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Lord Somerton's Heir

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An adorably fluffy historical romance, this book was so light it could float away - right up until the 3rd act crisis when things escalated VERY quickly. Nothing quite like putting both MCs in peril to up the stakes and get the reader pulling for them!

The settings and historical accuracy were well-done, with nothing to shake the reader from the cosy world of Lord Somerton. 

I loved both the leads, and was desperate for them to capitulate to their feelings the entire time. I don’t even like second-chance romance normally and yet really enjoyed this book.
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'‘Lord Somerton's Heir' was a delightful and cozy historical read.

Sadly the romance was a bit disappointing.  Not only was it overshadowed by the murder mystery plot point, but the hero and heroine went from zero to 'in love' in the blink of an eye. There was no build-up.
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Having read and enjoyed Alison’s Australian colonial tales, I was eager to step back to Regency England for a change of scene. Suffering from Bridgestone Blues, it was time to find a fix somewhere else and I am happy to say Lord Somerton’s Heir more than fits the bill.

This is classic stuff and highly entertaining. Alison gives this Regency romance some real drama with a fabulous murder mystery. There is the mandatory handsome hero and a wise widow, along with a solid cast of other characters that bring real depth to this great getaway. Add to the standard plot of redemption some evil blackmailers, a couple of murders ending with an edge of your seat final coach chase across the English countryside which is all neatly tied together with a romantic bow for good measure. 

Regency England comes to life from a lavish ball, to the other end of the spectrum with the lengths some poor souls needed to go to in order to survive. What I truly appreciated was how Alison subtlety brought to light the very real struggle of how the aristocracy lived beyond their means, often with the cost of running such estates moving beyond them. 

I very much enjoyed my trip to Regency England - a sweet romance and murder mystery - with Alison’s words flowing at an easy and enjoyable pace that kept me engaged to the very end. 

‘She was free, but at what price came that freedom? … To attain freedom, first she had to find Lord Sommerton’s heir.’

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Sebastian Alder’s is the new Lord Somerton. He inherited the title and estate after his cousins death.
Isabel his late cousins widow is keen to move on from her unhappy marriage and finally open her charity school but her dreams are shattered as she is now penniless and dependent on the new Lord Somerton. Can Isabel and Sebastian together save the estate from ruin.

This is the first time I have read this author and I will definitely be reading more. I absolutely loved this book. Everything I love in an Historical Romance was in this book, history, romance and mystery. The story had me hooked from the first page. I enjoyed the characters even the unlikable ones and there was a few of those in this book.
Great story that was beautifully written.
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Alison Stuart is well on her way to becoming one of my favourite authors! She had me with this book from page one as soon as I realised it was set in the Regency period. I seriously love Georgette Heyer and this read just like one of her books (except for the scene where they go a little further than kissing and we know Miss Heyer's characters never went further than kissing). Sebastian and Isobel made a lovely couple, the goodies were all very good, the baddies were very bad and got their just desserts . 

All very satisfying and written in a very readable style. A real pleasure to read.
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Alison Stuart is always meticulous with her research and that was certainly the case with Lord Somerton’s Heir. Set predominantly in 1815 just after the Battle of Waterloo, the book very clearly outlines the conditions faced by the wounded upon their return to England. I was immediately immersed into all the grime and horror as Isabel, Lady Somerton searched among the wounded for her late husband’s heir. 
The story itself is excellent and offers a combination of history, mystery and romance that ensures there is always something to keep you turning the pages. I loved Isabel and Sebastian and found their story thoroughly entertaining.
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Isabel, Lady Somerton has finally found the new heir, Lord Somerton. After the death of her husband, she finds Sebastian Alder, having suffered injuries during the battle of Waterloo, disbelieving of his inheritance. Sebastian is not only recovering from his injuries but also suffers from the memory of his wife’s death. When he learns of the mysterious circumstances of his cousin's demise, he must also look for a potential murderer yet cannot believe that it could be Isabel. Sebastian must now try to discover the murderer whilst trying to save the estate from the unpaid bills and the relatives who rely on him.
A slow yet steady romance wrapped around the mystery of Lord Somerton’s death. Isabel and Sebastian were a couple whose past threatened to destroy them, yet their romance provided a future for them both. The romance is more in the background with the mystery behind the murder playing a greater part in this book
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After reading some other books by this author I was very pleased to see that this new historical romance has had a nice little mystery included in it too. It isn’t quite a cozy mystery but it had you wondering and guessing from page one.  The characters were beautifully written and the story flowed at a pace that had you turning the page to see what would happen next. I have enjoyed all the different eras and nationalities this author writes and am looking forward to seeing what she writes next.  There was no sex in this book but lots of romance which also made this review very happy.  I received this book as an Arc and freely give my review.
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