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This is an excellent for anyone who is considering consensual non-monogamy or any sort of more open relationship. Relationship therapist Tammy Nelson explains the monogamy continuum and how to develop a well thought out relationship agreement that can be renegotiated over time.
Regardless of whether you are considering this type of relationship you are likely to find something of value here. She has an excellent discussion of consent. This is a good resource for all couples and provides many helpful exercises to improve communication and empathy. This a positive addition to the growing list of resources for those exploring non-heteronormative relationships.
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This is a practical and inclusive guide for anyone who is considering consensual nonmonogamy or any sort of more open or expansive relationship. Relationship therapist and sexologist Tammy Nelson describes what she refers to as the monogamy continuum and provides guidance on how to develop a well thought out relationship agreement that can be renegotiated over time. She provides plenty of examples from diverse couples she has interviewed. I found it very interesting to learn about the different types of agreements that partners have developed and how they arrived at those arrangements. 

Regardless of the type of relationship you want, you are likely to find something of value here. The author provides many questions to help you and your partner(s) identify your values and discuss fears and desires. I loved her discussion of consent, and I think her 3 Ps framework of potential possibilities, problems, and positives can be used in many situations even outside the context of this book.

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A great introduction to the idea of Open Monogamy. It's a hard concept to sum up, given how personal it is to each couple, but the author does a fantastic job of pulling together the main concepts and explaining things in a clear, concise and interesting way.
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Open Monogamy is an extensive guidebook for anyone thinking about open relationships.  It discusses the variety of open relationships, arms you with the questions you need to ask and the things you need to think about before embarking on any new adventure.   There are lots of case studies and examples, and references to research on the subject.  It is a great book for anyone just wanting to know more, but also for professionals in counselling and therapy roles.  The book includes exercises and lists of questions to ask and contemplate.  It realistically tackles the problems you might face but makes it ok to want to search outside the 'norm' and explore new and adventurous directions.   A brilliant starting point and an excellent reference book.  Highly recommended.
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A great book for anyone considering an open relationship, or wanting to understand how open relationships may work for others around them. There are plenty of examples, as well as research to inform the various methods of opening a relationship. Thought provoking. Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Tammy Nelson's "Open Monogamy" is the definitive resource for those who want to love outside of the box of heteronormativity. This is excellent for both clinicians and those who want to know how to love well amidst the diversity of their love relationships.
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