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The Woman on the Beach

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Liv, Grace & Sophie have been best friends since Secondary school. Sophie marries Liv’s brother Tom and then Liv marries Tom’s best friend. Tragedy hits whilst Sophie is visiting Grace in Mexico. There is a terrible accident and Sophie dies. Due to Sophie’s death and two other tragedies in Liv’s life the stress becomes too much and her husband Jamie suggests a trial separation. Liv decides to have a break in Mexico to commemorate what would have been Sophie’s 30th birthday. On her last day on the beach she sees a woman who she is convinced is Sophie but Sophie is dead. Is it the stress of everything that has recently happened in her life getting to her? This sighting sets off a sequence of events. 

This is a story about family and friendship. I enjoyed the story overall but because the story kept going back and forth and also from different perspectives I got confused in parts. This was a very easy read and I will be seeking out more books by this author.
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How would you feel when you see a woman on the beach in Mexico, who looked exactly like your best friend who died years ago? Shocked and wondering if your best friend was alive or not. That's how Liv felt and that's where the story starts.

Liv and Sophie have been best friends since school and they were so close that Sophie ended up marrying Liv's brother Tom and Liv was the bridesmaid. But the train crash in Spain supposedly killed Sophie with a funeral being arranged. But in truth, it was Grace, their friend who died in the crash and Sophie is in Mexico starting a new life.

The synopsis of the book fascinated me and I decided to try out the book though I was a bit skeptical of how this book will end up. But to my surprise, I actually enjoyed, devoring the book! The plot sounds interesting and emotional and is told from the perspectives of Liv and Sophie.  Through this book, I could see the close friendship bond between Liv and Sophie and the author's writing actually captured my attention. What was Sophie escaping from? Domestic abuse? But as you continue reading the book, you would find a heartbreaking and emotional twist that you did not expect in the end! But luckily, the ending was a happy one with everyone living happily and moving on with their lives. This is actually the first book I have read from this author and kudos for the author's style of writing!

Overall, an emotional and heartbreaking book, quiet unputdownable that you would finish this in one go--worth five stars!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the ARC. The review is based on my honest opinion only.
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The story starts when Liv is taking a break from her marriage and decides to go to Mexico where she, and her best friends Sophie and Grace used to go. Unfortunately Sophie died in a train crash and Grace dissapeared in grief and guilt. When Liv sees a woman briefly on the beach with the same hair colouring and tattoo as her late friend Sophie it puts her life into perspective and she just wants to come home to be with her husband Jamie.  No one realises that she has started a chain of events that will change a lot of lives.

A lovely twisty, turny story, perfect for the summer.
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Woman on the Beach was a great read. I loved the twists and turns in the story as you try to figure out what happened to Sophie. My only criticism was I wish during the flashbacks it said like 4 years ago instead of the date. I kept getting mixed up as to what was in the present and what was in the past. Otherwise, a really good read.
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I struggled to get in to this book but forced myself to finish it.  Is it a good-enough mystery but the author's writing style is somewhat stilted.
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A book about friendship. Three friends from school stay in contact up until one of the friends is killed in a train crash. Liv is going through a rough patch in her marriage and goes to Mexico to relax and sort herself out. She sees her friend on the beach, which seems unlikely because she died in the accident or did she ?
On the whole, well written . The main characters were well devloped, others less so, for example Liv's brother came across as nasty at times which was not really explained properly . Certainly not a bad book though and there are a few unexpected turns in the story which made for a great read. 
One criticism is the third friend .... very little depth in the way her story was told. 
Thank you to Net Galley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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The Woman on the Beach is a book about friendship and  heartbreak. Grace, Sophie and Liv have been best friends since their early school days.  The chapters alternate between an earlier time in their friendship and a few years after a terrible accident that changed their lives. I did have a hard time keeping up with the plot due to the back and forth. Thanks to author Julia Roberts, publisher Bookouture, and NetGalley for providing a copy of this book for an honest review.
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This was a fabulous read and I found it both brilliant and heartbreaking in equal measures. 

It's been a while since I got so emotionally involved with such amazing characters and at times I found it hard to continue. 
The author is an amazing storyteller,  the twist was just OMG ..  I just couldn't read it fast enough. I wanted to finish it quickly but at the same time I never wanted it to end.

This book is just stunning..
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What a page turner! There are lots of twists and turns making it a perfect book to add to your summer reading list. Three close as can be friends, a tragic accident, and lives are altered, seemingly forever....until a chance glimpse of someone on the beach.
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Liv had been best friends with Grace and Sophie since they were children.  Sophie ended up marrying Liv's brother, Tom, and Liv then married Tom's best friend, Jamie.  Three years ago Sophie was killed in a train accident while visiting Grace and Grace, believing it was her fault, disappeared.

Liv had a lot of sorrow in her life all of a sudden with the death of Sophie, Grace disappearing, a miscarriage and the sudden death of her father.  When she and Jamie have a trial separation, Liv heads to Tulum, Mexico, for a week.  There she thinks she sees Sophie at the beach ... but how can that be since Sophie is dead?  When Liv arrives home, she receives a letter that will explain everything but it makes Liv eventually deal with unresolved issues from the past and present.

I thought this was an interesting premise.  I liked the writing style.  There are lots of twists and turns that had me wondering what was going on.  It all comes together in the end, perhaps a bit too neatly and I wasn't really buying it.  The chapters jump back and forth in time and are from Liv and Sophie perspective (they are labeled).
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The Woman on the Beach is an original novel about three best friends whose life put on different sides. Girls were inseparable during the school years but sometimes fate is cruel and though them apart. Well written and spoken in a very original way with many real-life challenges and lies. I am amazed about the constructed layout of the book - how easily the storyteller jumps from one point of view to another, from past to present events, to explain the reasons and results—written in first-person but from Sophie's and Olivia's points of view. Description of the emotion and feelings, thoughts, and choices in-depth make the whole situation more authentic and original. It is not only saying or standing to the reader what is happening but also explaining it - you can feel it as well! Julia Roberts created a memorable novel - It will stay with the reader for longer. It is a very emotional story, reduce me to tears. After so many unexpected twists in the book, I smile through the tears. 

Julia Roberts wrote an inspirational book that appears to be a personal journey with real-life challenges and many surprises. You will find here hidden secrets, unexpected twists and lies that should protect loved ones. I am amazed by this novel and its positive vibration, even if you see very tangled situations. Well done!

Highly recommended for a holiday season!

Thank you, NetGalley and Bookouture, for an ARC of this novel, in exchange for an honest review.
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Heartbreaking, enthralling and not to be put down until the very end. A very emotional novel that captivates all the way through.
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Olivia, Grace and Sophie begin a wonderful friendship all through school and after, traveling during their gap year.  As these women form separate lives we can see how perception, reality and communication are very different but equally important.  With the death of one friend and possible betrayal of Grace, or maybe Sophie we see the layers of lies and unforgiving patterns that overwhelm their lives and relationships! I was never sure which direction the book was going, who was the victim or what was going to happen next! Totally gripping and entertaining while spotlighting a serious current issue. Excellent!! #NetGalley#TheWomanontheBeach
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Liv is convinced that a woman she sees on a beach in Mexico is her old school friend Sophie, but that's impossible as Sophie died in a train crash years earlier.
This book despite being slightly far fetched In places kept me invested in the story,  I wanted to keep reading to see what happened next. Parts of the story are based loosely on the Authors experiences. This shows in the very clever writing.
A worthy 4 star novel
Many thanks to Netgalley and Bookouture for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review
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~The story opens up with Liv on vacation in Tulum, Mexico alone, a place she and her two best friends swore to never travel to again. But life has not been easy, and Liv's life in turmoil over the loss of her unborn baby, followed by the loss of her best friend and sister in law Sophie, then the cancer diagnosis and loss of her dad. All the heartbreak has left her marriage on the rocks. On her last day of this solo trip to find herself, Liv is shocked to see Sophie on the beach in Mexico, and calls out to her. By the time she gets to where she's seen her, the woman is gone and Liv is left feeling like she's loosing her mind. If it was Sophie, why did she run away?

~I want to keep my review very vague so as not to give anything away, but this book was amazing! I appreciate books that I can't figure out, and this book delivered. At first the duel timelines confused me, but once I had the time lapses figured out, it was very smoothly written. Sometimes I feel like endings are a little bit too tidy, but I'm not letting that affect my rating on this book. I NEVER cry from reading, ever. Movies, yes. Commercials, yes. Reunion videos, absolutely. But when I read, my heart is a cold block of ice. Well, the end of chapter 38 resulted in several used tissues. That is probably the highest compliment I can give any book. 

My thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I can’t give you a synopsis as it would ruin this beautifully penned plot. Roberts gives a simple framework of this book and you can check it out online.  It’s best to go into it with your heart and mind open. 

Can you imagine being a fly on the wall while Julia Roberts is writing this book?! I can only imagine what her plotting must have looked like for such a complex book. With her 8th novel published and a solid background in the entertainment industry, Roberts is no stranger to plotting. She knows how important it is to keep her audience’s attention. This, her 9th novel, leaves readers with food for thought as she’s left some open enders. 

Grab some tissues, make sure you aren’t reading in public, and then when you have a full reserve of patience….start this clever, clever book. I’ll be honest, I ditched it a few times because I didn’t have the patience to figure out all the characters and connections. When I was ready to work for it, I couldn’t tear myself away from Liv and her friends’ story. Stick with it because you’ll be rewarded with one of the most emotionally charged and cleverly plotted women’s fiction books you’ll have read in a long time. 

Inspired from watching a little dog, like the one you’ll read about, patiently waiting at the water’s edge, Roberts’ mind started reeling about writing a book where a seemingly idyllic lifestyle could be shattered by a ghost from the past. What she has produced is a book where both character and reader will be put through the wringer before ending on a happy note. 

In “Woman On The Beach,” Roberts explores the ways we lie to ourselves and how hope and love can heal us. 
Publishes August 19, 2021
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Three young girls become close friends and swear this bond will never be broken. They keep their promise for years and years and then life happens. Each and everyone of them has to deal with some devastating emotions and they don't want to burden the others even more. Cracks are starting to show. Is it possible to paste them together again or can even the strongest tie tear completely?

Sometimes though, if you leave it too long, you will be left with guilt and regrets. It's very hard to make a decision when your head is not in the right place. What seems the best thing to do at that time, might - looking back now - not have been the best thing at all...

You keep secrets, but you don't realize it and when you do, you still don't confess because you are afraid of the reactions. Every day it's getting harder and harder, but suddenly you know you no longer have a choice and you have to take the bull by the horns, before someone else beats you to it.

It was often a very heart breaking story, but the author kept you on your toes too. What was real and who was the victim?

If you are in the mood for an emotional roller coaster, please stop looking because this is a book you definitely should consider. 5 stars

Thank you
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I am not really sure what to make of the woman on the beach it all seemed so far fetched and very definitely not believable. But maybe that is the point.

It is difficult to give a synopsis without giving the story away, so I will say that this is a book of twists, shocks and surprises throughout.

If you like a book of intrigue, suspense and a darned good mystery then maybe this is a book for you.
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This book took me by surprise! I thought I knew what was going on only to be blown away by another revelation. 
I enjoyed the book and liked how the author dealt with real life challenges.  
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the early copy
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The Woman on the Beach starts out in one vein and ends up in a completely different one. Livia is certain she saw her deceased friend Sophie on a beach in Mexico. The story unfolds to talk about the friendship of the two girls, plus their friend Grace. Livia is healing in her own life. The author is deceptively clever by alluding to certain things about certain characters, only to pull the rug out from underneath by further reading. I wasn’t sure who to believe in some of the chapters. I liked Luis and Jamie the best because I think they were the most forgiving and compassionate. The ending was terrific. It was satisfying tender and complete. Read this book for lots of surprises concerning relationships.
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