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I absolutely love witches, so when I read about one of them taking part in a competition to serve the queen - it couldn't be better! Daisy is my spirit animal, by the way. 

I really like the plot and will definitely read book 2 when it'll be released. 
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This is a fun piece of historically-based fiction; there’s enough history for those who enjoy it, along with a good portion of fantasy. 

Daisy is a peasant, the daughter of a witch, in training to be a witch herself. Like so many others, she yearns to be more than she is; unlike many others, however, she actually does something to try to make her dream come true. Join her as she competes with several other candidates for the position of Queen Elizabeth’s court witch. 

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I like the combination of the standard element - a young witch desperate to prove herself - with real history. So we have magic interacting with real political power. It's not especially refined, but still interesting.
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Fun read with a good lesson of learning to be comfortable being yourself woven throughout.  Graphics are well done and colorful.
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I want to thank Netgalley, Benjamin Dickson, and Papercutz for giving me a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

I love the artwork style in this graphic novel. I love seeing the surroundings and the characters---especially Daisy. It’s so adorable and very cute to see. As for the story, it is simple yet it still has an element of entertainment. The plot is simple and predictable but I love the comfort of it. This is one of those books that gives you a break when it comes to heavy reads. But it’s also good when this book doesn’t sugarcoat about how people view witchcraft in the past. Though this book makes it like being a witch is normal, there are still some warnings what other people in the history think of witches. It’s really interesting to see because even though this is a light-hearted read, it doesn’t make the readers forget what the history of witchcraft is.
I enjoyed the humorous side of this book. They actually made me smile, it’s just simple yet really funny. Especially when it comes to Daisy’s personality, she is a sassy girl and has the best responses to everything despite being a young protagonist.

Overall, I rated this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed my time reading this graphic novel and highly recommend it to everyone!
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'The Queen's Favorite Witch: The Wheel of Fortune' by Benjamin Dickson with art by Rachael Smith is a graphic novel for younger readers about a young girl who wants an important job. 

Daisy is a young witch from a modest house who wants to try out to be the Queen's new witch, a very important position, especially now as there are people who want the Queen dead.  The problem is that Daisy doesn't have a noble or wealthy background, so she has to do things the hard way.  She makes an unusual group of friends along the way that could help, but will it matter to the Queen?

I liked the story well enough.  The lessons are great.  The art took a while to like, but I ended up feeling that it worked well for the story.  I would definitely read the sequel if it was available.

I received a review copy of this graphic novel from Papercutz and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel.
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Thank you to the Parepcutz and NetGalley for the advanced electronic copy of this book. This delightful graphic novel is the first book in a new series. I appreciated the historical background of Elizabethan England and can’t wait to see what the next volume would be about. I also enjoyed the magic and the illustrations, which added to the tone of the story.
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"The Queen's Favourite Witch" is an adorable story following a young witch, Daisy, as she tries to become the royal witch to the Queen. 

This is a really cute historical inspired graphic novel. I appreciated that a little historical background on Queen Elizabeth was included in the beginning of the book because it helps to give the young reader more context going into the graphic novel. I thought the plot was well developed and the story was kept fast paced which made it easy to read. There was a good moral to the story and being that this is first book in a series, I think the cliffhanger was placed as well. I would definitely recommend this book to young readers who love magic, light history and fun.

Thank you to NetGalley and Papercutz for this e-arc of "The Queen's Favorite Witch" in exchange for an honest review.
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A  fast paced entertaining coming of age story about a young peasant girl in an alternative Elizabethan England who wants to become the Queen's witch. Daisy Sparrow and her mom are practicing witches who sell potions and heal villagers. When the royal entourage passes through their village and Daisy becomes fascinated with the potion of a royal witch. When the current royal witch dies, Daisy leaves for London against the advice of her mother and hopes to compete only to realize that she is discriminated against because of her humble origins. 
Daisy however does not give up easily, she stays in the palace as a maid while meeting the famous John Dee. She gets some help from unexpected allies, who teach her how to rise above the competition and just be herself. Daisy is very driven, but also very naïve and gullible. She makes mistakes, but also learns from them and grows as a person.
I enjoyed this so much! and am hoping to read more stories in this series.

Thanks to Papercutz and NetGalley for giving me a digital copy of Queen's Favorite Witch #1 by Benjamin Dickson in exchange for an honest review. #QueensFavoriteWitch1 #NetGalley
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Daisy is a village witch with ambition! When she sees a posting for a new Royal Witch for Queen Elizabeth I, she jumps at the chance to use her magic for a greater cause. This graphic novel covers Daisy's entry into the castle, her dealings with other witches, a friendship with a rat, and betrayal from inside the royal court. Serious Kiki's Delivery Service vibes!
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I think this is a cute comic book for a child no older than in middle school, but I did find it rather bland. It followed a very predictable storyline and other than a 12-year old girl somehow becoming the Queen's favorite witch there isn't much to it.
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A adventurous 12-year old witch, a competition and an ambition to prove herself is what this story is about. Set in the Elizabethan era, Daisy tries her luck to become the next royal witch. She goes through tests after tests, without formal training, and somehow comes out a winner.

After proving herself worthy, she is appointed the royal title and realize that there is a bigger problem brewing. This is the first book of a series.

I enjoyed it as a children's book and will probably purchase it as a gift! 

Thank you #NetGalley and Papercutz for giving me the opportunity to read this.

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This is such a goofy mash up of history and magic to the point where I didn't really understand the rules of the magic system, but I did like the conversation about class versus talent. And the talking rats were so quintessential historical Europe.
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This was really cute and wholesome with just a pinch of danger and intrigue. 
It teaches the lesson of accepting and loving yourself as you are as well as confidence and that you don't need to prove yourself.
I will definitely try to get this for my library
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This was a cute, fun little historical fiction graphic novel with witches thrown in! It was funny that Jerome says he is an adult at 14 and he tells Daisy gosh, she's 12, her mum can't tell her what to do anymore!! I guffawed. Daisy is a sweet witch who only wants to rise above the circumstances she's been dealt with. With the help of Dee, Valentyne, and Nathaniel, Daisy can go far!
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QFW has some wonderful points, and also some significant weaknesses. I'm down for the historical fantasy, but not for the mansplaining, criticizing pals. I don't think our heroine needs to hear "what magic is about" from a rat, or to be told "what the real problem is" by her con man mentor.
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This adorable graphic novel teaches that one can achieve their dreams, even with the odds against them--but one must be careful not to lose sight of what really matters along the way.
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This was such a cute graphic novel! Not only was the story itself good, it was funny and also had valuable lessons in it. The art work was great and easy to follow along with, which was very appreciated. I definitely want to see more the Daisy and how her adventure as the Queens Witch continues.
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The Wheel of Fortune is the first volume in The Queen's Favorite Witch graphic novel series written by Benjamin Dickson and featuring the illustrations of Rachael Smith.
In the first volume of this series set in Elizabethan England, we get to know Daisy Sparrow, a young witch who sells potions on the street market with her mum. One day, she finds out that the Queen's Royal Witch has died, and that, as someone has to take her place, they are making auditions to find a new one. Daisy decides this is her chance to have a better life, and goes to London to audition. But she'll have to face lots of challenges if she wants to be the new Queen's Royal Witch...
This graphic novel was a very quick and entertaining read for me. The story is very interesting and has great potential, so I'd definitely love to read the next volume in this series. Also, I liked the historical references made throughout the book. The illustrations are simple, but they capture the essence of the story very well.
I'd recommend it to you if you like graphic novels, historical fiction, fantasy and middle grade books.
I’d like to thank NetGalley and the publisher for providing me an ARC of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a cute read and I liked that it's a fun way for kids to have a little history and gave me big Kiki vibes.

It did fall flat with character development and it felt very rushed.  I know it's audience is middle-grade, but it still felt very young even for the intended audience. 

I will consider picking up the next volume (if there is one), from library.
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