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Katie Reus series have been pretty much the same story told by different characters. Lets face it after awhile that can get a little boring.  I am not sure what changed if anything but Saving Danger is hands down one of the best beach readers in the Red Stone Security series. 

Ivy is feisty, sharp, smart and able to handle herself. Nash is the friend of the big brother who adores Ivy.  The traditional brother friends and little sister romance but instead of avoiding each other they have been friends for years.  The strong roles and characters are entertaining, action packed and full of laughs.  Perfect summer beach read for those needing sugar, spice and everything in-between.

Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of Katie Reus Saving Danger.
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Nash has wanted to be with Ivy forever, but that unwritten rule of the best friends little sister is in the way, and he's not sure if she's on board. Ivy comes to town to hopefully finish one last job and then settle down with the shelter her aunt left her. Together they work to find the bad guy, and the missing painting, and fall in love along the way. Several peeps from previous books show up to lend a hand.
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I enjoyed reading Ivy's story. Nash might have been her brothers friend growing up. He turned into a great friend to her over the past few years too. They work great together. Ivy is fine letting Nash take point when needed and he is not intimidated by her job or skills.
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Art retrieval expert, Ivy Danger, is back in her hometown of Miami on a case that could allow her to save the animal shelter that her aunt left her. But this turns about to be a dangerous case, the thieves killed a man and his wife. Nash Harris is a security expert and works at Red Stone Security. He is best friends with Ivy’s brother and they’ve known each other for years but his feelings are no longer sisterly toward her. Nash takes off a week so he can spend time with Ivy and end up in a fake relationship. But the fake relationship excuse gives them both a chance to make it real. First they have to get a painting back and stay alive.

Excellent story with action, friends to lovers, and steamy sex. For some odd reason it took me a little bit to get into it but it kept me hooked.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *
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Nash and Ivy were scorching hot together. The chemistry these two had sizzles throughout the pages of Saving Danger. Saving Danger was filled with steamy scenes, suspense, and an alpha hero who goes all out to get his woman and protectect her.
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A beautiful friends to lovers story with drama, action, humor and heat.  Plus a few visits from past favorites!

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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A very good story that has Ivy Danger, an insurance adjuster or finder, and is on a case of looking for a stolen painting from Europe. Wanting to do this on her own she was not expecting Nash Harris to show up wanting to help her. He says to be her back up which at first she is okay with but him being one of her brother's best friends is not helping her much. Her case though goes well. Everything changes between them when they need to go to her family's home and he tells them that they are dating, then to top that off he tells her brothers when they leave that they have an appointment with cake tasting just to add to the joke that is going on.
   What is really happening though is Ivy is in real danger and still wants to do this case by herself. She wants the money to save an animal shelter which is her true reason for doing all of this, to begin with. Nash wants to be with Ivy and is helping her and though she thinks he is joking he wants to tell her he is not. Now he must keep her safe and himself if he can really tell her all of this is not a joke but for real to him.
   This is a wonderful story with plenty of action, some light joking to keep from not getting too serious. Which all adds up to a very good story with very good characters.
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Another great book from Katie Reus!  I don't think there has been any of her books that I have not loved and would give five stars.

Ivy and Nash were such fun and I loved the romance and drama along with the intrigue of the story line.  

I don't want to give too much away but it was hard to put the book down as they tried to find the thieves that had taken a painting and Ivy's job is to retrieve it.  This group of thieves were a bit more deadly than previous jobs so she asks Nash to help her and good thing as this was not an easy retrieval for her.

Hope we see more of the Danger family!
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A fabulous return to the Red Stone Security family. 
Intriguing, suspenseful and emotional moments this book keeps to the author’s signature style and makes for a good read.
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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion. 
I enjoy reading this particular author a lot and I loved Ivy and Nash in this book however I felt it lacked a little depth in the characters. 
This book follows Ivy who recovers art and Nash who works for a security firm. While they have known each other for a long time, after several years and a trying assignment, Nash steps in to help, posing as her boyfriend. From there the book develops more on the assignment and their growing relationship.
3.5 stars
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Nash works for Red Stone Security, and Ivy, his best friend's sister, is an insurance recovery specialist. Nash and Ivy have also been friends since they were kids. Ivy is in her hometown after following suspects in a recent art heist. She runs into Nash after spying on a couple suspects, and uses him to direct attention elsewhere.

They begin working together after he is done with his case and takes time off. He does not want Ivy to get into any trouble knowing that she can take care of herself. Ivy has had fantasies about Nash for a while since she was a teenager, and he can't seem to get her out of his head.

Nash agrees to keep Ivy's secret that she is in town and why, from her family, as long as he gets to stay by her side. As they spend more time together they grow closer and he gets to see her at work for the first time in awhile. As the danger gets closer and she gets closer to recovering the stolen art, will Nash be able to protect Ivy and finally tell her how he feels?

This was a fun book about Ivy and Nash. I enjoyed watching these two fight their feelings for one another pretty much during the entire book. When they finally give in, its like a mini explosion, and I was surprised people surrounding them didn't get singed. I enjoy how each book can be read independently and has its own HEA. There was also equal amounts action and suspense that makes this book worth the read.

Received ARC in exchange for voluntary honest review from NetGalley
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This is already the 17th book in the Red Stone Security series and I’m not tiring of them. It’s always great to revisit the team and get to know more new people.

This time we have Ivy, an art retriever and Nash who works for Red Stone Security. They’ve been best friends for years and also secretly in love with each other. Ivy is back in Miami for what she hopes is her last contract. She wants to stop traveling and settle down back home.

For this last contract she has to retrieve a painting and since the job is dangerous Nash decides to help her. What follows is a lot of action, some great smexy times and off course a happy ending. All typically in Katie Reus-style.

I really do hope Ms Reus has some more Red Stone stories for us. I would certainly love to read more about Genesis and Bruno (hint, hint…)

Highly recommended!

ARC kindly given by Netgalley and the author for voluntary review. All opinions are my own.
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3.5 stars

Saving Danger is a good novel with fun characters, though I felt that it could have been...more? Being seventeenth in the Red Stone series means that several past characters make appearances. Though this story works fine as a standalone, I think knowledge of the previous books and characters might be the piece that would lend more depth to this story. 

The main characters, Ivy and Nash, are great. I do love a best friend's sister/big brother's best friend story. However, there wasn't much content that supported the emotions and decisions that typically accompany the trope. Mostly, we learn about their pasts in a few lines of a memory here or there, and the moment when the brothers learn about the relationship happens mostly off scene. The build-up, I think, is missing.

The relationship itself is rather fun. Ivy is a strong woman with an interesting job as a retriever of stolen art, though I wish I understood more about how she fell into that niche market. I also think the animal shelter situation--the reason that she takes this new and hopefully last contract--is glossed over when it should have had a starring role.

Nash is a perfect smitten suitor, all gruff and growly protective while also very supportive and proud of Ivy. He represents the story's tangential connection to Red Stone Security, but Red Stone's actual presence in the novel is minimal.

The suspense comes in the form of the art thieves, specifically since they are also wanted for murder. Any actual confrontation between the heroes and villains in this story is minimal and over fairly quickly.

Overall, the story is well written and fun to read. I just wanted a little more relationship development/tension and perhaps a slightly more suspenseful plot.

I received an ARC of this book from the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. Thanks!
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Ivy and Nash❤️

I can’t tell you in words just have wonderful it’s been to read more in the Red Stone Security series. This book focuses on Ivy and Nash. Nash is working for Red Stone and when he finishes up with a job, he takes some leave knowing it’s owed to him but also because Ivy has messaged him about a job she’s doing….and he wants to find out more and help if she needs it🤩

Suffice to say, Ivy does need some help in the form of “Nash back up” when a crew she’s hunting, for the artwork they stole, turns violent😢

A wonderful story with some great action and suspenseful moments too😉 I received an advanced copy via Netgalley and willingly leave my honest review😍
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I really enjoyed Ivy and Nash together. They have a real connection and fun chemistry. This book had lots of intrigue, suspense, and action. This is such an enjoyable series and I'm glad Redstone continues! I liked the supporting characters as well - I want more Genesis and Bruno! I hope they get their own book.

*I received an advanced copy. All opinions are my own.
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I never get bored reading this authors books. Usually takes me 1 day because when I pick them up I can’t put them down until the end. Ivy works for an insurance company retrieving stolen art. She gets a handsome sum for it. When she’s offered a job that will make her dreams come true, who can resist it,, not to mention it also gives her a chance to ogle a certain big hunk of red stone security agent that she has lusted after for years. What a read!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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This is an awesome story!  I loved Ivy and her strength.  Her job is also exciting and dangerous.  The suspense filled read kept my attention and it was really hard to put down.  The ending was so good!
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Independent woman Ivy, who has an infatuaion with her older brother best friend. Problem is she would never cross that line because there's no going back. When he steps in to help her with a dangerous contract at work the two struggle with the sexual pull they have with each other. While getting the job done the line is crossed, question is how will the two of them work out. Throw in a fake dating situation and we can all predict the outcome! Thought this was a pretty good read especially if you are interested in more crime/ investigative stories as that is tied in with the romance of it.
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This was an excellent addition to the series. You don’t need to read previous books to know what’s happening, but if you want, there are plenty to choose from! Ivy and Nash are friends who each think the other will never see them as anything more. After all, she’s the younger sister of his best friend and anything between them would be complicated, at the least. Or would it? It seems that they haven’t hidden their attraction to each other as well as they’d thought over the years because the only ones truly surprised when fake becomes real are Nash and Ivy. Add Ivy’s job to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster or dreams come true. 

Ivy was a strong, smart, seriously connected woman. And yet, her family refused to see it that way. The only one who understood was Nash, and even he stumbled once or twice over allowing her to lead the way with her own job. But Ivy wasn’t stupid. She knew when to step back and let the experts lead, so Nash learned to trust that she was an expert herself. The push and pull, as well as the true partnership between these two once the chips were down, made for an enjoyable read. I’d love to catch up with these two again, as well as a few others who made their presence known in this story.
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Loved this fast paced suspense filled love story. Loved the characters and highly entertaining!! A great read to keep you satisfied.
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