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Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar's Ball

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Fantastisch! Diese Lektüre hat mir unglaublich viel Freude bereitet. Die Charaktere sind interessant aufbereitet und ich habe das Buch innerhalb weniger Tage verschlungen! Der Erzählstil, war sehr eindringlich und ich konnte mich gut mit den Charakteren identifizieren.
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This is a fun, engaging read that suits all ages. I liked the mystery element of it and trying to work out the puzzle. 
The story is easy and well written.
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What a fun, thrilling adventure this was!! 
Jane and her sister arrive at their old school to attend the ball, during the ball some jewels disappear. Can Jane discover the truth?
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When thirteen year-old Jane Austen accompanies her older sister to a dance at their old school, she anticipates having a very boring time. Things start looking up, however, when she makes some friends including Brandon, a young musician, once enslaved, now assistant to the school’s dance instructor. When an expensive diamond necklace is stolen during the dance and Brandon becomes the chief suspect, Jane is determined to prove him innocent.

I will admit right off the top, I am a sucker for anything Jane Austen so when I saw Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar’s Ball, a middle grade historical fiction by Julia Golding on Netgalley, how could I resist? It is the second in the series but the first I have read and, despite being way way beyond the targeted audience, I enjoyed it quite a bit. The mystery is fairly interesting while managing to avoid anything that might be too upsetting for a young child and the language is modern while staying fairly true to the historical period making it an easy tale for a young reader.

But it is the character of Jane that makes this novel a whole lot of fun. She is smart, witty, independent, and refuses to accept the societal norms of the time for girls just like so many of her heroines in her books. Overall, I suspect that young readers will find it very entertaining.

<i>Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for the opportunit to read this book in exchange for an honest review</i>
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The second in a series, Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar’s Ball, is sure to appeal to both young and old alike.  Young readers will enjoy working alongside Jane and her new friend Brandon to solve the mystery of who stole a diamond necklace from a locked room from the ball to which Jane has accompanied her sister, Cassandra.  It was fun to become better acquainted with Jane’s sister, Cassandra, and the mystery was well plotted.  Adult readers of Sense and Sensibility will enjoy this nod to the Austen classic, as well as the opportunity to image a favorite author as a plucky youngster.

Thanks go to @NetGalley and @Lion Hudson Ltd. for the opportunity to read an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar's Ball
by Julia Golding
Pub Date 22 Oct 2021
 Lion Hudson Ltd,  Lion Fiction
 Children's Fiction

I am reviewing a copy of Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar’s Ball through Lion Fiction and Netgalley:

When Cassandra’s headmistress invites her past favourite pupil to attend their end of term ball, Cassandra brings her younger sister, Jane, along too. Cassandra plunges into the feverish excitement of preparing for the biggest event of the year the dresses, the dances and the boys expected from the neighbouring school.

Jane who feels rather excluded, Jane who is sharp witted unearths the reason for the fuss the headteacher wants to impress a rich family returned from India as the school is at risk of going bankrupt. Jane also befriends the dancing master’s assistant, a former slave, called Brandon, who is as quick to notice things as she. At the ball, a diamond necklace is stolen from a locked room and they are propelled into a race to uncover the burglar and save Brandon from gaol.

Jane with notebook in hand, boldly overcomes the obstacles to finding the truth.

I give Jane Austen Investigates: The Burglar’s Ball five out of five stars! 

Happy Reading!
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I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so I was excited to dive into this one. Unfortunately, this one missed the mark a little. I felt like the mystery took too long to get going (40%) and even after it did it just wasn't as engaging as the first book. 🤷🏻‍♀️ However, I still really enjoyed Jane and all the side characters (new and old). Plus, book three sounds really interesting, so I am still very much on board with this series. 

**ARC Via NetGalley**
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The Burglar's Ball by Julia Golding is the second book of the Jane Austen Investigates series.
This book follows a 13 year old Jane Austen, who, accompanying her sister Cassandra to their prior school for a few days, finds herself investigating after an item of value is robbed.

The third person narrative feels great, it really gives the book a literary feel, while still remaining accessible to the young.
The plot was well-written and engaging, with a good ending, the characters well-rounded, though I did wish we had seen more of some.

Honestly, I've nothing negative to say except I wish the book were longer.

So, an AWESOME book, may it be for young ones or adults. 
I really look forward to seeing how this book series develops in the future.

I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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The Burglar's Ball is the second in the Jane Austen Investigates series - and it does not disappoint!

Jane is back in action, this time solving a mystery at her previous school. In true Austen fashion, Jane is kind, clever, and witty, while following clues and leaving no stone unturned to find justice.

Once again, we meet a ton of new friends, and are reunited with an old one too, along with her trusty sidekick, Grandison.

Jane holds her own in a world of Nancy Drews and Harriets the Spy. This series is such a wonderful one for middle grade kids. I look forward to book 3!
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This book just reads like an instant classic akin to Nancy Drew, Junie B. Jones, and Anne of Green Gables. I just love how comfortable these books are, they are so cozy to read. I love the history, incorporation of my love Jane Austen, and the mystery seamlessly weaved into the books. This is just such a delightful series for young readers. Makes me feel like a kid again!
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The second adventure in Jane Austin’s sleuthing life finds her and her older sister Cassandra visiting their former school by invitation of the headmistress (where Cassandra was a favored pupil). 
When they arrive, it becomes obvious the school has fallen on hard times and the headmistress is hoping that Cassandra will help advertise the merits of the school when wealthy donors attend a holiday ball. 

What the headmistress hadn’t bargained for was that a diamond necklace would go missing during the festivities. Jane is all too happy to sneak around trying to find the culprit. She enlists a friend she made in her first adventure and keeps her brother abreast of developments by post.

I love that Julia Golding included characters from other Austen novels (in younger form). Austen fans will enjoy that nod to her literary works. 

This middle grade novel offers an entertaining glimpse of a bygone era, while offering witty dialogue and clever plot twists to keep readers young and old guessing. I highly recommend this series and hope that young Jane will have many future cases to investigate!

Disclaimer:I received a free digital copy of The Burgler’s Ball from NetGalley for the purpose of review. No other compensation was received.
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What a delightful read. A real mystery to solve and a feisty young lady who sets about doing this but in a kind and respectful way. A gentle and  engaging tale that will hook the reader as well as test their own observation.and deduction skills.
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I would like to thank netgalley and Lion Hudson Ltd for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Lovely adventure, and I loved that it was set in Reading! Loved the inclusion of diverse characters. Excited for the next one.
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This was a DNF for me. I think, like the first one, I just couldn't get into the more youthful writing style. I do think these stories are great for a younger generation though.
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Picking up just months after young Jane's last sleuthing adventure at Southmoore Abbey, Jane Austen Investigates; The Burglar's Ball, follows Jane as she investigates a scandalous theft that takes place during a ball . After her elder sister Cassandra receives an invitation to the mid-term ball being hosted by their former school in Reading, Jane has little choice but to tag along.  While Cassandra is graceful and elegant, Jane is more the quiet, studious type.  It's little mystery who is most looking forward to the event. 
What Jane is looking forward to however is a chance to catch up with old friends and the chance to make some new ones as well.  After arriving she meets Brandon, a former slave and current employer of the dance instructor and the two become fast friends. On the evening of the ball events take a shocking turn when a theft occurs involving the diamond necklace of a wealthy would-be pupil. When Brandon is unjustly fingered for the crime, Jane takes it upon herself to put her sleuthing skills to work and find the actual thief. As Janes starts to investigate she uncovers more than she bargained for. 
While I read and thoroughly enjoyed the first in the series, the second is a wonderfully captivating addition to the series which might even surpass the first.  The Burglar's Ball is a fun middle grade level mystery full of twists and turns, engaging storyline, lively characters, and fascinating insight into India at the time. Young Jane is a wonderful main character and a clever and inquisitive sleuth as well.  Arjun and Deepti, characters from the first book appear in this newest addition to the series as well, once again helping Jane in her investigative endeavors.  I found it fascinating that the idea behind the novel stemmed from some letters a young Jane sent to her brother. I look forward to reading more books in this delightful series.
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Jane Austen Investigates- the Burglar's Ball was an amazing read with mystery, friendships, wit and humour! It is a sequel to the abbey mystery but can be read as a standalone. Jane was perfectly depicted. She was bold, charming, witty and made a perfect protagonist to read about. The plot was intriguing but not quite as good as the first book. It lacked suspense and the culprit was predictable. The writing, however, was incredibly engaging and made this a fun read. Overall this was a great book and I would definitely like it to become a series! 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the free e-arc!
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Once again, I have been given the chance to review a book by Julia Golding - Jane Austen Investigates - The Burglar's Ball. The Burglar's Ball is the 2nd book in the Jane Austen Investigates series, but it can also be read as a stand alone. A few characters from the previous book made an appearance here and there. 

In the Burglar's Ball, Jane accompanied her sister Cassandra to Reading, to attend a Ball being held at Madame La Tournelle's school for young ladies, a school where both girls attended before. On the night of the Ball, one of the girls who attended the Ball, discovers that her diamond necklace has been stolen. It is up to Jane with the help from her sister and friends to figure out the mystery of the stolen jewellery. 

In the series, Jane is portrayed as a very likeable character and believes in equality. The girl would fight and stand for those who needs her help. The Jane Austen Investigates series is totally a must read for young readers and even adult fans of Jane Austen such as myself.
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A compelling and entertaining series that while aimed at children can be read by adults as well.
The mystery is good and the plot flows well at a good pace without too much down time.

I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review given above
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In The Burglar’s Ball we meet Jane once again, but now in summer after having returned home from her ghost hunting adventure at Southmoor Abbey. When Jane’s sister Cassandra is invited to a ball in Reading, Jane is at first reluctant to accompany Cassandra but eventually gives in to her sister’s wishes. While in Reading Jane meets up again with Deepti and her father Arjun and also meets some new friends at the girls school where the ball is being held. But during the ball one girl’s jewelry is stolen and Jane puts on her detective hat once again to solve this new mystery.

After reading and loving Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery I was very excited to receive an ARC for the next installment of Jane Austen Investigates. Even though I found The Abbey Mystery a more enjoyable story, in The Burglar’s Ball Julia Golding once again spins a very entertaining tale about Jane and her adventures.

I was very pleased that Jane met again with Deepti and Arjun and that they were once again able to help Jane uncover the culprit. Jane’s dog Grandison is also a very valued character in this story in my humble opinion. 

Compared to The Abbey Mystery, The Burglar’s Ball is less mysterious and I found the “culprit” to be a bit too obvious. I do enjoy the way that Jane goes about solving these crimes and how she keeps her brother Henry in the loop with various witty letters. 

All in all a good addition to this middle grade series with a feisty, smart and witty main character like Jane Austen.
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What a fun book! I was drawn to the premise of a young Jane Austen as a detective, and I was not disappointed. As a great lover of all things Austen, I cannot wait to introduce this to my own little people. Creatively written, engaging and enough of a mystery to keep the reader hooked until the end. This is an excellent series to gain traction so I look forward to hopefully seeing more installments.  
I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via NetGalley and all opinions expressed are solely my own, freely given.
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