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The illustrations in this book are amazing.  They are bright, colorful, funny, engaging, entertaining, and full of action.  Now if only the words could live up to that.  It’s a standard counting book “two happy crocodiles with sharp, white, teeth!”.  The words fall flat.  Maybe if the author tried to rhyme each number stanza this book would have been better.
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"3: Three sneaky racoons enjoying a tasty snack."

Simple and cute, this counting book features well-described animals in the middle of an action/activity they are known to do.
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Eating non-stop, taking long naps or swimming all the time. These are some of the animals' favorite activities.

Some animals are very friendly and love to play while others are able to stay still in the same position for so long that they look like statues.

There are also some that are very noisy and others with teeth so big that they scare us a little. All of them, with their own characteristics, are part of the great diversity that inhabits our planet.

With Animal 123 children will learn to count while discovering interesting things about some animals.

Animal 123 is a book very similar to Animal ABC, only in this case children will learn to count. 

Both are high quality, fun and didactic books that take learning to another level.
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The illustrations are engaging and fun. My toddler loves it and has asked for me to reread it. It looks like this will be a staple in our reading time for a long while!
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A lovely book to encourage counting in a fun way! I love the animals and actions of the animals as we count to twelve. 
The illustrations are really fun, bright colours to entice the little ones into the book. 

We enjoyed reading this together.
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Animal 123 is a cute number story for your littlest readers. I hope this is published in board book format because the simplicity of the story and illustrations would be perfect for babies and toddlers. I love that each illustration has some humor drawn into the animal combinations.
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Counting to twelve with some diverse animals in a fun and playful way. The quirky illustrations make this one fun.
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Thank you to the author, Quarto Publishing Group and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This is a wonderful, vibrantly colorful book with animals and numbers - it was a hit with the 3-year old I read it with. The variety of animals, the way they are portrayed moving across the page and the small details on each page are really well done. Not sure what the "fun facts" are, there were none apparent in my ARC, but would still highly recommend.
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The illustrations in this book are quite good and the bright colors definitely hold the interest of a little one. The book did count but I felt that it didn't really make much sense..the animals are all doing random things and it felt like it should rhyme but instead it just reads. This type of book to me seems like it'd be better off so you can almost read it or sing it easily with rhymes. I enjoyed the Animal ABC a lot more to read to my 2 year old.
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I read this book with my daughter and she absolutely loved it!

She loved reading the numbers out to me as we turned the pages and really joining in – it was a fun read for us! She knows her 1-10 from reading them but gets a bit wobbly after that so this was great to help her with 11 and 12.

She loved the types of animals of the different pages too and counting them – she is a massive fan of animals, nature and the natural world and she is due to start school in September this year so she is really enjoying learning and finding out new things

It was well laid out and had some fantastic illustrations!

It is 5 stars from us for this one, as a mum I thought that it was great too – easy to follow and easy to understand – very highly recommended
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Fantastic counting book!   This will be a great hit with a pre-K class, both in circle time and in small group/individual reading times.    The colors are bright and saturated and the illustrations are charming and funny--it's impossible not to smile while reading!  Kids will love laughing at the funny animals while they count!

I can't wait to add this to my collection of counting books!

Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review!
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I REALLY loved this book. I think what I like most about Nikolas Ilic's books is the bright colors and the crazy, sort of Tim-Burton-esque, illustrations of the animals. I love that they're not done all cute and cuddly, but have attitude and personality on each page. I'll definitely be buying this one!
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Review to come July 17th on blog/goodreads.

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So after the big success of the Animal ABC I just had to get the other book in the series as well, Animal 123! Yep, we are going counting with animals! And I also have plans to, when they come out on July 20th, to buy all the books (there is another one). These need to be on my shelf!

In this book we are going to be counting! With animals! Normal counting books go up to 10, maybe add 100, but this one goes up to 12! Each number has an animal. We get piranhas, cats, racoons, and more. I definitely liked seeing what animals we would get and also what they would be doing. Yes, this isn't just a "here are 5 of x animal" no, each number of animals is doing something fun. From swimming and grinning to rolling around in the mud. I had fun counting with this book and I can imagine that kids will absolutely love this cute and fun book!

The art was again very fabulous, this illustrator really got talent. I love that each of the animal was different from the other. For instance with the rabbits we get big rabbits, sleeping rabbits, small rabbits. Not one of them is the same. Often when I see books like this the animals are copy-pasted with maybe just a tiny bit of difference.

This book was fun! I am happy I had the chance to read it! I would highly recommend this book to parents whose kids need to learn numbers (and of course their ABCs). It is cute, it is funny, and it is playful. Learning made fun!
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Really enjoyed the illustrations of the animals in this! Lots of bright colors and also obviously informative with learning your numbers. I think young kids would love it.
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This was so a fun counting book! I was a little surprised it went to twelve and wish the book had a little more of an introduction. Overall, such a cute read with very good illustrations! 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a copy to honestly review.
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This was a cute story about counting different animals. Good for young readers like my toddler who loves to count all the different things in books when he reads. I liked the descriptive adjectives which could be used as additional learning tools such as the colors and sizes of the animals.

Thank you NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for the chance to read this ARC
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Great Introductory book for children learning their numbers as well as different type of animals. I can see this being a great interactive book to read to your child(ren) or a classroom where you are looking to teach numbers/animals. I also love how vivid the colors used as well as the illustrations.
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This book offers vivid, amusing animals and a colorful background for each page. Adults will probably enjoy this counting book, that covers the numbers one to twelve, as much as the children with whom they share it.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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I'm not quite sure about the facts we are supposed to learn that the blurb mentions, as those weren't evident in my proof copy.  But this counting board book is really a cool example – wonderfully comedic designs, ultra-vivid colouring, and something to leave a smile with every new page.  The way the frogs reminded me of a Bottersnike with Sam Eagle's monobrow is a cultural reference too far, perhaps, but shows this to be really on point with generations of kids book imagery.  Marvellous.
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