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Cuuuuuuute!!!! What an absolute delight of a story!! 
I didn’t mean to read this so early but I couldn’t stop once I had it open! Definitely keep this one on your radar, friends!! It's the perfect combination of important self-discovery centred conversations and fluffy, happy, cuteness!
Will definitely need this one on my Fav Graphic Novels display shelf once print copies are available!

(And to the publisher - I've reviewed this in my Instagram stories, for now. And will have a proper post about it in my feed closer to publication!)
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I adored this book-- read it through in two quick sessions. I loved the characters and the graphics and the story-- and especially the pig! The little "story within a story" of how the pig came to the bakery was the most fun. 

I did think the parents' objections were a bit overdone and made them out to be meaner than necessary, a bit of a downer for such a joyous book.
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I absolutely adored this. As an English major myself, working a job not in my field of study, I get that sometimes you have to take what you can get, but it helps here that Ben actually enjoys the positions he's in.

Dealing with disappointment from his parents and ultimately having to decide where he want to go with his life really hits home for me.

The writing was really well done and the art style was pleasant. The romance felt a bit rushed for how short the story was, but overall was very wholesome.

10/10 would read again.
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This is very cute! I enjoyed the visuals, the dialogue, the plot -- and especially Gabe the pig. :)

The only reason this didn't get a full 5 stars from me was that I wanted a little more at the end. I wanted to see what happened with Ben's parents -- and with Ben and Liam! Plus, I wanted to know how Ben succeeded as a chef too. Really, it could have been twice as long, and I would've gobbled it all up.
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This was a cute little LGBT romance story. The description of the food made me hungry, the art style was beautiful and they reminded me a little bit Nick + Charlie from the Heartstopper graphic novels. 

There were parts of this story that were a bit silly but other than that it was good!
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Food in graphic novels is always a real favourite, so a whole graphic novel about food?! Sign me straight up! This was quite adorable, although a little odd at times (the pig?!). I loved the art style and very much adored, slightly geeky, awkward Ben. I remember this period of life all too well. You're expected to make such huge decisions, at such a young age, on what you want to do with the entire rest of your life. That whole idea is captured very well. 

So many great side characters, Ben has a lovely group of friends. The story was just generally gentle and heart warming. All in all a charming little book.
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Simply delightful, this book is so relatable to younger adults leaving college or university and facing having to decide who they really are away from school and family pressure -as well as  anyone who remembers those days themselves!

There is a very cute romance subplot, and a wonderful, quirky taste-testing pig, but really the star of the show is Ben Cook, the protagonist. Facing the hurdle of not being able to get a foot in the door when it comes to what he assumes is his dream writing career, and increasing bills, he spots a help wanted sign in a restaurant and discovers a new passion in cooking. 

Facing misunderstandings with friends, kooky chefs, embarrassing drunken mishaps, a cute co-worker who may or may not like him back, and parental pressure, Ben has to decide what's really important to him, and where his true passion really lies. Definitely recommended!
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Really cute book, love the character. The book to have when you don’t want something complicated. The part with the pig was a little too much for an adult book.
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Ben Cook wants a job, but it is the problem with jobs that if you have no experience, you can't get experience. And so, despite a shiny new English degree, he can't find any work. His room mates try to make him feel better, but he doesn't. 

And then he sees a help wanted sign in a restaurant, and he sees the most handsome man Liam, and decides to go after the job. 

And this is where it gets weird, and if this wasn't just a silly ron-com, you would think that he could find a better pace to work. The owner will let him have the job, if he can both please the humans palettes, as well as Watson the Pig's taste buds as well. 

Throw in crazy parents that want their son to have a writing job, because he went to school for that, and you have a sweet ron-com with a very out of it young man who doesn't know if he should be flirting or not.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.</em>
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Ahhhh! This was so great! I loved every second of it. Ben and Liam were adorable. I couldn't put it down. Absolutely 1000% recommend this to everyone.
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Such a cute and easy read !! I loved the graphics and the whole story itself.
The whole roommate situation was very interesting because we got to know bits of each characters and i loved how they communicated between them and how you could see everything isnt always bright and it really shows you that communication is the key!
loved liam’s character and how he “defended” Ben in front of the parents.
I also really found interesting the parents argument, not every parents can be supportive and thats the real life! It can make you realize that or show you that you’re not alone !
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This is cutest graphic novel I have picked up in a bit. The main character is very relatable. The premise begin with him moving in with his friends after graduation and in search of a job related to his major. 

However, luck is against him and he has to take a restaurant job to pay his bills. There, his cooking skills are tested and approved by a pig (so cute). In between all the training and preparing, he crushes on the sous chef, has a fight with his best friends and his overbearing parents give him an ultimatum. 

The whole book has a 'Friends' vibe and I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you #NetGalley and #OniPress for giving me the opportunity to read this!
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This just made me really, really happy. The whole cast of characters (except for Benji's parents smh) were great, and Watson is the best critic ever. I would love to see this as a sitcom. While most of the graphic novel is light and feel-good, it does touch on somd topics that I think are relevant and made me really think and connect with personally, such as post-university life and the question of what to do next. Plus, a dig on how certain job requirements can be on the illogical side sometimes. The art was lovely and the food descriptions made me hungry too. Didn't expect to enjoy it this much but I'm glad I did.
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Arc received from Netgalley.

I was in the mood for something cute and wholesome, Chef's Kiss absolutely fits the bill. It gave me vibes of Giant Days, Heartstopper and the tv show Please Like Me. I love media revolving around college kids trying to figure out how to live adult lives. The friend group was nice. The work story was engaging. The best part was Watson, the pig. I'll definitely read more from this author.
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Chef's Kiss is an adorable graphic novel that is bound to make you hungry. Ben cook has just graduated from college and is attempting but failing to find a job in his chosen career path. Being a cook is very much the opposite of being a writer, but he's at the point that he will take what he can get. It helps that he's actually quite good in the kitchen, and it doesn't hurt that one of the other cooks, Liam,  is easy on the eyes. With the new job comes not only a crush on Liam, but Ben struggles to balance new friends with the old and has to decide if his plans of being a writer were his own or his parents.

Chef's Kiss was a super quick read with a great art style. A New Adult rom-com with a main character who is figuring out the next step in his life after college. For the most part, the story was relatable when it came to career decisions, managing friendships and the thrill of a new crush. The less relatable part was the odd taste testing pig with human like reactions and the over the top grouchy boss. Be warned, do not read this hungry lol because the dishes they cooked up sounded heavenly. Overall a very cute queer graphic novel with a sweet innocent romance that's wrapped up nicely at the end.
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Good food, good friends and a really cute pig.

This was a really cute book about new beginnings. Exploring new relationships, new passions and finding your place in the world post education. I loved the romance and of course I loved the pig!

Thanks to NetGalley and Oni for providing me this eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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I'm always a sucker for a romantic graphic novel and this was just too cute. I really enjoyed reading this, from the struggle Ben has in deciding what to do as a career and not finding a job (very relatable), to the kooky (I was going for a cooking joke) job at the restaurant. The ending was also super cute and perfect, even though I wish that the relationship had developed a little more. Also, I really liked how all the side characters are developed, and how you got to know each character throughout the book. My only critique is the yoga scene being too long. I mostly skimmed through all the inhale-exhale bits because it didn't add to the story.
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A light slightly comic well very comic romantic story line that features as one of its heroes a pig! Yep a pig who rules the sty and beyond, plus cookery recipes that make your mouth water. That aside the story of coming of age is told in a light hearted way with illustrations that fit in well with the traditional comic layout.
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Loved this in its entirety. The characters were fun and Ben, the lead, was very relatable with his problems. Discovering what you would like to do and exploring different possibilities while trying to satisfy your own needs and not dissapointing others was something I related to. If you are looking for something sweet and thoughtful with great illustrations I highly suggest this story!
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This book is the perfect queer fall read. It was so cute I can hardly stand it.

First of all, the art is so freaking gorgeous. It doesn't take a lot to impress me when it comes to art in graphic novels, but the style and the coloring is just perfect in my opinion.
Secondly, I enjoyed the plot much more than I thought I would. I really don't know anything about cooking, but after reading it, you really don't need to know a lot about it to appreciate the amount visuals and descriptions in this book. I think the plot had a good balance of drama to keep me engaged, while also making sure the characters stay likeable. I've found in many other graphic novels, characters will do mean and hateful things that make them less likeable for the sake of plot, but that didn't really happen in this one, so I appreciated that.
Speaking of characters, I thought the character work was really great in this one. I feel like we did actually get to see Ben develop over the course of the story and none of the characters felt out of place. Everyone got a chance to shine and I really loved the group dynamics.

Basically, go read this book as soon as it comes out. If you like stories about cooking, finding your passions, and fluffy (queer!) romance, this is the book for you!

Thank you, NetGalley, for a digital ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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