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First, as painful as it is, I have an admission. I'm batting zero on figuring out whodunnit in any of Rosenfelt's Andy Carpenter books before the big reveal. What is surprising is that somehow that doesn't matter. I'm long since stopped trying to figure things out and just enjoy the ride.

Oddly enough, since I normally avoid books about murder and things like explosions and mob hits, I absolutely adore this series and have discovered that once I start reading I'm almost compelled to finish asap. Even more amazing, it's reluctant hero/lawyer Andy Carpenter's self-deprecating sense of humor and the well rounded characters who surround him that keep me coming back, not the desire to figure out the guilty party before the author discloses it.

I won't even attempt to detail the plot, which is complicated with many twists and turns and corruption in the highest places, but will simply say it starts with his beloved Tara finding a body in the snow during their regular walk. Although Andy is trying his best to retire, he finds himself the defense lawyer for the accused, a friend and associate of one of Andy's best friends. All the usual faces are there, including the inscrutable Marcus, and his team sets out to do what they do best, find the truth. Oh, did I mention Andy almost gets killed in the process. His wife, an ex-cop who is the one with the well placed shot that saves him simply says she's glad she saved him as she doesn't think she's up for tackling the dating game again. See what I mean about humor?

Finally, of course there are dogs. The Andy Carpenter series has been built around the love that Andy (and author David Rosenfelt) have for dogs. Not only does Tara set things in motion by digging through the snow and finding a body, but there's a new Golden Retriever in town, Duchess. She and her reluctant care-taker, Vince, provide several humorous moments.

So, if you like dogs, complicated mysteries that somehow manage to combine humor and mayham, people you'll wish you knew, and the dynamics of friendship and family, you'll enjoy "Best in Snow". Daisy, who I have cautioned against finding any bodies during our daily walks, gives this one four paws up and a tail wag. 

Thanks to #NetGallery and #StMartinsPress for the advanced copy.
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This book was awesome. It starts out with Andy's dog Tara finding a body, which turns into a ton of murders. THis is highly political, and at the turn of the each page you never knew what was going to happen. I look forward to going back to read the previous stories in this series. THis can be read as a standalone.

** I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review**
Was this review helpful?'s getting so a guy can't even take his dogs for a walk without tripping over a body. 

The story begins during what happens to be the week before most parts of America. However, in the Carpenter household it's also known as OMGIT'SALMOSTXMAS. Laurie may be enjoying the festive atmosphere but Andy is desperate. 

In a bid to escape all the falala-ness, he decides to take his herd of dogs for a walk in the fresh snow. It seemed like such a good idea at the time. Then he let Tara off the leash...

"She expected a squirrel and instead got a mayor."

Tara's enthusiastic dashing through the snow first reveals a hand. Connected to an arm, followed by a body. Andy's disbelief turns to shock as he recognizes the victim.....Alex Oliva, (former) Mayor of Paterson. There's only one thing to do. Call buddy/cop Pete Stanton & make it his problem. Or at least that was the plan.

If you've read any of this series, you know Andy is an attorney with an impressive work ethic when it comes to avoiding clients.  But once again, the universe conspires against him. Police quickly arrest former reporter Bobby Nash. He used to work with Vince, editor of the local paper & Andy's drinking buddy. This is a problem for Vince. And after some arm-twisting,  it's also a problem for Andy. Unbelievable....looks like he's back in business. But there is a silver lining. He now has a legit excuse to avoid the most perilous event of the season....Tree Decorating Day. 

I've read a whack of these & obviously something keeps me coming back. I could talk about recurring characters who feel like neighbours or witty dialogue that always entertains. Then there are the dogs.....such a pushover for a story with furry people. Reasons enough to add one of these to your TBR pile.

But what might get lost in the shuffle is the fact each book also contains a smart & intricately plotted mystery. You may begin by laughing/groaning at Andy's antics but before you know it, you're a wee bit nervous about where they'll find the next body. Rosenfelt likes to let you follow the bad guys in alternate chapters. Your job is trying to figure out how they tie in to the story & when they'll inevitably run into Andy (hopefully accompanied by Marcus, the human steamroller). 

As usual, a great combination of laughs & eeks and humour & drama. And dogs....did I mention the dogs?
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No matter how bad my mood might be, hand me the new Andy Carpenter mystery and I leave the bad mood behind. This series is also one of those very rare series that i also must have in audio because Grover Gardner is THE perfect narrator.
I could stop my review right here, say trust me, you need to read this book but I'll add some more. Andy Carpenter is determined to stay retired, full stop. Since he is very wealthy due to an inheritance from his father (that's a great thread that runs through several early books until he finds out how it came to be) retirement should be a doddle. After all he has the Tara Foundation, named for his Golden Retriever - the most fantastic dog on the planet -and dog rescue is his passion. More than once the dog connection has made him take a case. The cases sneak up on him and trap him. This time the dog connection is made by his beloved Tara while on an innocent evening walk in the snow. She finds the murdered body of the mayor of Patterson and it isn't long before the police have arrested a suspect and yes, Andy is headed for the courtroom, struggling all the way to avoid it. Supported by his quirky team - his ex-cop wife, Laurie, now a PI with her own business, Marcus, a man of very, very few words (but boy, is he impressive), Edna who "runs" his office (can't say works, never that) and assorted other team members they manage to win their case.
The mystery is always top notch. Andy is faced with a client who seems destined to be wearing orange for the rest of their days but Andy saves the day. The clues, red herrings, bad guys, numerous threads, all suck the reader in and won't let go. Add great family and friends and a big dose of humor, this is a 'not to be missed' series. I can't wait to get my hands of #25, Holy Chow, due out July 5, 2022.
My thanks to the publisher St. Martin's and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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This is pretty much identical to all of the other books in the series. An innocent person is charges with murder and Andy and his team figure out what really happened. There are numerous references as to how much he loves his dogs, wife and son. There are tons of quips that greatly overshadow the plot.

In this installment Andy's dog, Tara., finds a dead body in the woods. It happens to be that of the mayor. 

I can't explain why I like these books so much. The plots are really a small part of the stories. Andy's comments are really what keep me coming back. I read my first just a few months ago and have quickly gone through almost the whole series. The audio books are great. I learned that if I play at double speed or a little more they last about the same time as a shift weeding my garden. 

Basically, if you like one of the series, you like them all. And I do.
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Oh no!  Andy and Tara, out for a walk, find the body of the Mayor of Patterson, NJ, in the snow.  And then- even more oh no- his buddy Vince convinces him to defend Bobby, a young reporter who is alleged to have committed the crime.  Seems Bobby had tried to expose the Mayor's activities and was skunked by- wait for it- the woman whose garage explodes, killing her.  Bobby himself is in the hospital from a poisoning and car crash.   Whew.  Rosenfelt has written a classic Andy Carpenter, with crooks and twists, and smart lawyering.  Fans of the series know not to get too committed to any one theory and to watch out for red herrings.  I adore this series as much for the characters as for the mysteries and must regretfully report there's precious little of the gang here (Marcus makes a cameo, Laurie's busy with Christmas, the Bubele squad is working away) but that's ok because I found myself caught up in the twists.  Thanks to netgalley for the ARC.  And now Vince has a dog...
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Twenty-four books in, and the Andy Carpenter mystery series is still going strong! Andy, our reluctant defense attorney, is busy getting ready for his wife Laurie’s extended Christmas season, mostly by walking the dogs and staying out of her way. It’s on one of these walks that his favorite pooch, Tara, makes a grisly discovery. Not only has Tara found a dead body buried beneath an unexpected snowfall, the corpse happens to be that of their mayor, Paterson, New Jersey’s Alex Oliva.

Andy figures that reporting the find and giving his witness statement will be the extent of his involvement with the case, until young reporter Bobby Nash falls under suspicion for the mayor’s murder. Bobby was a protege of Andy’s good friend Vince Sanders, editor of the local paper, and had in fact been working for Vince when he broke the story of Mayor Oliva accepting illegal donations from prominent businessman Richard Minchner. After Bobby’s proof was shown to have been falsified, followed by his source denying any association with the allegations, Bobby was forced to leave the paper. 

Vince still believes in his former employee, and knows for a fact that the younger man would never have murdered anyone. So he turns to Andy for help. Andy, of course, demurs, offering instead:

“I can recommend someone really good.”

“Not as good as you. Come on, Andy, you owe me one.”

“I owe you one? From when?” One major favor has been done in our relationship, a long time ago, and it was done by me for Vince.

“Let me put it another way. If you ever needed me, I would be there for you, and then you would owe me one. It’s not my fault you’ve never needed me. You have only yourself to blame.”

And so Andy finds himself in the position of representing Bobby, who is shortly thereafter found unconscious in his crashed car some distance from the crime scene, seriously impaired from the drugs and alcohol in his bloodstream. Bobby doesn’t remember a thing beyond having gone out for a few drinks the night the mayor died, but is pretty certain that he didn’t kill the guy. 

Experienced trial lawyer Andy is hardly going to believe in a person’s innocence just on their say so, especially with all the evidence mounting up against his new client. But as the body count rises and more murders are attempted, he becomes more convinced not only in Bobby’s blamelessness but also in the importance of finding the real killer before the entirety of Paterson is thrown into chaos or worse. To do this, Andy and his team will have to delve into a seedy world of politics and criminal organizations to unravel a conspiracy long in the making, while presenting their best defense for a client who, on the face of it, looks incredibly guilty.

And that’s one of the biggest charms of this series, how Andy and his crew cleverly investigate to solve complex murders while also battling in the courtroom to convince a jury of their client’s innocence. The puzzles of David Rosenthal’s fast-paced, twisty plots are always a delightful mental exercise, even as the dog- and humanity-loving hearts of the novels shine through. In this latest installment, we also get to see a little more of why Andy hates his job so much, as he evaluates how he feels once he’s finished closing arguments:

I head back to the defense table; my legs feel like they are made of concrete. This is the worst feeling of all, and I experience it in every case. 

It’s over. It’s done. There is no longer anything I can do; it is totally out of my hands.

It is a lack of control and fear that I did not do enough that literally leaves me nauseous.

This is why I have been trying to retire.

But there’s no rest for the wicked awesome, and Andy will have to put off giving up his license for another book as he seeks to keep an innocent man out of prison. Filled with the series’ trademark humor and the idiosyncratic cast of characters fans like me have come to know and love, Best In Snow is another terrific mystery showcasing the smarts and self-deprecating wit of the best criminal defense attorney any innocent person accused of a crime could ever want in their corner. The world needs more Andy Carpenters, but in lieu another great Andy Carpenter tale will have to do.
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This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader.
After a snowstorm dumps a healthy amount of snow on the ground, Andy takes his dogs for a walk. Tara, his beloved golden retriever goes digging in that snow and uncovers a body. Not just any body, it turns out, but the mayor.

The evidence points to a reporter that used to work for Andy's friend, Vince, at his paper. Despite this scandal that he kicked off last year centering on the mayor, Vince believes him and supports him the best he can. One way Vince supports the reporter is that he gets Andy to defend him.

Also, instead of Andy taking in the suspect's dog for the duration of the trial, Vince does it this time. Vince is not a dog person—he's not much of a people person, either, so readers can imagine how his housing the dog will go.

I'm pretty sure I've said this (or something like it) before—it's hard to track in a 24 book series just what I've said. But these Andy Carpenter books literary comfort food. You know what you're going to get, you know you like it, and it just makes you feel good.

For example, you know when it gets to the part about jury deliberation, Andy's going to say and do a few things. And it's just as enjoyable to see him say that in this book as it was 20+ books ago.

That said? Rosenfelt managed to surprise me a couple of times and did some stuff in the courtroom that I haven't seen from him before.

In the last few years that Rosenfelt has been doing these Christmas-y themed books, I've always been mildly surprised at how low little "Holiday Content" there is in the book. This one seemed to be the lightest on Christmas/New Year's material.

Yeah, the weather and dates help ground the action and show how fast things are moving in terms of the trial. But there's not much more to it than that. Basically, this is just an excuse to get another Andy Carpenter book this year. And I'm fine with that.

I really enjoyed this—the case was a good puzzle. The courtroom antics and strategies were up to Rosenfelt's usual standards (maybe a little better than some). The little bit of action that crept in (mostly involving Marcus) was great, too.

The members of Andy's team were as entertaining as usual and, of course, so were the dogs (including Vince's new charge).

If you're a long-time reader of the series, you know what you're going to get here—with a couple of surprises. If you haven't tried this series yet, you really should—this is as good a place as any. But once you start, you'll have a hard time stopping. That's not a warning, that's an assurance.

Disclaimer: I received this eARC from St. Martin's Press via NetGalley in exchange for this post—thanks to both for this.
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The mayor is murdered and attorney Andy Carpenter is set to defend another client that he really didn’t want. Andy’s friend Vince implores him to take the case of his former reporter Bobby Nash. Bobby is accused of murdering the mayor, and is arrested, although he knows nothing about the mayor’s death or how he ended up in the hospital. Bobby is worried about his dog (which impresses Andy who loves dogs more than people) and Andy agrees to meet with him. As with all Andy Carpenter cases, they soon spiral out of control from a case of murder to two murders and crooked politics with a touch of organized crime. As soon as I know a new book is on the way, I look forward to spending time with Andy, all of the recurring and entertaining characters and a complicated mystery. Andy is always sarcastic and witty, but has a unique way of processing a case and is familiar with how far he can “push the limits” to defend his client. A must-read series! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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I love spending time with Andy, Laurie, Tara, and all the gang!  This was another great read in this series.   If I"m ever in trouble, I hope Andy, Laurie, and Marcus have my back.   

Thank you to Minotaur Books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book.
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David Rosenfelt’s latest novel “Best in Snow” can best be described as “comfort food.” Anyone who has read Mr. Rosenfelt’s previous novels will be familiar with the cast of characters - Andy Carpenter, Laurie (his wife), Ricky (his son), Pete Stanton and Vince Sanders ( his sports and drinking buddies) and, of course, the cohorts surrounding his law practice - Edna, Marcus, Sam, etc. There are also the dogs who always figure prominently in his stories.

Andy is a young, wealthy, retired attorney who is reluctantly forced to take on another case wherein his client appears to be guilty. We all always know that Andy will have conflicts along the way and that he and his team will uncover all the evidence required to prove his client’s innocence. The twists and turns are always challenging but it is Andy’s personality and sarcastic wit that always makes reading the novels very interesting and most enjoyable.

I highly recommend the book to new readers as well as to those who have been loyal fans of David Rosenfelt’s novels.

I thank NetGalley and Minotaur Books for the opportunity to read and review this book prior to its publication on October 19, 2021.
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Once again Andy Carpenter gets caught up in a murder case when he is asked to defend a young reporter.  Andy only wants to enjoy the snow, and he certainly does not want to be in the courtroom but as a favor to the the local newspaper editor Vince, he takes the case.  Things are not looking good for the accused and it is all Andy and the team can do to try to figure out what happened.  Another great Andy Carpenter book from David Rosenfelt.  I love these books and hope that Andy will continue to "not want to do any lawyering" for a long time to come.
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I received an advance copy of, Best in Snow, by David Rosenfelt.  This book was not a heart warmer.  Its a story about a crime, and  a trail.  There are surprises along the way.
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Andy Carpenter and crew are back and just as funny, snarky and endearing as ever. All the usual suspects show up with the most important participant Tara making an appearance. They all do their part to try to make sure an innocent man doesn't go to jail and to save the rest of us from boredom. David Rosenfelt has a formula that works and he doesn't disappoint in Best in Snow.
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4.3  Fun Stars
I am a big Andy fan. This is #24 in the series and #18 for me.

For those us who have read and know Andy we were pleased to hear that Edna is getting married. Edna is in her mid-sixties and has worked ~oops has been employed for over 20 years. Yep back in the days when Andy was a busy Attorney. Since he came into a larger inheritance he doesn’t actually ‘work’!  
Edna calls herself his Office Assistant, Executive Secretary actually has given herself many titles but she does NOT work in fact, hates it and does everything to avoid it. Well!  She is marrying David who is retiring and owns twelve Taco Bells ~ so Edna can leave Andy Right?

In the meantime, she wants David to meet Andy’s family ~ wife Laurie and son Ricky so invited herself over for coffee. As the evening goes on and many cups of coffee are served, Andy and Laurie are hoping Edna and David will soon leave. Additionally, since it is November and Laurie loves Christmas so has been playing Christmas music for hours. Andy not is not a fan and decides it is time to walk the dogs!

There are three dogs now  ~ Tara, according to Andy a golden retriever like no other; also Sebastian a sweet basset hound Andy has told as before that Sabastian takes walks with the speed of your average refrigerator! The newest addition is Hunter a pug. 
David joins them even though it is in the middle of snowstorm. 
As they are walking in the snow in a near-by park Tara, smells something buried in the snow. Yep a body and it is Alex Olivia, the mayor!!
 Thus begins Andy’s involvement in defending the accused and of course, finding whodunit!

 I know I spent a lot of time on Enda but the recurring characters are so much fun. In fact, they typically have me laughing out loud! I do enjoy author, David Rosenfelt’s wit.
 I especially love the audio as narrator Grover Gardner IS Andy Carpenter. In fact, as I am reading I can hear Mr. Gardner’s deadpan voice in my head!
As in most of Andy’s stories there is courtroom drama which I LOVE!
Also am so happy that the fun ‘Movie Talk’ returned ~ I sure missed it in the past few stories!
No spoiler but are you wondering if ……
…..   there will be the traditional “Victory Party”?

Want to thank NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press ~ Minotaur Books for this eGalley. This file has been made available to me before publication in an early form for an honest professional review.  
Publishing Release Date scheduled for October, 19, 2021
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Another great Andy Carpenter story. If I ever get arrested for anything I hope it is in New Jersey so that Andy can represent me. Without giving anything away I’ll just sat that Mr. Carpenter takes on an impossible case and comes out on top once again.
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Best in Snow by David Rosenfelt continues the saga of lawyer Andy Carpenter and his extended family and friends.  It is always a joy to have another one of these books to read.
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It’s Christmas time and a snowstorm has dumped two feet of snow on Paterson, New Jersey, the home of attorney Andy Carpenter.  When Andy and his Golden Retriever, Tara, go for a walk, she discovers the body of the mayor instead. Because of a previous altercation with the mayor, a young newspaper reporter quickly comes under suspicion. As the evidence continues to pile up, Andy, the ever-reluctant attorney, agrees to take the case. 

As always, David Rosenfelt has delivered another enjoyable book with Andy Carpenter and the gang. Told with his trademark humor, Best in Snow is a good, well-paced mystery with a variety of characters, some courtroom drama, and snappy dialogue.  It’s a great read for a lazy afternoon.  Andy Carpenter fans, as well as newcomers to the series, will enjoy this latest entry.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for providing a copy of this book for review.
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This Andy Carpenter mystery is one of David Rosenfelt's best.  All his great characters are back and ready to solve a mystery that keeps the reader guessing.  This time a newspaper reporter is accused of a murder he couldn't have committed (two, in fact) and Andy and the gang have to prove his innocence and figure out the real culprit.  It includes corrupt government schemes and organized crime and is filled with dogs (of course) and Rosenfelt's witty humorous dialogue.  As a true blue Michigan fan I was especially pleased that Andy wants his son Ricky to play football at the University of Michigan!  I love this series and am never disappointed but this addition is one of his best.
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Best in Snow is the 24th (!!!) Andy Carpenter legal procedural mystery by David Rosenfelt. Due out 16th Oct 2021 from Macmillan on their Minotaur imprint, it's 320 pages and will be available in hardcover, audio, and ebook formats. It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links throughout. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately; it makes it so easy to find information with the search function. 

This is a holiday themed, dog filled, legal procedural murder mystery and very much in the vein of the other books in the series. It's an ensemble cast and it's always a lot of fun to see how much work office manager Edna can avoid, how long it'll take Andy to figure out exactly what's going on, and how many burgers, beers, and fries his friends Vince and Pete can get him to buy at their regular sports bar, Charlie's. 

I can't think of many series which continue to be genuinely funny, genuinely warm, not derivative, and so cleverly plotted as the Carpenter mysteries. The author is on my must-read list and I really enjoyed this installment very much. It's exciting and tightly plotted but not too graphic. There is no sexual content (excepting the occasional sweetly goofy double entendre between Andy and his wife, Lorie). The language is mostly clean (PG rated). The characters are very well delineated at this point and it feels like they live and breathe. Although it's the 24th book in the series, it works perfectly well as a standalone and would make a good entry into the series as a whole. 

The audiobook has a run time of 6 hours and 51 minutes and is expertly narrated by Grover Gardner who manages to juggle the various local accents and characters of all ages and both sexes without problems. I found myself grinning and laughing along several places with the wonderful narration. The read was definitely enhanced by the narrator. I especially loved his interpretation of Vince and Pete (Andy's best buddies). The sound and production quality are high throughout the recording.

Five stars for both the text and audiobook versions. All around fun read. 

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.
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