Cover Image: The  Dark Judges: The Fall of Deadworld Book 3 - Doomed

The Dark Judges: The Fall of Deadworld Book 3 - Doomed

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I am not all clued up on the way things turned and where the Dark Judges comes from. I do know that after this, i would very much like to learn more about them and the setting that this played of in
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I've read a lot of Dark Judges stories, but I never had heard of this series. So, eventhough I haven't read the first two parts, I jumped right in! And I'm glad I did.

A horrific story of the Dark Judges basically taking over the Earth, changing the living into zombie-robots, working in factories to create more of the fluid that changes into zombots, and so on.

There is a scrappy group of resistance, undead Judges that have regained their minds, and still living citizens. It's all very dire, and properly post-apocalyptic.

The art is something else, beautiful in its painterly grossness. It works unsuprisingly well.

After the main story, there is a collection of short stories on undead Earth, and they are fair to middling. Some of them seem a taste for a longer story.

I will absolutely go back and read the previous volumes, this is a lot of necrotic fun!
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Wow! A brilliant story, well told and gripping. I loved it even if I'm not a fan of the characters. 
I want to read the rest of the series.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are min
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Author Kek-W's latest work is a must read for all the graphic novel lovers. I absolutely loved the storyline and presentation. The author's command over language and narration is evident by the way the story has been presented before the readers with utmost care to and attention to details. Overall, it was a great experience. I highly recommend this work and give it full 5 stars.

Happy Reading
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The sense of doom (for those who know the ultimate fate of Deadworld) pervades everything but somehow maintains tension in a convincing way. None of the characters elicit sympathy except in contrast to the much, much worse villains. The art is an acquired taste but I thought it was magnificent, and is as ever the great strength  of stories coming from the House of Tharg.
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Well, this was certainly different

Book three of the stories of Deadworld, and I feel I may have lacked important information in not having read the first two before I came to this one.  These are several stories of how things were, how things went, and the darkness that ensued as a result.

So, full disclosure, I'm a long time Dredd fan, so the notion of stories of Deadworld was interesting enough, but the truth is that sooner or later, everyone dies, and for me, that proved to be a bigger stumbling block than I thought it would have been.  That and one of the stories has Judge Fire and the Dark sister Despair having a kid (after they're dead, not before), and while I don't mind different perspectives on things, that one jarred with the central perspective I had of the Dark Judges being killing machines devoted to the death of all things.

Still, good stories, won't be for everyone, but they're an interesting segway into existing lore.
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