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I DNF'd this after chapter 3.
The writing is not good at all. There is no cohesive flow to the story. 
The prologue had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the story. It would have been better if the concept of her recieving the conditions received a bit more airtime then spending it on the prologue. Especially since we were just bombarded with the email and the next scene Juliana is in Spain. Talk about whiplash. 

In fact, the whiplash effect as a result from jumping from one scene to scene felt as if I kept falling into the middle of the conversation. Keep in mind, I only read up until the end of Chapter 3. For example, there is a paragraph that starts off, ‘I think we’re neighbours… I saw you—’‘Oh, when you said yesterday you were looking after your uncle’s house, I should have known – you’re Arturo’s niece.’ Pray tell, when did Juliana say this because we as the reader are not made privy to this introduction. How are supposed to know what they're babbling on about if little to no backstory is provided? How are we supposed to connect with any of the characters if we don't read about their interactions as they're happening in real time to the character?

There is also not enough writing about the location either. Setting a book in an exotic location requires atmosphere. The story fails to 
do jus that. There is nothing to describe the street the house is on, the minimum is spent describing the cottage and there are times when the descriptions about the scenery makes the character sound awfully dumb (more on this in a moment).

Also has Juliana ever been to Spain? Because there are times when it comes across that she has and other times when she hasn't. But hey, why would we want to clarify this for the readers?

Lastly, so many one-liners that make absolutely no sense or makes the character come across as truly ignorant. For example:

"People could keep their pine forests and lines of palm trees;"
What on earth does this mean?!?!

"When did a hill become a mountain?"
Seriously, THAT'S what you're pondering when driving through the mountainside in SPAIN?

"One hill had a scampering herd of white goats – or maybe they were sheep with short coats;"

Oh and please can someone tell me how going to a region to taste a specific type of tomato is something of great struggle? Because the character makes it sound like an impossible task. 

It's better that I end here for the sake of my sanity.
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Will Juliana discover her roots in beautiful coastal Spain? Juliana gets a chance of a lifetime to obtain a home in Spain, but there are conditions. Find out if Juliana can overcome the challenges in this cozy story. This was just an okay story for me,
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Okay, the setting was immaculate and the book was very cosy but I didn't dig the writing style at all. A lot of telling instead of showing that didn't work here.  Sometimes I would forget whether it's written in first person or third person and it's just confusing at times!
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This story was heartwarming and pleasant as it takes you through Juli’s journey of meeting each condition to inherit a house in the south of Spain.. The author not only does a great job with Juliana’s character development and her story, but also with the descriptions of the different settings and the accuracy of what a community is like in a small town of Spain (from the snoopiness 😝 to having each other’s back).  Add on to this the romance and family secrets, and it was such a wonderful read.
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A charming tale that follows Juliana as she discovers more about her Spanish heritage, her seemingly hostile neighbour and herself. This is an easy read, it's interesting, entertaining and light-hearted. You can imagine the characters, the beautiful's the perfect Spain escape whilst international travel is tricky right now! 

I really enjoyed how the tales interweave and love that it has a 'five years later' chapter, that gives us a really love happy ending!
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Loved this in so many ways. One it is set in Spain in an area I love and my parents live. The descriptions were great. The story line with Juliana and her uncle and her father protecting over her mother. Twists in a good way. . I loved the list of tasks she had to do. The beaches especially .. Read this  on kindle . Can’t wait for the paperback to send to friends. You got the love and friendship element with Josemi. A must must read
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I wanted to love this book but it just didn't come together for me. The chapters didn't flow well, they  ended abruptly and then started a new scene or new day immediately. I couldn't really follow the story with the characters as more and more kept being introduced. And I felt zero chemistry between Juliana and Josemi. This didn't work for me but perhaps it will for others.
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This was the perfect summer beach read for those who love escapist fiction through travel.  Juliana is given a list of conditions to meet by her Uncle Arturo and if she needs them she will be the new owner of his beautiful house in Spain.  The lush descriptions of Spain were amazing and Juliana’s friendships and eventual romance were just perfect as she strives to complete the tasks and find her true self.  I received this book as an advanced reader copy from net galley in exchange for an honest review.
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expected more the plot was almost unable to finish it . thank you for the ARC and the opportunity to read the advance copy
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I loved following along with Julianna as she embarked on her journey of discovery! A quirky request to complete a wish list whilst living in Spain, takes Julianna on a romantic, fun, life changing trip that truly is just what she needs! Add in the ever patient Josemi, we then have a well written storyline that will keep the reader interested and love this enjoyable book!

Thank you NetGalley, the Publisher and especially Cherry Radford for the opportunity to read this wonderfully warm story!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is the first novel of Cherry Radford, that I read and it was beautiful. The book is about Julianna moving to Spain for ninety days to house sit  her uncle's house and fulfill certain conditions laid out by him. Julianna would inherit the house from her uncle Arturo, if she fulfills the terms. Cherry had brought the beautiful landscapes of Andalusia to life through her vivid and vibrant description. The characters are lovable and humane. One cannot resist wishing to visit Spain after reading this splendid book. The story is heartwarming. Julianna goes through a phase of growth in this book which is well narrated. I wish there was a bit more spark in the chemistry between Josemi and Julianna and I felt like she was more comfortable with Toby than Josemi. But I liked how Josemi was patient enough to let Julianna figure out her life and was willing to wait in the sidelines. Overall, this is a wonderful book, that I would recommend to anyone looking for a light and heart warming read set in a beautiful location.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria Publishing for this arc
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Thank you for the advanced copy.

I could not put this down, it was my first book by this author and wish I had found her a while ago.  Fantastic writing, fantastic plot development and I just loved the main character.

Highly recommend
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This was my first Cherry Radford book and it was a beautifully written story. The description of Spain made the reader feel like they were there with Julianna in her journey. 

When her beloved Uncle Arturo offers her the chance to discover her roots while housesitting his coastal home in a quiet corner of Andalusia, Juliana can't believe her luck. Especially when he reveals that the house will be hers if she fulfills ten life-enhancing 'Conditions' within 90 days. Redecoration of the house and a visit to the old film studio where her mother used to sew costumes seem ridiculously simple tasks for such a wonderful reward. But little does Juliana realize that there are family secrets and inherited rivalries awaiting her in sunny Spain, and the condition that she has to 'get on with the neighbors' – who include a ruggedly handsome but moody artist – may be harder than she thinks.

From the start you love Julianna and as a reader I enjoyed following her on the adventure life takes her on as she discovers her family's past. 

This is a great summer read for anyone who is looking for one! 

Thank you NetGalley and Aria & Aries for this advanced copy of this novel.
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Thank you NetGalley, Aria & Aries and Cherry Radford for the chance to read and review this beautifully written advanced ebook! 

Juliana is a film extra and comes from a Spanish background. 
When her dear Uncle gives her the chance to explore her true roots about where she comes from. 
She goes off to Andalusia, A small, quite place on the coast to house sit for her Uncle.
She is shocked to find out this little piece of heaven will be hers one day if and only if she can finish these ten life changing conditions in the next 90 days! 
She barely has any memory of her mother.
So when she is tasked to redecorate a small old film studio where her mother once use to make costumes to Juliana that seems simply enough. Right? 
Soon she will realize there are family secrets and rivals waiting for her in Spain. 
One other condition is that she has to get along with the her neighbors and one of those neighbors includes a cute, handsome, haphazardly, cranky artist! 
Will this be a ridiculous to do list just to earn her inheritance? 

WoW! This book was simply a joy to read! 
I absolutely loved Juliana's character. Full.of life, beautiful, smart. 
The story itself was done so well. 
Cherry Radford did an excellent job bringing the story to life. She is very descriptive of Spain and the surrounding area. Made me feel like I was standing right there! 
This is a great book! Well written, complex storyline with various moving parts. The descriptions of setting were beautifully written and the inner feelings and motivations of our main characters were explored in a way that felt authentic and believable. 

Would so recommend this amazing read!
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Happy Pub Day!!! Thank you for the advanced copy. 
This book was so descriptive it made me feel like I was really in Spain with them. I really liked all of the characters and I thought it was an interesting premise. This book was funny and romantic and interesting. Highly recommend!
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Absolutely loved this sweet romance. I immediately fell in with the main character and was drawn along as she met all the lovely characters in her life. So glad I came across this.
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Juliana discovers there's much more to her family than she ever knew when she goes to Andalusia for the summer.  Her uncle's promise that she will inherit the house if she fulfills ten conditions- a sort of bucket list- seems simple but it's not at all.  This is a lovely novel of family (with a romance of course!) in a terrific setting.  It's just right for. a summer read (although it would be delightful to spend time in Spain in the middle of the winter!). Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.  A good read.
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This was such a gorgeous read!!!! I really enjoyed the plot and the writing style was gorgeous!! The character build up is fantastic and I couldn’t put it down
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