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A charming spin on the old tale. Complete with a main female character who is fat positive and empowered through out-- a testament to how this contrasts with the original story. I overall enjoyed this book and found it to be a fun read.
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Electric Idol is the second book in the Dark Olympus series by Katee Robert and I absolutely loved it! Even more so than Hades & Persephone’s story. I think because it’s a new couple and it’s an extremely interesting couple. I absolutely loved the banter and sweet moments of vulnerability between Psyche & Eros, our main characters.

Psyche is one of the four daughters of Demeter, whereas Eros, son of Aphrodite and known to commit certain acts to the enemies of her mother, is the one person you do not want after you. As unlikely a couple as they are, after a picture and a pissed off Aphrodite, their paths become intricately connected.

Their relationship starts off as a forced marriage in order to save Psyche from becoming the latest body in the long list that Eros has in his closet. Obviously the “I had to kill you but now I married you trope” comes with interesting situations between our main characters, and seeing them start to commit and trust each other is absolutely divine. The development of the relationship between them, as well as seeing Eros slowly lower his guard and try to become vulnerable with Psyche was just incredible.

Psyche was a very interesting read for me, and seeing her insecurities surface and see her push them back time and time again was something I absolutely adored about her. I found I loved her character even more than her sister, Persephone.

In terms of hotness, I did feel that this one felt a bit lacking for me. I would have liked more passion and more angst between our main characters, especially after the first story that just left me breathless. In this one I believe the focus is more on the development of the relationship and the trust between them, and the author delivered this beautifully for me. It was more of a sweeter type of romance, which was an absolute turn compared to the first book.

And finally, in terms of danger there was a certain lack of urgency at times that made it a slower read for me. There is adventure, but at times I would have liked more of a plot driven story. It sort of felt that too much emphasis was made in the characters and not so much in the overall plot.

Having said that, I absolutely loved this next installment in the Dark Olympus series and I cannot wait to read the next book! It’s had me hooked from the start!
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This felt almost tame compared to Katee Robert's other books - yes, even considering that Eros tries to kill Psyche. This felt cozy and tender for a dark romance, with a grump meets sunshine dynamic. Fun and fast-paced, with no murder and light kink on the page.
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I absolutely loved this book! He thinks himself a Beast not worthy of her Beauty. She is a woman who knows what she wants!
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Another electric, pun intended, dark romance from Katee Robert. I love how her books are unapologetic and simply transport me to a different place. The characters are off the charts complex and the spice is *chef's kiss* perfection.
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I love the Olympus world. The story building and seeing Olympus told in a different way is stunning. Psyche and Eros' chemistry is my favorite so far in the series. I thought Psyche's character was extremely well done. She loves her body, but society judges and has preconceived notions about her because of it. Eros doesn't understand what real love is and has been his moms tool of destruction for far too long. Eros decides for a marriage of convenience with Psyche and blows mommy dearests plans to smithereens. If you haven't gave Katee a chance yet, idk what you're waiting for!
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Marriage of Convenience? ✅ Enemies to Lovers? ✅
I received an ARC of this through NetGalley, but these options are my own. I was super excited to receive this since I have been on a Katee Robert binge lately! The wicked villians series on audio- 😳 um yes! Spank you very much! 
To be totally honest, I did not care for Neon Gods. I love a good Hades and Persephone retelling, but that one just didn’t do it for me after reading A Touch of Darkness. 
HOWEVER!!! Enter Eros and Psyche and I was fucking sold! I was hooked from their very first interaction in the bathroom. This was quite (dare I say) “tame” for Katee in the sense there were no kinks or group activities but man oh man… the tension 🔥 
This was beautifully done and I devoured this book in a day! Can’t wait for Wicked Beauty to come out later this year!
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This book was just soo good. I loved the whole story. Playboy guy meets and falls for the girls that no one would have thought for him too. I just cant wait for the next book!
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Electric Idol takes place in the same world as Neon Gods. It follows Persephone’s sister, Psyche and Aphrodite’s son, Eros. The characters are the best thing about this book. Eros is one of my new favourite characters and Psyche was perfect for him! The way Katee Roberts retells these myths is so refreshing in a saturated market, and I cant wait for the next book.
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I really enjoyed this book. I liked it more then Neon Gods. I was completely skeptical going into this book because I didn't like Neon Gods as much as I had hoped that I would. I enjoyed Psyche and Eros's relationship and the way they came together. I don't know much about the mythology behind them. Robert's writing and spice were on par and didn't disappoint. I found this one spicier then Neon Gods and a little more on point with some of her other work. I liked the Easter eggs dropped for possibly what else is coming. Of course, I enjoyed the tidbits of Hades, who is my favourite. Psyche being plus size made her much more identifiable for me, she is such a strong female main character. 
I received this book as an ARC from #Netgalley for my honest review.
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Another steamy entry into Roberts’ Dark Olympus series.  A fun reimagining of the Eros/Psyche mythology.  As hot and steamy as the first with more character development.  Looking forward to the best entry!
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Electric Idol is decadent! I'm a sucker for a good dark romance and this one more than delivered. 
Steam? Check! 
Triggers? Check! 
Questionable morals? Check, check, check!
I loved Eros. Everything about his character was perfection! "You might be a monster, Eros, but you're my monster."
I can't wait to see what Katee comes up with next!
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I really enjoyed Neon Gods (a standalone) but I absolutely LOVED Electric Idol (a standalone). Psyche and Eros were everything!

What I Loved:
1. Psyche was a curvy heroine, and Katee Roberts nailed it. Everything from the way the hero views her and loves or her body, to the way Katee Robert shows how society subjects women to their views of beauty. I loved that she was this fashionista.
2. Eros was my favorite type of anti-hero (light on the anti). He saw himself as a monster, damaged, unworthy of love, and Psyche saves him. His protectiveness of Psyche was chef’s kiss.
3. Marriage of convenience trope was done well. I loved how they fell in love and came together.
4. The plot line with Aphrodite and the conflict is one of my favorites.
5. The steam was great, but we expect that with a Katee Robert novel.
6. I love this modernized world of the Olympians and Olympus.
7. I enjoyed the narrators on this one.

What I didn’t love:
1. The narrators voicing the other characters was sometimes not what I expected, but this is very hard to do, especially when there are so many characters. It didn’t hinder my overall enjoyment of the audiobooks and would still recommend it.
2. There did come a point in time when I just wanted them to admit their feelings, but it is marriage of convenience AND it is needed for the plot.

This one is definitely a must read! I really loved this story and couple, and I can’t wait for more.
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Electric Idol takes place in the same world as Neon Gods. It follows Persephone’s sister, Psyche and Aphrodite’s son, Eros. I really loved this version of their myth. The characters are the best thing about this book. Eros is just perfect and Psyche was a great compliment to him.
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“I don’t care if she deserves someone just as sweet as she is. I want her chained to me, and I’ll rip out the throat of anyone who thinks they can take her away.”

Electric Idol is the second novel in Katee Robert's Dark Olympus, where romances rooted in Greek mythology play out in a modern day city of Olympus. Eros is the right hand of his mother Aphrodite, and carries out all of her dirty work. She decides that Psyche, one of Demeter's daughters, is a threat to her plans and orders Eros to end her. But Psyche is one of the only people that has ever shown Eros kindness, so he decides to marry her instead of killing her.

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Katee Robert!!! I devour her books, and this one was no exception. It's so fun seeing well known Greek lore being played out in a modern setting.

Eros has pretty much been primed since he was a child to be his mother's assassin, and so he has a lot of emotional baggage. He latches on to the kindness he receives from Psyche, and decides to finally take something of his own. Psyche is used to being an outsider - being a plus sized influencer in Olympus means that she stands out. But what I love about her is that she used that to her advantage to cultivate a following and become a figure - for her own public gain. She is absolutely strategic and smart and she was such a cool character. And there are a lot of great conversations about being plus sized, the way that social media can be absolutely toxic, and overall feeling good about your body.

This romance definitely had a lot of "touch her and you die" moments (see: the quote at the top of my review LOL), which I absolutely love. I loved the dynamic and development of this relationship - they enter in to a marriage of convenience and basically are operating against their enemies together. I loved the dynamic of them being a team from the start and seeing how their feelings deepened.

Loved this so so much!!!!!!!!!
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Electric Idol is the second in Katee Robert’s steamy Dark Olympus series set in modern times with mortal gods, but with the same old feuds and power struggles. Her latest is a retelling of the Psyche and Eros tale. (The first book in the series, Neon Gods, featured Persephone and Hades.)

Psyche Dimitriou hates the glittering viper’s nest of Olympus’ upper city, but she must take part in events since she is the daughter of Demeter, one of the ruling Thirteen. At a party, when Demeter tries to advance Psyche as a prospective bride for the new Zeus, it enrages Aphrodite, Olympus’ matchmaker, who has her own candidate.

Psyche tries to sneak out of the party, and runs into Eros Ambrosia, the gorgeous son of Aphrodite. Paparazzi catch them during a close moment, causing a sensation as everyone speculates they are lovers.

Eros is Aphrodite’s fixer, the one who makes her problems disappear. He has become cold and emotionless, full of self-loathing for being the monster his mother has made him, but something about the beautiful Psyche touches him. When his mother demands he bring her Psyche’s heart, he reluctantly agrees. But when he sees her again, he cannot kill the innocent woman. Desperate for a solution, he suggests she marry him. Though it would be a marriage of convenience, they still would continue to make the residents of Olympus believe they are a love match through social media posts, and then maybe Aphrodite would back off.
Of course the relationship becomes something more as the attraction between them sizzles. And the infuriated Aphrodite still has Psyche in her sights.

Electric Idol is a fun, sexy reimagining of a favorite tale of mythology.
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A delightful book full of adventure, action, and thrills. Fun to read, engrossing world building, and very descriptive imagery made it feel like it was cinematic. It's hard to resist the story as it drives forward. Would recommend.
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Lovedddd. I all ready adore Katee Robert’s books and fell in love with Neon Gods last year. This second book was just as good if not better than the first one. She puts in just the right amount of kinks, chefs kiss.
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At this point, I think I will read anything by Katee Robert. My introduction to her was Neon Gods, and I really enjoyed this follow-up, and can't wait to read Wicked Beauty. Robert does a great job of balancing actual character development and storyline with her sex scenes, and I think that helps significantly. And her female characters are always so refreshing to read. Kudos to her for pulling off what a lot of writers struggle with!
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If you're a fan of Greek Mythology and romance, this series is the one. Katee Robert executes her version of Greek mythology very well.
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