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Thanks very much for the review copy. I was able to find a copy of this one at the library to borrow and we loved it. 
.my 5 year old giggled the whole way through and I thought the illustrations were a lot of fun. Thanks again
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This was a cute little book that definitely made me laugh out loud. The illustrations are adorable and have crisp lines, and I think it really brings the words to life.
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This was such a cute book. My son really enjoyed hearing about the crocodile and played out the book the rest of the day. If you want a fun little adventure to read to your kiddo definitely pick this one up!
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Very simple text here. Perhaps too simple. I don't love the "baby talk". and incomplete sentences. That aside, the simple story and equally simple illustrations are cute.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I was very excited to receive this one because my 2 year old loves Crocodiles. We both loved the art in this one, however, I found the grammar to be off-putting. Yes it's a crocodile and this is a book for children, however, when I teach my toddler how to talk I always speak in full sentences still so that they know how to create full sentences. 

Still a very cute book and would recommend for the illustrations!
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Thanks to Penguin Random House Canada, Tundra Books and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in return for my honest opinion.
I liked this book. Cute book to read to youngsters or for beginning readers. Silly book, filled with the experiences of a hungry Crocodile and how he goes about trying to find something to eat - loved his experience in the community garden and his dislike of lettuce! After wandering about he eventually returns to a lake made of his tears and figures out the best thing he could do to get dinner. Again, cute and silly. Illustrations go well with the action in the book. Good effort all the way around!
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A children’s story of a hungry Crocodile. 
The illustrations are beautiful and fun, however the book is poorly written. The grammar is horrid; my 7 year old read the book and said “is he supposed to be talking like a baby, or did they forget words in the sentences?” He was so distracted by the crocodile’s speaking, he didn’t even enjoy the story.

For young children just starting out to read (the level this book is made for), it is NOT a good book for them learning to read sentences because it hardly has any proper sentences. For older children readers like my son who are learning about writing books, sentences and proper grammar, it’s confusing and distracting.

Would not recommend.
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I don't see the logic in using subpar grammar in books,for young children trying to learn proper grammar. While this book had potential,  that kind of killed,it for me.
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Crocodile Hungry is a humorous take a hungry crocodile. A bit sparse for my taste, this is a great read for the the earliest of readers.
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The illustrations are fun. The story is fun. The execution is not fun.  The grammar is atrocious. I realize it is supposed to be written from the crocodile's pov but just because it is a book for children does not mean it needs to be written poorly.  Children build vocabulary by hearing and interacting with vocabulary. This book does not do them any service. A book for children does not need to be literarily simplistic. I loved 'I Want My Hat Back.'  These two books do not compare.
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Crocodile is hungry. But when he goes to the farmer’s market, the grocery store, or the community garden, everyone runs away and he can’t get any food. He cries so much that he creates a pond of tears, which attracts other animals. He finally figures out how to solve his hunger!

This was such a cute picture book. The crocodile is used to eating human food, but he can’t get any from people because they’re scared of him. The irony was that he was looking for the human food, not to eat the humans like they thought.

The ending was cute too. It seems like the crocodile was going to eat the animals that were attracted to his pond, but he actually had another idea at the end. This twist ending will be entertaining to young readers!

Crocodile Hungry is an adorable picture book!

Thank you Tundra Books for providing a copy of this book.
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In short, simple sentences, this story tells the tale of a crocodile looking for something delicious to eat.  Sometimes you want something like a jelly-donut, but not a jelly-donut.  It’s something undefined, but when you find it, you will KNOW it’s just the right thing!

Aside from saying that biting eggs will give a crocodile a toothache, which is not only misinformation—they love eggs and have no trouble with them—it’s ridiculous, the book is entertaining, creative, and I laughed out loud.

This is the kind of story that takes you through the emotions of crocodile; because you understand exactly how he feels.  And while you’re laughing at his adventures, you may think of people you know…

I highly recommend this book for anyone who eats food, young and old.  I don’t know how it can be read without at least smiling inside.  We can all certainly use some of that!

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the free advanced copy of this delightful ebook!

5/5  Stars

Note for publisher:  I suggest changing the “egg” line to something like “Eggs?  Bite shell.  Shell not tasty.”
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Oh, but Crocodile is hungry. (No. Make that HUNGRY!)

What, (or maybe Who) will he eat? Find out in this hilarious tale of a search for the perfect snack.

With wonderful and funny illustrations by John Martz.
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Thank you NetGalley, EijaSumner and Penguin Random House Canada for the copy of Crocodile Hungry. This is my personal review.
I loved illustrations in this book! They will hold a child's attention. The story was cute and will give the child a chance to guess what the crocodile will do next to get something to eat.
This is a perfect book for a teacher to have in the classroom to read for story time.
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Crocodile Hungry is a funny little story about a crocodile who is hungry (dun dun dun) and does know not what to eat because everyone is scared of him. There is nothing really to learn from this story which made me lower my rating, it's purely to be enjoyed with your children. The illustrations are beautiful and colorful. I know my daughter would probably find this story very funny!

Thank you NetGalley for the free ebook copy in exchange of an honest review.
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A light-hearted children's book that goes through what a crocodile eats but it's not what you expect! I enjoyed the humorous approach and the illustrations.
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Thanks to Netgalley and Tundra Books for a free digital copy.

A funny book about a crocodile trying to find food. The book has bad grammar as a plot device, and I don't love that it will teach children to talk that way.
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This is such a cute children's book. The vibrant illustrations are beautiful and captivating, perfect for holding little ones attention during story time. I this this books offers a great opportunity for the reader to play with animated voices and gestures when reading out loud which is always a crowd pleaser.

The hungry crocodile goes looking for something to eat at the farmers market, the grocery store and the community garden but everywhere he goes it ends up chaotic with people screaming. Eventually he borders on hangry and starts crying ... crying so much he creates a lake, in the verge of giving up he finds the solution to his problem and is once again a happy crocodile.

I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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This book was so much fun.  Crocodile is hungry, but he can’t go to the grocery store, he can’t eat a canned ham.  There is a plethora of reasons that his crocodile cannot get his meal.  It makes him sad and he cries big crocodile tears creating a lake and bringing flamingos.  Now he knows how he can have a meal.  The illustrations are great and the flow of the story is lovely.  This would be such a fun book to read at story time.
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I love this book and my prediction is that kids will love it too.   It's a perfect read aloud and I guarantee giggles will ensue.  It's fun surprise ending is perfect!  

Crocodile is hungry and he goes through his options as what he can eat.  He sorts through his fridge and what does he find? 

"Canned ham? Too hard to open.
Beef jerky?  Gets stuck in teeth. 
Eggs?  Bite shell, get toothache."

Oh my... he must expand his menu and off he goes to the farmer's market, the local grocery story and seeks out the community garden but ... nope... he comes up with nothing!  

He's hungry, he's famished, he is wasting away and starts crying crocodile tears because of his misery.  Crocodile wants food NOW!

His distress drives him to a pond where a flock of pink flamingos fly in for a visit.  Will Crocodile finally get the tasty meal he has been longing for? Mmmmmmm...what's for his dinner I wonder!

The colourful illustrations by cartoonist John Martz are excellent.  They invite the reader right into the storyline and are full of expression and great fun.  This is Eija Sumner's debut book and I hope we hear a whole lot more from her as we move into the future.  I highly, highly recommend this book.  Great job!
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