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A good read! It was one I struggled to get into at the beginning but it definitely grew on me. A murder mystery, with some witnesses and a few changing stories. Who did it and why?
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Lemon is a phenomenal thriller from start to finish. The characters are incredibly well-written. The plot is fast-paced and captivating. If you're looking for your next favorite thriller, this is the one for you. Be sure to check out Lemon today. Highly recommended!
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South Korea in the summer of 2002. Nineteen year old Kim Hae-on is brutally murdered. There are two prime suspects but nothing can be proved. As the years pass the murder continues to haunt Hae-on’s sister who sets out on a quest to discover what actually happened. So the book is a murder mystery, a whodunit, but that’s not really the point as it’s really about the long-term repercussions and after–effects for the people left behind. As such it’s a chilling and sometimes moving tale of grief and loss. I say sometimes moving as although I found it an intriguing read I never became invested in the characters. We see events from various perspectives, but it’s not always clear whose voice we are hearing. There’s nothing wrong with a book being challenging and complex or in making the reader work hard, but ultimately I found the narrative was just too obscure and I remained puzzled right to the end. Even now I’m not completely sure who actually did it, and it possibly needs a second reading in case I missed some clues. So an interesting and original read but one I found less than satisfactory.
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This isn't quite my usual cup of tea, but Kwon Yeo-sun had me hooked from page one, and I was unable to look away. Unputdownable
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I've seen some reviews of this book talking about how it's less of a thriller/murder mystery and more of a exploration of the aftermath of the crime and the people affected, and I agree with this.
Yet, while it seems to be a negative for some people, this unexpected narrative exploring grief, trauma and various other emotional areas, is what I loved about this book.
It's short and fast paced. Moving around between different perspectives and timelines, which kept me hooked to the end.
I loved this book.
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This was a really interesting novel told from three different perspectives about the murder of a school girl, but ultimately, I was left wanting a bit more. I thought that the mystery element of the novel was a bit lackluster,  but the character study element was very well done. I liked the structure of the narrative and particularly enjoyed the one-sided conversations with the doctor. Overall, for such a short book, this does achieve a lot in terms of gender exploration, the pressure of beauty standards in Korea and the nature of class distinctions. I just wish that the crime element was more of a focus of the plot as opposed to a jumping off point.
I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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Okay so the blurb sold this to me as a thriller n it is definitely not that, but it does have mysterious elements and has a crime-novel vibe and bits to keep you guessing. Ultimately though its so much more - we follow multiple POVs in the decades following a girl's murder, most notably her sister's, and the answer is unraveled for us while we meander alongside the ripple effects of such a murder, a loss, and feel the effects that grief can have on those left behind.

Enjoyed this very much, although found myself a lil confused in places and sometimes struggled with the pacing. Definitely do not go into this expecting a fast-paced mystery/thriller though.

Big thanks to NetGalley, Head of Zeus, and the author for the e-ARC. Available to purchase now!
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This read like a Netflix limited series, I loved following the multiple POVs as they navigated the aftermath of the murder of Kim Hae-on. I loved the atmosphere of this story and I'd love to see an adaptation of this on the screen. I  was hoping for something a  little more hard-hitting, but this was entertaining nonetheless.
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Absolutely loved this, I adored the writing style and the way Kwon Yeo-sun described the character's mindset was really well done. I instantly ordered a final copy because this is a book I need to have on my shelf!
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I didnt find this book to have any oomph for me which left me feeling a bit disappointed. The writing was a bit far fetched. It is told by multiple characters and I liked it but I didnt love it.
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Unfortunately this book was not for me. Other readers may enjoy it more, but I could not get into it and ultimately did not finish it.
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I quite enjoyed that this was a murder-mystery that focused less on the mystery itself and more on the people that were affected by the murder. It was different to what I was expecting but I thin upon a reread, knowing what I'm going into and what the authors intention is, I will enjoy it more and have a higher rating.

I struggled a little with this novella as it's quite choppy, spans over many years and we're left more with hints than a direct answer to who the murderer is. I think Yeo-San has created a very intriguing short-story here, and while it packed a punch in its few pages, I think it could've been a bit longer. I liked what the author was trying to accomplish, I just wish there was more depth to the characters, I felt very detached and therefore wasn't as drawn in.

I hope what Kwon Yeo-Sun publishes next will be translated again, I would absolutely pick it up.

Thanks you #HeadofZeus and #NetGalley for an eARC of Lemon.
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I was expecting this to be a quick read, as it is under 200 pages long but unfortunately this was lost in translation for me and dragged.

I really struggled to connect with it, and it didn't grab me as much as I thought it would. I finished it, just out of curiosity really to see if it improved, not because I was invested.

This is classified as a thriller, but that was lacking for me massively. This is more character-driven about grief than anything else. This was not for me, but don't let me put you off...Read it and let me know what you think!
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I went into reading this book with a small idea of what the book would be about; Kim Hae-on is bludgeoned to death when she is nineteen during the World Cup in 2002. No one is convicted of her murder.

Sounds pretty good right?

I was so intrigued about what would happen in this story, it was immediately added to my TBR before I knew I could get hold of a proof copy. I have always enjoyed a mystery book and I have a growing number of Asian translated books that I have or plan to read, so Lemon felt like the perfect book for me.

When I closed the book I gave it 4 stars, but now when I think about it, it doesn’t feel like my normal 4 stars. So should I push it down to 3 stars? There were many elements I liked and found unique, such as the glimpses at the lives of the three narrators as they moved on with their lives. This teamed with the sparsity of their world. It was very much like we switched on the TV and were in the middle of an episode of Season 4, Episode 8; so much wasn’t told to the reader. This often left me feeling quite distant from the characters and not understanding things. Though the later might just be me.

It’s a book I’m happy that I got to read. I always want to challenge myself and read books that aren’t very typical. But sometimes, you do want something that you know and it turns out that’s actually what I wanted when I read this book. I wanted my mystery whodunnit. Something that wasn’t the point or the focus of the book.
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This was very different to the usual Murder  mysteries I read, the plot was so promising,  but I don’t feel that the story really delivered. I struggled to keep reading at times.
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A solid steady read, sadly didn't wow me but enjoyable enough. 

Thanks so much for the advanced reader copy.
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I didn’t connect with the storyline.

I tried to persevere with ‘Lemon’ and read up to 25%, but I just wasn’t enjoying it at all. I can see that some other reviewers felt much the same. 

I thought that the plot would be riveting, but maybe it was because the names of the characters were confusing? All I can remember is that a teenage girl was murdered, and it became known as ‘The high school beauty murder.’

Sorry but ‘Lemon’ just didn’t capture my attention, so awarded just two stars.


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This book has so much promise. 
It came onto my radar via twitter and I was fortunate enough to a copy via @Netgalley and with thanks to Head of Zeus thank you. 

However sadly this one did not deliver in the way I had hoped it is a relatively short book so a quick read. 

I would love to tell you this was a great short story but it wasn't. Largely the story didn't work for me as it jumped around so much with the different perspectives. I could not connect with the characters and therefore didn't warm to the story at all. I certainly would not put it in a Mystery or thriller genre. It is a literary fiction title about a crime.

The plot and themes in the book Kwon Yeo-sun explored centred around the murder of a young girl and as a result the grief and love of family members and how they dealt with life after the tragic death. 

Sadly not one I can recommend,  however thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my review copy in return for my honest review.
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This fascinating cross between a murder mystery and psychological drama is bound to shake you to the core and elicit a wide range of emotions and feelings! 

Exploring the effects that loss and death have on people, depicting how guilt and madness are intertwined, It pushes boundaries in a great thought provoking and defying manner.

Kwon Yeo-Sun skilfully shares clues throughout the pages, letting the reader interpret their meaning to their hearts content. 

Definitely #notjustanybook and one like you’ve probably never encountered before.
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I've been very interested in Korean literature lately, and this hit the mark even though it is slightly outside the genres I mostly read in. Uncomfortable read, but very clever and manages to draw you in until the very end. Thank you Netgalley for providing me with an advance copy.
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