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Lombard's novel is super funny and charming. While there are some chapters that drag and the plot can sometimes move too slow then too fast, it is still a lot of fun. This will be an enjoyable read for any lover of historical fiction. Be aware that this does have some adult themes, and I would recommend this book for some 17+.

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This novel is a fun take on the uptight regency romances told by other historical authors. Not that I dislike the average regency stories it just gets difficult to inject a little fun into a time period when women were property and their choices in the stronger sex were not of their choosing..
But Grace has other plans and does just fine for herself till her identity is exposed and along comes her new protector, Seamus.
This is a wonderful refreshing novel for this historical period and Grace is a great role model even to those of us today set in our ways.
I will be looking forward to book two and any other novels by the author, Emma Lombard, as she tells a fast-paced yet informed novel with great characters,

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Grace Baxter has always been considered what one would call a willful child and as an adult she is definitely not submissive to her parents rule. After overhearing her parents trading her to a odious lecher she changes herself into a young boy. Grace ends up on the ship of Lieutenant Seamus Fitzwiilliam who she knows and has a crush. However, this is a surveying vessel and is going into some dangerous waters.
Grace ends up exposing who she is and things change not only between her and the Lieutenant, but to some of the nastier crewmen.

This book is fascinating in the descriptive writing and the sealife of young boys who were traded to work on the ships. The book kept evolving just enough that you wanted to know more. I didn’t know that there was going to be a book two and so I was disappointed in the ending, but overall I definitely would recommend this book.

I received a free advanced copy from NetGalley and these are my willingly given thoughts and opinions.

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I'm a sucker for a good girl-in-disguise story. This one is OK. I think it's a bit too careful, though, and too much is described via dialogue. It comes across as over-expository minus a good sense of atmosphere, which prevented the reading experience from ever being fully enjoyable for me.

Grace is a bit of a frustrating character; she just doesn't have a clue how to pull off a disguise, which makes me wonder why she even bothered. Her feelings for Lieutenant Fitzwilliam came and went and I didn't really buy her early interest in him.

If I'm being honest, the story became less interesting once Grace's deceit was revealed. I expected more adventure, but it really was just a traditional courtship romance, albeit on a ship and not in a ballroom.

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Discerning Grace by Emma Lombard is an absolutely beautiful work of historical fiction! It checked many of the critical boxes I look for in historical-fiction that make it an engrossing and pleasurable read!

This novel boasts a strong female protagonist in nearly impossible situations, but does what she needs do! A cast of interesting characters described to impress upon the reader’s mind with clarity, descriptive backgrounds and places, smart witty dialogue, and a lovely twist at the end that I didn't see coming! This and more makes it one of my favorite reads of 2021, having been captivated with the main character (Grace), and the plot from first page to last.

I have not read anything from this author prior to reading/listening to this novel, but Emma Lombard is on my radar and I’ll be sure to check out her other works, including books 2 and 3 that follow in this series. I love her writing style - it’s Impeccable, and there is no foul language.

Absolutely 5 STARS ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My thanks to NetGalley, the Publisher, and Emma Lombard, for an advanced digital copy in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own. #DiscerningGrace

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A story about two people who find each other in the most unusual of circumstances. Grace is a strong character who doesn't back down from what she believes in. The rapport between her and the crew is really well written. Seamus got on my nerves a bit with how highhanded he could be. But his character does evolve. There was a twist at the end that I didn't see coming. Overall a fun sea faring adventure story.

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