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Behind the Veil is a paranormal suspense novel set in 1920s LA. It's an interesting read, but I had a little bit of a hard time getting into it. Maybe I just wasn't in the right headspace for a book like this. While I did like it, I also didn't really connect to it.
The characters are well-written. The plot is interesting. The ending is a bit suspenseful. It's got a Gothic vibe to it. It had everything going for it, but for some reason, I just didn't quite get into it as easily as I thought I would. 
If you're a fan of paranormal ghost stories with some suspenseful moments, check out Behind the Veil. I do think it's worth a read, even if I am a bit indifferent to it.
3.5 stars.
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I loved the book. It had a very gothic vibe to it which I enjoyed.
The characters were well written and the narration was on point. This book had me hooked right from the get go. I would recommend it to readers who enjoy paranormal mysteries.
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I was given a free ARC.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers. I am leaving my honest review. 

It rook me a while to get into this book but I was happy I stayed for the whole ride.

The plot has elements of a gothic ghost story but it is the fortitude and compassion of the MC rhat takes center stage.  Her anguish and struggle was depicted well and added a richness to the book.

I'd love to read another book and learn more about her..
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This was an intriguingly dark read full of unexpected turns, chilling crimes, loveable characters, and all set within the world of the paranormal — which is exactly what I’d been hoping for when requesting this book. The main character is a well-developed and strong woman in 1920s Los Angeles with an interesting, traumatic back story that makes her complex and easy to empathize with. Her psychic abilities drive the story’s narrative in eerie, unsettling, wonderful ways. The writing was immaculate description- and action-wise, which only made it all the more enjoyable. There was also a nice dash of romance, which I of course adored, and I was so satisfied with how Letitia and Alasdair’s story ended (or, really, begun). They were the light at the end of this dark tunnel. I did find the pacing a little bit slow to start off with, but the last 40% of the book more than made up for the drawn-out build-up, and I was on the edge of my seat as it all came to a head with an unusual, ghostly villain and an awful set of crimes. If you enjoy horror, crime, thrillers, and the paranormal, you’ll enjoy this one!

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC.
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From the very first page, this book grabbed me and didn’t let go. I was instantly intrigued by Letitia and her world as well as her gift. Alasdair Driscoll was an engaging, maddening and seriously endearing character. 

As a ghost story, this works. There’s enough of the eeriness and creep factor within these pages to make many shivers run up and down your spine. Letitia’s reaction to the first taste of real darkness we come in contact with was enough to have me sleeping with my closet light on. 

As a thriller, this story also works. There’s enough of a who-dun-it to keep you guessing as to why girls went missing and what happened to them as well as Finola’s fate, how it’s all tied to the missing girls as well as Letitia’s fate and who will survive when it’s all over. 

The undertone romance between Letitia and Alasdair was nicely written. It was just that - an undertone; a subplot that didn’t subvert or take over the main plot of the story in any way. It was weaved through the main plot so nicely and so lightly and yet, it was almost pivotal to the outcome of the story. 

I really loved all the glimpses in the readings Letitia did for others as it gives us a view of her gift from the inside. The character of Letitia is strong, broken, vulnerable, and endearing. I loved to see her growth as the story progresses. 

While the ending wasn’t necessarily a shock ending, it provided enough answers to the questions I had to satisfy my desire for a complete outcome. I was very content with how this story ended. 

All in all, this is a wonderful story that’s beautifully written. It’s a fast=paced read perfect for chilly winter nights, wrapped up with a blanket and a nice cup of tea.
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Letitia is burdened with a past consumed in tragedy. Within this tragedy she was able to find herself and her gifts. Letitia is able to look into the veil, and through this she is able to bring peace to families that have lost a loved one. Through her practice, she is able to help heal. But, when others find out that she is the real deal she is sucked into a world of murder and dark spirits from which she was not prepared. 

On the surface, Behind the Veil is a paranormal suspense novel. But under the layers, it is so much more. It is about healing, confronting the past, and becoming stronger. In the beginning Letitia is fragile. She went through a great loss before her move to the States and she's just trying to get through each day. She atones for her the sins she perceives by bringing comfort and finality to grieving families. But, she knows her limits and she knows when she cannot help people. Unfortunately, there have been a string of disappearances of young girls in her town. When a grieving father approaches her, she can only tell him that his missing daughter is no longer among the living. This may be enough information for him, but it is not enough for the next grieving father of a missing girl. Mr. Driscoll also needs her help as well, as his niece is being plagued by constant night terrors. But, what do these events all have in common?

I loved the relationship between Mr. Driscoll and Letitia. I felt like he was the balm to her soul, and she was the person he needed to figure out his nieces terrors. They fit together and both gained from the relationship throughout the book. I was constantly rooting for them to come together. I really enjoyed Letitia's character development. She went from frail and meek to courageous and protective. It was a good look for her. 

Overall, I feel that this book was very well written. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys paranormal, mystery, suspense or anything in between. 

Thank you to Rockstar Book Tours for providing a copy of this book. These opinions are my own, and were not influenced in any way. I was not obligated to provide a review.
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Letitia Hawking has the power to view beyond the veil between life and death.  She helps people with the death of her loved ones by doing readings in 1920's Los Angeles telling  them the moments that led up to their deaths. Letitia has a strange request from a family member of one of her clients, Alisdair Driscoll.  He would like Letitia to examine his niece, Finola; however, Letitia senses a dark presence around Alisdair and refuses.  Eventually Letitia agrees to see Finola.  Letitia sees herself in the young woman and helps her with the dark presence surrounding her.  In helping Finola, Letitia might have connected the force that haunted Letita with a string of disappearances of young women around town.  

Behind the Veil is a paranormal mystery with just the right amount of romance. I was pulled in by Letitia and her readings.  Her sensitivity, caring and power of her gift shone through.  It was really interesting to see how she conveyed the deaths of people's loved ones and gave me a great insight into her head and way of thinking.  Since Letitia's past is revealed slowly throughout the story, it builds suspense and adds to her air of mystery.  Once Alisdair enters the scene, more of Letitia's past is revealed as it seems to echo what Alisdair's niece is going through. I was really engrossed in Finola's experience and abilities that she discovered.  The story built as Letitia discovered the presence attached to Finola.  I enjoyed the story behind the spirit as well, creating a well rounded story.  The romance was just the right touch with Letitia and Alisdair both respecting boundaries and taking the time to get to know one another.  With a high stakes, exciting ending and hints at more to come for Finola, I hope to read more with these characters. 

This book was received for free in return for an honest review.
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Behind the Veil is an interesting book, with some really strong areas and then some areas that let the book down. 

Set in 1920s Los Angeles, the protagonist Letitia Hawking has developed strong gifts as a medium since a tragic incident in her past. She lives in rented rooms, helping comfort the grieving by telling them of their loved ones last moments. She does this not particularly for money, but because she must "bleed off" some of her power before she becomes too strong. Entering into this picture is Alasdair Driscoll, a rich lawyer whose niece is being haunted by night terrors and is facing being locked up in an asylum if she doesn't get help.

So, the good bits - the story is intriguing, the world building is good, and the mystery surrounding the ghost - along with a secondary mystery of who is kidnapping young girls in the present day - genuinely keeps you guessing. Added to this, the ghost is genuinely menacing at times. There are also some great side characters, specifically Letitia's landlady and her fellow tenant in the house. It's also good to see some of Letitia's backstory interspersed with the current happenings.

Now onto the not so great things. I didn't like Letitia as a main character for most of the book - she was supposed to be traumatised, fair enough, but she came across as a bit of a stick in the mud and quite weedy for most of the book. The point at which she was most interesting to me was actually in the final pages, where we get to see her reliving some of her past trauma that activated her powers so strongly. Unfortunately, it just made me sad we hadn't seen more of that backbone early on. 

Alasdair, too, is pretty inconsistent with his characterisation, and there is a whole thing around his niece's parentage that just felt like an unnecessary and pointless twist. Finola, the girl being haunted, seems like a potentially interesting character, but we don't get to spend a lot of time with her. Her mother, on the other hand, is regularly annoying and ungrateful, and seems to spend most of the time she is on the page either making demands or being stereotypically hysterical.

There is also a Rance subplot with Alasdair and Letitia that just didn't work for me. They seem to have misunderstandings every five minutes, and it's really hard to work out what it is that is supposed to be drawing them together. I honestly would have preferred the book without this.

Finally, for the first part of the book Letitia refuses to help because of the danger it would put her in. When she does give in, not only is she fully competent, but it feels like what happens is actually very low stakes and easy to solve for her. Of course, in the end there is a twist, but I was left scratching my head at why this was such a big deal.

The end fight with the ghost was well done, with genuine peril, which did bring a bit of excitement to the book. Overall, Behind the Veil is a decent read, with a strong sense of place and time, that delivers some genuine chills. Anyone looking for a historical horror a bit different from your usual gothic horror will find any number of things to enjoy within the book. It simply wasn't really for me.
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I can’t say enough how much I loved this book!!

I recently read The Summoning and while it was an ok read, it did not live up to my hopeful expectations.

Behind the Veil was exactly what I thought The Summoning would be!

It had a gothic, atmospheric feel all the way through. The 1920’s setting was perfect!

Dawson really knows how to engage the reader with layered characters. A powerful seer who has been through so much personal trauma but still uses her power to try and help others. A gentleman with secrets who is not all that he appears. So many other great side characters as well keep the story interesting all the way through.

The ending was fantastic – full of action, it had me on the edge of my seat!

I’m going to be super mad if Dawson doesn’t make this into a series with Letitia as the lead and bringing back the other wonderful characters she has created! Just sayin’!

Phenomenal read – well deserved 5 stars!!
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Letitia Hawking is special, she has a gift where she can read the veil between life and death. She uses it to help others find their deceased loved ones during their last moments. When she is approached by Mr. Driscoll for help, she quickly denies when a dark shadowy figure is following him. A persistent Mr. Driscoll convinces her to meet his niece, and Letitia knows she must help because Letita is reminded of her dark past she’s tried so hard to hide. When young girls around the city begin to go missing, Letitia knows she must dig past her comfort zone and lean in to her gift to help.  She knows she must face her deamons, and try not to fall for Mr. Driscoll at the same time. 

I really enjoyed Latitia’s character. She is tough, and brave even though she’s scared out of her mind. She stands by what she believes, and will fight for it. That alone makes a great heroine in my opinion. This book got quite dark for me, the body possession alone is enough to scare me! Be sure to check out the triggers in this before reading.
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I love the plotline, I love that is was set in the 1920s and had some of the mild horror, but I felt like I was reading many short stories wrapped into a full story. I also struggled with how repetitive the story was and how to make a story seem more scary, the author adds child molestation to it. I think I lose a little respect for a story when that is the cop out. 

Thanks Netgalley and publisher for the digital copy in exchange for my honest review!
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Thank you Rock Star Book tours and NetGalley for the chance to read and review this book! 

I’ve had low expectations with all my book tour reads, and a lot of books have still managed to really mess up, to the point where I can’t even pretend to like things. It’s bad for those authors that I read this because the bar has been raised again.

I don’t read this genre at all, and I think this was a great introduction to it. Dawson let’s things be eerie and builds up her characters without taking away from the actual story. I’m definitely reading more by this author in the future! Super fun, light, bedtime read.
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I love books set in the 1920s, as well as books that give me a sort of gothic vibe from the cover or synopsis. This book has both, so I was excited to join this book tour! I did struggle with it a bit, but overall, it was an entertaining read!

I loved the setting. I'm a sucker for the 1910s-1920s, so this was perfect for me. The author's descriptive style was on point as well, and it was easy to lose myself in the story. Her writing style was so engaging, and I'll definitely read more books by her!

I think this book would be great for people who love both horror/thriller and romance, as there's aspects of all three genres in it. While they aren't graphic, there are some themes incorporated that may be triggering, though. Please be careful picking this one up; the content warnings are in the book!
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This was so different!  The setting and storyline are super creepy. I really like the “proper” language of the time. Letitia reminds me of the character Eva Green played on the Penny Dreadful series. In fact, if this book were to be made into a movie, she would be perfect!  Quite the dark tale.
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This book gripped me from the very beginning. The characters are remarkable - all of them - and I kept wanting everything to turn out good for them. There is a fantastic plot that keeps me turning the pages. The author does a great job with building the story and suspense. I feel they sometimes included too much information that could be trimmed down to make it flow a little faster. All in all, it's a fantastic book that I'm happy I read.
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I think this book is well layed out thought out well. The pacing was great and as I have not read anything from ej Dawson before I was a little sceptical but I enjoyed the book although not my usual genre and I very much will look into more books created from her. I felt attached to the characters and immersed in the story
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher and the author for a free copy  in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

This was a great read. Meet Letitia Hawking, an English war widow who moves to Los Angeles in the 1920s for a fresh start after a very traumatic time in her life. She is a medium and has the ability to experience the last moments of a person’s life. She uses this skill to give closure to families who have lost loved ones. But Letitia sets her own limits: she won’t accept any murder cases or cases when death was sudden. Enter A. Driscoll, a well known, rich lawyer who desperately needs Letitia’s help for his niece, Finola, whose dreams are quite literally haunted. When he asks for her help, he goes about it in the worst possible way, with the arrogance of the rich, for whom everyone and everything can be bought.

This story was at times sad, at times scary. Probably the scariest part for me was the realisation that not all monsters live in the realm of the supernatural. Some are living, breathing people. But this was also a story about how we can let go of our own ghosts and allow hope and light back into our lives. Letitia, whose name means joy, is not exactly unhappy at the beginning of the book. She is not happy either. She seems to be settled on “content”, keeping what feels like a tenuous inner peace, a truce with herself, by fulfilling her penance for past errors and helping people. But she doesn’t allow herself getting too close to anybody. She is a complex woman, with a past that weight very heavily on her life and all her decisions. Seeing her grow as a character and overcome her fear and her past was a beautiful experience. I loved all the characters in the book, but Letitia Hawking is the one that will stay with me the longest.

The story is well paced, the culmination is not rushed, in accordance to a time when life moved a bit slower than now, even in a busy city like Los Angeles. This pace goes very well with the gloomy time after the Great War. So many dead. Letitia’s flat is quiet, tidy, very few of her possessions are superfluous. Her clothing reflects the more subdued English dress code, not the freer and noisier American fashion. Her life, her habits, her work have to do with death, grief, sadness and the need to comfort. The whole book has this quiet quality to it, even when it turns into a ghost story, even when romance begins to be a possibility. I have to say, it is beautifully written.

Trigger warning: (not explicit but alluded to or talked about) Rape, kidnapping, pedophilia, murder, possession, miscarriage, suicide.
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Praise for the way this book started.  It had me right away.  Meet Letitia, a young woman from London and now in the US for a fresh start. She is a medium and can see one's death after it happens. She eases the pain of the loved ones left behind and answers their questions. However, she does not do murder cases. She is very sensitive to those and could cost her life as well.
 Letitia was an amazing main character. She was complex and not perfect by any means which made it easy to relate and sympathize with her. She showed amazing and realistic growth throughout the story. The chemistry and romantic plotline was perfect. I loved the banter and relationship between Alasdair and Letitia.
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This cover intrigued me while searching in NetGalley so decided to download it. Although, it didn’t wow me, it was an enjoyable read with a mix of romance, mystery, and horror. 
Thanks to NetGalley, Author and publisher for the opportunity to read and review this title.
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Straight away I knew I was going to absolutely ADORE this book, and I was right! I wasn't sure whether to categorise this as a horror or thriller, because it had aspects of both - which definitely added to my love of this book. 

We start off by meeting Letitia, who I could not fault as a character, she was deep and interesting and was the perfect main character for a story of this much mystery and intrigue. The other characters just fit perfectly with the story too, Alasdair, Mrs Finch, Imogen and Finola were all integrated into the story wonderfully and added so much value. 

The only character I had an issue with was Abby, I felt the way she was written was in complete contrast to the other characters and their nature, it seemed a bit odd to me. 

And talking of things adding value to the story, the atmosphere of Behind The Veil was impeccable. Whilst I was reading it felt as though all my senses were heightened, waiting for something to go bang and disturb the tension of the book.

It was the same with the intrigue that the author built up, I couldn't fault it, at no point did the book become boring or feel like I was trying to hurry it along to get to another part of the story, it just kept that pace right through to the end. 

To top everything off the writing and the plot were out of this world! 

The writing was incredible, so descriptive, I felt as if I was in the story alongside our characters. The author formed the most amazing sentences and paragraphs, whether it be while Letitia was dealing with her families looking for closure, or when she was trying to help Finola, or when Alasdair and Letitia were flirting. It seemed no matter what the nature of the chapter or topic, the author was pulling it out of the bag with truly excellent writing. 

And the plot, OH MY GOD it was amazing. Behind The Veil was an interesting and well-balanced read, it had everything you could want from a horror/thriller/mystery book. 

I couldn't fault any part of the story, but the last 15-20% where we reached the crescendo and ending of the book was just impeccable. A combination of plot and writing meant we finished Behind The Veil feeling fulfilled, thrilled, and full of enjoyment from what was an amazing book.

On the whole, I can't fault Behind The Veil by E J Dawson, it had everything I could want from a book!

Again, thank you to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for the ARC of this book to read and review.
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