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I cannot believe that I didn't review this book until now. I really enjoyed this read. It was light on the spice, but high on the angst and pining - one of my favourite things to read. This was nerdy and wonderful. While heavy on times, I think that Seressia encapsulated what living in a fat body truly feels like most of the time. 

I loved how Kenya and Cameron were already in love with each other when they decided to fake dating and their transition to real dating felt so smooth and natural. And seeing how they worked together so wonderfully as a team for the cosplay competition made me love them together even more. The way that they always had each other's backs was great. 

Truly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read what's next from Seressia.
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This book was so cute and sweet. Fake dating, friends to lovers, and adorableness. Overall, it's a feel good story that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.
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I found this to be quite boring. The characters fell flat for me, and because of this so did the plot. I was absolutely there for all the fandom references, but I was constantly annoyed by the main characters, and because of that this book just wasn't for me.
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This is a great fake relationship book with reality TV and cosplay mixed in! I enjoyed this book and will definitely be reading more of Glass in the future.
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Em The Love Con vamos conhecer Kenya Davenport, uma das finalistas do reality show Cosplay or No Way. Para a prova final, os finalistas terão de fazer cosplay de duplas ícones da cultura pop. Sem sombra de dúvida Kenya sabe que pode contar com a ajuda do seu melhor amigo Cameron Lassiter.

Porém ao se sentir pressionada pelo fato do seu concorrente contar com a ajuda do seu namorado, Kenya anuncia em rede nacional que ela e Cameron estão namorando. Eles propõem um trato que ao final da competição o “namoro” também irá acabar, mas a verdade é que Cameron vai usar essa chance para mostrar a Kenya que esse relacionamento de mentira pode vir a ser verdadeiro.

Eu adorei que o pano de fundo da história envolve cosplays. Tudo até parece fácil por apenas se fantasiar, mas existem regras e conceitos por trás que eu achei bem legal. Kenya sofre muito preconceito dos seus próprios pais por querer seguir nessa carreira, mas ela não se deixa abater. Ela encontra em Cameron todo apoio e ele está sempre disposto a ajuda-la.

O romance vai se desenvolvendo de forma gradativa. Os dois são amigos desde a escola, então é uma baita vida juntos. Apesar de com certeza terem os sentimentos correspondidos, tanto Kenya quanto Cameron têm medo de estragar a amizade ao tentarem algo mais.

A questão da competição também é bem legal de acompanhar. Ao longo da história vemos como Kenya tenta manter uma boa imagem na televisão, já que quase sempre mulheres negras são taxadas de vários estereótipos; isso foi um ponto legal que a autora soube trabalhar bem. Inclusive eu ficava bem bolada com a produção do programa armando situações entre Kenya e a ex de Cameron.

Eu acompanhei a história por audiobook e dessa vez eu senti que a narração deixou um pouco a desejar. Felizmente a história tem um bom ritmo e um final feliz, como sempre esperamos em romances.
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This was an absolute delight. Cameron's constant puppy dog eyes and blatant devotion to Kenya warmed my cold heart and I just adored everything about this. It was SO well written and swoony and fat positive and I enjoyed every second spent in between these pages. This was my first time reading something from Seressia Glass but it absolutely will not be my last. THIS WAS SO LOVELY YOU ALL JUST NEED TO READ IT OKAY? OKAY

CW: death of a parent, child neglect (in the past), alcoholism
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Language: R (52+ swears, 6+ "f"); Mature Content: PG13+; Violence: G+
While the premise was fun and the execution of a cosplay-central plot resulted in nerd references that I enjoyed, the frequency of innuendos as well as mentions of erections and sex that I encountered in the first third of the book suggested more to come. I did not want to read more sexual content, so I stopped reading, though I'm still interested to know how the rest of the fake-boyfriend scheme plays out -- whether Glass writes it the way I like or the way that makes me cringe. The mature content rating is for alcohol use as well as the sexual content.
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The highlight of this story was the main characters. The relationship and friendship between the two of them really made the story what it was. The cosplay aspect was super cool too!
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3.5 Stars

Cosplay competition meets fake dating and friends-to-lovers; all the elements of a good story.

Kenya dreams of really building up her cosplay costume-design capabilities into a full-time job. But her parents want her to get a job using her engineering degree. After a chance of a lifetime, Kenya ends up as a finalist on the Cosplay or No Way reality competition show. But for the final challenge, the judges want the contestants to make iconic pairs costumes, ideally with their significant others. Kenya ends up announcing that her best friend Cam is her partner on national television, so thank goodness he agrees to be her fake boyfriend for the show. But what happens when they start pretending together all the time?

First off, this story has so many of my favorite elements. I love fake dating stories, especially when it also involves friends-to-lovers. The show puts Kenya and Cam in a position to have moments of touching and kissing for the cameras and discovering they might actually like having those moments off camera too (with lots of pining, some of which is mutual). I liked the forced proximity of making sure to spend all their time together and seem like a serious couple for the show’s producers. I also enjoyed the cosplay creative aspect and seeing how Kenya thought through approaching challenges for the show and for Cam’s store. The book also gave readers a snapshot of the microaggressions Black women, especially when they’re also plus-size, face when put into competition environments or in the public eye (or probably really anywhere, unfortunately).

Now for the things I didn’t love as much. The conflicts in this book were super annoying. It was really frustrating to watch supposed long-time best friends refuse to communicate with each other. Some of the other people in Kenya and Cam’s lives who should have been supportive also weren’t (trigger warning: parental criticism). I want to see the couple work through challenges that aren’t made by aggressive disappointment and the self-doubt it creates. At least seeing them handle terrible show fans and judges provided a bit of that.

Overall, I think this is a pretty fun read that gives a new take on the fake dating, friends-to-lovers trope. I don’t know much about cosplay, but it was fun to get a glimpse of that world through this book. If you like either the tropes or cosplay, then I definitely think you should check this story out!
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I am constantly seeking out Plus Sized MC as a plus sized woman myself, and this book did not disappoint! 😍 Seressia Glass is 109% a new voice to watch out for in the romance world and I can’t wait to see what comes next for her! Not only was this a sweet friends to lovers and fake dating combination love story, but it was set to the backdrop of fandom! As a person who also loves to cosplay, it was so fun seeing the cosplay world on the page as a central theme to the plot. All in all, I absolute loved this book and would definitely reccomend it to anyone!
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The Love Con was such a cute love story! I am always a sucker for the friends-to-lovers trope and even more so when it involves couples with different racial, religious, or other backgrounds because I don't think we see those enough! I also loved the fact that the story revolved around cosplay and a cosplay competition. I don't think I have ever read a contemporary romance book that involves that subject, and it very much reminded me of the reality show "Face Off" that used to be on television. I loved it! Kenya and Cameron are best friends and have been since they were in high school. But what Kenya doesn't know is that Cam has been in love with her almost from the beginning. When Kenya has to choose a partner for the finale of the cosplay competition, of course she chose Cam. On national tv. Surprising him, herself, and everyone they know. I read this book in one day! I loved the characters and the story. I felt connected to all of it. And I loved the dynamic between Kenya and Cam.
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This is a romance that's incredibly needed. A plus size Black and nerdy heroine getting the story she deserves. 

This book is quirky and absolutely cute, the type of book you read when you need a quick little pick me up! 

It also deals with some pretty heavy and important topics (microagressions) but in a great way that never felt like it took away from the romance.
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This was a cute friends-to-lovers romance and cosplay culture in this book. My favorite aspect of the story was seeing the costume making process. This goes into technical details of how costumes are crafted. I loved seeing the costumes coming together from brainstorming to construction.

I also loved the body positivity in the story. Kenya is fierce, confident, and super talented. On the flip side, she has to deal with a ton of microaggression and fatphobic statements. The book covers these themes in detail so I would suggest being in the right headspace when reading the book.

The romance was cute. I loved how much Cameron pined for Kenya. Cameron held a flame for her for years. You could feel how much he loved her and appreciated her. It took Kenya a bit too long to accept Cameron's love. She was super confident, but as soon as her and Cameron's affections turned romantic, she got insecure and would downplay herself. I understand that this is pretty realistic. As the saying goes, love makes a fool out of us. But I just felt like Kenya's blind refusal to see how much Cam adores her dragged on too long.

I really disliked Kenya's unsupportive parents. She received moments of support, but her parents consistently belittle her passion and talent. They are constantly hounding her to go into STEM. Her relationship with her parents was way too easily resolved, which didn't make sense with the amount of pushback she got for years.

Overall, the main love interests were adorable and the romance was cute. Plus, who doesn't love cosplay! I'm not crafty in that way so I loved reading all the technicalities and work that goes into making a costume.
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DNF at 60%. This read more like new adult fiction and felt repetitive to me, but maybe it was NA? This is more to do with my expectations than the book, but I got a bit bored, expecting a rom com and then there was no humor.
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Cute, fun romance set in the cosplay world, with friends-to-lovers and "fake dating/fake relationship" tropes very well done and entertaining.  I really liked the portrayal of Kenya and her successes, as well as her struggles with her family relationships. I would definitely read something else from this author.
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There was a lot that I enjoyed going into this book, but after a while, it started to fall flat to me. The characters didn't feel young and current. Their flirtatious talk was continuous and laid on so thick that I got sick of it and it didn't seem sexy anymore. I had reasons to be very frustrated with both of the main character's behaviors - Cam because of his urge to always protect and rescue Kenya, and Kenya because of how she would let her parents keep her from everything that would make her happy in her life, and how much she feels like she needs to hold it all in and never express how she feels for fear of being seen as the angry Black woman. The one sex scene didn't have a lot to offer either. There were too many negatives that unfortunately got in the way of my full enjoyment of the book, although there were definitely some elements that I liked - namely the diversity, representation, and the fun of the cosplay.
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Kenya has made it to the finals of the reality competition show Cosplay or No Way. Just one last round and she’ll have proved to everyone, especially her parents and that one judge who seems to have it out for her, that someone like her, black and fat, can make it. When asked if she has a significant other to be her partner for the final round, Kenya names Cameron, her best friend.
Cam is willing to play Kenya’s boyfriend in front of the cameras but is hoping to convince Kenya that they are meant to be something more.
This rom-com is a mashup of the fake-dating, friends-to-lover, fandom, cosplay, and reality TV shenanigans, and is made all the better by being told from the POV of both characters. Kenya is confident, driven, and just amazing as she works through all the craziness (some good and a lot bad) that being on the show means for her. Cam is wonderful as well and always has Kenya’s back. The two of them shine when they’re together and their banter is fun, frequently flirty, and full of heart.
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"Blerd" aka "Black Nerd" is my new favorite term. I thoroughly enjoyed this interracial romance. I'm not so familiar with the world of cosplay, so this book gave me an inside peek into the fandom! On top of that, I really appreciated the plus-size heroine and artist hero. I'm always looking for characters with bigger bodies (like me) and seeing an artistic, vulnerable man never fails to get my motor revving. 

Listen to my interview with the author, Seressia Glass on or on your favorite podcast app:
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Received a digital ARC of this book via NetGalley.

Omg! 😍 This has to be my fav chicklit so far this year! I LOVE Kenya and Cam’s relationship. Love the mix of geeky and romance. Didn’t like that there were so much hate coming at Kenya; I wanted to see some justice coming at that awful judge!
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I was a little worried about reading this book since I'm not into cosplays. It peaked my interested when Kenya decided to do Iron Man and Thanos. I am a huge Marvel fan, especially Iron Man. So with that I figured I'd be okay. I wish I read this sooner, because MY GOODNESS. It was such a sweet book. I had to take breaks to breathe during some of it, I was getting so mad! I also cried in a few parts.

I really like Kenya. As a plus sized girl its nice to read books where the MC is and totally loves her curves. Kenya was who she was 100% and I loved that about her. Even when she had to hold back her emotions she was one strong woman. And Cam....what can I say about Cam. I loved him! I love the protective best friend types. They melt my heart. He was protective without being overly protective. You couldn't help but love him. 

Thank you to Berkley Besties and NetGalley for letting me read this amazing book.

I will update links when I post to bookstagram.
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