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Great action and characters here. Reading the previous book in the series is not necessary. This one is just as good. I stayed engaged, and recommend this to thriller fans.

I really appreciate the free review copy!!
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Part 2 in the series but it's not necessary to read part 1 to understand this book. Eva and her dolphins continue their research, as does Thomas, using money gained from the previous story; Julian wants revenge though since he lost out  big time as well as losing his illegal fortune. Kidnapping, really nasty animal murder, baby prehistoric monsters/genetically engineered  fish lend to the story. Lots of dolphin activity helping the humans; some romance but it fits with the story and we learn more about the backgrounds of the characters. All in all a good read and I hope that there will be a third story. Thanks to NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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Eva and Thomas have used the money they acquired from Julian to make improvements to the dolphin facilities and further Thomas’s research into child cancer. They had assumed Julian didn’t know about the money, since they haven’t heard from him, however, when Eva’s mother is kidnapped from a romantic boat ride, Julian demands a ransom they can’t possibly pay. With time running out for Eva’s mother, they need to find a way to rescue her.

I felt like we got even more dolphin time in this book, which was brilliant because I adore them! Cleo was centre stage this time and I absolutely loved her chapters (while still being petrified something would happen to one of the dolphins!). There was decidedly less sea monster time though, which was a bit sad. The junior tylosaurs were mentioned a bunch of times, but their parts seemed quite downplayed in this book. There was also an awful animal cruelty act against a cat, that was brought up again and again. That sort of thing particularly bothers me, so I mention it as a warning to anyone going in who feels the same. 

There was a secret that Eva has been holding on to that is revealed in this book, that made me feel quite negatively towards her too. She’s had plenty of time to expose it and just…hasn’t? Why?  I did love the relationship between Mal and Romina though and Julian is a world class bastard 😄
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This is the second book in the series, and while it can be read as a stand-alone, I think most people would enjoy it more after reading the first. The author does a good job of giving details and background, but the first has so much world building and details that you just kind of need it :) 

This book moved much faster for me.  While I appreciated all the world building in the first, this one seemed to have more action and a better flow.  I'm looking forward to the next adventure!
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Dragon Gold is the follow up to the excellent Killing Dragons and continues the aquatic adventures of marine biologist Eva Paz as she continues her research into dolphin communication. After the excitement that took place in the first book, things seem to be getting back to normal for Eva and the others. But her peaceful island life is shattered by the return of an old foe and Eva's mother is kidnapped, setting into motion another roll coaster adventure. Dragon Gold features great characters, plenty of action, and an adventurous story. Definitely a fun series that hope will continue. Thanks to NetGalley and the author for the opportunity to read and review a copy of this ebook.
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Dragon Gold – book #2 of the Order of the Dolphins series has Dr. Eva Paz battling Julian Gulliver whose grandiose aspirations threaten the reef she lives and works on, all of its living creatures and possibly the entire ocean.  All of the main characters return, including Eva’s ex-boyfriend Dr. Thomas Sternberg, about whom she is having second thoughts. Reading how Eva, her friends, relatives and dolphins confront Julian, and his hired killers is great fun. Thanks to BooksGoSocial and NetGalley. #DragonGold #NetGalley
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This book was soooooooo good I cannot wait for the third installment. You can read this as a standalone but I promise you'll enjoy it so much more if you read the first book in the series. I promise it's worth it!

The book takes place a while after the first book since we find Thomas in his state of the art cancer center back in Kansas City and Eva in her plush new lab funded by an evil man's ill gotten gains. Unfortunately, that evil man returns to claim what is his and wants his money back. Since Eva and Thomas cannot produce, the villain kidnaps Eva's mother for ransom. Now Eva and Thomas must save her mom, find a way to pay the ransom and deal with yet another sea dragon... or two?

This book was such a fun read. As I said about the first book it reminds me of Michael Crichton in that there is science and information involved but it is all very readable and relatable to laymen, meaning you don't have to be a PhD or MD to enjoy the logistics behind the story. Plus the research is fascinating. 

Kristie Clark clearly knows how to write and weave together a good story. At one point, her writing was so effective I was just as claustrophobic as the characters and had to put the book down for a bit. I felt like I was there under the ocean (which terrifies me.) with them and struggling along with Eva. I really enjoyed this book and I eagerly await the next one.
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Dragon Gold is the next book in the Order of the Dolphin series. It can be read as a stand-alone novel as the author does fill you in with background information when necessary.
Following on from the brilliant Killing Dragons, we again join Eva Paz and her dolphins: Taffy, Finn, Cleo, and Chico. But trouble is brewing because Evas old nemesis, Julian Gulliver, is back, and all hell is about to break loose. You think everything looks nice and peachy for Eva and Thomas at their respective research centres then, the novel explodes into a thrill a minute, adventure. Dragon Gold is truly a rollercoaster of a ride. 
The interaction between Eva, her family and associates with the dolphins is quite unbelievable. Yet as we know through projects like CHAT (Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry) and The Wild Dolphin Project, it is becoming more Science Fact than Science Fiction. So, don't be too surprised if, in the near future, we will hear something along the lines of, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Okay, slight exaggeration, but you get my point.
The author has written a full-on inventive and imaginative thriller. Complete with a cast of characters of all ages, who all play a part in this breath-taking narrative. Every character played a part, even little Luis Junior has a starring role early on when fishing with Charlie. The author seemed to allow the characters to gel together no matter what the situation. There is never any animosity, even at the height of excitement.
But as in the Killing Dragons, for me, it was the Dolphins who took centre stage.  Now I have rendered the forehead kiss, and I have administered a kiss to the hand. I have participated in a French kiss and executed a neck kiss. I have even heard and seen administered the Glasgow kiss several times. But the Cleo kiss is something I have yet to witness.
The dialogues are very realistic without getting bogged down with too much science and tech speak. But what there is, was easy enough to understand and kept the narrative flowing nicely. I liked the fact that there were multiple characters, and using various POVs was a neat idea, especially when the dolphins were in on the act.
Kristie Clark has created your archetypal Bond villain in Julian Gulliver. He has all the credentials. What with an enormous yacht, evil sidekick scary creatures of one description or another. Sharks, Snakes, Dogs, Alligators and Crocodiles are the usual norm. Now we Julian with his sea monsters. (Although I cannot see him sitting there stroking a CobiX Hybrid).
Descriptions of the locations are beautiful, detailed, and full of observations. Giving the reader a glimpse of what life could be like if the oceans were free of man's interference. I loved how the author touched on the ethical side of both Eva’s and Thomas’s professions.
The author writes with such verve and vigour. You can feel the enthusiasm that goes into the writing. There is so much emotion and passion within the narrative. The storyline is superb, and there are subplots and plot twists to keep the reader guessing. And we get to learn some history of one or two of the protagonists and antagonists, which are interesting.
Without giving anything else away, Dragon Gold is a fantastic page-turner of a thriller. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and it is the perfect follow up to Killing Dragons.
Thank you, NetGalley, BooksGoSocial and Kristie Clark, for the ADC of the book.
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Would I recommend it ? Yes, ever since I've read the first book to this series I've been telling my friends they need to check it out.
Would I read more of this series? Yes, in fact the author was kind enough to not long send me this one but book 3 as well to read and review.
Would I read more by this author? Yes 
Now on to my thoughts
First a big thank to to the author herself for sending me books this one and book 3 to read as well as well as letting me go on with this series and a thank you to NetGalley for letting me download it to review it as well. As with  the first one Killing Dragons this one had me from the fist page, and it wouldn't let go, everything was so real in this one that it felt like I could reach out and touch the fish , the dolphins, and feel the sea air on my face. Plus the I learned stuff while read it, like in the first one I had no idea that there was even a dolphin that looked like a killer while until we meet Finn,. Other thing is the story is like something that some of my all time favorite authors would write with the way she brings to life the information on marine biology, genetics, submarines, and dolphins, both the good and bad side of the information. As for the story its self it was packed with non stop action wither it was underwater or land, and that say something since I'm terrified of been underwater or in closed in spaces like what's in a submarine but while reading this, I can still enjoy doing the thing the characters do with out having to get into the water or a submarine, even though there was times I was like reminding myself that I was safe and sound in my room. So if you like stories that are like that as will as have a bit of romance in them, bad guys that you would love to see get eating and the guys win, then you might want to check this one out.
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