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I received an eARC of this title through NetGalley in return for an honest review. 

The story in general is interesting. It is very much in the YA trope of "orphan who has a destiny", but it works with the story that is set up. Olivia was left by her mom at an all girl's orphanage with only her mother's journal to give her any indication as to why. I think the set up of this story is a little slow for my taste, however the set up is fairly important to understanding Olivia. I liked how the story picked up pace as soon as Olivia gets to her long lost family's mansion. Once this happens, the story goes by pretty quickly. 

I genuinely enjoyed Olivia as a character and how the author portrayed her as a person who cannot speak. The frustration Olivia feels when no one understands her sign language or when people ignore her feels realistic. The representation in this book is important and was weaved well into the story. 

When I first started this book, I was under the impression that it would be a young adult book in a gothic style, which was the initial reason I wanted to read this. However, I would not call this gothic. This book has some elements of gothic fiction, however, I did not feel the writing style matches that genre quite as well. I felt it was more supernatural horror with a dash of attempting to write in the gothic style. With that in mind, I was disappointed in this book which is a big part of the reason I gave this title 3 stars. 

However, setting my reading experience aside, I will say if you are into supernatural young adult horror with fantasy elements, this book is for you. I would just not go into this book thinking it is gothic fiction.
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Gallant was another victory for VE Schwab. Her books are well written and hard to put down. The twist in this story really took my breath away.
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Gallant by V.E. Schwab is a fantastic read.  The artwork throughout is beautiful, too.  I'm a fan of Schwab's work, but this one was particularly noteworthy.  The worldbuilding is expertly done, with compelling characters (albeit a bit trope-y), and I enjoyed the different narratives coming together to form the whole.
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I enjoyed Gallant but it’s definitely not my favorite V.E. Schwab book. I will say it’s an instant classic though. It holds the elements of horror and fantasy that really feels like it could be for any age. It reads like a fairytale (the dark kind) and Olivia is definitely a unique and likable MC.

I definitely enjoyed the cover and styling of the  book since it’s just as beautiful as it’s writing! 

Thank you to Netgalley and V.E. Schwab for the advanced read of Gallent in exchange for an honest review.
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An absolute DREAM of a book. Beautifully written, beautifully executed, and brilliantly ended. V.E. Schwab never disappoints.  

This is an engrossing tale about a mute girl named Olivia who finds herself obsessed with thr last remnants that exist of her mother; a personal journal she has hauntingly written. When Olivia finds herself in the middle of a family affair in a house far away from the orphanage she grew up in, she must make difficult decisions to either save herself,  or her family. 

Highly recommend. 5 stars.
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Old School Ghost Story + Secret Garden + Coraline = Gallant

I loved it!

Gallant is a great horror book for young adults. It has serious creep factor and no romance to contend with.  Olivia is an orphan living in a group home. She is non-verbal and see ghouls.  Then her family finds her.

Upon her arrival they know her but clearly did not call her home to the family estate, Gallant.  In short order she knows she belongs but there are strong reasons the family tries to get her to leave. 

The pace was perfect. The story seems simple because it does not devolve into side stories and supporting character growth. Instead, it is focused and succinct.  A true gem.
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A haunted house full of family secrets and death. A beautiful journey from start to finish. A perfect blend of secret garden meet Crimson Peak.
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Overall, I really enjoyed Gallant, but I didn't love it. It was a fast read and was the moody, gothic-style book I gravitate towards. Overall, it just didn't feel that complex to me although I did appreciate Schwab including a mute female protagonist. I was initially disappointed that she never explains where the muteness comes from because I thought it was going to be connected to her family history, but in retrospect, I like that it isn't ever explained - it's just part of who Olivia is. 

Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC of this book.
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Described as “The Secret Garden meets Crimson Peak” by author V.E. Schwab, Gallant (Greenwillow Books), her 21st book, whisks readers into a quietly haunting tale.

Olivia Prior knows hardly anything about her family or where she came from. Raised at the Merilance School for Independent Girls, the only link she has to anyone outside its walls is her mother’s journal — a slim, worn volume that offers very few answers as she watches her mother’s words, and the series of strange ink drawings between them, seemingly devolve into madness with the turn of every page. More peculiar is the final entry, a rather lucid letter addressed to Olivia that ends, “you will be safe as long as you stay away from Gallant.”


She’s read the journal backwards and forwards thousands of times over the years but can make neither heads nor tails of her mother’s warning … until a new letter arrives. An uncle she never knew existed has summoned her home to the Prior family estate, summoned her home to Gallant. The elation of discovering family becomes mixed up in the caution her mother’s journal implores her to take. Nevertheless, she has little choice but to go. When she arrives, she finds no uncle. The estate is in disrepair, and no one, not the paltry staff nor her disgruntled cousin Matthew, had been expecting her. 

Now a somewhat unwelcome guest, Olivia is determined to uncover the secrets Gallant is concealing, even if Matthew continues to insist on her leaving. And if the estate’s few living souls refuse to grant her the answers she seeks, perhaps the ghouls that haunt this place can point her in the right direction — to a small, crumbling wall at the back of the grounds, the purpose of which is a mystery, as is the locked door at its center. 

Schwab’s latest feels like a fairy tale dressed in irresistible black, like the glittering surface of dark water that draws you to its sheen but makes you wary of what might lurk beneath. Gallant possesses all the magic and mystery readers have come to expect from Schwab along with a gently ominous atmosphere and a poignant meditation on home and belonging. 


Oh, and for all you bibliophiles who prefer your books with a side of book, Gallant is one of those special tomes that boasts another within its pages. As the story moves along, readers discover passages from Olivia’s mother’s journal, featuring the gorgeous and haunting illustrations of Manuel Šumberac. The novel becomes a puzzle of sorts as Olivia (and the reader) attempts to piece together the clues concealed within the journal. And as soon as you’ve seen the complete picture, the only sensible decision is to start all over again, delighting in the details you missed on your first read-through.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of this novel is that it can be enjoyed by anyone. I’d wager that every reader, be they middle-schooler or middle-aged, will leave Gallant powerfully affected by Schwab’s storytelling. For me, her words don’t just describe magic, they create magic, they are magic — keeping my own “creative door propped open,” as Schwab herself likes to say, and beckoning me to explore stranger worlds.
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Another wonderful novel by V.E. Schwab!  I am so thankful for the chance to preview this for our store.  Our customers have been sweeping this book of our shelves and the cover art is stunning!
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This book follows Olivia Prior, who has grown up at Merilance School for Girls, and she is mute, and cannot speak. She doesn’t know a lot about herself or her past, save for a journal she has of her mother’s that she has memorized backwards and forwards. One day, a letter arrives from her Uncle Arthur asking her to come home to a place called Gallant. A car comes to take her away, but when she arrives at Gallant, no one there has been expecting her or knows anything about the letter. She doesn’t want to leave the first true home she has ever known, but as she learns more about Gallant and her family, she discovers so much more than she ever expected. 

I know some people have struggled with this book, but I thought it was great! It was very different from the other V.E Schwab books I have read, but I thought it was awesome! It was spooky, and was giving me HELLA Neil Gaiman vibes, which I liked. It took me a bit to get to this title unfortunately BUT it meant the audiobook was out so I could listen to it, which I loved. 

I was given an advanced reader's copy via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own
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I think it's impossible for V.E. Schwab to write a bad book! I also like how the voice of her books are all so different! I never feel like her main characters are the same or even similar voices. Nothing will beat Addie LaRue for me but I definitely liked the ride and will continue to anxiously await every book she writes. I feel like her fantasy writing makes the fantasy elements seem almost too real, and in this case that realness definitely gives you the creeps in a good way. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an e-arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Schwab ended up writing a story that is grounded in a dark reflection of our own world, one in which a ragged corpse holds court over a dead house and a rotting garden cries out for fresh blood. It’s horrifying and strangely beautiful by turns, eternal and decaying all at once, a story that primarily exists in the in-between of life and death, and whose images will stay with you long after the final page.
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This book was phenomenal. It was atmospheric, creepy, unsettling, and dare I say magical? I’ll admit. I wasn’t sold after the first 2 chapters. A girl who was different, ostracized by her peers, and she could see ghouls. Once she made it to Gallant though, I was hooked. I would strongly encourage readers who love a good haunted house/parallel universe story to pick this up. If you’re into familial curses. Meeting Death. But I will warn you: I myself am a fan of a slow burn atmospheric novel. I love being immersed in the setting of a spooky house and being told every last detail. If you get bored by scene setting, this book may not be for you.
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I love V.E. Schwab's writing. It is so beautiful and haunting in this book. The illustrations were gorgeous and really added to the ambiance of the story. I liked the story itself, but the end felt pretty rushed.  Overall, I enjoyed it. Thank you to NetGalley for this digital ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Thank you, VE Schwab for another delightful and fantastical novel! I really enjoy the worldbuilding of this one. The story is interesting, and I liked the characters, especially the MC. I finished this in one sitting on a flight from east to west US because of how into it I was.
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Schwab once again brings her gorgeous writing to a new YA standalone about a Olivia Prior, a mute orphan who finds herself plucked from her school of girls and dropped off at her ancestral home, a place called Gallant. Her homecoming is met with anger from her cousin, the last known Prior. Determined to finally learn what happened to her parents, Olivia explores to the home and gardens. What she learns is haunting and dangerous.

The language is gorgeous. The world building is slow and meticulous. The narrator for the audio is perfect. That said, this is one is not likely to appeal to fans of fast-paced, action-packed books. The story unfolds slowly and relies on world building to move things forward. Schwab is a brilliant writer and die hard fans will appreciate this one. 

This one also skews young-hand this to strong middle grade readers without worry about content.
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Cue the creaky stairs, the voices of ghosts, and the sudden whoosh of the wind; Gallant is a spoooooooky read. Main character Olivia Prior has grown up all her life at the Merilance School for girls but suddenly, a letter arrives for her stating that Olivia has a home and long-lost family at a manor named Gallant. Olivia leaves her orphanage, knowing that any home will be better than her current living situation. But Gallant manor is hiding secrets, and after all, her late mother’s journal warned her to never return to Gallant.

While short and sweet (or perhaps eerie is the more appropriate word), Gallant is filled with spooky sensations. While I enjoyed the plot, what really intrigued me was the incredible atmosphere that V.E. Schwab created through her unique prose. You can’t help but wonder if there are ghosts in your house wandering around looking to create havoc. I quickly realized that the synopsis of Gallant gives way too much away, so I opted to read the novel for its ~vibes~ rather than for its plot. Gallant is one to read if you are looking for something ghostly and is the perfect novel for curling up on your couch while watching the fall leaves flutter to the ground outside.

Content warnings: death, death of a parent, grief, blood, suicide, child death, bullying, animal death
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This was a good novel, it was just much younger than I was expecting or prepared for. That's not the book's fault, though I do wonder at some of the marketing choices made. I would recommend it to those looking to move from softer YA series into the more serious.
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Olivia has never known her family. All she has of family is an old diary of her mother’s which seems to document her decent into insanity. When a mysterious letter arrives from an uncle she is sent “home” to Gallant. Once there she finds her uncle has been dead for a year and all her cousins Matthew wants is for her to leave. As she explores she discovers bizarre things about Gallant, like the grey weeds that sprout up over night that try to choke the roses. And the crumbling wall in the garden that leads to nowhere. The more she explores the more she uncovers the secrets of Gallant, what lives behind the wall, and why she was summoned home.
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