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Comfortable, well written but most of all exciting. Where is Hollie? Who is Hollie? A story of hidden abuse and the consequences.
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I delayed reading this for no reason other than life getting in the way! Huge mistake. It was brilliant. A proper page Turner with a few great plot twists.
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This was a tense read. Multiple povs was something new from a thriller (for me anyway) and it definitely helped build tension 

The reveals weren't surprising but were very well executed . The first thriller in a while I've rated more than 3 stars.
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This book is so good. I really liked the character Elise, the mother of Niamh and the detective Jo. This is a gripping book but it does involve an abusive relationship which some might find hard to read. Overall I really enjoyed it and will read other books by this author. My thanks to Netgalley and Avon books for the ARC.
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Quite a dark and disturbing psychological thriller which explores some quite dark subjects - such as domestic violence, cooercive behaviour and child pornography (nothing explicit though) And it covers these subjects well. Nice short paragraphs which I always enjoy as they make a story romp along quite quickly. Bit of a jaw dropper at the end.
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The Secret By: Debbie Howells This psychological thriller is narrated from 3 different POVs: Elise Buckley, an air stewardess, Niamh, her daughter and Jo May and Niamh, her daughter, a police officer investigating the death of a young woman in the village where the Buckley family lives. This audio book was excellent from start to finish and had lots of twists and turns throughout that just had me Hooked!.

I highly recommend this audio book especially as I listened to her book in two sittings whilst starting a new crochet project as I was desperate to find out who the murderer was.

Big Thank you to the publishers at Avon Books UK and Netgalley for this e-ARC of The Secret
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Elsie Buckley is married to Andrew who is a doctor and they have a teen daughter, Niamh. Niamh has a close relationship with her friend Hollie. One day Hollie tells Niamh a huge secret that she is forbidden to share. After this, Hollie goes missing and soon after her body is found. Detective May is now forced to question everyone in this small village that they live in. She uncovers some pretty horrible secrets and she is left to discover what happened to Hollie. Was it murder and why?

An intense psychological thriller but an awful lot of characters. For a mystery/thriller, it requires a lot. of concentration to keep up and work out who/why and how it all fits together etc. 

This is a first for me by the author and one I enjoyed and would read more of their work. The book cover is eye-catching and appealing and would spark my interest if in a bookshop. Thank you very much to the author, publisher and Netgalley for this ARC.

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The Secret was a fast paced psychological thriller that had me reading at every opportunity, be warned though this book does contain quite a bit of domestic abuse and child porn.
Niamh and Hollie are best friends, this is a good thing as they are the only two teenagers in the village of Abingworth. Hollie becomes on edge as she finds something out but before we find out what that could be she is reported missing and then found dead. Everyone in the village could be a suspect but wha5 had Hollie found out? Elise is married to Andrew and with Niamh have the perfect family from the outside, Andrew is the local GP and she is a flight steward but behind closed doors her life is far from perfect. Does Niamh know what is was that Hollie had found out?
This was a fast paced decent thriller, I liked that the females in this ended up being strong and the author did not go down the weak route. This kept me guessing and I didn’t get the ending quite right so that was a plus point.
I would like to thank Netgalley and Avon Books for this ARC I received in exchange for an honest review.
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What a excellent read.Something new to me.Well written story congratulations to the author.Kept me guessing from start to finish.Did not expect the ending to be as it was.Would highly recommend this book and author to anyone who likes mystery novels.
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OK so I actually finished this one the night before boarding the plane and had all intentions of writing a review on said plane but 10 hours with a giddy 2 year old meant this did not happen so here I am desperately trying to write a decent review now to do this book justice as it really was a great read.

Who watched the itv series Liar? 🙋‍♀️
Well I'm sure those who did loved it, the first series especially I'm talking about here, the secret reminded me so much of Andrew AND the guy WAS called Andrew too AND he was a doctor 🤯

Lots of twists and turns packed into this one guaranteed to keep you all perched on the tip of your seat. Characters were developed finely with detail, oh and those who love a police procedure storyline running along side, we had that here too and it was great, just don't ask me the coppers name now as I can't bloody remember it 😂 but she was fab anyway 👌

All in all, a cracking thriller perfect for cosy cold nights in and it's out now!

Thank you netgalley for the arc!
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One of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read in a while.
Everyone’s got a secret and there’s a tangled web of lies to uncover.
The story focus on Elise, an air hostess married to the local GP.  From the outside they have a perfect life living in a big house with their daughter Niamh.
However all is not as it seems and behind closed doors there’s betrayal and deceit going on.
The story unfolds as it’s told from various perspectives but will the truth ever be uncovered….
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3.5 stars

This psychological thriller is narrated from 3 different POVs: Elise Buckley, an air stewardess, Niamh, her daughter and Jo May, a police officer investigating the death of a young woman in the village where the Buckley family lives.

The good: There are a number of plot twists to keep a reader’s interest as well as a good attempt at dealing with some difficult subjects: coercive relationships, domestic abuse, child pornography and suicide. Really villainous villain.

The bad: Despite their being 3 POVs, their voices sounded exactly the same. I would have expected, at the very least, that a 14 year old would sound different to her mother.  I saw both of the big reveals coming quite a way before the ending and I doubt that I’m alone.

All in all it’s a competently handled novel but I just didn’t quite engage with the characters as much as I’d have liked to.

With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher, Avon Books, UK for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to NetGalley, Debbie Howells and Avon Books for the ARC of The Secret.

Teenagers Niamh and Hollie are close friends. After struggling for some time, Hollie confides in Niamh about a secret that has been tearing her up inside, but just a few days later, Hollie goes missing and no one seems to know where she's gone, Niamh mother Elsie last saw her in the graveyard, and something was clearly upsetting her enough to skip school.

When Hollie is found dead, the secret becomes a murder enquiry but who is hiding the truth?

I should have loved this, it has everything that I look for in a thriller, suspense, multiple suspects, drip fed clues and reveals but I have to be honest that this one just didn't blow me away. I found the combination of the porn ring and the violent husband a bit too much in terms of subject matter and at times I felt like the story was chugging along without gripping me entirely. 

I enjoyed the book overall but left me feeling a little meh once I turned the final page. I am definitely in the minority here, so maybe just not one for me personally

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Great read, page turner.  Psychological murder mystery. A village with secrets. With an abusive marriage, several questionable deaths and child pornography.  Totally believable and sadly showing the affects of abuse on not just the wife but also the children.
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The Secret is a  psychological thriller covering some unpleasant topics including child pornography, coercive control, suicide and gaslighting, which some may find challenging to read about.

I found the pace rather slow and struggled to maintain interest, skimming through some of the chapters. The surprising ending however, made it worth persevering to the end.  

I didn’t take to any of the characters and the 3 points of view that form the basis of the book, all seemed the same, further diluting any individual personalities the 3 ladies had. 

Both the slow pace and the topics concerned made it a difficult book for me to read. 

Thank you to NetGalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.
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A village of secrets. Nothing and nobody is what outward appearances portray and behind the facade is a web of lies, deceit, unhappiness, abuse and betrayal.   The initial investigation into the death of a teenager is the catalyst for an ongoing inquiry related to missing children and pornography which has, until this point produced nothing but dead ends. A middle class affluent group of unsavoury characters have no intention of revealing that which must remain hidden. An interesting plot line that on occasion is frustrating by leading the reader to believe the investigation IS lead by experts who seemed reluctant to interview suspects with any degree of expertise at obtaining facts and truth. An unnecessary distraction was introducing a prime detective in charge of investigation as herself an abuse victim. However, a mixture of wayward teenagers, disreputable adults, unsavoury actions and several fatalities lead to a suspenseful conclusion . The revealing of  loathsome actions by an abhorrent character tied up the conclusion with answers to a mystery on several fronts. Many thanks to author, publisher and NetGalley for ARC.
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Gripping and twisty thriller with a chilling end. 

Hollie and Niamh are best friends, the only teenagers in a small village community. When Hollie disappears the police are convinced the residents must know more than they're admitting, and gradually layer upon layer of secrets are revealed.
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Reading Between the Wines book review #5/135 for 2022:
Rating: 3 🍷 🍷 🍷
Book 📱: The Secret
Author: Debbie Howells
Genre: General Fiction (Adult)
RELEASED on January 6, 2022!!! 

Sipping thoughts: I was so excited about reading this one. The suspense was so high, and I could not read fast enough to get to the “secret”. Unfortunately, this one fell a little short. It high such potential and a great climb but then just plateaued for me. I enjoyed The Vow and will read a future release but his author. 

Cheers and thank you to @NetGalley and @AvonBooksUK for an advanced copy of @TheSecret.

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First book I’ve read from Debbie Howells and I’m still not sure if I enjoyed her style of writing. 
This book was a slow burner and the change in POV’s all sounded pretty much the same so I wasn’t ever drawn to one character. 
I guessed one twist pretty early on but the other one was a shock which is why I gave the rating I did. 
The story looped round so much times I was starting to get a bit dizzy with it. 
Too many secrets for a tiny village I think.
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Wow Wow Wow. My first book from Debbie Howells and now I want to read them all. This was such a good story! Very fast paced and kept me guessing until the end!
The chapters were the perfect length to help me breeze through this story. 
This book does have some CW: emotional and physical abuse/violence, child exploitation

However, this book kept me interested until the very end! Definitely recommend!
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