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This was a fun, quick read. I read it lounging in the sun on a lazy afternoon and it was wonderful. Though it’s not a five star read in my books, it was definitely enjoyable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to a friend. I’m hoping to pick up Float Plan soon and see where the series started.
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This was a surprising read! I didn't realize it was book 2 in a series, but you can read it as a standalone. In fact, I thought it was a standalone until I came over here and saw it was book #2. I had no issues following along with the characters from the first book. I loved reading about a heroine who was a single mom just trying to do her best. She was equal parts realistic and dream-oriented. The hero was definitely someone to gush over. He's kind, sympathetic, and gentle in all the best ways. I don't really drink beer, but his brewery made me want to try some of his out! There are some open door love scenes, but they aren't overly detailed and I feel like it fades to black quickly. Triggers for death of child and divorce.
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Thank you so much for the opportunity to read this book! I enjoyed this one so much and thought it was really nicely written and loved it as much as I loved her first one. I could not put it down and it was the perfect way to start summer season! Cannot wait to read her next one!
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This was a sweet book, but the ending was too abrupt, and the drama was too easily solved. Also, why wouldn't she call her lawyer before immediately moving back to Florida?! I know she's a single mom, but it's not like she's a teenager, that was a little naive for me.
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Rachel Beck is a hard working single mom living in Florida when she unexpectedly loses her job at a fancy hotel at no fault of her own. She packs up all her belongings and her four year old daughter Maisie and drives to Sandusky, Ohio to take a job on Kelley's Island as a hotel manager. Unfortunately, upon arrival Rachel discovers that her new (and very sexy) boss, Mason has been less than forthcoming about the hotel management position he advertised. Mason convinces Rachel to stay on and help him get the endeavor off the ground. When Mason gives Rachel free reign over the designing of the cabins on the property she feels it is a dream opportunity. Their working relationship starts off rocky, but they begin to work well together and their chemistry cannot be denied. When Rachel receives unexpected news from back in Florida she must make some hard decisions about what the future looks like for her and Maisie, and if Mason and Kelley's Island will be a part of it. 

I loved this book! It was such a fun and engaging read and I couldn't put it down. Full disclaimer, I was born and raised in Northern Ohio not far from where this book is set. It was so fun for me to read about places I was familiar with, including the amusement park Cedar Point on Lake Erie. I also thought the brewery and cabin rental conception on the island sounded so ingenious! I'm ready to pack my bags and go! The characters were all so warm and engaging and really drove home the "small town" feel that I remember from my youth. Rachel is a fantastic MC who is responsible and thoughtful and you cannot help but love her. Mason is a little standoffish at first, but after discovering his past you begin to see how that past has shaped him. This is book 2 in the Beck Sisters series, but I didn’t read the first book and I don’t feel like I was missing anything pertinent. The Suite Spot doesn’t need to be read after book one, Float Plan. If you are looking for a quick summer beach read, look no further, this is it. Thank you to NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.
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After liking Float Plan, I’m glad I moved on to Rachel’s story. While the heaviness and themes of grief in Float Plan caught me off guard, I came into The Suite Spot with better expectations and I appreciated the TWs provided in the beginning. 

Weaving in depth to a trope-filled plot of workplace romance, this was a fun time. I liked Rachel pretty immediately. We start off seeing rachel experience and reel from a sexual harassment event that results in her firing and also exposes her difficult co-parent situation. From the beginning, we see Rachel at her most vulnerable which was refreshing to see, it’s easy to become her champion and just root for her success. 

After she takes a chance at a new job with Mason and his brewery hotel on an island in Lake Erie, it was fun seeing her adjust and find herself. She isn’t anyone’s door mat and she’s not afraid to have difficult conversations with Mason when needed. What struck me as off a bit was how immediately Rachel starts listing after Mason, it didn’t feel right for her character, but given this is a shorter book, I can see why things needed to be sped up a bit. 

Mason was an interesting love interest because he has his own backstory and trauma which helps explain her demeanor and reservations, that said, I think we could have spent more time hearing about his pain and past life. The emotions we find Mason in are merely told to us and then we pretty quickly move on, which was a shame because I think it would have been a great opportunity to show another side of grief like we did with Anna in Float Plan. 

The brewery details were fun, and I loved the descriptions of the Limestone as it was coming along. I would definitely like my own suite there. 

The ending was a bit abrupt, but again, I think that’s because of the ultimate short length of this. Still, it felt a bit unfinished and I felt like some key parts weren’t given the space and time they deserved. The chemistry felt quick, the background emotional history and trauma was there but not as front and center as it could have been, and the HEA felt like a quick end note instead of what this was all leading up to. 

Overall, a fun read, easy to binge in one sitting, which will definitely make you want a good beer.
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Rachel took a big chance on herself when she moved from Florida up north for a job. She was a realistic and intriguing character, and her relationship with Mason, both personally and professionally, was enjoyable to watch unfold. Loving this series!
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The second book was just as good as the first, for me! I love the characters of Rachel and Mason, and being from Ohio I loved the setting! This was such a quick read, and I loved the design and brewery elements the were woven together.
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CW: sexual assault (escaped)

Synopsis: Rachel is fired from her concierge job after escaping a sexual assault from one of the hotel guests. Living with her mother, raising her own daughter, and black-balled from every high-end hotel in Miami, she accepts a job across the country at a brand-new boutique hotel and brewery. When she gets there, she realizes that her new boss, Mason, misrepresented the status of construction, but Rachel accepts the challenge of managing the building of the hotel as she slowly falls in love with the location, the town, and her new boss.

	▪	Fat romance heroine. Aside from the book cover and a few mentions her and there, it’s easy to forget that Rachel is fat. It is so refreshing to read a romance novel with a fat lead where her size is not a big deal. These kinds of books are thankfully getting more common, but it’s slow going.
	▪	Small-town magic. Once again, a beautiful small town full of lovely and quirky supporting characters who welcome and embrace Rachel as one of their own. Love this!
	▪	Single mother romance heroine. I admit this is not one of my favourite tropes, but Dollar handles it well. The child never feels like afterthought but she also doesn’t take all the space. Her presence is perfectly balances and essential to the plot in many ways.
	▪	Professional fulfillment. I love a romance that has the heroine find professional fulfillment and  take ownership of her talents. I admit I was as excited about the hotel and brewery opening than I was about the romance. It sounds dreamy! Too bad we can’t go there on vacation.

Overall, this is a delightful romance where everyone grows and find the happiness they deserve. A lovely read, just perfect for summer.
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The Float Plan took me by complete surprise last year by being one of my favorite reads of the year, so you can bet I was invested and excited to read the next Beck Sisters book!

And gosh, The Suite Spot was also such a delight. It has big heart, and like it’s predecessor touched upon some more difficult topics (the audiobook has content warnings at the beginning). But overall, it was a lighthearted story about two people looking for home, and finding it in one another.

Maisie was a peach, and the chemistry between Rachel and Mason had me swooning. I *loved* the storyline of the brewery/inn and love that we got so much of it, but am also sad we didn’t get more! I was really hoping to see Rachel and Mason managing it with guests and the day-to-day activities of working in hospitality, beyond the story of getting the place operating (though I enjoyed that too).

The romance had me smiling over and over again, and while I am a lover big lover (and proponent) of leaving the door wide open during sex scenes, Trish has a way of making them butterflies flutteringly sexy while keeping things more door ajar—and this is something I feel is tricky and sometimes difficult to achieve. So bravo there!

I do have some caveats, where I feel the story fell flat. These are minor caveats because the story really is thoroughly enjoyable and a great escape. Everything works out very conveniently, which is totally fine in a story like this, but I expected more from a few scenarios: Mason’s grief and bonding with Maisie was talked about but I never really felt it was explored beyond the surface of “he’s getting through it.” I feel like Rachel and Mason should have talked more about this and how Mason has handling everything, but it was more so pushed to the side and everything was hunky-dory and they were in love. There is also one point where we get mixed signals over Mason moving on post-divorce but it’s not really breached beyond that. Rachel’s reasoning for immediately moving back to Florida had me scratching my head. It was incredibly forced to move the plot in that direction, and took me out of the story wondering why it would be written that way. It made no logical sense, and even in the story we’re told it made no logical sense and she overreacted. And the ending was far too abrupt. I was listening to the audiobook and paused it, only to realize I had a minute left. I wasn’t expecting that and was hoping for more closure at the end. 

I know that big paragraph of caveats seems like a lot, but they’re more so smaller things that were pulling at me. This is still a solid and romantic four star read that will absolutely have you finishing in one sitting. This is the rule of book I’d love to read on vacation, while relaxing for a few hours before between exploring and enjoying life. Because at the heart of this book is learning to live a life that is full of small joys and big joys.
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The first sentence of the acknowledgments in this book is “had 2020 not been such a traumatic year, The Suite Spot might have turned out to be a different book, but I found myself needing to tell a story that was warm and gentle”. And that’s just what this book was. It was such a beautiful and sweet story, a perfect romance for both open and closed door fans. In addition to the romance, it touched on topics like grief, single motherhood, custody issues, loss of a child, and sexual harassment in the workplace. 

The setting was super unique & fun — a boutique brewery hotel being concepted, built, and put together. The process was so interesting to see and it made for a really cute story. I would definitely love to stay at this hotel 😀

On another note, there is something to fun and special about stand alone novels in the same universe. I love getting glimpses of characters I’ve read entire books about before and seeing where they’re at. It loved when Anna & Keane (from The Float 
Plan) made an appearance and I’m hoping the author will write more in this universe!
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This was a nice easy breezy beach read and I wish I was sitting on a beach reading this book versus sitting on my couch watching the rain fall! Easy characters and a fairly predictable plot but enjoyable nonetheless.
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This is just what I needed. A sweet, kind, hopeful story about Rachel, a single mom trying to keep it all together. She’s good at her job and enjoys it.  She’s an amazing mom and is raising a happy little girl with the help of her very kind and loving mother. Her child’s father has the maturity level of a 3rd grade boy and is of very little help.  Most of the time he is more of a hindrance than actual help.  In one moment the job she adores is gone due to a lie, and is blackballed by her ex-boss who valued money over a loyal employees safety when she’s assaulted by a guest.  Out of desperation she applies for a job far away. A new start might just be the thing she and her daughter need most.  She’s sells everything she can, packs up the basics they need and hits the road to their new adventure.  When she arrives at her new job she’s crestfallen.  She’s been lied to about…everything.  If she had a place to go back to she would, only that no longer exists as her mom sold their home and she has only what fit in their car.  Mason is mired in his own emotional turmoil and knowingly lied about everything to suit his needs. Selfish is the nicest thing he could be called early on.  And so begins the road to both of them finding their way, finishing up the brewery inn, new friendships and maybe even love.  It’s a lovely fun, sweet fun read to their eventual HEA.  Cannot wait to read what comes next.
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I absolutely loved Float Plan, and almost immediately after finishing I picked this up. It was so so good. I love Trish Dollar's writing and her characters. She crafts her stories with characters that feel like people you know, and does in such a way. I was completely obsessed with Rachel & Mason's story. Can't recommend this enough!
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I’m afraid my experience with The Suite Spot was a touch more sour than I’d have liked.  

I just finished this and, while it had some genuinely cute moments, to be honest with you I was just a little … bored.  It felt a bit like being at a restaurant and anticipating a decadent dessert, only to have the waiter bring me a plate of saltines. *sad face*  Not dissing those reliable little salty squares of goodness, but they don’t quite compare to sweet, yummy chocolate lava cake, right?

Rachel Beck is a single mom to young daughter, Maisie, living with her mom and working for an upscale hotel in Miami Beach, Florida, until she gets unfairly fired.  When an opportunity arises to manage a brewery hotel on Kelleys Island on Lake Erie, she and Maisie make the big move, leaving behind her man-child boyfriend/baby daddy, Brian, and her mom. In her new home, she meets the hotel owner, Mason, who comes off guarded and grumpy for reasons the reader finds out later.  It’s pretty run-of-the-mill rom-com, Hallmark movie stuff … just with a little dirty talk and a couple “hungry” *cough, horny, cough* adults.

Rachel was nice, Maisie was sweet, the Kelley’s Island community members were fun, and Mason was an honorable, supportive man/boss.  Everything was just TOO … perfect. Even the requisite rom-com “trouble comes to paradise” moment was remedied in blink-and-you'll-miss-it speed, and the ending felt so abrupt.

I liked it well enough, but it lacked the zing I hoped for.  Perhaps those who met Rachel in the previous book of the series, The Float Plan, felt more invested in her as a character.  I just didn’t connect much with her or Mason, though they did grow on me.  The best characters were minimally seen side characters like yoga instructor, Avery, and Rachel’s sister, Anna, and Anna’s boyfriend, Keane.

Having said ALL that, much of the problem is that I listened to this on audiobook while reading along on my Kindle, and the narrator’s voicing of Mason just made him sound too robotic and stiff to be very likable as a love interest.  Perhaps if I’d only read this, I would’ve imagined his dynamic with Rachel differently, so perhaps print is the way to go with this one? 

Bottom line:  The writing and humor is pretty cute, and if you like slightly spicy, minimal drama rom-coms with a grumpy/sunshine trope, this might hit the spot for you! 


Thanks to St. Martin’s Press, NetGalley, and author Trish Doller for this ARC.  I’ve given my opinions freely and honestly.  This is now available.
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After reading The Float Plan last year, this was one of my most anticipated books. I love how Trish Dollar tells her stories, and that she doesn't shy away from hard subjects.
Rachel & Mason are the focus in this story (although we do get an appearance from Anna & Keane). As individuals, they both had some really hard things to deal with, but I loved how they both worked through these things. This was a sweet story, and I loved seeing everyone's dreams come true (as well as all the healing that happened). 

TW: While this book was a feel good story, it does discuss life while dealing with the loss of the child.
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I enjoyed "The Suite Spot" quite a bit. It's a contemporary romance, but for me it lacked the emotional punch of Doller's first book, "Float Plan" (which I loved). 

While "The Suite Spot" had a lot of great things going for it--relatable main characters, a sweet romance--it felt a bit slow at times. At times I felt like the inclusion and diversity of some of the characters in the book was a little forced (LGBT side character? Check!). This made the story feel a little clunky at times. I seek out diverse books to read and promote, but it should feel natural and not like something that is included just to tick that box. 

Overall, however, I really enjoyed this book. I would definitely read another book by this author.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel. I hope there are more Beck Sisters stories coming. It was a quick read and I also listened to some of the audiobook and it's well narrated. 

Rachel Beck is a single mom, looking to follow her dreams, like her sister Anna did. She'll find that sometimes your dreams require sacrifice and occasionally you'll get more than you expected.

I have got to check out more of Trish Doller's other books.
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What a sweet (suite) story. I was looking for something cute and lighthearted and this definitely fit the bill. After reading the Float Plan and falling in love with those characters, it was lovely getting a chance to meet the other Beck sister in a bigger way.
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Although this is book #2 about the Beck sisters one should still  read this even if they haven’t read the first one. Rachel is a wonderful character and it’s admirable how as a single mother she always puts her daughter first.  This is a slow burn romance that will be a great beach read. Looking forward to more about these sisters.
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