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Hematite is a vampire but she doesn't want to drink blood and be like all the other vampires. Against her parents' wishes, she chooses to go to school with the other supernatural creatures and even has a crush on a human boy.
I must say, the first page nearly put me off continuing as the text was extremely hard to read. I was so glad it didn't stay like that, it was definitely worth sticking with the book. It's quite short but it still made me care so much about Hematite and everything she goes through. I love her friendship with Drunela, it's so sweet. I really liked the illustration style too, and the colours.
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The artstyle of this was adorable and I absolutely loved it. The story and characters are really great and loveable, I really liked the concept and it was well executed. It felt a little bit short, but I can't wait to find out what happens next, especially after that cliffhanger.
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This was not what I expected it to be. The story turned out to be a lot darker than I thought. It was a nice read though. I thought the character of Hematite was quite interesting, she is fragile and strong at the same time, and I enjoyed her friendship with Drunela. In terms of plot, this is more like an introduction. The world is being built and we get the basis of the characters. I think the next volume will be a bit more intense, a bit more interesting.
The art is really nice. It has that dark atmosphere that goes really well with dark fantasy sotry. There were lots of times where dialogues were not needed and the drawings were sufficient in itself.
I recommend this graphic novel to people of all ages who enjoy dark fantasy.
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Unfortunately I was way too late and did not read this book. Apologizes for the inconvenience this may have caused.
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I got this on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!

This is a weird one because on one hand I really liked it but I also didn't? Like, the worldbuilding was interesting, I liked the characters and the story, but I spent a lot of this being confused! I went back a lot throughout this because I was sure I had accidentally missed something or skipped a page or something, but it was just that it is very heavy on the "things that happened before but not in the story". That was also when I realized that I just wished the worldbuilding was done in a more extensive way! Because I desperately wanted to know more about the specifics of this universe, but sadly it was never answered. I also wish we got to see more of the characters in general and grow more attached to them, because the ending shocked me, but made me feel nothing. 

The story felt kind of "this happened, and then this, and now this.", and it sucks because it really had it going for it! It wasn't BAD necessarily, but very lacking!
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I absolutely loved reading this, the art style is so cute and the colour scheme is to die for. we follow hematite, who is a vampire and her human friends. it was quite short, but i had a great time nontheless.
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I enjoyed this graphic novel. The art style was really cute as well. I would probably be interested in hunting down any future books to see where the story goes.
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Em 'Hematite' um drama para jovens adultos, repleto de monstros da literatura e cinema de horror, fala sobre romance, amizade e aventuras da juventude. Além disso também mostra conflitos geracionais entre pais e filha, bem como discriminação e pré julgamentos entre espécies.

As ilustrações têm uma paleta terrosa que confere à história a sensação de uma ambientação em tempos remotos, um tanto soturno e fantasioso. Ansiosa por um próximo volume e seus desdobramentos. 


In 'Hematite' a drama for young adults, filled with monsters from horror literature and cinema, talks about romance, friendship and adventures of youth. In addition it also shows generational conflicts between parents and daughter, as well as inter-species discrimination and pre-judgements.

The illustrations have an earthy palette that gives the story the feel of a setting in ancient times, somewhat grim and fantastical. Looking forward to the next volume and its developments. 

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The artwork is really cute but the story didn’t really draw me in. This felt more middle grade than teen/ya so maybe I wasn’t the best audience for it. 

Thank you NetGalley, author and publisher for the arc in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Hematite is anything but the vampire her family wants her to be. She also struggles to fit in as the only vampire in her diverse school. Though she finds solace in her poetry, her draugr friend, Drunella, and human crush, Emilie, Hematite’s differences seem to only land her in trouble.

I enjoyed meeting Hematite and the cast of quirky characters (including a scarecrow, werewolf, and draugr). Though lighthearted, this YA explores issues like failing to conform to societal norms. I loved the dark academia art style and the change of heart we see towards the end. Definitely felt a bit short, but I’m excited for the next volume!

Thanks NetGalley and Europe Comics for my copy!
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Growing up is hard – drama at school, fights with parents, resisting conformity, and even lost loves. Now, imagine how hard it would be in a world where all manner of monster, from Draugr to werewolves, all go to the same school and try to stay out of trouble with the added magic of the occult sprinkled in. This is the world where Hematite, perhaps the most unorthodox vampire, lives in. Hematite has eschewed the social norms of her people to go to an integrated all-monster sort of school. this drives her parents insane just as much as her forays into some sort of vampiric version of veganism does. Why can’t she go to the stuffy Academy school all the other vampires attend? Hematite isn’t just another vampire, and is tired of how society perceives her people, but is sometimes haunted by her own nature.

“Hematite is a young vampire who is trying to find her way. As a member of the illustrious Blackwood family, she faces pressure to conform to high society standards, but such grandstanding isn’t for her. And neither is drinking blood—she’d rather have vegetable soup! So it is that she opts for the more diverse Wolven School, rather than joining the ranks of her fellow vampires at the Diaemus Academy. Being different can be hard, though, and doesn’t always help to make friends. Luckily for Hematite, she has her poetry, as well as Drunela—a draugr who won’t let their differences keep them apart—and Emile, a human boy fascinated by the occult who would just love to take a peek at the Blackwoods’ private library. Unfortunately, bridging societal divides isn’t always easy, and can lead to terrible consequences…”

This is a fun little fantasy book that has it’s darker moments, but isn’t a “horror story” per se. Aside from a few slashes of claws, and a probably reversible death at one point, there are not very many real scares for any of you gore-hounds out there. In many ways, this is the perfect sort of book for October, especially the lead up to Halloween, and reminds me a lot of things like Hotel Transylvania or even Hocus Pocus tone-wise. It’s not necessarily a kids book or anything, but it would be suitable for most kids. I liked the more gothic elements of the story, and definitely appreciate the script, as its not really your typical fantasy comic you see around here. I can only assume it’s because it’s a Spanish comic, and most European comics have a different flair than ones over here.

I like the character of Hematite because she isn’t shoehorned in as a preachy character in any way. In a story like this, where the main allegory is in many ways racism and perhaps classism, most writers have a tendency to use characters like her to talk down to others and it comes across ham-fisted and stilted. Hematite’s not like like that, because her motivation for going to an integrated school is more because she hates vampire society and is adverse to most social situations. She is largely down on herself, and doesn’t want to exist, but her friends see the good in her and what she selflessly does for people and want her to be happy. In many ways, this books speaks to me as a book about depression, and how being alone all the time is not always the best thing to strive for.

While this is the first part in a series, and ends on a hell of a cliffhanger, I would definitely recommend this for the upcoming spooky season. For me, there’s no better thing than fun Halloween stories to get me in the mood for binging on candy and planning a costume party. Rather than breaking out the classics, I’d recommend a new spooky book to add to your library, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it!
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A very well illustrated story about embracing oneself and dealing with consequences.
I personally loved the setting, worldbuilding and aesthetic it has and think this could be a bit longer.
The illustration style Is beautiful and the pieces of poetry are lovely
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The story brings together many interesting and unique characters, some of them being quite well known. These creatures are exactly like us and they face the same difficulties like any human being and teenager just adding some extra obstacles due to the different superpowers they have: transformation, immortality, ability to fly. 
In addition to the warm family story, the author also gives the story a unique, fun touch. The comic present in the dialogues is a very modern one, but also generally valid, which makes it feel like something very contemporary. The final result is that the characters have the same legendary look, but are more modern, and their personality has been endowed with an extra comic facet.
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I am confused about that one. I felt like I was reading the second book in a series, and when I felt comfortable with the characters.... the story ended abruptly on a cliffhanger. I'm all about cliffhangers to make you want to read the next book but... I don't know. I feel meh.

Many thanks to the Europe Comics for the complimentary e-copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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Firstly, I cannot get over that cliffhanger. So that's something. I can't believe it would just END like that. but otherwise, this was a fun romp of magical creatures and a "rebellious" vampire and I loved it, but honestly that ending!! It wasn't just a cliffhanger, it was abrupt!!
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Oh this story is an absolute delight! The illustrations are beautiful, adding such detail to the story. I loved Hematite as a character; she is rebelling against her parents, taking risks and trying to keep her anger under  control. Sounds like a typical teenager, right? But Hematite is no ordinary teen, she is a vampire with a crush on a human boy called Emile. She is too shy to even speak to him, then regrets it when she does. It’s a bitter-sweet romance that leaves you desperate to find out what decision Hematite makes next as it’s left on a great cliffhanger.
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This was provided to me by Netgalley for an open and honest review. 

This was a cute little story about a vampire girl trying to find her place in the world. First let me say the artwork is gorgeous, I am dying to read more stuff illustrated by them because man it was cute and quirky. I found all the characters likeable and found it to be a quick read, I just wish there was a little more in the first volume, as it felt a little short, however I will gladly be reading more when they become available as this was excellent.
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I enjoyed the art and the story concept but I felt like the story finally started at the end of the book. If this is a series I would definitely recommend this to my graphic novel loving friends.
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Funny, dark, insightful and imaginative: I loved Hematite, her weird little family, her best friends and her crushes. This is first and foremost a coming of age story and one I thoroughly enjoy! I'll be ordering several copies for my shop - the illustrations are also unique and perfectly reflect the character of this graphic novel. An absolute gem!
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I loved the art style of this book so much! It was so atmospheric and really made you feel invested in the world. 

Hematite was a good, complex main character to follow and I really like getting to know her in the book. I do wish that the world and different creatures were a bit more explained but I enjoyed reading about them nonetheless

However I found myself pretty confused reading this. I struggled to really understand the point of the book and what the story was, it felt very patchy and jumpy. I really wanted to get invested in the story and connected to the characters but I just didn’t understand what the main strife was or what I should be worried about.
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