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The Woman They Could Not Silence

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Written in a similar style as the author’s earlier, Radium Girls, this nonfiction book tells the story of a woman held against her will in an asylum. The subject of many literary storylines, this book gives a true account.
Audiobook review: The author reads her own work. In this case, I feel that a professional narrator would have served this book better. The narration is quite slow and the author as a heavy accent combining to make this an audiobook that I would not recommend.
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While this book is extremely sad in how she was treated, it is important to read this book.  Kate Moore does a wonderful job of making this book readable and I would highly recommend.
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Elizabeth Packard. Have you heard of her? If you care about women’s rights, you’ll want to learn about her. If you care about mental illness and the path to compassionate care and diagnosis, then you’ll want to learn about Elizabeth Packard. In the 19th century women had no rights. Upon marriage, they gave up everything. When Elizabeth began to find her voice, her husband was not happy. His solution was to deem her insane and have her committed to an asylum. Any husband has that power at the time. Her brilliant mind and compassionate nature led her to fight her committal and advocate for patients’ and women’s rights. Listen to the audiobook for an edge of your seat account of her work. Kate Moore does a wonderful job narrating her book. I normally listen at 1.25. I listened to this book even faster (1.5) because I couldn’t wait for what would happen next. I was pleased that the audio remained easily understood. People should be reading this book and talking about Elizabeth Packard. What she experienced is still happening today. She deserves her place in history. 

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to listen to this audiobook in exchange for an honest review. I’ll be talking about this book everywhere I go.
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I actually ended up reading the paper copy of this from my neighbor. I absolutely loved it. Stories like this are so interesting. But it makes my emotions run high when I see how badly our system fails people.
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