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Ivy is an expert at art retrieval getting the finders fee and saving insurance money. This job was big, it was risky dealing with Chavez drug cartels. This would save the pet business and she could settle down. Needing a body guard for this, she contacted Nash, her brothers friend, as security.   He always wanted more, but friend’s with her brother she was off limits. as far as he was concerned. ,This job could change things. 
The offer of a job with her friend Genesis would be ideal.   That is if she lived through this last assignment .
Fast action and good flowing plot to the end. Ivy and Nash were good together. Given ARC by Net Galley and Kensington for my voluntary review and my honest opinion   August 24.’21 releases
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Ivy retrieves stolen art and she is good at it!  She finds herself back in her hometown chasing down 3 brothers who stole a painting back in Europe. While waiting for information from one of her sources she contact's Nash a friend of hers that she has been in texting and meeting up with over the years. They both of this "thing" going that neither has really addressed but Nash has decided that this is the perfect time to pursue it. Only problem is Ivy's family does not know she is back and how really dangerous her job really is, nor do they know about Ivy and Nash connection.

I really enjoyed this story. The chemistry between Ivy and Nash is electrical and fun to watch develop. Ivy is a strong female character she wants to prove she can do it and not have one of brothers always come to the rescue or in this instant Nash.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the complimentary ARC. All opinions provided are my own. 

Katie Reus’s Saving Danger ticks off these boxes:

Brother’s best friend
A heroine who plays a bit in the gray zone 
A possessive hero who becomes a bit of a bodyguard
Some fake dating
& a slow burn

Ivy Danger is an art retrieval expert who’s been tasked with tracking down a stolen painting. The thieves are also accused of murdering two people during the theft so this retrieval job—which returns her to her hometown of Miami—is more dangerous than usual. 

When she arrives in town she can’t help but contact Nash Harris, an employee of Red Stone Security, her brother’s best friend, & the man she’s wildly attracted to. 

Neither one of them suspects the other’s feelings but Ivy’s job—& the fake dating ruse Nash comes up with to keep her family from smothering her with questions—brings them closer together. 

This is a slow burn with an enjoyable payoff. Though I question some of Ivy’s decision-making I appreciate that she & Nash work together to try to bring down the thieves.

Nash is a fun hero—his feelings of possessiveness & desire for more, his (eventual) openness with Ivy, & how he critiques her brothers for their misogyny & double standards. 

Ivy’s bravery & confidence is entertaining but on the whole I didn’t swoon for their relationship—maybe because they spend so long not talking about it/not acting on it. 

The flash & heat of Katie Reus’s books is always compelling but Saving Danger feels a bit superficial. 

3 ⭐️.
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Never date your best friends sister!  

Well Nash didn’t listen to this and does everything to, including risking his life, to date her.  The date starts as fake but develops into the real thing whilst Ivy and Nash try to retrieve a stolen painting.
A great read with a very surprising ending.
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Saving Danger (Red Stone Security #17) by Katie Reus
This is another great RED STONE SECURITY  book.  It is a wonderful series - but each book can be read as a stand alone.  This is Nash and Ivy's story.  They are both strong H and h - his is her brother's best friend and she recovers stolen art.   She wants to complete this last big job to pay off the mortgage for her animal shelter.  He just wants her and this is where the fun begins.  There is danger, murder, angst, over protective brothers, laughter, tears and plenty of steam to get us to a HEA.  I am looking forward to more Red Stone books.
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Happily Ever After Wonderful characters Scary Action-packed Great world building Tear-jerker Easy-to-read Page-turner Funny Entertaining Steamy Romantic
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A fast paced thrilling storyline with interesting characters

I loved how Ivy had such an interesting and dangerous job, such a strong character and fully capable of managing the artwork retrieval on her own, she really didn’t actually need Nash at all. 
I really liked how Nash pushed to make a place if or himself with Ivy and was so openly proud of her accomplishments. He was definitely more in time with his feelings earlier and willing to take a chance with Ivy no matter what the consequence which was a nice twist to how this normally goes. 

The scene with Ivy’s family was funny, I loved how protective of her the brothers were and how Nash was determined her brothers saw her for the strong woman she was rather than the kid they treated her as. 

I did feel the Juan/Angel storyline was wedged into the story a little, and wonder if they will get their story desperately another time. It felt a little odd that it was included to such depth in this book and do feel it had a HEA, but maybe it was a HFN. 

Overall though a good read, with lots of elements that made it a page turner for me. 

I received a copy of this ARC in exchange for my honest review
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A big thank you to NetGalley and KR Press, LLC for the ARC.   I am voluntarily reviewing this book.  This is part of a series but reads well as a stand alone.  This is Nash and Ivy's story.  I loved them both-strong, inquisitive, smart people.  They lead interesting lives and have deep connections.  There is humor, suspense, romance, friendship and that's just a start.  Great read and just fun to read.  Pretty quick as well.  4 stars.  I think most romance readers will enjoy.
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