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How To Cowboy is book three in the Creedence Horse Rescue series by Jennie Marts.  I’ve loved the first two books in this series and was looking forward to Cade’s book and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  It was absolutely wonderful.  This book revolves around three people, Cade Callahan, Nora Fisher, and Allison Raye, Cade’s thirteen year old daughter.

Cade Callahan is Bryn’s cousin.  He made his living in the rodeo but is no longer able to compete.  Now his home is on the Heaven Can Wait Horse Rescue ranch.  Cade was married when he was very young but a few years after the birth of their daughter, the tumultuous marriage ended.  In the years since, Cade hasn’t been much of a part of his daughter, Allie’s life.  Part of that is due to his ex-wife but he also accepts plenty of the blame.  He could have tried harder.  But now tragedy has struck.  His ex is gone and his daughter is injured.  He now finds himself in charge of an angry, grieving, injured thirteen year old daughter he barely knows.

Nora Fisher is a physical therapist.  Her life has also taken a turn for the worse lately which resulted in her living in her mother’s basement.  When her friend, Elle, called and told her about the injured girl, she knew she could help her.  So for the next several weeks, Nora will be living on a ranch, a far cry from the city life she is used to.

The connection between Nora and Cade was immediate and strong.  But both are determined to ignore it.  Cade knows he needs to have all of his focus on his daughter and Nora the same.  Not to mention, she needs this job.  Allie is so lost but finds peace among the animals on the ranch.  Animals that were taken in, that needed her love as much as she needed theirs.  Together, these three that were brought together in a tragedy, find a sense of family.  Slowly Allie finds herself able to smile, laugh even.  But she can’t let go of a lifetime of the feeling of abandonment by her father.  This poor girl only knows that her mother, aunt and grandfather told her all of her life.  Sadly, very little of it was true.

Life at Heaven Can Wait is anything but boring.  There’s Tiny the pig, who is anything but tiny, and thinks she’s a dog.  She doesn’t hesitate to just let herself into the house, plop on the couch and watch television.  And a very ornery goat who gets into all kinds of trouble.  Then there’s the escape artist miniature pony who always steals my heart.  Add in several abandoned horses, various puppies and cats and you’ve got quite an interesting mixture.  All of this is the perfect place for Allie to heal, both physically and emotionally.

This was such a fun, sweet, sexy story.  Both Nora and Cade have made mistakes in their lives.  They have a chance at something special together but are they ready?  Can Allie and her dad make a life together?  I love my visits to this ranch and have fallen in love with all of the residents there.  So, get comfortable and get ready for a trip to Creedence, Colorado.  I hope you love it there as much as I do.
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How to Cowboy is the third Creedence Horse Rescue novel I've read by Jennie Marts, and it's a series I've been enjoying thus far. Ms. Marts seems to have found the right formula for a sweet, sensitive, sexy, yet somewhat troubled cowboy romance, but this one was also a bit troubling as well, and so it gets 3 stars from this reader.

Cade Callahan is the cowboy in question. As the novel opens, he's in a hospital gift shop trying to find a get well gift for his 13-year-old daughter, Allie, whom he hasn't seen, called, written or visited during the past 9 years, while he's been busy on the rodeo circuit. There was an incident when Allie was a toddler, Cade blamed himself, his ex-wife blamed him even more, and she certainly rebuffed the few attempts he made to contact or see his daughter, moving frequently, and leaving Cade in the dark about their whereabouts.

Allie is in the hospital because while she was in the car with her mother, there was car crash--we never learn how, what or why it happened, but as a result, Allie's mom is dead, attempts to reach someone on the maternal side of her family failed, but the news reached Cade, and he steps up and plans to take Allie back to his ranch to heal, not an easy choice since Allie's mom had badmouthed him for years. and his 9-year absence from Allie's life, made it quite clear to Allie that he didn't care about her at all.

To Allie, her dad is a stranger, she refers to him as SD or by his first name, but at least he had the good sense to hire a physical therapist, Nora, to help Allie recover from her injuries. Nora, who was working in a hospital and living with one of the doctors there, broke off that controlling relationship, and has been living in her mother's basement ever since, and she is sorely in need of employment. While the job helping Allie is temporary, at least it's a paycheck.

The attraction between Cade and Nora is almost instantaneous--apparently she tends to fall in love easily, and into bed very quickly, as does Cade, who was kept quite busy with the buckle bunnies who followed the rodeo. While Nora seems competent, charming, funny, caring, and capable, to say that her and Cade's behavior was ill-advised and unprofessional is putting it mildly. While I like a steamy, sexy romance, I felt that in this novel it was just too much and far too soon.

There were, however, some charming, hilarious, and sweet moments as Cade tries to be the father he'd not been up until now, and also with the menagerie at the horse rescue. As therapy for the injured heart goes, it's this reader's belief that getting close to animals is a good place to start, and there's quite a assortment at the ranch, from a goat that gets into everything, to pig who likes to watch TV, injured and abandoned horses, a cat, and even a litter of puppies. While Nora and animals help Allie physically and emotionally, her father does everything he can think of to befriend, care for her, and show her that she is loved, but she's 13--injured, hurt, angry and bitter, so it's an uphill battle, especially when her late mother's sister shows up and decides to remove her from Cade's care and take her back to her home in Denver.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the funnier moments in this novel, the charming and sometimes hilarious involvement with the small town residents, and Cade's attempts to be the father he should have been all along, I felt that the sexual relationship between Cade and Nora should have taken more of a back seat to Cade's slowly building a true and lasting relationship with his daughter. Nonetheless, it was, for the most part, an enjoyable and entertaining read, with the expected HEA ending. Not a bad read, but not a great one either.

I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this n0vel. The opinions stated are my own.
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Cade has retired from the rodeo; moved to Creedence Horse Rescue.  He will be closer to his daughter that he doesn’t have a close relationship.  After an accident he now has custody of his daughter she is thirteen not very happy to be with him.  He hires Nora Fisher a PT specialist to live on the ranch and help his daughter recover.
Allie doesn’t like the ranch until she finds she has the ability to connect to the animals.  Nora has never been on a ranch and is recovering from a previous relationship. 
NetGalley provided this book for me free for a review.  
I loved the story and the book was well written.
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This was an enjoyable read that gave me all kinds of feelings. I was so frustrated with Allie’s aunt and grandfather giving Cade such a hard time. He made a whole-hearted attempt at being the father he never had the chance to be because Allie’s mom kept him from being able to have a relationship with his daughter.  It’s such a shame that Allie had only heard negative comments about Cade - her opinion was skewed. 

Nora came out to the ranch to help Allie rehab from the accident that changed her life. Fortunately the job came at the perfect time when Nora’s life had been turned upside down. This has a fun romance element to go with the rest of the story. 

This book is part of a series and can be read as a standalone book but why would you limit yourself to just one wonderful story.
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Seriously LOVED this new story in the Horse Rescue series! Cade's daughter is injured in the accident that killed his ex-wife, and Nora comes to the "rescue" to help as her PT. Cade is thrust into the role of sole caregiver for his daughter and tries to fight the attraction to Nora. I so enjoyed this tale of grief and redemption as these two ladies learn How to Cowboy.
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Great Story!! I love reading cowboy romances and this is one of the best. Getting to know Cade, Nora and Allie was at times heartbreaking but it was also fun and romantic. I couldn’t put this book down once I started it and by the end I didn’t want it to stop.
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I received this free ARC from NetGalley.

I loved this book and fell in love with the characters from the start.

Jennie Marts is one of my favorite authors. I will always pick up anything she writes.
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Thank you Netgalley and SOURCEBOOKS Casablanca for my ARC of How to Cowboy. I absolutely loved this book. The story follows Cade and his estranged daughter Allie who goes to live him after her mother dies in a car crash. The love interest is Allie’s physical therapist Nora and the relationship between all 3 is heartbreaking at times and heartwarming at others. The only criticism I would have is how things with Allie’s extended family was dealt with at the end. I will definitely be reading more of Jennie Marts books though!
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Heaven Can Wait Horse Rescue is the setting for another poignant and sweet romance in Jennie Marts' Creedence Horse Rescue series. Former rodeo cowboy Cade Callahan gets a second chance to be the great father he needs to be for his injured daughter Allie who has lost her mother, Cade's ex-wife, in the auto accident that injured Allie. Add in out-of-a-job physical therapist Nora Fisher, hired to help Allie's recovery, to the mix and you have a wonderful story. I really like all the characters in this series. Plus you never know what crazy event will happen next - Nora's animal rescue comes to mind. I love this author's voice and look forward to more stories written by her.

I received an ARC and this is my honest review.
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We are back in Creedence, where individuals find a second chance in life and love.
This story belongs to former rodeo cowboy Cade, his estranged thirteen year old daughter, Allie, and physical therapist, Nora Fisher.
These three come together when Allie’s mother is killed in an accident. Allie has had very little contact with Cade, and sadly, her mother never had kind words about him. Cade carries a great deal of guilt about his relationship with his daughter, but now that Allie is alone, he’s determined to show her his love. Due to the accident, Allie needs help, so Nora moves to Creedence to be Allie’s physical therapist.
This is a story about three individuals who have greatly suffered emotionally and who feel they are not good enough to love and be loved, but who somehow find themselves not only connecting with each other, but also getting a second chance in life and love.
At times heartbreaking, this was a wonderful addition to the already much loved series.
I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley and Sourcebooks Casablanca. The opinions expressed are solely my own.
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I have read all the books in this series and enjoyed each one! I was excited to read How to Cowboy and returned to the town of Creedence and the wonderful people and animals, that I have become fond of in books one and two.

This book is not only a romance, but also a reuniting of father and daughter, who do not know each other very well.  The situation that leads to this is a heartbreaking accident, but it gives both Cade and his thirteen year old daughter, Allison a second chance at becoming a family again. It is a touching plot in the book and I was rooting for both of them to heal and accept the love offered from the other.

Of course, since this is a romance, there is definitely a connection between the therapist in town to help Allison, and Cade.  Their story was a joy to read, since they both needed to find strength to move forward, after a past that was haunting them, which they found in each other.  

I am sad that is this the final book in this series. I will miss reading about a pig, Tiny, that thinks she is a dog, a mini-horse named Shamus, that can escape his corral at will, and a goat, Otis that is always up to trouble.  I look forward to the next series that Jennie Marts creates.

I want to thank Sourcebooks Casablanca and NetGalley for giving me the pleasure of reading the advance reader copy, with no obligation to write a review. My review is written freely as a hobby, and is totally my own opinion, not influenced by receiving the ARC.
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Isn't it sad that it takes something bad to realize your priorities.

She sold all her stuff for a man?

Haha! Brave kid. I knew the horse was going for the apples.

I still think the puppy was a good idea. Allie needs to let it all out.

I hate Amber. Kids fall!

Gah. Geoff was awful.

I really want that house.

He is so whipped, it's great.

She is so lucky she got out of that abusive relationship.
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DNF at 46%.

Cade is a former rodeo rider turned farmer. When his ex is killed in a car accident he becomes guardian to his teenage daughter Allie and responsible for her rehab. Taken away from her home, her friends, her school, and the city (and obviously having lost her mother), Allie is lashing out, especially at Cade who has barely been in contact, albeit that was more to do with his ex making it difficult rather than him not caring.

Now Cade and Allie are back on the horse rescue ranch where he works and his cousin has hired a physiotherapist to live in and help Allie get mobility back. Nora had a catastrophic breakup which tanked her career as well as her love life, a live-in job helping a young girl to walk again, thousands of miles away seems like a great way to lick her wounds in peace.

From the moment they met Cade and Nora have serious sparkage, but with an injured child with abandonment issues to deal with is there any time for love?

I tried with this I really did but honestly ... Cade is fighting an uphill battle to prove to Allie that he does care and that he's in it for the long term, he loves his daughter but he *had* to leave her because of 'reasons' and he carries the guilt to this day (after nearly halfway through I don't know what happened, but I have a strong suspicion). Allie is scared he will walk away just when she's got attached so she attacks him at every opportunity. So Cade (as a mature man) is too stupid to keep it in his pants. Also, he blows hot and cold more often than my hairdryer.

And don't get me started on Nora, her entire life went up in flames because she was involved with a doctor at the hospital where she worked. So she thinks it's a good idea to sleep with the client's father?

I had to stop, I had swiped past the sex scenes but there was throbbing, wet shirts and every cliche under the sun as far as I can tell, but when Cade sleeps with Nora then shuts her down because of the aforementioned 'reasons' I started to grind my teeth.

Sorry, just not my cup of tea and I had to DNF at 46%, I can see how it's going to pan out and it's pretty predictable.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Cade has to learn to be a father to a daughter he barely knows. Allie has lost her mother and has to live with a father she doesn't trust and who has been made out to be a horrible person. Nora joins the family to help Allie heal but learns to be part of this crazy family. I enjoyed the journey all 3 had to take to learn to trust and love.
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“How to Cowboy”, by Jennie Marts (Sourcebooks Casablanca), is a delightful story with an experienced cowboy struggling to be the best dad, a giving heroine, a grieving, moody teenager and a cast of lovely human and animal characters.
Cade and Nora are both likeable characters, whose relationship quickly evolves from professional to romantic. Allie is a very realistic, believable teenager, central to the plot. She can be annoying and insufferable, but her mood swings are true to life.
The attraction is instantaneous but plausible.
This is as much about Cade and Nora as it is about the flow of affections between friends and family, including a set of animals helping in the main characters’ healing process.
There are some endearing, cute scenes involving the animals.
I liked having the hero’s point of view on things and seeing how he struggles to do the best for his daughter and for Nora. His clumsiness in certain areas is sweet.
I usually don’t appreciate that much the kind of story with women bonding and talking, but somehow I enjoyed this. Watching a new romance bloom between a shy hero and a single mom was entertaining, too
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I really enjoyed reading, How To Cowboy. I appreciated how Cade doesn't bad mouth his daughters mom. He let her believe that he was worthless and a bad dad. His daughter came to the conclusion all on her own that the things that her mom had told her was not all true. Really shows a mans worth. Nora sees how hard Cade is trying and falls in love hard. Country living looks good on her.
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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
I REALLY loved this book. Allie, Nora and Cade came together at just the right time. While they all have doubts and trust issues they learn to come together and are happy but Allies Aunt and Grandfather threaten to take all their new found happiness away. 
Can They all learn that together they can be a family through thick and thin?
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Thanks Netgalley for a arc copy of this book for a honest review..  
I don't really read stories about cowboy's. To be honest the cover is what got me wanting to read this book. I was not disappointed. How To Cowboy 🤠  was a very enjoyable read. I read this sweet book in on sitting  5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Happy Reading Lisa 📚 

Thanks Netgalley for a arc copy of this book for a honest review..  
I don't really read stories about cowboy's. To be honest the cover is what got me wanting to read this book. I was not disappointed. How To Cowboy 🤠  was a very enjoyable read. I read this sweet book in on sitting  5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Happy Reading Lisa 📚
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Loved this book!  Cade is a sexy, and somewhat damaged, cowboy working on his cousin's ranch.  When his ex-wife dies, he takes in his daughter, Allie. In addition to his own feelings of inadequacy, his ex had made him having a relationship with Allie almost impossible. However, as Allie starts to fall in love with the animals, Cade realizes the depth of his love for his daughter.   Nora is the the physical therapist that Cade hired to help Allie in her recovery from a car accident. Almost before they realize it, Nora and Cade begin to fall in love, even as their love for Allie grows.  

As challenges are thrown at them, they struggle to see if they could become a family.  Their story was engrossing and had a depth that made it interesting.  I found myself engaged in their story and wanting them to get their HEA ending.  This story is a winner and fans of the genre will love it - put this one at the top of your TBR list.  The author is on my must read authors' list.
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Cade can teach me how to cowboy any day. Delicious. Alas, he’s already given his heart to his daughter Allie and her physical therapist, Nora. Transition is the theme. Case has to learn how to be a father amd Allie needs to realize the world doesn’t always work out like we want. Nora needs to show more caution before rushing headlong into new romances. I have to say, the animals took center stage, again. From the adorable puppies, to the prissy pig, horses, and the wily goat who can change tv channels, they were the stars, allowing the humans to have some of the attention. Come to Colorado and see if you can get your cowboy.
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