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The most hot (read: sexy, steamy, filthy) take on the Greek classics *fans self* Chalk another one up for the misunderstood villain 

After Neon Gods’ retelling of Hades and Persephone, Electric Idol takes on Eros and Pysche, the second of Demeter’s daughters. Eros is Olympus’s quintessential bad boy, in more ways than one. He’s quite the playboy but more importantly, he’s his mother’s weapon of choice against her enemies. A moment of kindness between Eros and Pysche, captured in a photo at one of Zeus’s parties, leads Aphrodite to give Eros an order: bring her Pysche’s heart. Literally. When Eros arranges a meeting with Psyche meant to follow through on Aphrodite’s order, he can’t bring himself to harm her. Realizing that if he doesn’t do it, someone else will, they decide their only course of action to keep her safe is to get married. As quickly as possible. Between fighting their quickly growing attraction to each other, faking their torrid love affair to the public, and keeping one step ahead of Aphrodite and her revenge at being foiled, the pair have quite their work cut out for them just to stay alive.

Many thanks to Katee Robert, Sourcebooks Casablanca, and NetGalley for the advance copy in exchange for my honest review! Can’t wait to add a copy to my bookshelf in January!
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Electric Idol follows Eros and Psyche...  I really love how Katee Robert has decided to retell these Greek Myths!
Eros is the boogeyman, the fixer.. whomever Aprodite needs delt with Eros gets the job done. Psyche blends in and plays the game of the perfect olympian.. at least to the public. 

Psyche has done something to anger Aphrodite.. or at least her mother Demeter has. Now Aphrodite wants nothing more that for Psyches heart to be delievered to her, so she sends her son Eros to get the job done.
However just this once, he doens't want to do what his mother says.. so he comes up with the idea of marrying Psyche.. Its the only way he can see to keep her safe from his mother.. and if they happen to have some sexy fun times than all the better... Marriage of convience is one of my favorite tropes and it was done so well in this book!

As they get closer they begin to realize that there is more to each other than they both realize, and in trying to make the world believe that they are in love... they are actually falling for each other.. 

I love how Psyche loves Eros despite the life he lived as his mothers fixer. and that Eros gets to see the real Psyche who no one but her family has ever known before..

This is a great sequel to Neon Gods and I can't wait for more!! 
I hope we get a book following Callisto and Eurydice. Especially with what we find out happens to one of them in this story!!
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While the world was grappling with the lockdown and changes in our social lives, the book TikTokers relished the opportunity to spill the beans on their most sinful reads–especially Katee Robert’s first installment of her Dark Olympus series “Neon Gods.” Her sequel, “Electric Idol,” is just as sinful as “Neon Gods” and gives new meaning to “reimagined myths” in this modern retelling of Psyche and Eros. 

In this modern reimagining of their epic love story, Psyche and Eros are thrown into a fake marriage after the goddess of love puts a hit on Psyche–a job to be carried out by Eros himself. He has no problem committing murder on behalf of his mother, Aphrodite, yet he can’t bring himself to take out Psyche. In the act of rebellion and protection, Eros marries Psyche. The not-so-happily married couple vow to make each other’s lives a living hell during their time together–but as the two grow closer, neither of them can deny the growing tension and love between them. 

The second installment of the Dark Olympus series isn’t nearly as steamy and raunchy as “Neon Gods”–but there’s no shortage of stolen moments in this novel. Psyche and Eros’s chemistry explodes when their emotions tangle with their fake-marriage dynamics–not to mention they’re both described as being hot as f*ck. 
The romance and spice are the main events of “Electric Idol.” Still, the themes Roberts weaves into the narrative are equally as impressive. Abuse and fat-phobia seem to be the most prevalent themes–adding a nuanced layer that “Neon Gods” was missing. 

There’s no denying Robert’s retelling doesn’t follow the couple’s mythical love story to a T; nevertheless, it’s the perfect steamy read for Greek mythology fans. Believe me, the moment Roberts announces the third installment–given the cliffhanger, it’ll most likely be about Perseus and Callisto–I will be immediately adding it to my wish list.
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A huge thank you to Sourcebooks Casa for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review!

4.5🌟 5🌶 

CW: fatphobic comments, blood, violence

The first book in this series, Neon Gods, was one of my most favorite books this year given the mind blowing result of a Hades/Persephone retelling and Katee Robert’s A+ writing so I was obviously excited for the next books in the series! 

I can definitely say that this book exceeded my expectations and excitement over it! The romance and plot just gets better and better and at this point, I’ll be counting down the days until the next books.

What I LOVED: EVERYTHING??? Just the premise of having the marriage of convenience and forced proximity tropes between Psyche (another of Demeter’s beautiful daughters) and Eros (Aphrodite’s wickedly handsome son) was both scandalous and exciting! The involvment of social media in their relationship was a nice touch.

I fell in love hard and fast with both characters with Psyche being an unapologetically confident plus size heroine and Eros, a morally grey hero with a golden heart who is genuinely obsessed with his wife. Their dynamic was a match made in heaven and the chemistry they had was so natural. The sexual tension was so intense, it led to very steamy, panty melting smut! 

What I LIKED: I’m not new to Katee’s writing so I know I was gonna love this but I wasn’t expecting how fast I would devour this. 

She’s the best when it comes to writing lovable characters and romantic relationships but this modern Olympus world she has created is so INTERESTING. I enjoyed how I was equally invested in the sideplot involving the politics surrounding the olympians and their families as well as Aphrodite’s revenge plot.

The fact that this is a series and we’ll get books for the rest of our favorite Greek myth stars makes me more ecstatic when meeting side characters. Besides the lovely Dimitrou sisters and Hermes, I liked that I got to meet Helen here especially knowing she’s in the next book

What I DIDN’T ENJOY: Uhhh that it’s over so soon and I’ll have to wait for the next book again :( but in all seriousness, I liked their wife/husband pet names and it was swoony for a hot second but became a bit cringey at the end

Words aren’t enough to show how excited I am for Wicked Beauty (book 3!!) I’ve always loved Achilles/Patroclus retellings so to add in Helen in that relationship making it a ménage/MMF romance has me WANTING TO COMBUST. I have a good feeling it’s gonna be my fave book in the series!

THIS BOOK IS PERFECT FOR: fans of super steamy, modern Greek mythology retellings with fun characters and captivating plot! If you’re as obsessed with Katee Robert as I am, I highly recommend checking out this series!
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Psyche and Eros forever!!
I loved the dynamic that these two have. When a photo of them together goes viral, they decide to enter a marriage of convenience. What Psyche doesn't know at the time, is that Eros doesn't want to let her go. 
Though Psyche is a confident curvy woman, she still has some insecurities when stripping down. Eros doesn't hide his desire for her, and it's amazing.
Steamy as always with Katee Robert, and I have to be honest, I loved it more than I loved Neon Gods!
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Thank you Sourcebooks & NetGalley for the ARC of Electric Idol! 

I recently read Neon Gods, so when I found out I was approved for this ARC, I cried tears of joy. Neon Gods is in my top ten reads of 2021, and Electric Idol took one of the top ten spots as well!  I love a good Greek mythology retelling and both books in the Dark Olympus series are 10/10 so far! I was super excited to read this because you don’t see many Psyche & Eros retellings (I love Lore Olympus, and that’s now second best for this retelling in my opinion)

Now, onto the pro/con list. 

Pros: plus sized main character🤩, good spice, HEA, proper representation of manipulative & toxic family relationships. 

My one and only con: I wish there would’ve been more conflict with Aphrodite. That’s all I’ll say so I don’t spoil for anyone. 

Overall, a fun and spicy read! LOVED IT!
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This did not live up to the hype for me, but I think it's because it had a lot of elements that just don't appeal to me personally (having an influencer as an MC, lots of social politics). I know the first book, which I haven't read, was very loved, and I will still recommend this to patrons who enjoy romance with a darker edge to it, it just wasn't for me.
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~Electric Idol Review~
My sister read Neon God and wanted  me to read it so I requested the sequel on Netgalley as soon as I could. I love greek mythology and im excited for eros and psyche because you don’t really see a lot of books with them!
+we love a plus size main character
+A+ banter and playful sass
+love the “i have to kill you” trope
+also love the “we have to fake date/marry trope”
+characters have a lot of chemistry and tension which is fun. it’s pretty steamy ngl
-i absolutely hate the idea of someone calling me “wife” as if that’s cute. like no. 
-not much really happens plot wise tbh
-a tad cliche 
-the constant “i’m not good enough for you” like okay pick me boy energy stop that
i liked this one more than neon gods but it definitely wasn’t my favorite book. always fun seeing a plus size main character but i felt like this book was kind of repetitive at times
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Electric Idol by Katee Robert 

✨ What are your thoughts on retellings? ✨

Thank you to @netgalley for gifting me this copy in exchange for my honest take on it.

So this is the second book in the Dark Olympus series and i can now say I’m officially hooked.
Lots of blurred lines and shifting loyalties in its modern retelling of Psyche and Eros.

What I liked most was that it didn’t have any of the elements of the ‘miscommunication’ trope.

If you’re anything like me and think miscommunication in romance novels reads like the savoury layers in Rachel’s Thanksgiving trifle (IYKYK), then you will likely enjoy this book.
Now, what this book DID have (which I was here for) was the ‘I hate everyone but you’ trope with Eros. 

The characters and connections in this book are all complex and realistic in my opinion and it would definitely reach all audiences, whether or not you're a fan of Greek mythology.

Some events in the book did feel like they were on an accelerated timeline. 
While I wouldn’t call it ‘insta-love’, it was hard to keep up with parts when the whole plot unfolds over such a short period. 
In saying that, I enjoyed the story & everything else about it that I didn’t particularly care 🤷‍♀️ 

Electric Idol comes out January 2022 ✨
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This book has the Olympic lore and spicy romance that Katee Robert is known for. I think fans of hers will be happy with this book and its continued exploration of this universe. You don't have to be up on your Greek mythology to enjoy this book, but it is fun to see how Robert uses tidbits of lore in her storytelling. My one complaint with this book is that it felt a bit rushed and too short. This book is very fast-paced with few lulls, which makes the story exciting, but also means we lose out on a bit of character development. I still really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it!
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A fun spicy novel. The story is quite surface level and I didn't feel any really strong connection to the characters. But it was entertaining for this style of book and fit the mood I was in. I will continue with the series but these are spicy and simple.
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Disclaimer: I work for a bookstore, all thoughts and opinions are my own and not affiliated with the store or company.
Thank you to Netgally and Source books for providing me with an EARC of this book.

Eros- A flirtatious softie with a rough exterior? Yes. This book was fun and flirty and everything in between. Although the plot of this book was not a fun experience for the main characters, it was a surprisingly wholesome love story. Two main characters that live very different lives but circumstances force them to marry each other might just be my new favorite trope. I absolutely loved book 1 and this was no exception. This one was less spicy than the first and the spice was tamer; however this seemed to fit the characters personality. Without discussing exact quotes: one of the things I will always appreciate is how fluid the sexualities of Katee’s characters are. With each book the world building continues to gain more context and I love the small gradual details that we get as each new main character explores it.
While this one did not hold my heart in a grasp as much as book 1 did, this one still had me smiling and waiting for the next moment that I could pick it up. If you are looking for a romance inspired by a modern version of Greek Gods I wholeheartedly recommend this one. It left me even more excited for book #3.
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I absolutely loved this book! I was so engrossed by the characters right off the bat. Katee Robert's writing is out of this world, if you've been in a reading slump this is a great place to start, it absolutely blew me away!
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Electric Idol. I was certain that I could not possibly love the rest of the books in the Dark Olypus series as much as I loved Neon Gods and I am happy to report that I was so, so wrong. I don’t know how Katee Robert does it every time but my goodness. The first book in this series focused on Persephone and Hades, and book two is all about Psyche and Eros. I love Greek mythology, I love a good retelling, I love romance, and I love spicy books and this series checks every one of those boxes and then some. 

Eros has spent his life doing his mother’s dirty work and is certain he’s not even capable of feeling love. Psyche is sweet and loving despite her time as a daughter of one of the thirteen growing up in Olympus. During a chance encounter, she shows Eros kindness where no one else would have and he has no idea what to do with himself. After his mother decides she wants Psyche’s heart brought to her on a platter, Eros refuses and convinces her to marry him instead in order to keep her safe. He’s convinced he could never possibly deserve her and once he realizes his feelings, he’s so fiercely protective and shows her how he cares in a million tiny gestures. 

Eros and Psyche had almost instant physical chemistry that they act on pretty early into the book after their marriage of convenience creates forced proximity between them. The first time they hook up Eros goes down on Psyche for 45 MINUTES…and he has to set a timer so they won’t miss an appointment because he doesn’t want to stop. He absolutely worships her and we love to see it. The remainder of their story is a delightful slow burn of intimacy that builds and builds while they realize and confront their feelings for each other. The scene in front of the mirrors is one of the hottest and swooniest scenes i’ve ever read and will now live rent free in my mind for eternity. 

This book gives us more insight into Robert’s super modern version of Olympus and we get to spend lots of time with the Dimitriou sisters and Hades makes a few delightfully grumpy appearances too. I cannot wait to read the third book in this series and have no doubt that I’ll be re reading the first two many times. Electric Idol is out in January so you’ve got time to read Neon Gods if you haven’t yet. My thanks to Sourcebooks for this arc!!
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Katee Robert is quickly becoming an auto-buy author for me, so when I got approved for an ARC of Electric Idol, I actually freaked out. Like shrieking and flailing my arms, freaking out.

Electric Idol is a companion novel following one of Persephone's sisters after the events of Neon Gods. A forbidden romance ensues between Psyche and Eros as they come up with a plan to keep Aphrodite, Eros's mother, from killing Psyche for a rumor that has spread around Olympus.

I thought Neon Gods was an absolute delight to read, but I think I may have loved Electric Idol even more. Katee Robert never fails to deliver on amazing characters and intense chemistry between her love interests. I flew through this book, starting and finishing it in less than 24 hours. The stakes were high, the passion was sizzling, and Psyche and Ero's story was just wonderful. Electric Idol tugged at my heartstrings, and I cannot wait to read the next installment in this series!

A huge thank you to NetGalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca for the ARC of Electric Idol by Katee Robert!
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All in all, this had everything you could want/expect from a Katee Robert novel—sexy, action-packed, and full of drama. I was excited to read a Eros/Psyche retelling, and am always a sucker for a marriage of convenience. I did love the tension and steamy atmosphere of Eros and Psyche’s relationship, but I wasn’t really as captured by the plot and got a bit bored towards the midway point unfortunately. However, I definitely still think it was a fun read and I love this series of Greek retellings.
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I really enjoyed this book, I haven't actually read the first book in the series but I adore mythology and retellings. I read this in only a night or two as I was transfixed by the plot. This adult romance was set in an interesting futuristic city where the gods had tons of complicated politics among themselves. I really liked Eros and felt that his character was well developed as well as pretty accurate to myths I have read. I probably wouldn't have picked this book out at a bookstore so I was glad to have the opportunity to read it on netgalley and I think that I will be picking up the first book in the series soon due to the illusions to the story between Hades and Persephone! I would totally recommend this to romance lovers! 

Until next time...
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I'm going to start this by saying Katee Roberts is one of my favourite authors, and this book has cemented it!

If you was a fan of Neon Gods, you are going to LOVE Electric Idol! Its plot driven and so steamy you may need to keep a glass of water nearby... 

The story follows Psyche and Eros, who mutually know each other due to their families. Due to certain events endangering Psyches life, Eros offers his hand in marriage.  From here, it is quick paced and the story flows well. There is a LOT of spicy scenes (I mean its Katee Roberts so I would be upset if there wasn't). 

When I say Eros is literally a feral cat that followed home someone who fed him for the first time in a week, I wouldn't be lying. I will now accept nothing less than this man being in love with me. 

I also LOVE Psyche! Being a curvy girl myself, I love seeing this portrayed in books and having a relatable character. 

This book is so well written, and it literally grips you from the first page. There is so much depth considering its a short book, and I can't WAIT to see what happens with the rest of this series!
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I loved this one! Dare I say better than NEON GODS? So spicy. The chemistry between the two characters is so intense. A bit slow to start but so good overall.
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Electric Idol reimagines the tale of Psyche and Eros and adds a modern new spin on their timeless love story with action, drama, and of course, all the romance.

Overall, I loved the number of endearing relationships in this story, how Psyche and her sisters (including a couple of perfectly adorable Hades cameos) were there for each other and how they interact just like sisters, honest, protective, and loyal. The romance happened quickly, which I liked (the sparks were FLYING), but I did wish for more time for the couple to fall for each other without it feeling rushed, especially because the building tension between them was *chef’s kiss*.

Similar to how I felt reading Neon Gods, I am just so intrigued by the world of feuding gods and families and how they all interact within their Greek myths and in the modern world. As the author expands her version of Olympus, I can’t wait to see all these stories coincide and the characters interact together.

I also loved the addition of Helen and her sisterly affection for Eros, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her story in the next book! 


*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for sending me an eARC in exchange for an honest review.*
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