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First of all, it's all about the hazards of being a fly!

And then just go for the artstyle.

If you are someone who loves reading comics in the form of art sequences without much dialogues, you will like this one.

The highlight of the book is obviously the fun artwork. It's a quick, entertaining read. 

Thank you, author/artist and the publisher, for the advance reading copy.
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This wordless graphic novel has appeal to kids who love life science, bugs, and just a good story.
This is such a quick "read" that I'd suggest a library copy instead of purchase to families that have limited book budgets.
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What a fun book! 
I love that these pages are images only, no reading required. The illustration is excellently done and the goofy style of the fly is a lot of fun to look at. The faces are impressively expressive for being so simplistic.
I also love that so much of the fly's life overlaps with a human's causal observation of a fly's life - zoomy circles all around the house for no apparent reason, anyone?
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I always liked The Fly when I was a child and I was finally able to read a graphic novel about this character.

It was super fast that I finished it but I enjoyed it very much and obviously also laughed with the story.
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The Fly is a wordless graphic novel about a fly from birth and his navigation of the world around him. He has a few frights, makes a friend, becomes an enlarged mutant, and then returns to his normal size. This would be a great option for High/Low readers struggling with text that enjoy humorous stories. Elementary and middle grades will find this hilarious.
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This was a very cute book. No words, just illustrations following the life of a fly. This book is full of friendship and adventure! I really enjoyed this graphic novel. Loved the illustrations as well. 

Thank you to NetGalley and Papercutz for the ARC!
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Pleasant enough art, no text, there's a storyline but nothing truly unique or attention-grabbing. Not buying this one.
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Quel plaisir de revivre un moment " The Fly" !

J'ai adoré retrouver cette mouche qui dans mon enfance m’avait marqué dès m'a première lecture.
Un univers, un style et une histoire que l'on peut qu'aimer et à la fin se dire " encore !" 
Un bon plongeon dans les souvenirs mais toujours plaisant aujourd'hui car cela ne vieilli pas et passe les années.

Merci !!
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I thought I would enjoy this more.  The wordless format and illustration style was repetitive after a few pages, let alone over 100.
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Cool panel style--no dialogue needed when your characters have such lively facial expressions! Very funny.
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The Fly is a wonderful wordless graphic fiction, suitable for all ages. I enjoyed it immensely - the trials Fly undergoes are silly, and there is a lot to discover in his wordless pursuit of food, safety, and friendship.
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Don't think I read the description of this clearly enough - didn't realise it was a wordless graphic novel. The illustrations are great, but I'm not a fan of flies so I wasn't that interested in the story. This will definitely appeal to some people but unfortunately not me.
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from the zodiac and helping them find their way back home.  It was so well done.  Kudos to the illustrator for all the easter eggs that I originally missed like Toby’s shadow being a dragon.  This book was excellent!  I hope it makes the official rounds for the Caldecott.
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Really nice and short comic book about a fly. There is no text, no dialogue so you can fly through this in like 10 minutes. Haha... see what I did there? (I'll show myself out)
The art itself is really simple but fun. The story got me giggle a bit too. So - I'd say this is a win.

Review copy provided by the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Book Title: Lewis Trondheim's The Fly

Author: Lewis Trondheim

Genre: Comic, graphic novel, children's fiction

Publish Date & Publisher: October 5th 2021, Papercuts

*Note: I received an advance copy of Lewis Trondheim's The Fly from NetGalley in return for an honest review. I also watched the cartoon as a child and suffer from nostalgia bias*

Lewis Trondheim's The Fly is a wordless comic following a little fly with shoes and his life. Simply adorable. 

I grew up watching 'The fly' cartoon when I was very young (I had Episodes recorded on VCR) and this book brought a lot of nostalgia to me. Now with nieces and nephews my own age when I first watched the cartoon I'm thrilled to be able to introduce them to the series in October.

My only criticism is that the black and white format makes certain plot items hard to distinguish to my adult self, I can't imagine young children being able to distinguish between the black and white easily either. Perhaps more various shading or a colour comic in the future

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I loved the illustrations in this book!

It is a really fun way at following the life of a fly from birth – and it did make me smile, especially the part when it kept going back to the same place – argh!! Why do they always do that!!

Plenty to smile about as you read the book and it did make me giggle in placed too!

It is 3.5 stars from me for this one, rounded up to 4 stars for Goodreads and Amazon.
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A great GN book for the beginning learners or language learners. Love the illustration and simple plot line that follows the characters.
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I really liked the concept of the book, but had a hard time following the story line. There were several times I was confused about what was happening, and why, even when I went back several times to see if I missed something on previous pages. Kids may have a better understanding than I did.  There were some cute parts, like the friendship & when the fly's shoes got  stuck in the web, but overall, I was not impressed with the book.
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I had such a fun time reading through this graphic novel! It definitely took a turn that I was not expecting at the end. I wasn't sure how it would work without any words but the details of the art are so good that it really speaks the story to you.
Thank-you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with this ARC to post an honest review.
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A wonderful book on the life of a fly! and what's more, this book is wordless - I have read wordless books about dogs, cats, emotions - but a fly? The humble fly gets elevated to the status of a superhero in Lewis Trondheim's skilful hands. What an entertaining book!
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