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Sister Stardust is about Claire (aka Cece) as she finds herself moving from Dorset to London as a naive, innocent teenager in the late '60s. Through a series of events, she ends up traveling to Morocco with rock stars and staying with Talitha and Paul Getty. Their lifestyle is eye-opening for Cece as she explores sex and drugs.
I liked the historical aspects of the 1960s and found myself researching more about Talitha and Paul Getty. I think fans of Daisy Jones & the Six will like this book.

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When I had heard that Jane Green had a new book coming out I was so excited! She has always been an automatic read for me. Sadly Sister Stardust fell way short of what I have come to expect with her books. While I could tell it was well researched the story felt discombobulated and really didn't seem to flow at all. There was so much name dropping and while I am far from a prude, the glamorization of the socialite/rock star lifestyle was off putting. The whole thing felt very superficial It felt like this book had been written by someone else; not the Jane Green I have come to love over the last couple of decades.
I will not be sharing this review on any of my social sites.

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AUTHOR: Jane Green
PUB DATE: 04.05.2022 Now Available


If you ever come to visit Los Angeles, The Getty is a must see. I have always been fascinated by The Getty’s, since I have been visiting the beautiful museum, it’s gardens, landscapes and architecture, yearly since 1997.

In Sister Stardust, Jane Green writes an immersive story that portrays real life figures in history, Talitha and Paul Getty, along with fictional characters that highlight the vibrant London and Morocco, in true 1960’s style that includes sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

Through Claire’s eyes, the reader is given an insider’s view of the beautiful Talitha Getty’s glamorous life and her demons.

I loved Jane Green’s foray into historical fiction. Sister Stardust was such an engaging read, and I cannot wait to read more of Jane Green in this historical fiction genre.

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Claire is 19 years old living at home in Dorset with her father and her stepmother. She dreams of a better life and she thinks that dropping her weight to look model thin and moving to London will be the answer to her dull life. Her stepmother, a marriage of convenience, after her mother died speeds up the process by kicking her out of the house.

She takes this as a sign to go to London. After a scarry start in the Big Smoke her luck begins to change. She gets a job at a department store which also provides a hostle so that she has a roof over her head. A few weeks in London and still no friends, she convinces her best friend Dottie to join her. Things look a lot brighter when Dottie joins her in the big city. One night while on their way to a party she meets Johnny. He thinks Claire is too boring of a name for her and calls her Cece. This suits her and Johnny opens her eyes to the music scene, drugs, and a trendier department store to work for. Soon she finds herself traveling to Morocco with bands and fellow groupies.

I enjoyed Cece’s metamorphosis throughout the story. One thing that I could relate to was her fixation on her weight. When she’s reflecting she realizes how insane it was to put so much emphasis on her weight. I can relate even in my mid forties I still struggle to come to terms with what the scale says. I long for days when i was thinner”, Body acceptance is an ongoing process and something that society has put upon women for too long!

Thank you Jane Green for this magical book! I enjoyed everything about it. I loved the dialogue between the characters, for example the correct use of “tea time” and I loved the imagery the Green creates for London and Morocco. My husband was a fan of the Stones and I would tell him about those parts of the book and ask if he was aware of these facts!

I also loved the package that my book came in! I had fun using the props for the post and making an unboxing reel. Even the special stamp is something I will save! I also read some of it on the kindle and I loved the “stardust” that was created digitally. It definitely enhanced my reading experience!

I definitely recommend this book if you enjoy historical fiction especially in the swinging 60’s, female friendships, and enjoy being transported to someplace new ( Morocco)!.

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One of the authors who introduced me to chick lit was Jane Green. I was fresh out of law school and finally able to read for fun and I remember sitting by a fire pit at the Coffee Bean in Santa Monica, reading Jemima J in one sitting. Since then, I have read every single Jane Green book. So to be asked to be on the tour for Sister Stardust and get a personalized note and swag box is such an honor.

Sister Stardust is the story of Claire (aka CeCe), a young woman in the 1960s, kicked out of her house, only to find herself in London and then Marrakech, in the middle of a world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. This book was wild, in the best way. Fictional characters are woven in with real life rock and roll legends, and in the midst of the parties and the drugs, are constant reminders of women coming out of the rigidity of the 1950s and finally able to be themselves and break the stereotypes and the rules. I loved all of the intricate details and character development and how it transported me into the 1960s.

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This is my first book by Jane Green and I already love her writing style. It really immersed you into the story and made it a fast read. Claire and Talitha met and formed an instant bond. Goes to show how certain experiences can bring people together. I love how the beginning and ending were tired together with Claire’s explanation of her past. It made the ending feel less rushed. Filled with new experiences to find oneself this is a story you that pulls you in.

Thank you @hanoversquarepress @harpercollins @netgalley and @janegreenauthor for the gifted copy!

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This book didn't work well for me, unfortunately. It felt there was too much focus on the drugs and sex, not enough rock-n-roll. There was a band or famous musicians mentioned, but not much about the music. Takes place during the 60's and young Claire from Dorchester is enthralled with the rock star lifestyle. She has an amazing few weeks as she was pulled into it with an impromptu trip to Morocco with a band she loved! Lots of drama takes place. Oddly it seemed like longer than 2 weeks while reading. The transformations of Claire didn't seem smooth, from what she strived for, then when returning home. The last part of the book lost it for me. Anyway, it was an okay book but overall I was disappointed.

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Talitha was fortunate if she did have a friend like Cece, perhaps her life would have taken a different path. But, alas her life and death are now history.

Jane Green writes an immersive, historical fiction novel recalling the life of Talitha Getty, the beautiful, glamorous wife of John Paul Getty, Jr., the son and heir of the richest man in the world at that time. They were young, wealthy, and of what was know then, 'the beautiful people.' They lived in Rome and Marrakech, surrounded by friends and endless parties. Because of who they were, rock stars, celebrities, fashion icons and the like swarmed around them. The late 1960's was a time of new-born freedom among young adults that generations before them hadn't seen since the 'Roaring '20's.'

Drugs were easy to come by, especially at the "Paradise Palace,' the extravagant home of Paul and Talitha in Morocco. Weed, LSD, hash, heroin and even opium was available at their nightly parties; as well as sex with any partner or partners one chose. The next day was a new day, the past days forgotten, and new adventures ready and waiting.

Naturally, this life style was impossible to sustain, and a few opted out with just a vacation behind them. Those that stayed, Paul and Talitha in particular, would pay the price both physically and mentally. Talitha already had demons within her from a terrible childhood, with some years in a Dutch internment camp while her family lived in Java. (The Japanese had taken over the island from the Dutch.) Paul prefered to spend time alone with his books, quiet and his drugs. Neither worked well.

It was tantalizing to read about this priveleged group of people at this time in history when social morays were turned upside down. I remember the music and people of this time and the freedom we felt as older teenagers. Most of us never experienced what visitors to the Paradise Palace did, but it was fun to imagine we were there.

Thank you Netgalley and Hanover Square Press.

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I really enjoyed Sister Stardust by Jane Green. I love books based on a true story and this one really brought me into the life of Talitha Getty.

In her first novel inspired by a true story, Jane Green re-imagines the life of troubled icon Talitha Getty in this transporting story from a forgotten chapter of the Swinging '60s

From afar Talitha's life seemed perfect. In her twenties, and already a famous model and actress, she moved from London to a palace in Marrakesh, with her husband Paul Getty, the famous oil heir. There she presided over a swirling ex-pat scene filled with music, art, free love and a counterculture taking root across the world.

When Claire arrives in London from her small town, she never expects to cross paths with a woman as magnetic as Talitha Getty. Yearning for the adventure and independence, she's swept off to Marrakesh, where the two become kindred spirits. But beneath Talitha's glamourous facade lurks a darkness few can understand. As their friendship blossoms and the two grow closer, the realities of Talitha's precarious existence set off a chain of dangerous events that could alter Claire's life forever.

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Jane Green has written a coming of age story set in the swinging 60s that begs to be read.

Claire, a young girl from a small town in Dorest, England, longs for a more exciting life. She yearns for the excitement a big city can give. Claire escapes her difficult homelife and moves to London hoping to reinvent herself. In the dark, post-war period, London is filled with a young generation wearing wild, colorful mod clothing listening to fabulous music from bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Claire gets involved in the local music scene and finds herself whisked away to Marrakesh, Morocco where she finds herself at the palatial home of Paul Getty, son of American oil magnate J. Paul Getty, and his wife Talitha. In the 60's, this was the in place for musicians, models, and fashion designers. Something about Talitha mesmerizes her and she finds herself spending nights taking drugs, eating incredible food and learning alot about life.

Her dream life isn't always she imagined though, these people have tough lives, despite how it appears in the papers and magazines. Years later when she tells her adult daughter the story, all those feelings and emotions come back to her.

I found myself googling the Getty's after this book. I knew the name, but not much more. Thanks to Green, I feel I know more of the times and their fascinating lives.

Jane Green has outdone herself with this fictional biographical read. I was drawn to the story of both imaginative and real-life characters. The setting of the 60's and life in Morocco was both entertaining and captivating.

Many thanks to Netgalley, Jane Green and Hanover Press for a book that transports you to a special place in time.

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Whew! What a wild reading experience. I stepped outside my comfort zone on this one. The content is a bit too intense for my taste (rampant drug use and domestic violence), yet Sister Stardust is well-written and will appeal to fans of Daisy Jones and the Six. Jane Green is a gifted writer and her ability to craft a compelling tale deserves to be celebrated.
We enter the story from Claire's point-of-view as an older woman reflecting on her novel experiences as a young adult in the 60's. She sprinkles in authentic celebrity rock 'n roll cameos (Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, etc.) in this complex coming-of-age tale. For me, I had no idea who Talitha Getty was, so I didn't realize this was supposed to be her story until I was finished reading the novel. In my opinion, it's Claire's story. We view everything through the lens of her experience as a sheltered, wounded young woman from an English village. She witnesses some horrific events and sidesteps a number of situations that could've led to her demise as she follows Talitha and her posse to Morocco. My favorite part of the novel is Claire's growth as a character.
Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the complimentary copy. All opinions shared here are my own.

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My favorite decade/era to read about has always been the 60 and the 70s. I love everything about that time and feel like I was meant to be a teenager during that era. ⁣

The music, the clothes, the whole vibe - such a turning point for our country. This book has it all and it’s a sexy, wild ride from start to finish. ⁣

We follow a woman named Claire who escapes a boring life in a small town - to London, and then finally to Marrakech - where she meets troubled icon Talitha Getty, and music, drugs, art, free love and expression drag her into a glamorous, yet dangerous series of events.⁣

Sister Stardust is a love letter to the late sixties and it is an intoxicating and seductive experience to read. ⁣

“You know what they say — ‘if you remember the sixties, you weren’t there.'” This books makes me wish I was there.⁣

And for those of you who like a ’special’ treat … there are a few fun recipes too - and I just adore this book even more because of them. ☺️

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I fell in love with Jane Green’s stories with Jemima J. That book is literally still one of my all time favs! So I was beyond excited when I was saw Sister Stardust.

Sister Stardust is a fiction book that is based on the real life of Talitha Getty. Claire is how we get to see Talitha. She comes to London in the 60s and gets sucked into the life of Talitha. And what a life that is, jet setting and of course sex, drugs and rock & roll!

I highly recommend Sister Stardust, I know we are only in April but I say beach read for this one!

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There is something about the ‘60s, and I love books that take me back to that decade. Jane Green has painted a perfect picture of the counter-culture - the drug-infused, free love and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle many sought.

Although based on the life of Talitha Getty, a young model who married oil heir Paul Getty, 𝐒𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐮𝐬𝐭 is Claire’s story to tell.

Claire is a good, innocent girl until she runs into the charismatic Talitha Getty in London. When Talitha invites her to come to her palace in Marrakesh, Claire can’t resist. No one can resist Talitha.

In Morroco, the drugs flow freely at Marrakesh, as does the sex, and Claire and Talitha become close friends. Yet Claire still has that bit of innocence within her. She senses something is off. There is anger, sadness, and darkness here, and it’s hiding right below the surface, waiting.

As I stated initially, I was transported to Marrakesh in the ‘60s. The sights, smells, and sounds put me right there in the thick of the hazy, wild times Claire experienced.
This is a story about the characters, how they became self-destructive, and how many lost themselves while trying to find themselves in a glamorous and free lifestyle.

Thank you to @janegreenauthor, @hanoversquarepress, and @harpercollins for a gifted copy.

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Sister Stardust by Jane Green

Thank you to Hanover Square Press for this gifted copy in exchange for an honest review.

Jane Green is one of my all time favorite authors. I remember reading Jemima J when I was in college and I’ve read all of her books since! So needless to say, this was one of my anticipated reads of 2023!

This story will transport you from London to Marrakech in the 60s as we follow Claire and Talitha Getty (who I didn’t know was a real person) on their adventures of sex, drugs, and rock n roll. This was an enchanting tale told from the point of view of Claire, who went from just a regular girl to traveling the globe with the rich and famous.

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This was an adventurous read for those wanting to see what life in the sixties with rock stars and the famous was like. Before there was cell phones, and social media and everything being documented 24/7 for these people. This novel follows Claire, a female on the brink of adult hood who dreams about all these boy band men and wanting to give everything just to spend one day with them. The stories her and her friends have heard about parties, and the girls, and drugs and most important- rock & roll. How great life must be to be able to do that all the time, all over the world - how mysterious it was.

Claire somehow stumbles her way into a group and she get hooked up and soon is partying with a band, in Morocco in this beautiful exotic palace and is meeting people of various cultures, life styles and means in life and it is amazing at first. She cannot believe she is in the midst of their lives, that they have accepted her into their friend group and that life cannot get any better than this. It is intoxicating, a bit too intoxicating and all it takes is one incident for Claire to realize who quickly things can get out control.

Having everything at your finger tips isn't everything and that there is a lot more behind the scenes that happens than what people realize. These rock stars are just people also- but they have a lot more to worry about than most understand. Life may seem perfect on the outside and this was a once in a life time experience but no one can live like this forever.

Thank you to the author and Hanover Square Press & Harper Collins for the free book and book goodies. I am glad I got to meet Talitha and have a taste of what the party life from the sixties was all about.

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It seems like it's been forever since Jane Green has written a new book so I was very much anticipating reading Sister Stardust. This fictional book is based on the real-life icon of the 1960s, Talitha Getty. We get to know Talitha and her wild encounters with many famous people of the time through the eyes of newbie to the scene, Claire. Claire has recently arrived in London from her small town and she gets swept up into the world of drugs, sex, and rock music. Read and enjoy!

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Absolutely loved this book!!! Centered around on of my favorite time periods of the 20th century this book reminded me a lot of Almost Famous the movie. A super enjoyable read from start to finish!

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Sister Stardust by Jane Green is her debut historical fiction inspired by a true story.
I really enjoy Jane Green's novels and I was thrilled to read her first historical fiction.

The author reimagines the life of Talitha Getty during the Swinging '60s.

Set during the 60's and all that comes with that: parties, drugs, and money.
I haven't met too many books set in this time period and I absolutely loved it.

We met Claire who is recently widowed and finds a box of memorabilia from the 60's and recalls a time in her life that was much, an exciting and yet tragic time.

I was very captivated while reading this book exploring the swinging 60's.

The story, the location, the era, all are so well written.

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Jane Green is one of those authors I’ve loved since I was in high school. I remember sharing her books with @readingwithremy since we were both obsessed with reading and anything British, despite neither of us ever having been to England.

In Jane’s newest book, Sister Stardust, she decided to go in a much different direction. This book is a historical fiction about the 60s in England, where our main character Claire dreams of something bigger than her small town in Dorset. She moves to London at the first opportunity and becomes a shopgirl living in housing for unwed women. She finally convinces her bff Dottie to move to London too when she means John late one night, who exposes her to people in the music industry. She becomes friends with the band, the Wide Eyed Boys and after following then to Morocco on a whim, she meets the beautiful and enchanting Talitha.

Most of the book is spent during this period where Claire (who now goes by the more fashionable CeCe) is just in awe of Talitha and her bohemian lifestyle. She gets very mixed up in drugs and rock and roll, but mostly she is just bewildered with Talitha.

I really enjoyed this! It’s different than anything I’ve previously read and has vibes of Daisy Jones and the Six mixed with Almost Famous. The best part of this new style of writing is that it’s inspired by a true story. Talitha Getty was a real socialite and actress in the 60s. She was married to the son of the famous oil tycoon and died tragically although under suspicious circumstances.

Thank you so much to @janegreenauthor @sisterstardustt and @hanoversquarebooks for my beautiful gifted copy. Sister Stardust is available now!

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