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This is one of my favorite Western Romance series; and Jennie Marts has really knocked it out of the park with this book. I mean: a damaged cowboy, an injured teen, estranged family, rescue animals, and the forbidden attraction with the medical professional? ✔️✔️✔️ It  ticked all the boxes. While learning to trust and reconnecting families is handled very sensitively just to add an extra tug of the heartstrings. Definitely a 5-star read.

This is one of my favorite Western Romance series; and Jennie Marts has really knocked it out of the park with this book. I mean: a damaged cowboy, an injured teen, estranged family, rescue animals, and the forbidden attraction with the medical professional? ✔️✔️✔️ It  ticked all the boxes. While learning to trust and reconnecting families is handled very sensitively just to add an extra tug of the heartstrings. Definitely a 5-star read.
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A fun, sweet and heartwarming story. I loved the characters and the connection. This story will take you through an emotional ride with some heartbreaking moments. I loved Cade, Nora and Allie’s journey as they overcome their obstacles. A must read!
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How to Cowboy is the third book in the Creedence Horse Rescue by Jennie Marts. A second chance story not just with romance but more importantly a second chance at family bonding. A single father who desperately needs to reconnect with a teenage daughter is at the heart of this plot. Cade a former rodeo competitor now works at the horse rescue ranch. Nora becomes the physical therapist for his daughter after a tragic accident.

The attraction is instant but it is the daughter’s emotional and physical state that needs to be their focus. The ranch is a wonderful setting with the animals who have personality all of their own. I love the animals. A story of healing and recovery along with new love. 

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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How to Cowboy was an emotional, heartwarming tale that romance lovers will fall hard for! With a romance story I was rooting for, a child who captured my heart and animals I adored, this story was such a huge win! I couldn’t stop smiling, even with all of the emotion packed into the pages. And the tears falling at times. So if you’re a fan of adult romance, then you definitely need this book in your life!

    “You okay?” Nora whispered.
    Her heart tore in two as he blinked back tears. But then he slowly nodded. She wanted to go to them, to take both of them into her arms and tell them everything would be okay. But it wouldn’t be okay. Not for Allie. Not for a very long time. 

Cade hadn’t spent much time with his daughter, Allie. But when Allie’s mother suddenly passed away in a car accident, Cade found himself bringing his daughter back to the ranch. Being so far away from the city, he hired a traveling physical therapist. Nora moved in next to them to help Allie recover from the accident. And nothing was easy. There was so much emotional healing that had to take place for all three of them. But with time, friendship patience, love and animals, this book sailed fabulously into a happily ever after!

    She clutch the towel to her chest. “My heart is still racing.”
    “Your heart is racing? Darlin’, I’m the one who just missed out on seeing a naked woman having a tug-of-war with a goat.”
    That was it. A laugh burst from her, and she couldn’t stop. 

I was obsessed with Cade! He was strong, sexy, seductive without even trying and he had a heart of gold! And while he was sure when it came to horses, and working on his cousin’s horse rescue ranch, he wasn’t so sure when it came to his thirteen year old daughter. He was in over his head at times and it felt like he had to walk on egg shells. Thankfully Allie quickly connected with Nora. And Cade felt something when it came to Nora too. Yes there was an instant attraction. But there was something more. With each passing moment that they were near each other, it became harder to deny the chemistry and longing between the two of them!

    He leaned down and softly grazed her lips with his— not quite a kiss but enough to feel the soft catch of her breath and the delicious enticement of her mouth.
    “What’s this going to cost me? ” he whispered, but he already knew the answer.
    It was going to cost him everything. 

I absolutely adored Nora! Her backstory pulled at my heart. And the way she helped Allie warmed my soul. She was so kind and caring. But she was definitely jaded from her past. So I was happy to see how quickly she warmed to country living and all of the animals. It was emotional to watch how she started to deeply care for Allie, as she helped her heal physically and emotionally. But I loved most of all how she kept feeling a pull towards Cade. They fit so seamlessly together. It was like they had always known each other. So when the first move was made, this book was a steamy, heartwarming read that I couldn’t get enough of!

    They were all cracking up, and Allie shrieked with laughter as she tried to get behind Cade instead. “Help! Save me, Dad!”
    Even through the squeals of laughter and with a shot of water hitting him in the chest, Cade heard the word and a crazy happiness spread through him. Allie had called him Dad, and the echo of it made his throat tight with emotion. 

I loved being back in Creedence! Seeing familiar faces from not only this series but the Cowboys of Creedence warmed my heart. And while this book could easily be read as a standalone, I can’t recommend enough reading the previous books in this series. Each one is about a different couple, and I loved them all. With charm, humor and romance How to Cowboy was an instant favorite! I loved all of the characters, including the animal ones too. I loved how emotional it was having the animals bond with the humans. Tiny and Otis’ antics had me cracking up and the new addition of Scout, Daisy and Clementine was the best. So yes, this book was such a huge win and I can’t recommend it enough!
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Another great book in the Creedence series by author Jennie Marts. I always look forward to her stories and this another heartwarming addition. Fantastic read!
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This is a Cowboy Romance, and this is the third book in the Creedence Horse Rescue series. This is all about a 13 year old Allie getting over her Mother's death, and her having to move in with her father that she has not really seen since she was really young. I really love how Cade the father did not say anything bad about the Mother to Allie. I love how Cade try really hard to show is daughter how much he really wants her even if he has not been in her life for a long time. Cade also has a physical therapist come stay on the ranch to help with Allie's getting over her injuries. The PT is one of the main characters in this book, and I really loved her character. The characters are really great, and the animals for just everything in this book series. There are some really funny moments in this book with the animals, and I feel those moments really break the hard stuff that is going on in this book. Great read. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Sourcebooks Casablanca) or author (Jennie Marts) via NetGalley, so I can give an honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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I was very happy to see another Creedence Horse Rescue story from Jennie on Netgalley.

Brynn and her gang of stray animals are totally awesome. And now, she has given refuge to her cousin Cade. Cade’s ex Amber died in a car crash recently. Meaning that now he has to take care of their teenage daughter, Allie, all on his own. Allie has lived with her mother for nine years, since Cade and Amber divorced when she was four. Her mother always told her that her father was a selfish bastard who found bulls more important than his own daughter.

And now he has taken her to a ranch to recover from her injuries. Brynn’s friend Elle (from When A Cowboy Loves a Woman) has called in Nora’s help for Allie’s physical therapy.

Nora was more than happy to agree. Her fiancee convinced her to sell her house and move in with her. Only to been put on the streets a few months later. So, now getting away from her misery (and her mom’s basement) seem pretty good to her. And to work for a very hot cowboy and his cute teenage daughter? Well, that is a big bonus.

Cade is at a loss: he and Amber were still teenagers, when they got Allie together. He felt totally out of his league then and had difficulty with this beautiful girl, who was now his responsibility.

What didn’t help, was that Amber always told him how bad he was at the parenting thing. So, he thought that Allie would be better of without him. And Amber sure tried to keep Allie away from him. But now feels like a second chance and Cade really doesn’t want to screw this up. It is hard though, since Allie is a surly teenager, who doesn’t want to know him.

Fortunately, the horses and the other animals help to draw Allie out. Being on the ranch is really different than at her mother’s home. But Allie starts to like it. She also begins to realize that maybe her father isn’t the big jerk that her mother always told her. But just as he starts to feel at home again, suddenly her aunt and her grandfather come to collect her. Should she choose between her father and her mother’s family?

As always, wonderful, gripping and heartbreaking. A story of family, second chances and a cute little dog.

Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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This is the first book in the series that I have read, but not my first book by this author. I really like books by this author and this book was no exception. This book was fun, spicy and engaging. The hero and heroine's journey kept me reading long into the night. I can't wait to go back and read the first two books in the series. This was an excellent read. Huge thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for allowing me to read and review this book.
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In my opinion, Jennie Marts is a wholly underrated author; I wish I knew more people who appreciated her heartfelt, emotional stories. How to Cowboy is the third book in the Creedence Horse Rescue series but rest assured that you needn't have read the first two to appreciate the beauty in this story. (Although, since I have your ear, you should absolutely make time to read them.)

Marts does a fantastic job of making a heartbreaking situation feel hopeful and sweet. Cade and Allie's relationship, it could be argued, is the central love of this story, and seeing the development of their father/daughter connection hit me right in the feels. Did I ache for Cade and his regrets, worries, and hopes? You betcha. Did I also want to wrap Allie up in a hug and comfort a young girl dealing with too much? Absolutely.

And did I find myself deeply invested in Cade and Nora, whose romantic love is at the heart of How to Cowboy? Yes! Their obvious connection was the right balance for the heavier parts of the story, and Nora's open-heartedness made her a heroine that I would love to call friend.

All in all, this was a rewarding and, quite frankly, unputdownable book, and one I would recommend reading with a box of tissue close at hand.
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This is a good book. The two main characters are Nora and Cade. Nora is a physical therapist and Cade is a cowboy. Cade has a daughter named Allie.  Cade has not seen his daughter very much, she has until recently lived wit( her mother. Her mother recently died in an accident. Allie needed physical therapy from the accident. They hired Nora, once Allie was released from the hospital, to help with physical therapy. Nora and Cade has a physical attraction. They had their problems but together they work through them. They fall in love, want to be a family with Allie and live happily ever after.
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Loved loved this book. Cade, ex rodeo rider is living the simple life when he finds out that his ex wife died in a tragic auto accident and now has custody of his ten year old daughter, Allie. He always wanted to be part of her life but her mom prevented it from happening. Now he needs to prove to Allie that he can be the dad that he always wanted to be. Cade hires a personal physical therapist, Nora is there to help Allie regain her strength from the accident. Soon sparks will fly between Nora and Cade. 
A sweet but sexy romance between Cade and Nora. Loved the relationship building between Cade, Allie and Nora. Along with the motley crew of farm animals there is plenty of laugh out moments. A few tears were shed throughout the story. I highly recommend this book!!
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I’m gonna learn How to Cowboy🤠 

How to Cowboy is the next book in the Creedence Horse Rescue series and focuses on Bryn’s cousin Cade, his daughter Allie whom he takes custody of when her mom dies in a car accident that they are both involved in and the physical therapist, Nora, who comes out to help Allie with her physical therapy after the accident and gets more than she expected😍

This story was fantastic and I especially loved all the animals and their antics and the characters of Creedence that make you feel a part of their small community❣️I’m excited to see if something happens between the librarian and the Sheriff soon😉 

I received an advanced copy via Netgalley and voluntarily leave my honest review❤️
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This is the third book in this wonderful series. Cade has brought his estranged daughter to the ranch after the death of his ex wife. Nora has been hire to help with his daughter recover from her injuries from the car crash that killed her Mom. Cade and Nora feel and instant connection but both have personal problems to overcome. Lovely story of love, hope, and second chances.
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This one will tug all your heartstrings!

The story starts with Cade reconnecting with his teenage daughter as she recovers from a auto accident that killed her mother.  Cade has the chance now to get to know her, but she wants nothing to do with him.  Luckily, her physical therapist, Nora, has a gentleness about her that Allie can't resist.  Nora is coming off an especially bad breakup, so she needs a soft place to land as well.  Cade's family ranch is the perfect place for Allie to heal, for Nora to regroup, and for Cade to teach them both how to cowboy.  

The family ranch is also a horse rescue facility, giving Allie the opportunity to find a kindred soul in one of the recent rescues.  Throughout the story, her portrayal is achingly authentic, full of teen angst with an extra large helping of grief and a side of confusion about her conflicting memories about her father.  

This is a heartwarming tale of how love is the only thing that can truly heal, as all three main characters learn to let go of their hurts and lean on each other as they forge a new family dynamic.  I loved seeing the couples from the previous books, as well as other familiar local characters.  

I love each of these romances, and highly recommend them for anyone who loves contemporary cowboys with lots of heart.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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How to Cowboy is the third book in the Creedence Horse Rescue series by Jennie Marts.  I've read a couple of books by this author in the past, and I know I will get a good solid story; this book is no exception.  I didn't read the first two books, but I had no trouble following along.  I'm happy to find out that I have the first two to read in my TBR pile, as I would love to learn more about the previous couples involved in the Creedence Horse Rescue series.  This is a lovely story that is perfect for this time of year.  It's not a holiday story, but the strong family theme will make your heart melt.

Cade Callahan was a bull rider in the rodeo, but too many injuries put an end to his career; he now works at his cousin's Heaven Can Wait Horse Rescue Ranch.  His life is pleasant, but then he's thrown for a loop when his estranged daughter Allie is involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident and is placed in his custody.  Allie, 13 years old, wants nothing to do with Cade.  Her mother and family did nothing but disparage him to his daughter which colored her relationship with him; however, Cade acknowledges that he didn't work very hard in the past trying to become close to her.  Allie needs physical therapy, so therapist Nora Fisher is hired to work with her.  Nora was living in her mother's basement after a bad breakup, so she's happy for this new job and hopes she can make a difference in this young girl's life.  Sparks, of course, fly between Cade and Nora, plus the three of them begin to form into a sort of family.  Will their pasts come back to bite them in their behinds?

This is one of those stories that will make you run a gamut of emotions from anger, pain, and tears to happiness.  Cade was a great hero.  He acknowledged his part in being estranged from his daughter, yet he also had to deal with the fallout from the way his former in-laws and ex-wife spoke about him to Allie.  I'm very close to a man who dealt with the same type of situation, and it's heartbreaking.  I'm just flummoxed how one ex can treat another that way, and using a child to do it.  So Cade had to deal with that issue, never mind the pain and loss that his daughter was feeling.  I had to struggle to like Allie for a while, due to brattiness, though I understood her motivation for her behavior.  It almost killed me alongside Cade to find out what she meant when she referred to him as SD.  But it was wonderful to see the two of them build a real relationship between them, with a great deal of help from Nora.  I just adored Nora!  She was caring, funny and did everything she could to help father and daughter to move past the hurts both suffered.  I especially loved the hose fight between the three; it was hysterical and sweet.  The steam between Cade and Nora was palpable and physical times were intense, but they did not overshadow the heart of the family in this book.  There were some beastly supporting characters that I loved...real beasts.  We had Otis the Goat, Tiny the Pig and Scout the Dog to liven things up and make you go awwwwwwwwww; and of course, there were plenty of horses to love.  I look forward to catching up with the rest of this series, and I will definitely read new works by this author.

I received an ARC of this book courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley.  I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions expressed are entirely my own.
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Cade was married to Amber and they had a daughter.  When Amber divorced him she took Allie, their daughter, and made excuses every time he wanted his daughter to come visit.  However, she told Allie that her dad did not want her and that he wanted no parts of her growing up.

Now that Amber has died in an accident and Allie was hurt as well.   Cade is trying to make it up to Allie.  He takes her to Bryn's ranch where he has been living in the bunkhouse and working on the horse rescue there.  

A really good book that I think you will enjoy.  I know that I could not put it down.
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What’s not to love above animals, a ranch and a single dad? Nothing, it’s perfect. Allie is making it known to her dad that she’s a teen and doesn’t like him. Before her mom died, she was fed lies about Cade so of course she has angry feelings. Thankfully Nora arrived to help with Allie’s therapy because she was the glue helping this tattered relationship together. Cade has a huge heart for animals and his daughter, he also knows his priorities have shifted. I absolutely love this little community and the families supporting each other. The kids are smart and the animals are truly unique.  Definitely a favorite feel good cowboy romance. My copy came through Netgalley and I wrote this review voluntarily.
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Jennie Marts has a new cowboy romance out and it may be her best so far. Cade Callahan is a hard worn rodeo rider sidelined by injuries when his ex-wife dies and he’s left in charge of Allie, his thirteen-year-old daughter. Only problem is Cade has been out of the picture for most of Allie’s life. Now he needs to step up and be the dad he should have been all along.
Nora Fisher arrives at the horse rescue ranch where Cade and Allie are living, hired as the full-time physical therapist needed to rehabilitate the Allie as she heals from injuries sustained in the crash that killed her mom. But she didn’t expect to be attracted to the girl’s ruggedly handsome dad.
Rehabilitation is a theme here as Cade tries to undo the mistakes of his past, Nora wonders if she can ever trust her heart again, and Allie struggles to reconcile this cowboy dad with the terrible man her mother always made him out to be. 
In their own ways they are all learning ‘How to Cowboy’, and the reader is enjoying the ride. It’s refreshing to follow the twists and turns of this story. Sure, it’s got the romance tropes down, but it also has some fancy rope work of its own. Hang on tight and don’t put this one down to the very end.
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Former rodeo cowboy Cade Callahan is given a second chance at being a father to his now teenaged daughter. This chance comes under tragic and contentious circumstances. Plus we all know how unstable the moods of a teenager can be.
His daughter, Allie, has only been told lies and reshaped half truths about her father over the last nine years. She was led to believe Cade did not want a relationship with her.
After being in a serious auto accident, in which her mother died, Allie is moved far from her comfort zone to a horse ranch. A physical therapist is hired to move in and aid in Allie's recovery.
This is a story about second chances and learning to trust for all the major characters.
If one opens one's heart, there is a huge risk of being hurt or even rejected.

It is also a story about community and generosity, about taking those risks in hope and faith.
The romance between Cade and Allie's therapist does heat up, but they both understand where their focus must remain for Allie's benefit.
I loved the animal interludes throughout the book. They added lighter moments when needed and deepened the compassion elements. One eyed Jack does teach his own lesson.

The author does a wonderful job of setting the scenes, (spoiler, I want a library room to curl up in)
and creating characters we all wish we could meet in person and spend time with.
Whether you enjoy cowboy romances, sweet love stories or well crafted stories of redemption you will enjoy both this book and this series.
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Arc given by NetGalley for honest opinion. 
The emotions in this book are raw and pure. It is a deep feeling romance but a large portion is dealing with the feelings of inadequacy as a parent especially after your daughter loses the other parent. Be prepared to have tissues.
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