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I have been waiting for Axel and Rooney’s story and Chloe did not disappoint! Their chemistry was on point and I just loved how they became friend through their marriage of convenience and how they were able to be vulnerable with one another before anything physical truly happened (beyond a steamy kiss) despite them listing after one another from day 1. This story had me sucked in from the first page and I loved the extra layers of the relationships with his friends and siblings, as well as the pets and the A-frame feeling like characters in the story. This is a slow burn done so well! I’m so excited for the next in the series.
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Rooney and Axel story was very sweet. They had a ton of great tropes like grumpy-sunshine, marriage of convenience and slowburn, but I was missing the Bergman family scenes! There weren't enough of them in this book.
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✨With You Forever by Chloe Liese✨

Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Series: Bergman Brothers #4
Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆
Steam Rating: 🥵🥵

“Because I want us. I want you here, with me. Yesterday. A week ago. Forever.”

With You Forever shows us a look into the oldest brother Axel a quiet, broody, near hermit artist and Rooney a big ball of sunshine who couldn’t be more of his opposite. In order to access inheritance he needs to complete a construction project he needs to marry so when a family friend stumbles into his life at the exact time he needs a wife what comes next is not hard to guess.

Although I have loved all the brothers and sisters so far, With You Forever has been my favorite. We see the blossoming of love, the struggles of being misunderstood and understanding and projecting emotions. I have spent the last few days binge reading and listening to the Bergman Brothers series by Chloe Liese and each and every page I read makes me fall more and more in love with her writing and her stories.

🎨Grump meets Sunshine
🎨Marriage of Convenience
🎨Mutual Pining 
🎨Slow burn
🎨Autism & Chronic IBD representation 

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

I am so beyond excited for the next Bergman Brothers book!!

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If the first three novels in the Bergman Brothers series didn’t solidify Chloe Liese as one of my favorite authors, With You Forever definitely has. It’s the fourth book in the series and follows Axel, the stoic artist, and Rooney, Willa’s best friend and, therefore, adopted member of the Bergman family. 
The book picks up pretty closely after the events of the Ever After Always epilogue, in which Rooney gets carried away during a game of charades and kisses Axel. It wouldn’t be a problem, except she has a massive crush on him. She’s not the only one, though. Axel has been nursing his own crush for some time. They’ve been able to avoid each other since the kiss, but not for long. When Rooney ends up at the a-frame after being forced to take some time away from law school for health reasons, and Axel needs to get married to have enough money to save said a-frame, they’re thrust together and forced to confront their true feelings. 
With You Forever is by far my favorite of the series. It still has that wonderfully raw emotion of the first three combined with a beautiful slow-burn and witty banter that I’ve come to expect from Chloe Liese, but there is just something about this book that feels different from the others. You can really tell how much Chloe Liese has grown as an author from the pacing and writing. 
The premise of a marriage of convenience—which I find usually works better in a historical romance than a contemporary—and the grumpy/sunshine dynamic are executed so well. I fell in love with Axel’s misunderstood grumpy ways and found myself empathizing with him in a deep way. I loved the vulnerability between him and Rooney. They grow to truly open up to and support each other, especially in terms of Axel’s autism and Rooney’s chronic IBD. 
As with the first three, I adored the Bergman family dynamic. We especially got more insight into Oliver, whose story is being told next (and I’m so excited). We also met some new characters, who were so fun, and I hope we see more from them. I genuinely can’t recommend this series enough. I have loved every single one of these stories, and anything written by Chloe Liese will definitely be an auto-buy from me in the future.

Thank you, NetGalley, LoveARCtually, and Chloe Liese for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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As with her other Bergman books, I love the diversity that Chloe infuses into her books. That was definitely my favorite part of this book along with the cameos of past Bergman family members. The romance itself was just okay. They were very sweet together and their moments were cute but it didn't blow me away. For me their relationship didn't feel like that deep emotional love that I prefer. Still loved it but not my favorite in the series.
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I love the Bergman brothers series. I think Chloe Liese has done an amazing job creating diverse characters and nails the details. Cannot wait for the next one.
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"With You Forever" is the perfect romantic escape. Rooney & Axel's story was completely unexpected and so deeply lovely. I continue to be impressed by how Chloe Liese writes characters who are real and complex and relationships that require effort.   

I think ""With You Forever" is my favorite of the series so far and they have all been rather fabulous. It is book four in the Bergman Brothers Series and can be read as a standalone. I have read them out of order with no issue, but I will say that learning about each of the family members only adds to the enjoyment of reading about the Bergmans.

I'm already looking forward to Oliver's story!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing an eARC for review.
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Can I get an Axel? Because I need one in my life. This story stole my heart in so many different ways! As both a neurodivergent and chronically ill person, this was a perfect portrayal of how it can be for some of us.
You can call me an advocate of #realromance because I want all the representation and inclusivity I want out there in the world in my romance novels, and Ms. Liese delivers EVERY TIME. 
Rooney handles life with much patience and grace and honestly, I am not as patient, but I know warriors that do, so her character is definitely believable to me. Can the Bergmans adopt me as they adopted her, pretty please?

From the sex positivity to the neurodivergent and self-diagnosis, this book made my heart incredibly happy. This book is a pure, magical, inclusive, joy!

This story showed so many different aspects of how romance can be for those of us on the so-called fringes, that I can't even describe the ways! It is utter perfection! I ended up buying the paperback, I love it SO much!
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You'd think an author's books won't get better and better for every book they write, but that's not the case with this precious piece. 
I loved With You Forever. The chronic illness and autism is written with such care and respect. And the romance is chef's kiss quality. That Axel is greyromantic (I first though demiromantic), makes it even better, because that's the kind of rep we need in romance - more aspec characters!

Other than that, it's just a very good book. It's funny, thoughtful and so full of love and healing. The Bergman family is my favorite (and not just because me and Mamma Bergman share home country (: )

/ Denise
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I have been highly anticipating this story since the first Bergman novel and I was very very very happy with the outcome. The chemistry that Axel and Rooney have with each other literally had me swooning the entire time I read this.

Axel's character reminded me so much of my own partner that I couldn't help but absolutely love With You Forever, and I can honestly say that this is my favorite installment by far.
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Feels like a cozy, warm fire and immediate connections

Rooney needs a life-break, so she takes up her friend's offer to stay at their family vacation home in the remote woods. When she arrives, she finds Axel, mid secret-renovations and grumpy as always. Axel needs money for the renovations and needs to get married in order to receive his inheritance. Rooney wants to help out and appreciates the distraction, so the two get married in a strictly business relationship. 

I've waited a long time for Aiden and Rooney's love! This was sort of a fake-lovers trope, but also a long awaited slow burn through other Bergman brother books. I loved their friendship that felt natural right away, which is a sign of a solid relationship. I loved Axel's commitment to his family, and just in general love their family!

It took me a while to read through this book because of life happenings, and I think that made me get a little bored with it, but not because I didn't like they story!
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I loved Axel and Rooney so much. This book gave me all the feels wrapped up in a warm hug. The patience and consideration Rooney showed Axel was so normalized and wasn't her going out of her way. It was just how she knew he needed to be treated. He didn't have to go through some agonizing speech talking about anxiety and autism for her to think about and work through. That is something I love about Chloe Liese's books. It's all so normalized and isn't done in such a way that those of us with anxiety or autoimmune disorders have to read and feel even more stigmatized or "special". It's a way of life for so many people and Chloe treats it as character traits that help to make the human not something the human is dealing with and suffering through.
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I loved the first books for this series and I got attached to the Bergman family, tight knit family, endearing characters and engaging stories.

I couldn’t wait to read Axel and Rooney’s story. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about the plot and rooting for these two from the beginning.
A steamy slow burn romance, filled with relatable topics that made instantly connect with the main characters, sweet and funny all at once.

There was definitely something special with this series from book one, making me fall in love with this family but also with all the couples along the way. It’s emotional, heartwarming and also cozy. 

Axel and Rooney were going to learn how to love themselves and each other. It was such a beautiful journey of discovery for both. The grumpy artist is going to learn how it’s like to fall deeply in love with the sweet and sensitive woman, a thrilling and addictive feeling. Something definitely new to Axel for sure.

Their story took time to explore the depth of their feelings, the struggles and hardships they had to overcome along the way. 
I loved every moment.
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I love Chloe Liese's writing and With You Forever might top the list of my favorite novels by her. I loved Axel and Rooney so much! I can't wait to read what Chloe writes next.
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Chloe Liese never disappoints in this sweet, cozy, and swoony romance.  

I've been anticipating Axel and Rooney's story since the first book as we got a hint that Rooney had a crush on him. I was excited when I found out this was a marriage of convenience trope and it really worked well with this story. This is also a slow burn romance so I loved seeing Axel and Rooney slowly start to develop this beautiful friendship which turned into a delightful romance. What truly made me fall in love with with this book, was the little moments that showed how Axel and Rooney cared for one another. Axel was very considerate about Rooney dietary needs and Rooney was so patient and understanding him. 

This is one of those stories that I recommend when you need a serotonin boost and when you need something charming to read. There isn't much plot in this story as the characters and romance are the main focus of the story which I loved. Per usual the representation in this story is fantastic and so authentic and genuine to the story. Rooney with her chronic illness (inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis) and Axel being on the spectrum the representation is treated with so much care and respect. 

My love for this series basically owns my heart. I love the family and the characters so much. This is a wonderful addition to the series and I cannot wait for the next book. This is the perfect fall read as the setting in the story takes place in a cabin. I recommend cozying up with this book and enjoy one of the most delightful romance books of the year . 

Marriage of Convenience 
Mutual Pining
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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC.

As with the other books in the series, I loved it! Axel and Rooney are both such loveable characters and I love that we get to keep up with the characters from the previous books in the series. These books are such easy reads and very easy to throw yourself into. 

Can't wait for the next in the series!
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I adored With You Forever because give me all the grumpy/sunshine romances and I’m happy.  I love this trope.  This was a perfect book in that regard.  Two very different people who have this quiet pull to each other but feel like they aren’t the perfect person for the other. It was sweetly romantic, heartbreakingly beautiful and ugh, just really really good. 

But let me tell you what really made me love this book….Rooney has Ulcerative Colitis.  I have Ulcerative Colitis.  I have never cried so much and couldn’t tell if it was from sadness or laughter.  UC is the most embarrassing thing to have to deal with.  You don’t want to talk about it, the symptoms are gross and sometimes you have to poop in a field (yes it happens and poor Rooney). I just get all kinds of feelings about this disease that I deal with on a daily basis when it is written in such a respectful but funny manner.  So thanks Chloe for not being afraid to talk about this serious but sh*tty disease (pun intended). 

I’ve loved the Bergman Brother series so much as each book is unique and interesting and this story was a gut punch which I loved. It is one of those books that makes you feel and just kind of close your eyes when you finish and take a deep breath because if two imperfect people like Axel and Rooney can find love then you know anyone can find love.
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You all already know by now that I absolutely love The Bergman Brother series and this is the perfect cozy fall read! Throughout the other books, we see a glimpse of Rooney and Axel. Now the wait is finally over and we get to read their story.

This is the perfect marriage of convenience with a misunderstood grumpy lumberjack, Axel and the ray of sunshine, Rooney. This story has well thought out and respectful autism and chronic IBD representation. Like all of Liese’s other stories, this book has the perfect combinations of plot, character development, romance, and emotion. She really does make you feel all the feelings. She truly knows how to write a slow-burn with delicious tension! 

I cannot say enough how much I love this series!
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Can I just join Bergman family? Please? I love how they love each other and take care of one another. And I also can say enough about how Chloe Liese writes such human characters. They aren’t caricatures, they are so real with their worries and mistakes.

A little matchmaking gets Rooney and Axel together at the A frame. And then they join in a marriage of convenience to get an inheritance. The entire time I was smiling about how these two have been circling each other for ages and now the close proximity is helping them face their feelings. They made themselves communicate even when it was scary and uncomfortable.

The addition of Henry and Skugga along with visits from the Bergman brothers made for some wonderfully humorous moments.
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Each one of these books surprises me and delights me 
This serie is getting better and better 
Axel and Roonie are not a supermodel and a hot athlete they are flawed and perfectly normal guys with Heath issues (Roonie) and super introversion and lack of social skill 
This against all odds couple make a so remarkable journey that you can t get smitten with them 
The dog 💙
The cameos of the family 💙
The cooking scene💙
The Aframe💙
The tender sweet discovering each other💙
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