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An absolutely gripping, spine tingling, and wonderful story. The manner in which this love was created was not ideal by any means, but the love shared between Helena and Franz was true. A sad story filled with hope that one should read and read again.
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Definitely mind-blowing I didn't expect this story, when I first started reading I was a little lost as I didn't understand what was happening but after a few chapters I was completely hooked and I was very immersed to know everything about Helena and Franz.

The story of Helena and Franz it's the first story that I read of is kind. I've never read of the Denazification Court or its cases, this was a first for me, Franz and Helena are testifying in a court to prove that they're really telling their truth about their situation, but not everybody is convinced that Andrej Novák, an Auschwitz inmate thinks he knows the real truth behind the relationship of Franz and Helena and is determined to prove them wrong.

The Girl in the Striped Dress talks about the story of Helena and Franz how everything started and how they're now facing a trial to prove if Franz is really not a terrible person as Andrej seems to believe.

what I really love about this book was that I really didn't know where it was going, it was not the typical story where there were constantly focusing on the terrible situations that we all know that happened during those times, for me was more about the strength, the trust and the love some of them had and wanted to share to keep striving and feel alive.

Helena's sister is a huge key in this book, something terrible happened to her that she is not convinced either about their situation but time will show some light about hers and her sister situation

the other SS officers as usual were disgusting, always treating them terribly not having any kindness or empathy at all but Franz was different, from the beginning we could see that even if was not clear where his character was coming from but the kindness was there hiding to his colleagues and some of the other inmates.

the story permeates between the past the story of how everything started to a more recent days after the war. I really enjoy the court parts.

The Girl in the striped dress, it's a great story, a great book very different from what I've read something that really will keep you wanting more.
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There are a lot of things that drew me to this story. One of the key things is that it is partly based on a true story. Secondly, I couldn’t comprehend the idea of a relationship between an SS Soldier and a Jewish inmate.

This is Helena’s story. She was an inmate at Auschwitz when she met an SS Soldier, Dahler. Dahler seemed different from the other SS soldiers. However, he was also similar to them in many ways. He was different in that he viewed and treated Helena as a human being which is not something that most of the other inmates experienced with the SS soldiers. On the other hand, Dahler had moments of cruelty and was especially known to be quick with the whip.

I had so many questions as I read the first chapters of this book. I wondered whether Stockholm syndrome was at play. At the trial, Helena’s demeanor spoke volumes and I was concerned. Through Helena’s story, we get to learn how the two met and fell in love in a place where there didn’t seem to be any room for such feelings.

This is quite a heartbreaking read. The horrific tales of what happened in Auschwitz had me tempted to skip chapters. I still can’t believe just how low human beings(Nazis) had sank. Where was humanity in that era?

Overall, this is quite a well written and researched story that will tug at your heartstrings and give you plenty to think about.
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A tragic love story set in Auschwitz between an SS officer and a Jewish woman he saved from the gas chambers. Based on a true story, Franz and Helena fall in love under the most unlikely circumstances, both risking death for this illicit love...
The Girl in the Striped Dress is the third book I have read from accomplished author Ellie Midwood. She manages to bring the horror and brutality of Auschwitz to life but never loses the human element to the stories she shares.
In this book the research is once again impeccable as the author tells a love story fraught with risks. In 1947 Franz Dahler faces a Denazification Trial and the key witness for his defence in his wife Helena. She was a Jewish inmate in Auschwitz but has she been coerced into marrying and supporting him?
Three perspectives are used to convey the plot: Helena and Franz in the first person during their time in the camp, and the third person at the trial with a focus on the psychiatrist. Through Helena's eyes, we see her struggle with her emotions as she struggles to survive both physically and mentally with her circumstances. We do not see Franz's viewpoint until the final part of the book and it shows how he was affected by the things he saw in the camp.
This book pulls no punches. The brutality and barbaric behaviour is descibed in detail and I had to put the book down several times to step away from the atrocities described within the pages. The characters are oh so human and this makes their choices more heart wrenching. I am haunted by the fact that Helena's sister was saved at her request but her nephews went to their deaths alone.
The Girl in the Striped Dress is wonderfully terrible. The human tragedy is never shied away from and the book is both beautiful and terrifying.
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Triggers: Graphic descriptions of violence in Auschwitz

 Girl in the Striped Dress is a novel based on a true story of Helena an inmate and Franz a SS guard at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The novel takes us through the events from 1942 to 1947 just after liberation. The novel is a very unusual love story of Helena and Franz. In what seems to be Stockholm syndrome as we call it today this story is of pure survival for Helena and how Franz changes and starts caring for her. This book prompts us to think of those grey shades which exist between black and white. 
This story is unlike anything I have read previously. However this book is not an easy one to read since its very graphic and not for everyone. The author has tried to be as true as she can be in her writing. Since its based on true facts the details could be triggering for some so go into it prepared. Ellie Midwood is slowly becoming my favorite author. I love reading historical fictions especially centered around World War II and the true stories that this author writes are based on well researched facts. These kinds of novels give us more insight into the human behavior, inspire and give us an insight into the human behavior.
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A very emotional story of Auschwitz and the relationships between the SS guards and the Jewish inmates. Most of the characters in this book are taken after real people and their stories.
An Auschwitz guard Franz Dahler, Sees Helena, a Jewish Inmate who was picked to sing for Franz Dahler's Birthday, liking what he sees Dahler requests that she be assigned to his work detail, thus saving her from imminent death.
Thus starts a romance of sorts, and a lot of stress and fear that comes with it.
There are so many stories within the stories, that make up an amazing, heartfelt and heart rendering story, of people being punished for something they did not even do. Hard to read at times, but a necessary reminder of what should never happen again.
The other part of the story takes place after the war in the Denazification Court ( the process of bringing the leaders of the National Socialist regime in Germany to justice and of purging all elements of Nazism from public life ) 
Here Franz is on Trial accused by a former Auschwitz inmate, Andrej Novak, that Franz had forced himself on Helena, and that she would never be safe, but Helena, is at the trial With Franz, and doesn't seem to act that way at all. It is interesting to see this trial development and what the verdict would be.
This Author knows how to write an impactful story.
I would like to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for a copy of this book.
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I have loved all of Midwood's books and this one was no exception. A haunting and devastating yet beautiful  tale of Helena and how she avoids death,
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I have read a lot of WWII books and this book has to be one of my favorites! It was so well written and researched. 

It was very interesting to see this side of the Holocaust. The author definitely didn't romanticize the Holocaust, but she did do a great job on writing how an Auschwitz guard could fall in love and protect an inmate. This book also showed how there were a lot of people doing what they needed to do to survive, no matter what side they were on. 

I am now going to add the other books in this series to my to be read list. 

Thanks Netgalley and publisher for the digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publishing house and the author for the opporuntiy to read a copy of this book in return for a review based upon my honest opinion.

This is a fictional book based upon the love story of Helena Citrónová and Franz Wunsch.  The book starts in 1947 in the Denazification Court hearings and flips back and forth between the hearing of Franz to the past to the story of Helena and Franz.  The story was well-developed and you could see why even during such time and during such hardships that the soul only wants to be loved. The book does not end the way the actual story did, but the feelings protrayed were well written.  It was a story I had not heard before and the concept which at first I could not fathom was worked into a believable storyline.  

I love the research and detail that this author puts into her books, as hard as some of it is to read sometimes, it feels like you are haering about the conditions and atrocities first hand.  I like that in her author's notes she gives further readings if you would liket o learn more about the actual people this book is based upon or other people mentioned or respresented in the book.

I have read all of this author's book and enjoy them all. Looking forward to reading more of them.
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The Denazification court is in session, trying to rule over a case which is one of kind, an unusual love story of an SS Guard at Auschwitz and a Jewish girl, Helena. Is this really a love story though? Or does it simply give the appearance of one? Is this coercion? 

Ellie Midwood takes onto a journey into the Auschwitz concentration camp, in the German occupied Poland during the Holocaust. It is a troubling journey, which allows you a glance at the cruel fate suffered by scores of victims. The circumstances are bleak. People are starving and being beaten and treated worse than animals. There are a lot of snippets of history in this historical fiction that will take you back to the vileness of those times and make you live through the plight of the victims. This is something really loved about this book. The story of kindness blooming within an environment filled with hatred, death and tragedy is a heartwarming expedition. 

The story had such engaging characters, whose fickle emotions were intriguing. Did Frank really see through all the false propaganda that he was raised on? Was Helena fit to stand trial? Was Helena sick? Did Frank really love her or was there more to his demeanor? These kind of questions make it difficul to put the book down.

I haven't read a lot of books around the Holocaust, but there are several on my TBR. It was by mere co-incidence that I came across this book on NetGalley and the blurb instantly got to me. It was a great read for me. I would like to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for the ARC. Loved it!

#TheGirlintheStripedDress #NetGalley
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I've read so many books set during WW2, and focusing specifically on the holocaust, that sometimes they all blur into one in my memory. But The Girl in the Striped Dress will always stand out to me for well it depicted what to many sounds impossible - a love story between a Jewish prisoner of Auschwitz and a Nazi guard. I personally found this to be a completely gripping book, especially due to it's slightly unusual narrative structure, flitting between two timelines, as in the present day  the duo are forced to almost prove the validity of their romance by reflecting on their past. There are questions raised about the morality of their situation - on both sides - but ultimately this is a moving and thought-provoking story about a truly heartbreaking situation. Definitely one I'd recommend for fans of WW2 fiction.

Disclaimer - I was fortunate enough to be provided with an advance reading copy of this book by NetGalley. This has not affected my review in any way, and all opinions are my own.
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Helena arrives at Auschwitz and realises that she’s about to meet her end.  But beforehand she’s summoned to sing to one of the SS Officers as it’s his birthday, and after being enthralled by her, he orders for her execution to be cancelled.  She ends up working in the Kanada section  – a more ‘privileged’ part of the camp, overseen by Franz himself.  What slowly develops is a surprising and unexpected love, which saves more than one life…..

This is a heartbreaking, emotional and beautiful story that brings a true story to life.  Writing about the Holocaust and Auschwitz is a challenging task, but Ellie does it perfectly.  Not only does she follow up with an authors note at the end which gives us the facts on the real life characters and events, but she also introduces us in the beginning too which makes such a difference.

The story will get you thinking.  How can an inmate fall for one of the SS Officers? But even though I found Franz to be absolutely despicable in the beginning, you can’t help but warm to him as the story progresses.  The way he cares for Helena will warm your heart.  It really got me thinking about the real life Helena and Franz, other inmates/officers and the whole aspect of Stockholm syndrome.

I’m sure most people are aware of the atrocities that took place at Auschwitz, so be prepared for some of the detail in this book.  However, it has all been historically researched by Ellie and brings to life what the conditions of the camp must have been like.  As mentioned, the story covers more of the more ‘privileged’ part of the camp but there is still a lot of detail about the gas chambers and horrific level of murder.

As a historian in training and a book lover, this ticks every box for me.  Historically accurate, beautifully portrayed but heartbreakingly true, and with a storyline that will keep you turning every page.  You’ll feel torn about how you should feel about Franz and it will certainly raise a lot of questions for you.  In my opinion this is an outstanding book – absolutely highly recommended by me.
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Written in a narrative of a Denazification Tribunal, Franz Dahler an ex-SS Officer, is on trial for being involved in the murder of the Jews; but his interview is very different when he brings in his wife Helena Kleinová (now Dahler), who was one of his prisoners. 

Dr. Hoffman must find out if this Nazi officer is as cruel and manipulative as his accusers have made him out to be, or if the love between a Nazi and a Jew can truly flourish.

This novel is based on an incredible true story. 

Showing the characters of Helena's strength, which I am in absolute awe of! 
The changes within the character of Franz and how instead of simply following orders he broke the rules to protect the woman he loved! 

Even after the first chapter, you can tell this will be a beautiful love story!

But Midwood does not shy away from the violence and brutality about what happened in these concentration camps, she writes using all five senses making sure the reader is fully immersed in the camp as they read; as well as telling us the long term effects it can have on the victims, such as Helena. 

This book is for historical fiction readers as well those who enjoy reading books such as Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.
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I loved this book . I find Auschwitz tales so intriguing and love reading them to find out more about the history of the holocaust . I found myself not wanting to put the book down , just needed to know how it all ended. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes to read books Auschwitz tales . This was the first book I have read of Ellie’s and I can’t wait to read her others :)
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The Girl in the Striped Dress is a haunting and beautiful partly fictional portrayal of a real relationship that took place in one of the darkest places on Earth, Auschwitz.  This novel really delves deep into the human psyche and shows how twisted and complicated love and hate can become.  The author, Ellie Midwood, does a great job of making it clear that the female Jewish prisoner is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome (which actually hadn't been given a name yet), which makes parts of the story that would have been unbearably uncomfortable to read about, a little more clear and understandable.
To be honest, if it weren't for the truly difficult subject matter, I wouldn't have been able to put this book down until I had read every page.  Because the subject matter and setting are a bit more weighty than your average novel, I did feel the need to step away from the world created in the novel (especially since it was a real place with real tragedies) to make sure I didn't fall too deeply into the darker parts of the human psyche.  I do very much recommend this book for anyone that enjoys the subject matter and is able to read about the atrocities of the Holocaust without too much undue psychological distress.
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Warning.........When you read this book make sure you have a box of Tissues handy as you will So need them.

The Girl in the Striped Dress by Ellie Midwood was a very emotional roller coaster book and a great read, it was also beautifully written throughout and a must read if you like historical fiction. This new book from Ellie is from World War 2 in the death camp, Auschwitz .It's a fictional but based on a true story. It's a powerful tale of true love whilst surviving against all the odds of an Auschwitz guard and a young Jewish woman he fell in love..... 
This takes place two years after the World War 2 ended in Germany, Denazification Court brought SS officer at Auschwitz, Franz Dahler to trial, those present had no idea that a tangled web of love and dependence was about to unfold as Dahler’s wife,Helena a former prisoner would testify in his defence. This book will have you gripped and is a must read, I was gripped right at the beginning of this book and I highly recommend it.

Excellent book......and a lot of tissues were used!

Big Thank you to Ellie Midwood the author, NetGalley and Bookouture for an ARC of The Girl in TheStriped Dress in exchange for an honest review.
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The story of Helena, a Jewish girl sent to Auschwitz during the Holocaust and her captor, Franz, a German official in the camp, is portrayed sensitively and articulately.  Although horrific in its brutality, this book is ultimately a love story, or so it seems.
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Forbidden love, what’s not to enjoy? 
This story had a mix of bittersweet sadness and happy. I really enjoyed the storyline and it reeled me in; I didn’t want to put it down.
WWII books are among my favorite genre, and this story will be one I recommend
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I have mixed emotions with this story.  I did not fact check. The author does list this as historical fiction based on actual people and events.  

On the surface, the story itself is new to me.  Without spoiling, I will say I did not realize there were people who were not stripped of their hair.  The author does write tastefully demoralizing and cruel acts.  The transitions from the camp to court were not seamless.  The ending fell flat and was confusing.  This is at best a 3 star story with 1/2 a star for subject, and never forgetting actual history.  

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I found the story to be touching and emotional, and to look very deeply at Auschwitz/Birchenau horrors. It has been a quickly shifting story and I didn't want to put it down.
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