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Confessions of a Puppetmaster

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One problem with biographies of movie industry professionals is that they never go into all their films, and it is true in this book, as well. There is a lot of personal information (which is great) and focus on key elements of their professional life (which is also great) but many film titles simply get a brief mention and are glossed over as though they don't matter (which isn't great). This book is a must-have for fans of Full Moon Pictures. 

Thank you NetGalley and William Morrow and Custom House for the opportunity to read an advance reading copy.
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Band has had a long and crazy career that all gets covered here. The book moves quick, not stopping on any topic too long; but most of what you want to hear about gets covered. However, the sequels to things like Puppet Master - which surely have tales to tale don't get anything beyond a brief mention to set up the time lines. 

The truth is probably Band was spinning so many plates he didn't have any insight on some of the movies, but it's  still disappointing as a fan. There's a lot of name dropping with little reason to bring up the person other than they're famous. Band also loved buying real estate and there is probably too much real estate talk than necessary. Overall, Band is honest and funny; so as a fan it's a must read.
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Charles Band's Confessions of a Puppet Master is essential reading for fans and stans of Full Moon Features and  Charles Band, but there's enough of interest for fans of b-movies and movies in general to keep anyone else interested. A pleasure to read!
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