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This book was about as perfect of a follow-up to “The invisible Life of Addie LaRue” as one could ask for. Once again, we have a strong, female protagonist who knows she is due much more than her destiny, even if that means chasing down a god who answers after dark. Olivia Prior is a multi-faceted character, with many redeeming qualities/powers but also some flaws/impediments that make her an extremely realistic and relatable character. Furthermore the writing style and pacing of the book far exceeded my expectations; I don’t usually read YA nor do I read a book in under 2 days. To add to that, the atmosphere was engrossing and perfectly suited for a Halloween-time read, although I read it in the peak of summer and was still enamored. I don’t want to say much more in order to keep the plot a mystery, but I highly recommend this book.
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Gallant is a bit Coraline, a bit Jane Eyre, a bit The Secret Garden, and a large dash its own thing.  It is a quiet and creepy story, all about family and ghosts and unexpected homecomings.  

Olivia grew up in an orphanage, a harsh one whose job is to prepare children who have no place in the world to be adults who have no place in the world.  All that she has of her history is a journal that once belonged to her mother, and a strange ability to see spirits.  Olivia is also mute, a condition that sets her even more apart from her fellow students.  This all changes when Olivia receives a letter from a previously unknown uncle, begging her to come join him at Gallant, her ancestral home.  

Gallant is rather empty and full of secrets.  The only residents are two aging servants and a cousin.  There is also a mysterious wall in the garden, with cracks perpetually appearing...almost as if something is trying to push through from the other side.  

I enjoyed this book, and the story is nicely dark and creepy in the style of older gothic novels.  Olivia's muteness works especially well here, since it sets her aside from the world around her and creates a sort of muffled and claustrophobic atmosphere.  Her justified anger at the way that the world ignores people like her is well done, with little moments like a character turning away in order to cut off a conversation, knowing Olivia is unable to call after them and make herself heard.  There is also something added to a horror story when you have a protagonist who is literally unable to call for help.  

Gallant falls more under horror then fantasy, and it would be a great Autumn read.  It is a quiet and personal story, and the answers that Olivia eventually finds feel like exactly the right answers for the story being told.
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Gallant is a novel that pulls you in and refuses to let go as you finish each chapter and the novel itself.  It is marketed for fans of Crimson Peak but to me felt more like the Haunting of Bly Manor.   Gallant follows Olivia Prior, orphaned and without any future prospects, as she receives a mysterious letter for her uncle inviting her back home. All she knows of her mother is from a journal whose entries mark a decline into madness.  She makes her way to her family home and finds that her mother’s journal was just the beginning of a peculiar existence for the Priors. 
Schwab’s writing style is so atmospheric and immediately pulls you into Olivia’s haunted world.  I was unable to put it down and was entranced by the by the mystery of Gallant and Olivia’s family.  Easily five stars and one of my favorite novels that I have read this year.
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This was a fast, creepy ghost story. It was enough to enjoy, and that's about it -- enough backstory and lore, enough spooky moments, enough interesting characters and pathos. Perfect for those looking for a tasty snack rather than a heavy, three-course meal.
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V.E. Schwab is one of my very favorite authors, which led me to have very high expectations for Gallant. I also did not realize (and perhaps it hasn’t been advertised as such) that Gallant is a middle grade, not an upper-YA or YA crossover book, so I should have been more prepared for something closer The Near Witch as opposed to Monster of Verity or A Darker Shade of Magic though the cover of Gallant does have similar artwork to DSOM. These two factors combined left me slightly disappointed with Gallant.

Gallant does contain many of Schwab’s signatures. The writing is gorgeous and the story unspins quietly but intensely. There is an eerie, fairytale like quality to the novel which definitely works in its favor. However, it is missing some of Schwab’s other hallmarks. Olivia is an underdeveloped character. She is an orphan who cannot speak and there’s not much beyond that. She has an anger and desire to belong, but that does not shine through in a compelling way like it does with Lilah Bard, Katherine Harker, or Sydney Clarke. It is perhaps unfair to compare her to other Schwab characters, but it is hard not to do so when character development is one of her immense strengths. Similarly, we get to know next to nothing about Matthew which makes it difficult to be invested in his struggle. 

It’s not quite an Easter egg, but I like to joke that a V.E. Schwab heroine loves a knife (see: Lilah, Katherine, Lexi). At one point in Gallant, Olivia picks up a knife but discards it quickly. 
In some ways, Gallant has echoes of The Archived in its relationship to life and death and loneliness. Gallant is quieter, spookier than that series, which I appreciated.

Overall, Gallant is lushly written but did not have the depth to satisfy in the same way that Schwab’s YA and adult novels do, which is maybe not a fair assessment, so I think Gallant is best taken for what it is: A middle-grade novel about a girl, ghosts, and belonging. 

PS- the art gorgeous!

*Thanks very much to NetGalley/ the publisher for providing me with an digital ARC.
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A haunting book about the power that death has over the living and the power of family - chosen or otherwise.
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Victoria Schwab is a master of words. Gallant, her latest work, lives up to the hype. It's lush, vibrant, and dark in a way only she can achieve.
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This book was amazing. Victoria Schwab is one of my favorite authors so I went into this book with high expectations. It didn't disappoint. 

Once again, Schwab is masterful at weaving a magical story. I found myself captivated by the unraveling of the many mysteries presented in this book. Gallant, itself, proved to be even more fascinating than I could have anticipated. 

Olivia is a great main character. It was unique to have a main character that does not speak. And yet, Olivia was able to make herself heard when she wanted to be.

My only complaint is that this book didn't feel long enough. The plot didn't really pick up until about halfway through, which led to the ending feeling a bit rushed. I also found myself frustrated to still have some lingering questions unanswered (or at least not answered as fully as I would have liked.) I would definitely read another book in this story's universe!
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Holy cow, Victoria Schwab can write a story. I think I say that at the end of all of her books, but time and time again, I am shocked at how her stories unravel. There was so much to love about this book - the main characters, the villains, the secret garden, the journal, and all of the twists and reveals. Just so good! The beginning starts a little slow as the main character, and the reader are on the same foot, but the story takes off once we get the first big reveal. 

I was very sad at the end of this book. I was sad because it was over, because of some characters' fates, and because I want to know what happens next! I cannot wait to recommend this to everyone! 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for letting me read this early.
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Gallant is a dark, melancholy, and gorgeous tale of ghosts, family, and belonging, and it's easily my favorite of Victoria's young adult works. Our mute and determined heroine, Olivia Prior, is one of Schwab's most memorable protagonists and the lush, bloody world of Gallant is one that I would love to see more from. With its family history, beautiful artwork, and a mirrored world but a step away from our own, this story feels timeless in the way that many fairy tales do, and while the comparisons to The Secret Garden and Crimson Peak were dead on, Gallant's quiet ferocity makes it stands out not only against other stories of its kind, but against Schwab's own impressive backlist as well. This one is perfect for fans of Coraline, The Near Witch, and Mexican Gothic, and I can't wait to see where Schwab's young adult fiction takes us next.
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The book begins with a note from Victoria Schwab about her interest in doors throughout her life. As a person who as always been fascinated with keys and doors, I was already excited to see where this was going. 

I would say, it's like a very dark Secret Garden (which was also one of my favorite stories growing up). What if what was on the other side of that hidden door wasn't an amazing magical place, but a terrifying one? What if there's a curse on a home you've finally found and the only place you've ever felt you belonged?   

It's fascinating and haunting and I wasn't able tp put it down.
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I've been thinking long and hard about what to write or what to say about Gallant. Each and every time I think of what I can say about the time I spent curled up inside these pages I fall short. 

To me as well as many other millions of readers books are more than just books. They are a leaf that carries us away through gentle streams into another world, another time. 

That is how it was for Gallant and me. I felt as though I held a dream of Victoria Schwab's in my hand. Gallant starts with a dream of family and home and gives us much more than we could have ever hoped for. 

If you have ever dreamt of home, of magic, of monsters than please do me a favor and spend some time inside this dream. Like a leaf on a steady stream of water, let the words carry you and your imagination away.
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Wow. This was a very unique book. I definitely didn't know what to expect going in, but I really liked it. It was dark and lovely.
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Although this one is entertaining, it seems maybe too dark for kids in the classroom who might be a bit sensitive. I know that sounds silly, but that’s what I thought of as I read it.
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Olivia Prior has no family and no voice. Her only tie to her mother is an old journal with a G on the cover, the ramblings of a woman going mad, and seemingly bizarre sketches.
Olivia grew up in Merilance School for Girls- an orphanage where she endured bullying from both the other children and the teachers. When she receives a letter from a long lost uncle asking her to come home, Olivia hopes things are about to turn around for her.
Gallant certainly moved fast enough to keep my attention, but it has a kind of slow burn feel to it. I loved the way the story of Gallant and of Olivia's parents unfold. There is a dark, creepy vibe to the whole thing, but that feeling doesn't overwhelm. 
Schwab's writing style shines through here. Every word is purposefully chosen, every turn of phrase elicits imagery. She is a MASTER storyteller.
I would recommend this book for all ages. It is appropriate enough for the YA readers, and has enough depth for the adult readers. 
Absolutely one of my favorite books of the year!

Many thanks to Netgalley, Greenwillow Books, and HarperCollins Childrens for the opportunity to read for review.
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Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for an eARC version of this novel in exchange for my honest review.

This book was, in a word, masterful. I could see the parallels right away between The Secret Garden, and it was done so well. I loved Olivia, and her uniqueness, and the importance that gives to her story. I loved the history of Gallant, the secrets hidden in its walls. The ghouls were an especially nice touch. I wish I could read this one for the first time again.

Best book I’ve read in 2021. Highly recommend.
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Spooky, enchanting, and makes you want more! 
I loved Olivia’s story and this book is much! I can’t wait to put a copy in my classroom.
This gave me spooky vibes and will be a fun read around Halloween.
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Gallant is a story about an orphan who finds out she has a family. In discovering her family, she also finds out about herself and a century’s long duty her family must uphold. Schwab is a masterful storyteller that makes you feel like you are in this story. The main character, Olivia, is mute, and I could feel her frustration in being unable to express her thoughts and ideas she wanted to convey. I do wish Matthew’s character would have been more developed. When he died I felt no remorse.
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I was provided an E-ARC for this book by Netgalley and this review will contain no spoilers. 

I love all things Victoria Schwab, so I was very excited to receive an E-ARC for Gallant. Gallant is GORGEOUS. Schwab continues to give us lush worlds and build atmospheric places for us to sink into. The characters are interesting and well developed, but what really struck me about this book is how it all comes together. Schwab masterfully weaves pieces she's already given us together to create an even more beautiful whole and gives us the chance to view things from another perspective, much like the characters do in the book. This was gorgeous and I can't wait to buy a physical copy because I think it will one I come back to over and over again.
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Thank you so much to Netgalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of this book! V. E Schwab is one of my all time favorite writers and this book did not disappoint!

Gallant tells the story of a girl named Olivia Prior. The story opens with her at an orphanage and shows how she struggles to keep her head above water in a ruthless environment of bullying girls and hostile matrons. Olivia was left on the steps of the orphanage when she was two and the only clue she had about her mother is a journal that has a letter 'G' engraved onto the cover, and which is filled with letters and pictures she assumes was written by her mother. 

The story only starts when a letter comes for Olivia, calling her back to her family home - one she was not aware existed - Gallant.

Gallant falls into an odd age bracket where everyone from Middle Grade to Adult could read it and enjoy it. It does deal with the duality between life and death and is definitely written with a horror genre in mind. However, the type of horror in the story is very human. And while things like ghouls are mentioned and described a lot, it makes the reader sympathetic to the beings. This book does drag the reader into it, albeit a little slowly at first, but completely at the end. 

I would definitely recommend this book to any customer looking for something slightly creepy but with a lot of heart. The advanced copy also included the absolutely stunning illustrations done for the story. The entire book truly is a work of art!
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