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Fantastic!!  Absolutely love, and a brilliant author who I never can skip a release of.  Look forward to every new novel, and will be recommending to everyone.
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A good read, and what I've come to expect from the author. Gripping and twisty, full of tension and twists.
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A great read by this author.  I definitely recommend checking this one out!
Thank you NetGalley for providing a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for approving me for this book. 

I felt the writing was done well in this book but there was just something missing for me and I couldn't get into it and enjoy it as much as I hoped I would.
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Wren makes a living running a blog advice column & podcast called 'Dear Birdie'. She's persuaded by her best friend to try online dating app Torch. After a couple of uninspiring dates, she swipes on brooding Adam who quotes Rilke. Their first date is a success & they quickly fall for each other. Several months later, without warning Adam is uncharacteristically late for their date, so Wren rings him but the call goes unanswered, her texts left unread. She receives a text saying goodbye & then his phone is disconnected.

Now a private detective turns up on Wren's doorstep, he shows her a photo of Adam although he calls him a different name. He's wanted in connection with the disappearance of three women all of whom he met via Torch. Wren goes to the apartment where Adam supposedly lived but finds it was only a vacation rental. His company office is listed outside the building where he told her he was based, but the office is empty with no employees. Did Adam tell her the truth about anything? At first Wren is upset but then she gets angry - how dare Adam just ghost her like this?

This should have been a taut thriller about a woman tracking down a possible serial killer using dating apps to trawl for victims. What we got was a stodgy mess & a main character who goes on about how she still loves the man who lied to her, ghosted her, & possibly killed three women. It started off with promise & pace, but somewhere along the journey the narrative started to meander. Then we had the obligatory "usually intelligent MC does a really foolish thing" moment. It's disappointing because it could have been great. The most memorable character was probably the private detective whom I pictured as Cary Elwes - so I was rather amused when 'The Princess Bride' was namechecked in the book. I've read 'Under My Skin' by the same author & loved it, but this one was a miss for me.

My thanks to NetGalley & publishers, HQ Digital, for the opportunity to read an ARC.
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3.25 stars.  What do you do when the man you met and dated on an online app suddenly drops and ignores you when you thought there was definitely a strong connection between the pair of you?  Well if you are anything like Wren you will be determined to find out why!  Until you are used to the way this particular book is written it is a bit confusing to follow.  It tended to drag on with repetitions and the ending is meh.  Despite all that I did like the book, some parts more than others.  Wren was an idiot at times and there was more than enough about her strange family.  Could have done with less of that and more of the present day.  It did pass the time nicely for me!
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This is a very dark story about a girl that has lived through a difficult childhood and is trying to put it behind her until she meets a man on a dating site then her past starts to catch up with her in a very unpleasant way. Dark and disturbing with a few twists along the way.
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Loved it, really good fast paced thriller full of twists and turns and had me racing through it to get to the end!! Will look out for more from the author…
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I really enjoyed this book, about a woman after her boyfriend ghosts her and removes all of his social media accounts. 

This book follows Wren who has a tragic past and cannot let go the idea that something is wrong. The story did not go where I thought it would and I could not put it down. 

I finished this book in 1 sitting and would definitely recommend it.
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I've never read anything else by this author, and tbh I probably wont in future either. The beginning of this book was fantastic, so gripping and exciting, but it lost its way and ended up as just another forgettable thriller with an underwhelming ending.
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Thank you for providing me with an advance review copy of this book. Enjoyed reading, would recommend....
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A brilliant psychological thriller that left me breathless. I savoured every single word of it. 

Excellent prose and characterisation. I really believed in these people and cared for them. Absolutely loved Wren and Jax and all the dating scenes. 

The plotting was just meticulous and I never saw the twists coming. 

Highly Recommended
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This started out being a fast paced thriller with Wren falling for a weird guy from the dating app. I was thinking there would be more of a suspense but when the book went into the past, it felt off and I didn't feel the connect that I felt in the first half. I felt there could have been more of the intrigue that it began with. Ending was quite unbelievable too. An okay read.
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This is a book about online dating. This book was fast paced. I loved the storyline but I found it to be a bit over the top. I just didnt feel that thrill factor.
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this was different for me and I LOVED it! the constant tension, who will kill who...who will die...who will be found out and of course the inevitable love story to end with, really good read!
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Wow, from start to finish WOW. This story is the definition of a page-turner. Could not put it down. I so wanted happiness for Wren after reading about her back story, which is just devastating. So many twists!~
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Many thanks to NetGalley and HQStories for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

This is a not the first book for me with this author. Anyway it wasn't a bad story but it wasn't a great one either. It's a bit longer and not enough suspense, less characters, less plots. Actually I really like the author's writing, but I feel like in this particular one she tried to make it too complex by adding the multiple storylines. The beginning was good, but later it gets a bit of weird and boring. All in all an ok read but not there are better ones out there by this author.
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Wren hat seit dem College keine größere Beziehung mehr gehabt, sie hat Probleme zu vertrauen. Ihre Freundin Jax nötigt sie zu Dates über die App Torcher. Beim dritten Mann scheint tatsächlich etwas Besonderes in der Luft zu liegen, aber sie macht sich nicht zu viel Hoffnung, dass er sie am nächsten Abend wirklich zum vereinbarten Essen abholen wird. Anders als ihre Freundin sucht sie nicht nach einfachen One-Night-Stands, will sich nicht nur mit einer Reihe von fremden Männern amüsieren. 
Dann springt die Geschichte um 3 Monate weiter, sie und Adam haben sich fast täglich gesehen, viel unternommen, haben lange Gespräche geführt, sind intim miteinander. Ihren Freundinnen geht das alles zu schnell, sie sollte doch einfach mal Spaß haben und sich nicht gleich so feste binden. Aber Wren ist glücklich, will den neuen Mann in ihrem Leben noch besser kennenlernen, an einer festen Beziehung arbeiten. Aber beide halten sich mit Informationen übereinander noch zurück, haben sich ihren Freunden gegenseitig noch nicht vorgestellt. 
Man denkt als Leser derweil immer mal wieder über den geheimnisvollen Prolog nach, der anscheinend mit der Erzählung bislang nichts zu tun hat und fragt sich als Leser, wo die Autorin einen wohl hin führen wird. 
Und dann eines Nachts gesteht sie Adam ihr großes Geheimnis und fragt sich direkt danach, ob sie ihn je wiedersehen wird. Dann wird plötzlich die Verbindung zum Prolog klar und es beginnen in gewisser Weise Nachforschungen. Ab da wir die Erzählung durch kurze Zwischenkapitel ergänzt, die Wrens Kindheitsgeschichte erzählen.
Bei Dreiviertel des Buches könnte dann eigentlich schon der Show Down kommen, aber die Geschichte hat noch einige Wendungen zu bieten und bleibt auf hohem Niveau spannend und mitreißend bis zum Schluss. 
Der Roman bearbeitet mit dem Thema ghosting eine ganz brandaktuelle Angelegenheit. Auch das Thema Dating Apps ist sehr zeitgemäß.
Die Idee mit der Beratungskolumne dear birdy finde ich sehr interessant, so antwortet Wren sich quasi mit ihren eigenen Tipps. 
Die Protagonisten sind sehr interessant und nachvollziehbar. Am Ende wird alles gründlich aufgeklärt und es gibt einen Ausblick auf die Zukunft.
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I don’t know why I waited so long to read this! Absolutely amazing!! I loved the different stories and enjoyed so much the writing and the storyline, very creepy but I would definitely recommend this to all my friends
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Opted to listen to the audiobook, via Borrowbox.

Read by: Vivienne Leheny

The narrator 
I don't have much thoughts on the voice acting. It was fine, sounded a bit weird on the speed I was listening to it on though.

The Story
Reading the synopsis had me excited all over again, especially as I recently watched The Tinder Swindler and was hoping for a really gripping thriller based on online dating.

This was quite a bit of fun. It was fast paced in some ways but there was lots of different layers, sometimes bordering (or completely subjecting to) over-complexity, which made it a grounded story that was relatable and believable to current day fears and experiences.

In saying this, I think the author was trying to keep current by having moments mentioning world problems such as the rise of covid, but if anything, it didn't serve much purpose and potentially dated it a little more than it needed to be. It was relevant and current enough to discuss the dangers of online dating/Internet safety and did well with these themes, but I think we should have stayed on topic because it did go overkill with the themes, some of which were not handled as well as others and just felt, once again, like things were just being thrown in to be relevant to today's readers. 
Some themes and thoughts on how well they were processed are as follows:
-"dooms day" family - this was actually a fascinating concept and I wanted more of the "then" portions. It was reminiscent of the non fiction "Educated" by Tara Westover.
-Constant mention of "he's old, and pudgey (I'm very much paraphrasing here), it's something he would say being stuck in his time. It's not appropriate now but I smile and let it slide". - A few times was enough to have me thinking "yes, we love an aware mc", but after constant mentions it just felt too try hard to be a part of the woke culture. I think one mention and even a challenge would have been satisfying, but it was just constantly bought up and left... What was the point?
-Rewilding - I wanted more of this! The conversations, paired with some of the more life skills based ethos of the dooms day preparations, were something that I enjoyed learning about and think would have been great to explore more of.

I found some threads to be confusing... I think it's because I missed a few crucial points where I had a lapse in concentration (e.g. the initial reveal of Wren's history). Often it felt like they were lots of other stories smooshed into one and I was confused as to who was who when we got more in depth with the connections of the other women.

I don't understand why Wren was so hooked on this guy... Maybe she saw a lot of her family in him, but wouldn't that be a sign to maybe avoid him..?
The ending was not a favourite.
So, I had some problems with this one, but despite that, it was a sound thriller that I'd still recommend if you like the sound of it.
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