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This thriller was alot of things in one book.  FBI mystery, reincarnation, cults - almost too much for me!  At times a very difficult read - but I'm sure it will be well received.
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This was a fast-paced FBI/supernatural cult read. I held my attention enough that I read it in a couple of days but it was not one that I couldn't put down.

I found the storyline to be detailed and explain the plot as the story progressed.

I would recommend this to some people but it is not everyone's taste. I personally enjoyed it.
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This book makes you feel like you are one of the FBI agent. The invastigation was really in depth and sometimes I felt like I was reading case studies. But I don't recommend this book for beginner reader. The words used are still easy to understand but since the story changes frequently to a various history setting and too many scientific info, beginners may have a hard time digesting and enjoying the story.
Overall I enjoy the invastigation maybe at the beginning it feels a bit boring but as the story goes it managed to grab my attention. And the ending, just wow... how dare you mr author, how dare you. There are also some part of the story that confused me, I want to search back but reading it online make it hard for me to go through all over again. If there is any meet n greet with the author, I would love to join it because I have so many questions regarding this book. 
The reason I was interested with the story because it related with prophet Elijah and I am actually from another religion and it picked my interest on how our religion history differ from each other. But just my opinion maybe you should consider putting the religious fact in this story is true (or not) except for the Son of Elijah theory because in the copyright stated that all works is fiction, so since im not well verse in your religion, I have doubt whether the religious fact like the bible was true or not.
Addition to those who want to read this book, if you are not interested in LGBT genres, its okay it does not really touch romantic interest that much because this book is more focus onto the crime and mystery.
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OH I LOVE ME A GOOD  that my that mixes an FBI thriller with a supernatural reincarnation cult! I don’t like to give away much of a book’s plot  in my reviews, but if you’re up for a little change of pace in thrillers, this may be right but up your alley- there are some weird plot twists in the middle of the book and the twists keep coming!  Kind of slow at times but the payoff works!!
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Fast-paced, interesting and very readable, Don't Get Close is a real page-turner. The deeper themes around reincarnation and destiny felt like a bit of a stretch at times and some of the plot points pushed the limits of credibility but in the end, that doesn't really matter. It's a compelling freight train of a story and you'd be silly to question the practicalities of it - just jump on board.
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As intriguing as the storyline was, I find myself with mixed feelings about this book. I found it was easy to set down at times, but still finished it in a day. 

At times the storyline was so detailed it made it hard to keep up with, but other than that the story transitioned smoothly. 

Overall I enjoyed the book, and would read a sequel if there is one if for no other reason than to get more answers about what exactly happened in the first book as it came to an end.
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My feelings about this book are mixed. Vera Taggart is an artist turned FBI agent, who is handed a cold case as her first assignment. The case revolves around a cult called 'The Sons of Elijah', who blew themselves up in crowded places and killed thousands. The members of cult are firm believers of re-incarnation and are of the opinion that they themselves have been re-incarnated several times. It sounds interesting, it is interesting. But if you are someone who looks a logical explanation of events, you will not enjoy this book. I enjoyed it for quite some time, until I started feeling that there was too speculation and not enough reason. I don't have a problem with speculative fiction, but when I started this book, knowing that it was about the FBI and a cold case about a decades-old bombing, I did not expect speculative fiction, especially because the book was tagged as 'Mystery Thriller'. So the ending, which although was very interesting, was also a iffy for me. I was curling my lips and smiling at the same time.

The pace of the book is decent. The start was a bit slow but it doesn't take long for things to start moving. The climax opens up the possibility of a sequel and I wonder that is in cards. I wouldn't mind reading it, but then I would go in with different expectations. Overall, the book is well worth a read.

Thanking NetGalley & Crooked Lane Books for the ARC.

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Thanks to Netgalley and Crooked lane publishing for this eARC.
A very intriguing story about reincarnation, past lives and hypnotherapy.
Dr Seth Jacobson has the ability to uncover past lives though hypnotherapy. On the belief under his hypnosis two of his past patients went on to blow themselves and others up. They were called The Sons of Elijah, and now it would appear that there back, 30 years later. New FBI recruit Vera Taggart is given the case by her boss. Vera goes under hypnosis with Dr Jacobson to see if she can find any involvement with him.
She might just wish she never did.
Well written and flows very well. A good story to get you really thinking what is out there and maybe why.  Believable and It all ties together nicely.  You are left guessing and wondering what is the truth, or is the hypnotherapy just an illusion to further Dr Jacobson’s own agenda.
Well worth reading.
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Excellent story! Totally engrossing!.  Looking forward to reading more by this author! Could not put this down!
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The story is based on this cult, The Sons of Elijah. They set off several bombs and killed around one thousand people, including themselves. It plays with the idea of psychology and reincarnation being closely related, and contains many unexpected plot twists. I would have rated this book higher, but around the middle of it plot lines began to become a bit confusing and too informative. This is not my style of writing, but I would not want that to put anyone off reading it. It was well worth the read.
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A good solid read, it did not hook me from the first page, however there was enough interest  to keep going. The idea was good and was  developed well, not bad at all for a second book.
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Thank you to NetGalley for giving me a sample of this book I really loved it and would love to purchase and add to my collection.
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Wowza, what a twisted read!  Lots of intriguing themes, layered within this twisted tale!  Fabrastucwlky written, in a tense, fast paced manner, that had me on the edge of my seat, flipping pages like crazy!  Cannot recommend enough, as it’s one of those that is sure to blow your mind, even if addicted to thrillers!  

I’ll buzz around platforms and use my top Amazon reviewer number on release!
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Matt Miksa has created something new and interesting with this story. The combination of science, theology, and religion with a pinch of mystery is something I have never read before. It's a twisted and somewhat complicated story that I had to slow down my reading to wrap my head around what was happening. The time line is long and twisted and if you blink you will miss an important part. The characters are full of life and background stories. The pace was fast, but it doesn't leave the reader behind. 

Thank you to Crooked Lane Books and NetGalley for letting me read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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When I started to read Don't Get Close, I didn't really know what to expect. I thought it would be a very slow-paced book, but full of action and fight scenes, like a lot of FBI books I read.

But I was positively surprised. The book is, in a way, a little bit slow-paced. But in this case it's a good thing because we are able to absorve well all the informations, stories and explanations given without feeling confused and lost.

Don't Get Close was very interesting and a great reading for me. The plots were well linked from beginning to end, I feel like the questions were answered and the characters and stories were very well built.

If you like FBI books with mystery, plot twists and badass sapphics, I hope you'll like this book. Because I did.

Thank you very much to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC in exchange of my honest rewiew.
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The book is well written and has an interesting plot. There were many twists and turns which kept me motivated to read it. There were some aspects of the book that were a little confusing but did clear up later on in the chapter. The main idea as to why different events occurred came from an interesting perspective but at times seemed a little out there.
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There a lot of books in this genre that follow a similar path but this one was excellent and I was really enjoying it. I didn’t want it to finish so that’s praise indeed.
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Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review!

Don’t Get Close is a slow burn police procedural and governmental thriller. The novel started off quite slow, but about halfway through, it was hard to put down! 

The book follows Special Agent Taggart who gets assigned to a cold case (that’s 30 years old) of the cult “The Sons of Elijah”. Oh and the believe to have continually been reincarnated (wHat!!). Then there's a bomb in Chicago that is believed to be tied to this cult and now this newbie FBI agent is going to stop them!

The book has a lot of history and details that I found myself skimming through or wanting to get through as quickly as possible, but I’m not much of a history person so that could be unique to me. This book is a unique thriller (deals with a cult and reincarnation) overall but I definitely got confused with the characters from the past lives and how they relate. I would recommend this book!
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I really liked the way this one started.. The premise, the misdirection and the questions about what it all meant were managed very well, as was the pacing and the sense of suspense. But as things started to be revealed, it started to get odd - and that's where it lost me a bit... 

It stayed off-kilter for me until the last pages, unfortunately - although came back around at the bitter end with a surprisingly dark ending that I actually liked (even while rolling my eyes). It was an entertaining read, just a little more uneven than the beginning led me to expect.
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Don't Get Close follows Vera Taggart, an artist recruited by the FBI, as she tries to solve an old cold case about a cult of suicide bombers called "the Sons of Elijah". She talks down a guy from jumping off a bridge only to find out that he might have something to do with that cult.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this book. The start was a bit slow, but when the plot picked up it was hard to put down. But I had some issues with it. First, lets just say that you'll need a lot, and I mean a LOT of suspension of disbelief to be able to enjoy this book. Which is something that I usually don't have a problem with, but there's only so much disbelief I can suspend (if that even makes sense). I personally don't believe in reincarnation. I certainly don't mind reading about it, but there were just so many other things that I had to turn a blind eye to while reading to be able to enjoy it and it just became more than I can handle.
The historical parts, although relevant to the story, were honestly quite boring as well.

I would've enjoyed it a lot better had the author stuck with the logical explanation, but it was a pretty good read overall.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this e-ARC.
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