I have done?’ until the very end.
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Hogarth Street sounds like the perfect suburban dream to call home and raise your family. What could possibly be amiss in such a beautiful seemingly safe neighbourhood made up of wonderful families who love to share some downtime together and support each other when they are in need. So what could be possibly be wrong with the Wests? Are they just in need of some neighbourhood support, that they are hesitant to accept, or is something more sinister lurking among the shade of the trees on beautiful Hogarth Street.

Struth! What a bloody ripper of a read this is! Nicole Trope has crafted a thrilling read set on a blazing hot summer’s day in Sydney where gunshots open the story in the home of the Wests. From there the story is told over a seven hour period from the points of view of Katherine West, delivery driver Logan, neighbour Gladys and the person wielding the gun.

The use of the heat creates a stifling and claustrophobic atmosphere in the Wests home as the family is held at gunpoint and even though Australia is in the midsts of Winter, I found myself many times in a sweat unable to catch my breath as the tension and suspense drips off the page and is ramped up with each chapter.

The Family Across the Street is a compelling tale that gets the heart racing! It has been masterfully executed, has a great cast of characters and with a thrilling yet emotional twist, this book is just the whole package. My first book by Nicole Trope, it will most definitely not be my last. A gifted storyteller that I look forward to reading more from.

Thank you to Nicole Trope, Bookouture and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of The Family Across the Street, which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Nicole Trope's latest, The Family Across the Street is a gripping domestic drama set on a scorching summer's day in Sydney, Australia.
The story opens with new mother Margo soothing her baby son Joseph, who's uncomfortable in the heat. She's about to change him when she hears a loud crack outside in the street. Going to investigate, Margo encounters Gladys, the septuagenarian who lives across the road - known as the neighbourhood busybody - who frantically warns her to return inside immediately, as shots have been fired. She's stunned to realise that the disturbance seems centred around the well-kept home of Katherine West, her husband John and their five-year-old twins, George and Sophie.
From this point, the narrative reverts to six hours earlier, and unfolds from four alternate perspectives. Logan, a parcel delivery driver, is hoping to get through his deliveries early, before the worst of the forecast scorching heat settles over Sydney. He has a package to deliver, one that will need to be signed for. When he knocks on the door, the addressee - a Mrs. Katherine West - eventually answers from inside, but refuses to open the door to him, asking him to "please understand". He leaves, but spends the rest of the morning preoccupied by a feeling that something is wrong.
Meanwhile, the Wests' neighbour, Gladys, is tied to her house for the day, caring for her husband, Lou, who suffers from Parkinson's disease. She's a little nosy, but yearns for the close community connections that existed for previous generations. She notices that the West family's curtains remain uncharacteristically drawn and that Katherine hasn't emerged to walk the children to school as usual. Concerned that the family may be unwell, she knocks on the front door a couple of times during the morning, only to be told by Katherine through the closed door that it's "not a good time". When she spots a makeshift sign in one of the upstairs windows, reading "Halp Us" in childish handwriting, she's galvanised into action.
Our remaining two perspectives are from within the West home - those of Katherine herself and her increasingly agitated armed captor.
All four of the intertwined storylines comprise compelling character studies, as each narrator relates their past formative experiences and present challenges. Nicole Trope skilfully uses the alternate perspectives and a little clever misdirection in leading the reader towards the dramatic conclusion. The Family Across the Street addresses a variety of contemporary themes, including the way relationships - particularly marriages - evolve and power balances shift over time and the importance of neighbourhood and community bonds. She also depicts parent-child relationships from the perspectives of both children and adults, depicting both deeply caring and selfless love and terrible abuse and neglect, probing the long-term impacts of both on the developing self. Characters who suffer debilitating internalised pain make choices when faced with current stressors, some paths leading to redemption, others to the prospect of annihilation.
I note that the title has been changed shortly prior to the publication date, from Home Sweet Home to The Family Across the Street. I can't say I find the new title particularly compelling, although I'm sure the publisher has their reasons for the change and there does seem to be a current trend towards these rather bland descriptive titles. Personally, I felt that Home Sweet Home carried an intriguing irony and better encapsulated the ensemble nature of the cast of characters.
This was a thought-provoking and stimulating read, which I finished in a couple of sittings. I'd recommend it to readers who enjoy nuanced domestic dramas, although there are potential triggers associated with domestic abuse, violence to children and child neglect.
My thanks to the author, Nicole Trope, publisher Bookouture and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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This was so good! Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. 

The intensity was off the charts. I loved Gladys and Logan the most. Their chapters were the most interesting. I ‘knew’ what was going on in Katherine’s house…but the suspense came from wondering who was going to stop it. 

I think the “who” of it all was well done. It was clear the man from the two incidents was the same person, but just WHO was he? It never felt right that it would be John…but I never guessed Katherine was old enough to have an adult son. 

Really engrossing, it kept me glued to my Kindle until the very last page.
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This psychological thriller, told from multiple points of view will keep you guessing. What is going on with the family across the street? Why is the lady of the house acting so strangely when a delivery man tries to deliver a package? Is the next door neighbour just being super nosy or is something really going on? Spoiler - yes, something is most definitely going on! 

This book would appeal to fans of Liane Moriarty, with the casual writing and character driven story. An enjoyable read.
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This book was so captivating and I could not figure out the twist at the end prior to reading it. This made it so much more enjoyable. Loved the writing style and book overall
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