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Beat Me With Your Words

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I received an advance reader copy of this book to read in exchange for an honest review via netgalley and the publishers.

Beat Me With Your Words is a gripping page-turner about domestic abuse and survival.
 Emily falls hard for Blake but things soon turn once Blake has reeled her in. Blake is very cunning in his abuse and gaslighting of Emily and for years she blames herself and second guesses herself.  Blake lowers Emilys self-confidence and esteem almost daily and Emily suffers for years. Emily eventually finds her feeling and wakes up from this narcissists control, and is such an inspirational character. 
As a domain abuse survivor, this book resonated with me from start to finish. Some of it could have even been about me! I'm now in a much happier place and confident in myself again and this book would have been such an inspiration to me and helped me realise sooner what was happening to me. This is a very important read for every woman out there! 
The author did an amazing job with this story. I felt so many emotions reading this and I can't wait to read more from her.
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Emily is a good girl, intelligent and strong until she falls for Blake Denton. Blake is good looking and very charming, a fatal mix of qualities that lure Emily into a fairytale world with a not so fairy tale ending.
This book takes the reader on Emily’s journey from self confidence and self assurance to isolation and mistrust.
The author writes a little too much in favour of Emily’s naive outlook regarding Blake in the beginning of their relationship, as a reader I was thinking ‘this guy is bad news’ from the get go, so it makes it difficult for the reader to have a lot of empathy with Emily.
That said, it’s not a bad read and it held my interest.
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Very honest and brave account of an emotionally abusive relationship. However the writing style wasn’t for me, if felt very childlike. I imagine it will be helpful to others either in a relationship like this, or who have been in the past.
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Interesting  take on emotional  abuse in a relationship and gaslit. It was a good book. The heroine  took too long to leave him.
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