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What a delightful summery novel. I enjoyed it very much and really loved being back in one of Sue Roberts' novels.
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How great to be able to go away to Skiathos  from the gloom of a dreary English town.

Becky has to be careful and we gradually find out why.
And in the lovely setting of the Greek islands can she find happiness despite the dangers at home?
Made me feel happy, warm and jealous of holidays in the sun and sparkle of the Med
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My first Sue Roberts book, I learned very quickly that her writing style is that of detailing surroundings and not character stories, which was interesting in itself.

While the book itself makes for a light, somewhat cute read, the description given is very different from the actual story layout of the book. *Possible Spoilers *

Desc: Small, shy, safe. That’s how Becky lives ever since her last romantic calamity landed her in hospital. 
What Actually Happened: Her (now ex) boyfriend stabbed her, leaving her for dead (which may be triggering for some readers)

Desc: Her comfort zone is as confining as her tiny bank balance, and fiercely guarded by her totally over-the-top mum. 
What Actually Happened: While her parents moved to be closer to her, they are not over the top at all. In fact, her mother encourages her to spread her wings and find her life.

Desc: But the news that her ex is back sniffing round is the final straw. In a very un-Becky move, she packs her bags for the Greek island of Skiathos. Maybe the setting of her favourite ABBA movie will be just the break from reality Becky needs…
What Actually Happens: Becky's uncle is going on holiday and invites Becky to watch his villa in Greece. She takes a few days to decide, and invites her girlfriends as well. Her ex boyfriend is released from prison loooooong into the timeline of her trip but doesn't do any sniffing around while she's in Greece. He's nowhere near. 

Desc: Stepping aboard the Mamma Mia! boat tour, Becky leaves her fear in the port as she sings… out loud… in public, and cries Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! to everything the Greek life has to offer.
What Actually Happened: There is actually very little Mamma Mia in this book, and the boat trip is her and her girlfriends on the boat while Mamma Mia music plays on speakers in the background, and that's basically as far as the mention goes. They also watch the film at a theatre later, but that's the stretch of it. 

Desc: She befriends locals young, old, and absolutely perfect (hello, sizzling hot restaurant-owner Kyros!), dines on freshly baked bread drizzled in golden olive oil on a starlit date, and walks barefoot along silky sandy beaches.
When Kyros asks her to stay longer, Becky is stunned. 
What Actually Happened: Kyros never asks her to stay longer. 

Desc: Could she really create a new life for herself here, and trust her heart with this smooth-talking charmer? But just as she’s thinking about putting down roots, her troublesome ex makes a dramatic return, begging for her back. Will she go back to playing it safe, or will she take a chance on Greece and embrace her true dancing queen?
What Really Happened: The dramatic return happens after she's already back home, followed by a somewhat rushed conclusion. 

Would I read another Sue Roberts? Absolitely. Despite differing from the offering, it was still a fun one. 

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Becky is a hard working business owner who is offered the opportunity to house sit her uncle's Greek villa. She seizes the chance for a holiday with her friends. But an unhealthy relationship haunts her and the possibility of a holiday romance seems both exciting and dangerous...
Greece Actually is a warm novel about love and relationships. Greece seems to be an additional character in the plot as the country's culture, food and atmosphere permeates through the plot: do not read on an empty stomach! :D The music of ABBA and the links to the musical Mamma Mia dot through the plot as the characters explore the local area.
Becky's last relationship was controlling and reached a devastating conclusion. Now she is physically and emotional scared of letting another man get close but she can't deny her emerging feelings for restauranteur Kyros. The romance is gentle and there are no sex scenes.
Becky is dealing with lots of guilt as well as her fear. Her parents have uprooted their lives to support her as she rebuilds her life. Meanwhile her two friends are both missing their families and feeling mum guilt about leaving their children at home. I felt that the emotional side of things made the characters feel more human and realistic. The book is written from Becky's first person perspective so we better understand her thoughts and feelings.
Greece Actually is a light hearted and warm novel in a wonderful setting. A summer read to take to the beach!
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This one was okay. I loved the setting. And there was some laugh out loud parts. But it had the tendency to read like a travel information book a lot of the times. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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A gorgeous holiday romance read set against enticing descriptions of gorgeous scenery and mouthwatering dishes. Easy reading and perfect to get everybody back in the holiday spirit.
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Thank you to Netgalley, the publishing house and the author for the opportunity to read a complimentary copy of this book in return for a review based upon my honest opinion.

This  was a lovely beach read.  As I sat on a chilly Canadian beach, this book transported me to the Greek Island of Skiathos on a beautiful warm beach on the Aegean sea.  Becky is not a take chances gal, but her Uncle Henry  asks her to watch his opulent villa on the island of Skiathos; she takes a chance and invites her gal pals to join her for the first ten days and then she will be o nher own for another week until her uncle returns. 

Becky, Abby and Paige arrive on the island and are so excited to be away.  For Becky, it is a break from worrying about her handmade soap shop that is barely keeping afloat; for Abby, it is the first time she has been away since she had her twins and she is looking forward to sleeping in more than anything; Paige, is excited to try to new fooods and enjoy the sun.  The girls have some great adventures; I thought the Mamma Mia boat tour and outdoor movie sounded wonderful and can only imagine how much my mother would have loved something like that.  Becky meets handsome stranger Kyros, who is the chef and owner at a local restaurant; she is taken with him right from the moment their eyes meet, but Becky is cautious as her ex, left her unable to trust and she decides a summer romance isn't what she needs right now.  But fate has other plans for Becky and she cannot seem to  stop thinking of Kyros.

I really enjoyed the story.  It was a light enjoyable read.  Will definitely check out more books by this author.
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Sue Roberts writes the perfect “beach read”.  Greece Actually is a fun book filled with a girls vacation, domestic violence and relationship woes.  If you are looking for a light, romance novel set in Greece, this book is for you.

Thank you @NetGalley, @Bookouture and @SueRoberts for the advance readers copy for my honest review.
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A book jammed full of sunshine, friendship and romance. 
I really enjoyed reading this book, cold, damp days were brightened with the warmth of the sunshine streaming out of each page of this book. Interesting and fully-formed characters who captivate the reader and hold interest throughout the story. 
A great summer read, but can be easily enjoyed at any time.
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Becky lives a shy private life in a small town after an ex-boyfriend attacked her. She is afraid that he will find her in the small town that she escaped to. Her uncle offers her his villa on the Greek island of Skiathos while he is away. Uncharacteristic for her. she accepts his offer and heads to Greece. She comes out of her shell in Greece and befriends a lot of the local residents including, Kyros, a hot restaurant owner. This is a delightful rom-com that would be a perfect beach read. I highly recommend it.
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A great , laugh out loud, summer read. Fantastic locations which are beautifully described, likeable main characters and pure escapism. Loved it ! 
Thank you to Netgalley, Bookoutre , and Sue Roberts for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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Though I'd never read anything by Sue Roberts before, this book sounded like the perfect summer read and gave me high expectations.  Greece?  Mamma Mia?  Sign me up!  However, it turned out to be just an average read for me.  While it was a light read and perfect for the summer, I just didn't find there to be as much development in the story or characters as I would have liked.  And the romance was lacking for me.
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This summer setting in Greece should have been a win for me. Unfortunately a few things fell flat and I think it was due to the stiff dialogue. I didn't feel the attachment to the characters or feel their relationships authentically enough to love the book. I also think that the ex boyfriend sub plot was anti-climactic and rushed one he finally made an appearance. 
My favourite character was Kyros and the descriptions of his food made me so hungry. I also loved the Mamma Mia references throughout. 
Overall a 3/5 from me. I wanted to love this more then I did but am happy to have read it.
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Prepare yourself for sun and sand! This will take you in an adventure you won’t soon forget!!! Pack your beach wear and enjoy this with some sun, sand and a warm breeze.
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As far as settings, characters, and fun, Greece Actually rates right at the top.   However, the writing can get a bit tedious in places (it can be quite repetitive and focuses too much on telling instead of showing).  And, the climatic moment needed, well, more climax.  It was basically an entire book leading up to about two and a half pages that weren't too exciting.  This would have been a great book from a first time author, but I expected more from such a seasoned writer.

I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.
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Loved this book with Becky and her friends in Greece.  Lovely characters with Becky's family as well as friends and the way there were all so supportive but the best bit for me was the setting and description of Skiathos, which is my favourite Geek island, so I could really picture where they were.  Plenty of fun and romance makes this a great beach read
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As ways Sue has written a fabulous book about the paradise that is Greece. She never fails to describe the beautiful surroundings and sounds that you can picture so clearly. The characters in this book were so lovely and made me want to jump in a plane to the gorgeous Greek Islands.  
The story was believable, and the friendships between the girls was so sweet to see. All in all a 5 star read for me!
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Sue Roberts has taken us on another vacation to Greece which I enjoyed throughly! 

My favorite part about this book outside of the main story was the characters she writes. Becky’s friends, parents, and Uncle have enough depth to make them relevant without taking over the book. Their conversations with Becky shape the story and are truly enjoyable. 

Roberts’ never disappoints when she is writing about one of my bucket list trips whether to Greece or Italy!
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I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher through netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This book is well written and the characters are described well. I really like this book. This book is set in England and in Greece. This book is definitely heartwarming. It is enjoyable. The pacing of this book is good. I really enjoyed all the  characters in this book. I can't wait to read more books by this author in the near future. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. It is in stores now for $1.99 (GBP).
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It's a good escapism read, it made me laugh and made me wish I was there. I rooted for the characters, had fun and enjoyed this story.
My issues are: 1) some characters are a bit underdeveloped 2) it drags a bit at time
It was an enjoyable read and it's recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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