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5 Stars

Be prepared for a slow burn love story full of suspense, action, and even humor. Nash and Ivy heat up your E reader pages as they slowly take their friendship to the next level. Ivy is ready for a change, but first she needs to finish one more job. When it brings her home to Miami she meets up with Nash for one of their usual dinners, as friends. Running into her brother wasn’t part of the plan and Nash’s cover story changes the rules for their relationship, whether it is true or not. 

What follows is a case like none Ivy has had before. She will realize it’s is one to have some help once in awhile, and both Nash and Ivy will learn how well they can work together on the job, and off. Readers should prepare for an amazing story that you will not want to put down until the final page.

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Ms. Reus has done it again. This time with Ivy and Nash. Some of our fave characters are back as is the Danger family. It is a stand alone in the series that will have you wanting to read them all. Brava. Brava.
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Another great instalment of the Red Stone Security series.  I loved Ivy and Nash as friends who have both been secretly harboring feelings for the other.  The story is emotional, suspenseful with a some unexpected twists.
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Another great instalment of the Red Stone Security series.  I loved Ivy and Nash as friends who have both been secretly harboring feelings for the other.  The story is emotional, steamy, suspenseful with a some unexpected twists.  I'm looking forward to the next in the series!
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4.5 stars

I really enjoyed Saving Danger by Katie Reus.

From start to end my interest was held and I didn't want to put it down.

Another very entertaining read by the very talented Katie Reus.

*Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the advance copy*
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Saving Danger is the Book 17 in the Red Stone Security series by Katie Reus. This book can be read as a standalone should you wish, although it would be better if you read the previous books for a greater reading experience.  Interesting enough plot to keep me engaged, a solid and established world-building that Katie Reus is really good for with great characters. Will most definitely check out the next book in this series.
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It wasn't until the end of this book that I realized that Ivy's animal shelter is the same shelter where Mila works (from Secret Enemy). After Lethal Game in 2017 the Red Stone Security series was supposed to be done. But fortunately Katie has decided to add more books to the series.

And although there are some similarities with Saving Sienna, it was another treat. Ivy is a force on her own. Wanting to proof to her big brothers that her profession of art retrieval expert is a serious business, she doesn't shy away from dangerous cases. Her latest case however, seems to be more dangerous than ever. So, when her brother's best friend Nash offers to help her with the case, she gladly accepts the hot cop's help. Secretly Ivy has always had a crush on Nash, but he has kept her at a respectable distance. Honoring the 'bro-code', Nash has always seen Ivy as off limits: you don't mess with your friends little sister. But Ivy isn't so little anymore... And Nash really likes her. So, when Ivy needs a cover, Nash volunteers to act as her boyfriend. But while faking a relationship, the lines start to blur. Because both Ivy and Nash realizes that they both really, really, like each other. But when bodies start piling, they first need to solve this case, before they can explore their relationship. Fast paced, with unexpected twists and turns, Katie keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Five out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc. And now awaiting the 18th installment of the Red Stone Security series.
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Ivy & Nash's story is wonderful.  I love their banter, it is so entertaining.  I thought this book had a great mix of action, romance and humor.  The plot is well written and entertaining, making it a page turner.  I  am so glad they finally got their romance.
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Having spent her whole life trying to prove she’s just as capable as her three older brothers, art retrieval expert Ivy Danger has landed the biggest gig of her career, one that will pay off the mortgage of the animal shelter she owns. That is, if she doesn’t die before finishing the job. When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Katie Reus is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this books.Can't wait for the next book.
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The story was a little slower in the action than what Katie usually provides her readers with.  It contained many of the Red Stone security personal that readers have come to enjoy.  Ivy is trying to get the painting back that a band of thieves stole in Europe.  She sneaks back to her home town in Florida - but wishes to keep her family in the dark about her being back in town.  She haws felt that her older brother have always thought she was incapable taking care of herself.  Ivy just wants to finish this last job and pay off the animals shelter mortgage her aunt left her.

Nash has known the family and has been kept in the brotherly role towards Ivy. - due to to his friendship with her brother.  Nash had run from his feelings, and joined the Marines (did two tours of duty) to keep his feeling in tact about Ivy.  Nash has just joined the Red Stone security detail and his first job with a high profile client.  He requests two weeks off to help Ivy do her job. / protect Ivy from the dangerous thieves.. 

Nash and Ivy have always kept in touch with each other through all his tours in the Marines.  Little due either one of them suspect that the other has deep feelings for the other.  They each must fight their desire for the each other while working this recoupment job.  Each of them call in favors from their contacts to obtain . capture the thieves.    Ivy and Nash have some fun spy toys they engage with to view / apprehend the thieves with.  

I don't want to give the ending away - it is a happy ending through and they do capture the thieves.
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This was really good! It's the seventeenth book in the series and can be read as a standalone, however the series is great and if you've read the previous books then you'll get a lot more enjoyment from this one. 
The protagonists are Nash Harris (an employee of Red Stone Security and all around bad ass!) and Ivey Danger (an art retrieval specialist and owner of an animal shelter) whose romance is complicated by the fact that they’ve known each other for years and he is the best friend of her insanely overprotective brothers!

Ivey returns to her hometown of Miami in order to complete a job that could pay off the mortgage on her shelter and enable her to retire from the art retrieval business. The only catch is that the people stole it previously are psychotic murderers! This is where Nath enters the picture and the story really takes off!

As always the writing was faultless and the plot kept me eagerly turning the pages. I have my fingers crossed that Reus will tell the stories of Ivey’s brothers next. Highly recommended!

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher*
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I am a  big fan of Romance books and I found this one to be a very enjoyable read.  I will be looking for more books from this author.
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Saving Danger may be the seventeenth book in the Red Stone Security series by Katie Reus but it reads extremely well as a stand-alone , Nash Harris ( New operative) has always loved Ivy Danger and when circumstances lead them to fake a relationship, he jumps in with his two feet! And when Ivy’s life is threatened working her new case, Nash is right with her covering her six. The way partners should in life and love . Making this last book another winner. As a long time fan of this series make sure you read this latest and find out way this series dangerous.
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Received this as an ARC from NetGalley for an honest opinion.

SAVING DANGER is the seventeenth instalment in Katie Reus’ contemporary,adult RED STONE SECURITY (RSS) romantic suspense series
This is former US Marine, security expert Nash Harris, and art retrieval specialist Ivy Danger’s story line. SAVING DANGER can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Saving Danger blends a brother's best friend trope. Nash has always had a thing for Ivy, and Ivy has always had a thing for Nash. Ivy is a strong woman and tough investigator, She's also recently started building a relationship with one of her brother's best friends - Nash.
I loved that Nash was perhaps not happy, but was still willing to follow Ivy’s lead and respected her abilities in the field to the extent that he stood up to her brothers for their slightly derogatory behaviour.
This wasn't an insta-love story, it truly felt like they grew into what their relationship. SAVING DANGER is a fast paced, suspenseful and intriguing story line with strong, flirty and spirited characters; 

I really enjoyed reading this and didn’t want to put it down as it was a page turner. Highly recommend reading it if you like suspense romance friends to lovers story.
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SAVING DANGER is filled with a sweet yet steamy romance (or two), family, friends, intrigue, action, and danger. With all the little twists and turns, you won't want to put it down for one minute!

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

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Ivy's work recovering stolen paintings is dangerous and she is thinking about leaving. Nash has wanted her for years, but respects her family and her work. But when her work requires some assistance from him, he is happy to pretend they are dating so her family won't know how dangerous her job can be.

A strong, smart female and a brother's best friend trope along with a dose of suspense makes this another successful Reus book. Finding fast paced, engrossing reads with a very appealing couple is not easy with all the distractions these days, but this is one. If you like Lisa Renee Jones and Julie Garwood, you'll enjoy the Red Stone series.
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Saving Danger is the seventeenth book in the Red Stone Security series. What I really like about this series is you can pick up any book and be able to follow along without feeling like you are missing something. This was Ivy and Nash’s story, and it caught my attention from the beginning. It was packed full of action, mystery, and a formidable heroine. Nash and Ivy made a great couple and worked so well together. I liked how Nash stood up for her with her family and supported her job even though he was scared for her to continue. Ivy was fearless but still able to acknowledge she needed help on this last case. I was so glad to finally see them communicating with each other regarding their feelings. I was cheering them on the entire book. This was another hit for the author, and I can’t wait to see future books in the series.
I received an ARC and am willingly leaving a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Ivy is hoping that the successful recovery of the stolen artwork that she has been contracted by an insurance company to find will allow her to move back to her hometown and pursue her true passion which is managing the animal shelter that her aunt started. Her search leads her back to Miami where she runs into her Nash, the man she has always been attracted to and her brother’s best friend, who is more than willing to help.

Nash’s background in security makes him the perfect partner for Ivy’s investigation but he has his own agenda as well. He has had feelings for her for as long as he can remember, and he isn’t about to let her pursue this alone and he is determined to show her that they make the perfect partners both personally and professionally.

Nash and Ivy take us on an intriguing, suspenseful and romantic adventure as they realize that the most important thing they found was each other.
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SAVING DANGER is the seventeenth instalment in Katie Reus’ contemporary,adult RED STONE SECURITY (RSS) romantic suspense series. This is former US Marine, security expert Nash Harris, and art retrieval specialist Ivy Danger’s story line. SAVING DANGER can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalments is revealed necessary.

Told from third person perspective SAVING DANGER follows the best friend’s sister relationship between security expert Nash Harris, and art retrieval specialist Ivy Danger. Ivy Danger’s latest assignment involves the retrieval of a priceless piece of stolen art but the thieves killed their last mark, and the hunt is on for the people involved. Hoping to avoid her family, only in town until her work is done, Ivy comes face to face with her brother’s best friend, Nash Harris, the man who stirs something deep within our story line heroine. Taking some time off from his position at Red Stone Security, Nash partners with Ivy in an effort to recover the art, and take down a killer, who is about to set their sights on Ivy and Nash. What ensues is the quick building romance and relationship between Ivy and Nash, and the potential fall-out as Ivy’s family and friends have been targeted, and Nash refuses to back down from protecting the woman with whom he is falling in love.

Ivy Danger is a strong, independent, take no prisoners kind of heroine but her latest assignment finds Ivy a little deeper than she could have ever imagined. Trying desperately to avoid her family, Ivy struggles with her attraction to Nash, an attraction that could backfire when Nash is placed in the direct line of fire. Nash Harris has been attracted to Ivy for as long as he can remember but Ivy’s job keeps her busy, and Nash refuses to cross the line with his best friend’s little sister but when Nash discovers the potential danger of Ivy’s latest assignment, our hero refuses to back down, placing himself in the direct line of fire. The $ex scenes are limited but passionate.

The colorful and energetic secondary and supporting characters include Ivy’s siblings: Sebastian  and Maika, Ezra and Jordan, as well as their mother; fellow security specialist Juan, and several members at RSS; bakery owner Angel, Ivy’s best friend and art collector Genesis.There is definitely something developing between Juan and Angel.  The requisite evil has many faces. Here’s hoping the author has plans for Ivy’s brothers.  

SAVING DANGER is a fast paced, suspenseful and intriguing story line. The premise is edgy ; the characters are strong, flirty and spirited; the romance is seductive-the sexual tension is palpable.





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Ivy has a tough job.  She retries stolen items for an insurance company.  She ends up following her latest set of thieves to her hometown.  This group is more danger than she’s seen.  When her brothers best friend takes off work to help her, her long time crush on him is running high.  What she doesn’t know is that he reciprocates her feelings.
This is a fun book filled with love and danger.  While I haven’t read all 17 books in this series, I have read some and have thoroughly enjoyed every one down to the last page.  This book is a win for action packed romance.
Many thanks to Net Galley for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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