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I had heard a lot of things about this book and I was happy to have to have the opportunity to listen to it. I enjoyed the narrator. It was an enjoyable listen and I have told others to get their hands on it!
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This book was fine. I usually love reading family dramas but for some reason I found this book to be underwhelming and hard to pay attention to. The first half was good, but then I quickly got bored and I found the ending to be very anti-climatic. I kind of feel the same about this book as I do about Malibu Rising; super popular family drama books that follow a group of siblings that I wanted to love but I just personally don’t understand the hype.
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ow wow wow. This was a great one. First of all, the writing was awesome. Each chapter started with the last sentence of the previous chapter causing a domino effect of perspectives. It was wonderful. The whole book felt like a puzzle being out together. Sort of came full circle. Second, I loved the characters. I think they were developed great. Also, representation of a person with disabilities, we need more of this! Lastly, I loved the feel of community within the family. This is relatable to me being Jewish, we rely on our Jewish community like the Brennans relied on their Irish community. 

Highly recommend this one!!
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This book was such a good read! I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. I will say that the characters were a tad but frustrating at times, but overall, they were really loveable by the end. So glad I read this one!
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Family dramas are one of my favorite genres of books, but that also means I tend to be a little bit critical of them. While there's nothing necessarily wrong with We are the Brennans and plenty of people have loved it, it just didn't do a lot for me and I felt a little bit bored during it. A solid 3 stars for me.

When Sunday Brennan returns home to be with her family in New York after getting in a drunk driving accident in Los Angeles, we meet her entire family and learn a lot about their history. A tight-knit Irish Catholic family, it's clear that something happened 5 years prior that caused Sunday to leave suddenly, abandoning her confused fiancé, brothers, and father. Her ex-fiancé, Kale, has since married and had a child and Sunday's return is a bit jarring (for both of them).

Each chapter is told from a different perspective, including Sunday, her brother Denny, their father Mickey Brennen, Kale, and Kale's wife. I didn't love where the plot went and the big reveal felt problematic in many ways (not that it was unrealistic in any way, but more the way it was spoken about felt icky). I never really felt fully drawn in and didn't feel a real connection with any of the characters. Usually when I'm reading family dramas (like The Most Fun We Ever Had and Ask Again, Yes), I don't want them to end, but I felt pretty indifferent about this one.

Like I mentioned, this book does have a ton of love and I didn't necessarily dislike it; I just didn't love it. Definitely give it a try yourself and see how you feel!
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Who doesn’t love a good family drama? This book is just that – a whole lot of family drama. The Brennans are a tight knit large Irish family living in New York. Each family member carries their weight of secrets and angsts. Lange does a nice job developing each of the characters and weaving the stories together.

I listened to the audiobook which was narrated by Barrie Kreinik. The format of the audiobook made it easy for the listener to know which character was telling the story, and Kreinik added to that through telltale accents and bits in the narration.

**Thank you NetGalley and Macmillan Audio for sending me the ARC in exchange for an honest review.**
Rounded up: 3.5 Stars
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I went into this audiobook knowing nothing about the author, the story or the narrator. I found myself slowly falling in love with them all more and more as the book went on. Truly a delight and one of my new favorite books about family drama from a modern author.
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👏 This is how you do a family drama. 👏 

This is one of those books that gives you a hangover. No matter what you thought of the book, it's devastating when you finish and realize the Brennans are out of your life.

The Brennans are a very large, very dysfunctional, and very Irish-American family. There's the golden boy, the weathered father, the artist, the younger brother with a disability, the unofficial family member, and so many more. And when Sunday, the only daughter, has a drunk driving accident and finds herself back in her family's arms, the tenuous peace is shattered.

Each character is broken in their own way,  but you can't help but root for them. All of them. Even the ones who are not so savory. It's rare to find an author who breathes this much life into the characters.

There's a little bit of romance, a mystery to solve, a business in trouble, and layers upon layers of secrets. This high level of drama is just this side of believable, making this a deliciously soapy story.

If you're on the fence about this title, stop wondering and go for it. Sometimes it's a little predictable and a lot over the top, but it's worth taking the time to meet the Brennans.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for providing a copy of this audiobook in exchange for my honest review.
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Although this book delivered on its promise of a dysfunctional family drama, it didn’t impact me all that much. I really didn’t experience the emotional piece I was anticipating. Perhaps it was the audio narration which was a sad lacklustre performance or maybe it was the 3rd person perspective that seemed to create a void between reader and characters. Whatever the reasons, this book just didn’t work for me. It was challenging to engage and stay engaged. I was apathetic to the characters and their plights. 

I received an advanced audio copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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The Brennans are an Irish catholic family torn apart by secrets, and all these secrets begin to reveal themselves as prodigal daughter Sunday Brennan returns home to New York after years on the west coast.

This one was compared a lot to Ask Again, Yes, and I LOVED that book. I absolutely see the similarities, but in my opinion it didn’t completely live up to the comparison. Admittedly, I have been in a bit of a slump in that no book is really captivating me, but I know a home run would pull me out! It’s still absolute a solid read and the ending won back points for sure!

• the intrigue — wouldn’t say it was thriller level but it was a little something something to move the plot.
• the beginning and the end — both were fully captivating.
• Lange’s unique chapter structure — each chapter flips from character to character and the beginning of each chapter is the last thing the character said in the past chapter. It is kind of cool how she was able to do that! And it really kept the story going.
• solid audiobook narrator
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This one is going to be short and sweet. Perfection - all of it. The story, the narrator, the character development. My only complaint is that the book is too damn short. I want more Brennan!!
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I liked We Are The Brennans. It’s about family allegiance, found family, first love, and secrets that will find the light of day eventually. It included a surprise toward the end and had a satisfying ending. I enjoyed listening to this audiobook (the narration was well done) and I would recommend it to readers who enjoy family dramas. Those from an Irish Catholic background will find this one particularly relatable! Thanks for the audiobook, NetGalley.
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I don't know what to say. The writing is good and the characters were amazing. But I just could connect with the story like I thought and hoped I would. But in the end its still a very good book and I know the world will love it.
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This is one of those books that I didn’t expect to like as much as I did. Family dramas can be so hit and miss for me and I’m happy to report that this one was a win! 

I listened to the audio and it was fantastically narrated. 

The family dynamics and unique personalities of the siblings were so well written. The characters were likeable and had my favourite elements in characters - flawed, but real. 

I loved how the story unfolded and secrets were related. The writing style was unique and I can’t wait to read more from this author. 

Definitely a great bookclub pick!
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This is my absolute favorite book of 2021. Sunday is the only sister in  a pretty traditional Irish American family. She ends up in the hospital  after a dunk driving accident in California. She must return to NY and face her reasons for leaving all of those years ago.
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If you’re fan of family dramas this might be the book for you! There were quite a few characters to keep straight, but once I did I found myself hooked on The Brennans and intrigued by their past, I kinda just wish it had gone a little deeper.  Their irish background was heavily referenced but I felt like it wasn't even needed to propel the plot.

I did appreciate the length of time it took to get to the crux of the story, or the "master" per se.  Some books can be annoying in how the drag you along, knowing you are missing something, but with this book it felt pretty natural to me.
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Very engaging! I couldn't wait to find out what secret was going to be revealed next and wondering if and how it would all work out in the end. I listened to the audio version and I didn't care for the narrator but I imagine this was more personal so don't discount it because of that.

Thank you to Macmillan Audio and to NetGalley for allowing me to listen to an advanced copy of this novel. My review is voluntary and all opinions are my own.
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5 stars for Tracey Lange's We Are the Brennans. If you enjoy family dramas, pick this one up! Thank you to Celadon Books for the review copies!

I mostly listened to the audiobook, narrated by Barrie Kreinik, and she was fabulous! The emotions carried through her voice so well, and obviously, the Irish accents were a plus! It added that extra something special to the story, and I would definitely recommend the audio for this one!

In her mid-20s, Sunday Brennan shocked everyone when she left her tight-knit family and fiance by moving across the country from NY to LA. 5 years later, her brother gets a call that she's been in a serious drunk driving accident, and he flys out to bring her home. Her return stirs up old heartbreak, emotions, secrets, and family drama. 

Before going in, I didn't know much about this book, but it was such a nice surprise, a beautiful story about family and love.
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It was nice to read this pleasant Irish family drama on a day that the State of Texas stepped back in time 50 years. While far from a perfect novel ( the premise for Sunday leaving her family and the love of her life for five years was weak), “We Are the Brennan’s” kept me reading and turning the pages.  It allowed me to forget, for a few hours, the Neanderthals who run the state of Texas. ( Sorry, I know I’m  being unfair to Neanderthals.) The ending of this novel also appeared quite abrupt…unless Lange is planning a sequel. 
Recommended for those who can’t get enough Family sagas.
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Every family has complicated issues and drama behind closed doors, even the ones that appear the most perfect on the outside. That’s the heart of We are the Brennan’s. Secrets collide as the stories unfold.
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