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DNF at 15%
I really wanted to love this book, but it was just so long and confusing. I had to evaluate if I was curious enough and attached enough to the characters to care about what happens to them, and unfortunately the answer was no. I did like the writing style (for some character POVs more than others) and I would be willing to try reading this again at a later date, but right now I was not enjoying it enough to continue.
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My thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book to review. For me, this was a slow and middling read. It had some really interesting concepts and characters, but overall it fell a little flat for me.
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Goddess of Limbo is a creative and enchanting epic fantasy story with the delightful magic of the gods. This character-driven novel tells the story of how a group of unexpected heroes fight against gods and demons to save their souls. This premise seems to dream big and I was really pleased to see how interesting the characters are, how creative the world is, and how much everyone seems to grow throughout the book. Though it is a lengthy novel, it is perfect for those looking for a refreshing and different epic fantasy. If you are sick of the standard loosely veiled medieval England tome that is often epic fantasy Goddess of Limbo is a perfectly refreshing read!
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“Free will is a relic of the past. Souls have a prewritten path to heaven. If they miss it, they are doomed to roam the lost realm of limbo as splinters of their former selves or worse—as demons.”

I pulled out my college speed reading on this one. It is fine but it is definitely a nearly 700 page novel that is just setting the groundwork for future books. There is some excellent world building and a plethora of characters to follow but I don’t know if the book needed to be as long as it is. There is a lot of filler and things that didn’t seem necessary as it didn’t move the plot forward. And I was totally lost on the timeline of the book. This is a fine fantasy novel and I hope that future books see things tightened up a bit. 

Also, one of the great things with this novel is that there are trigger/content warnings in the book, on the author website, on netgalley and goodreads and more places I’m sure, so the reader can be aware of what they’re getting into. I think that due to seeing these I expected much darker/disturbing content but having those warnings were a welcome surprise. 

eARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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Much to my sadness, I didn´t get to finish this book before the time was up. I was really enjoying it but life got in the way and I wasn´t able to get back to it. I still wish to read it, as the writing was really fascinating and the plot had so many potential for me to love it. Wishing all the best to the author and publishing team!
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This book seems like it was conceived as an exercise to include every possible type of sexual identity and relationship, including polyamory, pedophilia, domestic battery, incest, parental abuse, and abuse of authority.  One of the characters seems to be neuro atypical.  There is also a lot of homophobia, racism, bigotry, classism, sexism, a creepy priest, and evil perpetrated by gods or magical beings.  There are a lot of characters to keep track of over more than a decade, but they are pretty well developed and for the most part likeable.  I'm not sure why Ally is described as brilliant, and Subira's marriage is pretty baffling.  I wouldn't say this is much like either The Stormlight Archive or The Priory of the Orange Tree, except in the most general sense.  There is quite a lot of pregnancy.  The first 90% of the story is about the relationships between the characters, their largely traumatic backstories, and the general political situation.  There are humans, elves, orcs, part fae humans, and some magical beings or gods.  In the final 10%, the gods suddenly take a very active role, and the action shifts back and forth into limbo, which is a sort of hell.   At the very end there's a "to be continued" with some conclusions but mostly loose ends.  This was well written enough that I didn't give up in frustration or disgust, and I enjoyed much of it, but it sort of meanders all over the place with little point other than that families and relationships are often horrible, but occasionally decent people are kind to each other.
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DNF at 10%

Unfortunately, the writing style of this book didn't work for me, and I found myself slogging through, even just the first 10%, of this very long book. Because of this, I didn't really care about the story or the characters, so I don't see a point in pushing myself to finish it.
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Thank you to Netgalley & the author for an eARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Y'all so much goes on in this book. I have zero idea how to summarize, so if you like rebellions, magic, scientific inventions and epic world building, this is the book for you. If you're looking for a queer Adult epic fantasy, look no further.

I savored this book. Reading this behemoth over the course of the month was the best decision I ever made. Things are slow moving at first, but I loved meeting all of the characters and seeing them develop through the book. Look I loved everyone, but I especially loved Captain Subira's story. I loved seeing her take back her agency and become the dangerous yet incredible leader she is again.

I am so curious about how everything is going to fall into place. Not only are there several characters followed, but we also have gods and goddesses to watch out for. There are so many pieces of the puzzle here and I am loving what I saw so far and I can't wait to see more!

Statements taken from the author's review:
Representation: LGBTQIA+ (5 lesbians, 4 gay men, 5 bisexuals, 1 nonbinary person, 1 trans man, 1 demisexual man); PTSD/C-PTSD, cerebral palsy, schizoaffective disorder, eating disorder, autism (identity first), main characters of different skin colors and cultural backgrounds (see for more details)

Content Warnings: Ableism (external + internalized), birth complications/reference to miscarriage, body horror, cheating, child marriage/pedophilia (non-graphic), domestic abuse, drugs/addiction, eating disorder, homophobia (external + internalized), mental illness/depression, psychological horror, racism/xenophobia, religious trauma, sexual assault/harrassment (non-graphic), sexual situations, reference to suicide, transphobia (external + internalized), graphic violence/death/blood/gore.
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A lush, extravagant new paranormal romance.  Goddess of Limbo creates a world where death wants nothing but love but that is the only thing death cannot have.
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This was a book I desperately wanted to love but unfortunately, I didn't. I struggled to get into it and I ended up not being able to finish it. I DNF'ed around 46%, it had a lot of interesting aspects but it wasn't working for me. I still think the concept is fascinating and hope to try it again someday but right now, I didn't like it all. 

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.
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I received a copy of this book from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

This book has everything you want from an epic fantasy   It has gods, goddesses, humans, elves, orcs, fae, and demons. Adventure, it’s own mythology, magic, romance, and a little bit of spice. 

At first I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. This book is almost 700 pages and the first 10 or so chapters are told from different character points of view. The characters are so well written and developed that by the time you’re 1/2 way through the book you could open to the middle of a chapter and tell which characters point of view it’s written from. 

This book is going to have a sequel, so the story lines are not finished at the end, but the author avoids ending it on a cliffhanger. If there wasn’t another book, this story would still feel satisfying while still leaving you wanting more. 

Trigger warnings: torture, domestic violence, rape (not graphic), prejudice, homophobia, violence
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🗡️Arc Review🗡️

My rating: 1 star
Do I like it: No.
Do I recommend it: Nope.

Goddess of limbo is a high fantasy book promoted as Priory of the orange tree meets game of thrones or game of thrones with a feminist angle.

What I found was a bunch of characters with no motive, an underdeveloped world and a book that requires 2 more rounds of editing.

Let's start with the characters, there's a bunch of them. And some of them don't even play an important part in the first book and are there for no reason at all.
I didn't find the characters to be engaging, motivating or even interesting. The only character I even found somewhat interesting was Captain Subira Se'anza, a protagonist but she also had no impact on the book , all her actions led to nothing in the book.
Also the fact that none of the characters have proper backstories that are explored is highly annoying and an hinderence in being attached to them.

The world building here is existant but not explained. I still don't know why there's a war going on or why people are fighting each other or why races like elves or orcs are hated. There's one or two paragraphs of infodumping and then straight up nothing.

Writing style, whoo! Let's talk about that, the author writes female side characters like men write their women. There's so many description of breasts and 'voluptious asses' that I was about to throw my phone away.

Overall, I believe that this book requires more development, editing and scene cuts to even be a tolerable one. 1 star for the amazing Captain Subira Se'anza and nothing else.
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This was an interesting read, I struggled to start with but eventually I picked up pace and enjoyed it, looking forward to the next book.
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I really, really wanted to love this book but I couldn’t. I thought about DNF-ing this many times but I never do that so I just started skipping pages. Then I started skipping chapters. Truth to be told before I started skipping I REALLY DID TRY. I stuck with this book for more than two weeks and it’s a long time for me. I couldn’t get myself to read it and honestly, I wouldn’t ‘finish’ it if I wasn’t stuck at home due to Covid.

To start with the good parts, the writing was good. It had LGBTQ+ representation. It had a very different and unique magic system as well as a very different world. The author obviously worked hard on the world-building but she just badly distributed it. Sadly. I was honestly drawn to how unique this book was, till I wasn’t.

This book was full of info dump, which is something I’m usually okay with as long as the book picks up after that. This book didn’t and I did not understand anything. Literally. I have no idea what happened in this book. The info dump was a lot but not explanatory. The author just smacks you in the face with different words and countries and kinds but never give any explanation what-so-ever. It makes it hard to connect to a book. I felt like I was in high school math class all over again.

Another reason why I couldn’t connect with this book nor the characters was that there were way too many POVs. Like a lot. I’m still honestly not sure who is who. The POVs were short too, so you just jump from character to character.

The ‘Goddess of the Limbo’ comes into play after like %50-60 mark of the book so that’s where the actual plot started. Till that there were just sub-stories and useless complicated information. I honestly like a book more when it gets to action faster than this.

Long story short, it was just not for me. If it was edited and maybe became shorter than 670 pages, I would’ve recommended it to a lot of people but still. I’d say anyone should give this a try and see it for themselves.
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Goddess of Limbo was an ambitious beginning to a fantasy series, with a great deal of intriguing worldbuilding and a diverse character cast. Unfortunately, I DNF’d this book around 30%. While the ideas and concepts presented had a lot of potential, the execution fell short. An overwhelming number of characters, viewpoints, time skips, and stylistic changes between sections made this novel confusing to the point of being difficult to follow, even accounting for the fact that most fantasy novels require a considerable amount of setup. While this novel wasn’t for me, I can certainly see others enjoying it, particularly those who delight in extra large character casts and imagery-laden, intricate prose.
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I received and Advanced Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a review.

First, I must give credit to the author for including a list of Representation and Trigger Warnings on their website. I believe this is something that we should start including on all descriptions of ARCs. I know I personally have forced myself through some novels I originally would have as DNF based on content solely to ensure my NetGalley feedback ratio was not affected. Being able to look up what aspects the novel contained before requesting helped me gain a greater appreciation for this book. 

"Goddess of Limbo" is the first novel in author Lea Falls' the Forgotten Splinters Chronicles, a dark sci-fi fantasy series. I normally am not one to usually begin Fantasy chronicles, mainly because of the emotional commitment it takes waiting for the remaining books, but "Forgotten Splinters" is one Chronicle I will gladly wait however long to finish. 

A few things that primarily made this novel what it was: Falls' ability to create a detailed, and vibrantly describe world and write in the POV for multiple characters. Not trying to merchandize the series; but I could already see Table-Top RPGs of the world of Elfendum selling out as the fandom increases. I also would gladly pay money to be in any campaign with Lea Falls as the DM.
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“I think any soul can splinter.” (Prologue)

Goddess of Limbo is an intricate and beautiful story that delves the dark subject matter of trauma, but leaves you with an inspiring and positive message of hope. Trauma and pain can splinter any soul, but even splintered souls can heal. Even half-broken souls can find pieces of perfection in a broken world: humor, stories, and love. 

The author’s dedication says it all: “For anyone who has stared at their splintered selves and wondered if they could ever be whole again. You are not just whole. You are divine.”

This is a tale of trauma (see warnings below), healing, and finding pieces of perfection in a broken world. A mad reaper named Balthos usurped the world’s creators, declared himself a god, and turned a once peaceful world into a half-broken world riddled with conflict. The only other reaper, Alames, was heartbroken by the horrific actions of her lover, Balthos. This splintered her soul and sent her to limbo. The world is now full of souls that miss their one prewritten path to heaven and end up splintered souls in limbo without a reaper to help them find their way to heaven. 

This book’s style is elegant and beautiful. The main characters are the centerpiece of this work. The story is told in first person narrative, rotating among a collection of protagonists. Each has their own unique voice and thought patterns. As a result, you really relate strongly to each character from the very beginning. Each protagonist has their own blindspots and strengths. All of them are imperfect, morally gray, and a little broken at times. But, the antagonists are clearly distinguishable as far darker than shades of (morally) grey. 

At first, each of the protagonists’ stories seem unrelated and the story itself feels splintered. Then, the fates and stories of the main characters are weaved together like threads in a great tapestry. Neither character nor plot development is rushed. It takes awhile before the reader can begin to see how the different characters’ stories fit together or where the plot is headed. However, it is well worth sticking it out and the characters are compelling enough to keep your interest until the plot becomes clear. It does all tie together eventually. 

There is great world-building without any tedious bulk information dumps. This includes a handy glossary to help you keep the vocabulary and names straight.

The central love story that emerges is a heartwarming romance between LGBTQ+ main characters, which you rarely see in literature. Despite the dark subject matter of this book, the ending is hopeful, uplifting, and somewhat happy. This long book ends at a natural stopping point where many things are resolved for now, but the primary antagonist is not defeated for good. The ending provides a clear setup of material to be explored in the next book of this series. 

The author provides clear content warnings and a list of trigger warnings by chapter in the back of the book. Since this book deals with the heavy and emotional topics of loss and trauma, there are quite a few warnings. This book is also quite long. I would not recommend this book if you’re looking for something quick or lighthearted.

CONTENT AND TRIGGER WARNINGS: Graphic descriptions of violence/death/gore; non-graphic mentions of sexual assault, suicide, and child marriage; Homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, miscarriage/stillbirth, domestic abuse, drugs, eating disorders, PTSD, mental illness, and sexual harassment.
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Such interesting character and a richly imagine world. It’s very different to any fantasy I have read recently, in a good way!
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Goddess of limbo beleaguered Falls.
The forgotten splinters Chronicles book 1.
Free will is a relic of the past. Souls have a prewritten path to heaven. If they miss it, they are doomed to roam the lost realm of limbo as splinters of their former selves or worse—as demons. 
Their only hope is the reaper Alames, whose own soul shattered when her celestial lover, Balthos, usurped their creators to make them gods. In her absence, he builds a pantheon of monsters and tricks the mortals, whom he blames for his grief, into worshiping him. But when a new generation defies Balthos’s law, Alames’s splinters appear among them. 
Brilliant physicist Ally longs for progress and innovation, but the Council controlling her nation strips the “Mad Princess” of power. Pregnant and uncertain, the unrivaled Captain Se’azana abandons her career for the false promises of love. The starving serf Richard makes a deal with a Fae demon to save his son. And teenage rebel Vana trades her guitar for a blade when faced with ruthless nobility.
When worlds tear and hearts break, will they defy the gods’ narrative to create a brighter future or will they obey the lies preached and doom their souls forever?
A good read with good characters.  I did find this slow but readable.  Likeable characters like Alamas and Balthos. Wasn't sure about Zazil Pier or Calliquium. 3*.
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I'm not gonna lie this wasn't an easy read but after the first chapter I was quite intrigue by what the story was going to be about. It felt quite magical and very complex. There were many point of views so be aware that sometimes it can be quite confusing to follow each characters and theirs stories. The best thing about this book is the world-building created by the author. It was truly original and captivating and I loved the pictures! This just helps my confusing mind to understand more which I really appreciate. I  also love the lqbtq representations with the characters. 

Thanks to netgalley for this arc e-book!
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