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Rules for Vampires

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This book just wasn't it for me. I would like to say it just isn't good but all the other reviews I've seen for this book are positive so maybe it's just me. I thought this book was incredibly boring and it just moved too slow. I felt like nothing happened until the end and even that felt pretty anti-climactic to me. The characters were so incredibly flat and one note to me. The evil characters were such stereotypes and charicatures that it was just painful. The writing was a pain as well. I typically like a story with a narrarrator that has nothing to do with the plot but this just felt really obnoxious. The author also felt the need to write in all caps every other sentence and I mean I do that a lot too but I'm not writing a published novel. It annoyed me to no end. I typically don't make note of writing that often but this writing just annoyed me a bit too much. This book has some very basic vampire lore but there are some unique aspects to it and those took a bit too long to explain, in my opinion. I was so confused for a while. The ghost lore also wasn't explained as much as I would want to. So yeah, I had a horrible time reading this book and even considered DNF'ing it a couple of times but I just love vampires too much to do so.
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I really wanted to love this book and can see where some middle grade readers would enjoy it… There’s a nice balance of fun and quirky moments with the overall spooky atmosphere and story. I had some difficulty with the pacing of the story, as well as finding most of the characters unlikeable (but perhaps this is deliberate?) Leo, though, was great — charming and whimsical and determined all at the same time.
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Amazing story of a young vampire navigating life, a mom that hovers and friendship. Perfect for kids and adults alike. The art is FANTASTIC!!!  It is a one sitting read and hopefully not the end of Leo's tale.
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