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Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design

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Idiot proofed.

Metorical, easy to understand and at the same time it is not boring.

If you want to start your adventure with graphic design somewhere and you have no clue where, than this book is a good choice. 

I knew nothing, and now I feel like I can keep up the conversation about the subject.
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Chip Kidd's book is a fantastic resource for anyone interested in learning about graphic design at a beginner's level. Kidd gives a fascinating history of, excellent examples, and instructions on graphic design. Mr Kidd's expertise is in book cover art, and he has some impressive credentials. I received an advance copy of this book through Net galley. I was so impressed with it that I ordered a physical copy of the book as soon as it was released to give to order graphic design teacher. I have also put it on my fall book order list. I highly recommend this book for high school libraries.
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I thought that this books is very well put-together. It covers all the major topics of graphic design in a very down to earth way, and I love the use of real examples throughout the book! Would recommend to anyone curious about the subject.
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An eye-opening and entertaining romp through the world of graphic design. In his book 'Go', author Chip Kidd explains graphic design in kid-friendly terms and with brilliant analogies. The mundane details of everyday life will become a whole new source of wonder for kids (both young and old) reading this title. Though, I'd generally recommend this for middle school and above. Even the cover and cover pages will leave you smarter than you started. Quick-witted readers will find delight in the puns and easter eggs the author hides in this gem of a book (no kidding). Connections to history, art, and psychology make this a great read for tweens and teens who might be interested in pursuing this career. Bite-sized sections are interesting and make the book easy to pick up with little time. This would make a great non-fiction addition to any library or personal collection.
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Not just for kids!!!!  Chip Kidd has given a thorough and easy to understand explanation of graphic designs and its basic components.  Many wonderful example of each component are presented many are by the talented Kidd.  

The end of the book has ten graphic design challenges for kids (and adult)! Most do not use a computer but a photocopier or basic art supplies.  I love getting kids to think outside the box and be creative.  This is a terrific book for all ages.  

Get the family to design personal logos for each member to mark their things!!!!!  
Dive in to designing and start keeping a graphic design scrapbook.
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A colorful primer that explains interesting concepts and could easily be used by anyone, big or small.
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This book is supposed to be for kids, but it's way too advanced for a kid to sit down and understand the concepts. Instead, I'd recommend a teacher take this book and use it as a guide for how to teach graphic design to students (preferably 4th-12th grade) and use age-appropriate examples that the students will actually know and appreciate.
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My son works in graphic design.   My husband is an artist.  This book will be great for my grandsons.    I learned so much from reading about different points in graphic design.   Chip Kidd uses some of his own book covers and designs.    He even includes a photo of himself in kindergarten.  
     Can’t wait til this book comes out so that I can buy it!
     It’ll be great in all libraries, school or public libraries.   
      Many thanks to Netgalley and Chip Kidd and Workman Publishing.
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The concepts presented in this book were portrayed in an organized and appealing way.  The information was in-depth and featured historic uses of design and various types of design in current use.  The author lays everything out in a practical way with eye catching visuals to accentuate his meaning.

Children and adults will find this useful and entertaining as they learn more about what graphic design is and how it helps us in our daily lives.  I foresee this being useful in a guidance counselor's office as well as in a classroom library.  I will be recommending this title to patrons interested in design and careers in graphic design.
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I asked to review this book and I a thrilled that I did. Chip Kidd did a wonderful job with Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design. I am a graphic designer, Kidd said so himself, and as someone who loves all things design but still doesn’t get Photoshop, I appreciated the sentiment. Jokes aside this is not only a great book for graphic design students, but for anyone creating content online. Extremely useful and I’ve learned so much by reading this book that I cannot wait to share it with others. Bonus on the last chapter, check it out.
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3.5 Stars

When they say "don't judge a book by its cover, they mean this one, especially this one. 

'Go' is an easy-to-understand introduction to graphic design written for younger audiences or for readers who are interested in dabbling into graphic design. It explains common terminology, colour theory, typography and other elements, but it also highlights the rationale of design, which I admire greatly.

Aside from that, I appreciate how Kidd gave a list of design projects at the end to put what you've learnt to practice. It is a fun activity that you can do without the need of Canva or Adobe, but just with paper, colours, magazines - any material you can get your hands on. It's a great way to unleash your creativity and explore what type of design style you enjoy.

I love the author's humour and way of storytelling and it was such a joy to read. Even if it's targeted towards children, it's such a delight for adults too. I was also very happily surprised to discover he had designed many book covers, of which many I recognise and love.
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A good primer on graphic design for kids (but really anybody) who would like to have a little basic know-how for making something look good. These days, we all have to be a graphic designer at some point, so we may as well carry a few ideas with us about typography, color, negative and positive space, and so forth.
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Chip Kidd presents fascinating work and each page in this book is something to savor. I was previously familiar with some of Kidd’s work in comics and recommend this look into design and artwork.
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