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The final instalment in the fabulously gripping Falco and Devlin series delivers a crackingly suspenseful tale that keeps you guessing throughout.

As Falco and Devlin are called in by their LT to investigate when an ex-cops wife and child are killed in an apparent arson attack at their home. But what seems to be an open and shut case soon becomes more complicated when the detectives are informed that the mother and child were marked and the ex-cop once worked for the same LT that Falco did whilst undercover.

And with a parent who keeps admitting responsibility, lying and missing witnesses and Falco's old boss pulling strings that bring his undercover days back into sharp focus this was a great conclusion to the series and I would happily recommend it to others.
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This story was, unsurprisingly, a murder mystery but it also brought back bad memories for Falco from his undercover days. When the past collides with the present will Falco emerge unscathed?

Detectives Kerri Devlin and Luke Falco are called to the scene of a house fire where, tragically, a mother, Jana Boothe, and her 5 year old daughter, Leah, have died. The husband had been found unconscious in the front yard by a neighbour and, when roused, he tried to run in to save his family but to no avail. Jana and Leah were not burned and the black crosses on their foreheads suggested a drug or gang related killing. Boothe himself is a former police officer from Luke’s former undercover unit. Had he gone rogue?

When questioned Boothe confesses to the killing. Falco and Devlin are unconvinced. For starters - how did he end up unconscious on the lawn? Why does the neighbour keep changing his story? And how is O’Grady’s undercover unit involved? The investigation keeps leading them to Falco’s former unit boss Lieutenant O’Grady who Falco claims is very bad news. The team is a law unto itself and really skirts the law to get results. Falco is no longer welcome with the group. But the more they investigate the more O’Grady seems to be involved in something bad.

At the same time grandma Boothe and grandma Scott (Jana’s mum) who don’t really get on that well are keeping secrets and plotting something. This is one of the most interesting aspects of the story. I really liked the rogue grannies! 

Falco has tried desperately to keep his past in the past. He has not told Devlin anything about it as he is afraid he may have done something truly awful. If only he could remember! This is possibly the best book in this series so far. The plot was very interesting. I did have suspicions which were correct but it was never a sure thing and I really enjoyed the way the story unfolded. Many thanks to Netgalley and Thomas & Mercer for the much appreciated arc which I reviewed voluntarily and honestly.
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A Burning Case

Everyone seems to be lying, but maybe that’s the point of the mystery. The book starts out strong, Luke and Kerri, police partners and lovers, are called out to investigate a fatal house fire.  Killed were Allison Booth and her daughter Leah, who is ill with leukemia. Oddly enough, Logan Boothe, Allison’s estranged husband is found prostrate on the ground but apparently was able to revive himself and run into the house to try and save his daughter and wife. 

There is a bevy of other characters who confuse the plot on purpose, of course.  In order to help solve the murders, Luke Falco is forced to return to the “bad days,” when he worked with Lt. Patrick O’Grady.  There’s old secrets among most of the characters which may justify the preponderance of lies.  The mystery was minimally exciting and leaves us with the old adage, “one must confront the past to save one’s future.”

My gratitude to NetGalley and Thomas A. Mercer for this pre-published book.  All opinions expressed are my own.
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Can't Go Back (Devlin & Falco #3) by Debra Webb

When Devlin took on Falco as her new partner about eighteen months ago, the two mixed like oil and water. Now the two are still very different but mix like chocolate and peanut butter (yum). They are a team both in their professional and their personal lives. The days of second guessing each other are over, even when Falco's past comes back to smack him in the face (literally). 

When a woman and her daughter die in a house fire that is clearly arson, Devlin and Falco are the lead investigators. The husband is an ex-cop, the daughter was suffering from a costly disease, and the couple's marriage had hit some very rocky times. The husband was found outside the house, injured but alive. Could the husband have committed double murder for insurance money? Did the marital problems have anything to do with the deaths? Welcome to a slew of red herrings, twists, and turns. 

Enter Falco's disturbing past. As a former undercover detective, Falco has tried to put that sordid life behind him but it haunts his nightmares and his attempts to find peace in the present. The injured husband used to work under the same man that Falco worked for undercover. Falco despises his former boss but needs to make contact again to get make sense of the tangled mess of clues and leads. Add in two sparring and grieving grandmothers, helpful and evasive neighbors, a drug lord, and more and towards the end of the book Falco and Devlin can't make sense of anything regarding the murders. It doesn't help that the husband keeps confessing to murders that he probably didn't commit. Then things get even more convoluted from there!

Thank you to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for this ARC.
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Can’t Go Back is book #3 in the Devlin and Falco trilogy by Debra Webb.  This book can easily be read as a stand alone but it does help if you’ve read at least book #1.

Devlin and Falco are back on another high profile case.  The Chief of Police with the Birmingham PD has personally asked for Devlin and Falco specifically. This particular case involves previous officers with the BPD and the Chief wants this handled immediately and professionally by the best.

This story takes a lot of twists and turns and will keep you guessing until the end. There are definitely plenty of suspects and as the story unfolds there are secondary plots that will unfold that will have you wondering what the real story is.  There is also the story of Devlin and Falco’s budding relationship. Things are changing and will Falco’s deeds of the past be their undoing.

Debra Webb masterfully builds a story that will keep you engaged and wanting for more.  As you get deeper into the story the way Debra Webb unfolds the story before you will have you reading through the pages faster and faster to get to the mind blowing end.

Thank you #DebraWebb, #netgalley and #ThomasandMercer for the opportunity to read this book!
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This is the third and reportedly final installment of a trio of novels featuring Birmingham Detectives Kerri Devlin & Luke Falco - however I for one, certainly hope the author reconsiders and extends this series – I think they could easily become as popular as Catherine Coulter’s Savich & Sherlock! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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A fast paced adrenaline ride featuring a fabulous duo! I’m sad to see this series come to an end but this was a fitting conclusion. I was invested in the case from the beginning and couldn’t put it down- the twists and turns kept me engaged and riveted. My thanks to the publisher for the advance reader in exchange for my honest review.
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Thank you NetGalley and Debra Webb for the ARC of Can’t Go Back by Debra Webb that I read and reviewed.
This is the third book in the Devlin and Falco series by Debra Webb and this book takes the reader into Luke Falco’s past and what he was before he started working with and falling for Kerri Devlin. 
I really loved this book and now the reader got a look at Falco’s past even though he really did not want to go there. It was interesting to see where the character came from and what made him tick. 
I had it figured out who started the fire but I was shocked over the reason why it was done. As for everything else that was going on in the book I absolutely loved it. In true Webb fashion she had so many things going on she kept the reader on their toes and wanting more. I can’t wait to see where Devlin and Falco go next.
Can’t Go Back gets five out of five stars!
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This is the third and final book in the Devlin and Falco series and it does not disappoint. Kerri Devlin and Luke Falco at detectives in  Birmingham who arrive at the scene of a house fire where a mother and daughter have perished and the father is injured trying to save his family. But nothing at the crime scene seems to make sense. The husband, a former undercover officer, makes a full confession but why was he unconscious on the front lawn and then ran inside to save them? What would compel him to confess if he didn't do it? The neighbours gather to lend "helpful" information and it seems they are a little too involved in the comings and goings of the neighbourhood yet no one witnessed anything or heard anything that night. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and I definitely didn't see the end coming. It was nice to see Kerri and Luke, two flawed and struggling people, build a relationship together and we at the end we feel that they might have a chance to make it work. Great story with well-developed characters and lots of red herrings to keep your attention!
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This was the 3rd in the Devlin/Falco suspense series. I’ve read the previous two and while I have enjoyed them all, I think this was my least favorite of the trilogy. 

Devlin and Falco are detective partners in Birmingham, AL, and this one begins with them already in a personal relationship (which was a bit jarring as there was mostly just attraction ending the last one). There are multiple mysteries here (arson, murders…both present and past, serial killer), but luckily it wasn’t confusing to follow. There are twists and turns, Falco’s painful past undercover career is explored and resolved, and as it’s the series finale, all is wrapped up nicely by the end. 

Overall a good conclusion to an exciting and well-written series. 

My sincere thanks to #NetGalley , #ThomasandMercer , and the author for providing me the free early arc for review. The opinions are strictly my own.
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Devlin and Falco are investigating a case that involves a home fire that kills a Mother and her child.  The fire was arson.   The detectives keep running into brick walls.  Everyone involved in the case is hiding information.  There is plenty of suspense that will keep you guessing and turning the pages.  This book is part of a series but could be read as a stand alone.  I look forward to the next book in this series. Thank you to net galley for an advanced readers copy.
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This was my first book to read by this author but I cannot wait to read more! The characters stay with you long after you finish the book. Such a great story and fast read. Highly recommend!!!
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Can't Go Back by Debra Webb is the third book in her Devlin and Falco series. This book has a complex storyline that covers Devlin and Falco's investigation into a house fire where a mother and daughter died. The investigation takes Falco back to his undercover days. Devlin and Falco had agreed that the past was the past but in this case the past has come back to haunt Falco. I enjoyed reading this story but it is my least favorite in this series. I did like how well these two main characters work together and I found the end to be satisfying and exciting.
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This is the final book for Kerri and Luke and what a way to go out. There's a lot going on here. Including answers about Luke's past. The case they are investigating is full of suspects. The pacing is fast and keeps your interest. There are several twists I didn't see coming. I was left with my mouth hanging open several times. I've grown invested in these characters so I loved the way the author tied everything up and the ending felt perfect. I'm sad to see these guys go but I definitely will be rereading this series in the future.
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Wish I could give this book more than 5 stars!!! Fantastic ending to the Devlin/Falco series. You will be on the edge of your seat as you read this mystery/suspense/thriller!!!! The twists and turns will make you want to pull your hair out because you think you have everything figured out and then something else happens and your conclusion is blown apart! Debra Webb does a stupendous job of keeping you intrigued from the beginning until the very last page. 

I was given an advanced copy by the author and this is my voluntary, honest review.
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Another great read from Debra, this is part 3 of a trilogy ( or maybe more books to follow, I hope so). A real page turner, couldn’t put it down. It’s great to watch the characters unfold during the story and the author keeps you guessing right until the end.
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Firstly, thank you to #NetGalley and #Thomas&Mercer for giving me a digital advanced reader's copy of #CantGoBack by #DebraWebb in exchange for a genuine review. 

Right, so I guess this is my own fault why I've rated this book a 3/5. I didn't know that this book was the third instalment of a series. That is probably the reason why I felt lost a times because the book didn't really tell me more about each of the character's history. I think I would've had a better experience if I read the first two books first. Even if I had a hard time getting into this book the ending was okay for me. To sum it all up, this was an OK read for me. As per usual, there were quite a few false twists and legit twists as well which kept my interest there that's why I finished this book. I still recommend it to the thriller readers out there but like what I said earlier - best to read the first two in the series.
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This book was sent to me by Netgalley for review electronically.  The fire...the dead...the mystery...who did it?  Is the husband and father innocent or guilty?  Why did someone do such horrible things?  Will the police solve the mystery, or will the guilty escape unscathed?  This is a dark intriguing mystery and murder that will stay with the reader for is difficult to determine who did first...finally, the story comes together, and the ending is somewhat predictable.  That being said, this author weaves a story that is difficult to put down.  Try this one.
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC of Can't Go Back by Debra Webb 
Kerri and Luke are partners and working a crime scene, they are also dating, Luke has quite a past in the undercover police world and his ex-wife left him with their son a long time ago. Kerri was also married and her teen age daughter is away visiting her father 
This novel takes us through the investigation of a house fire where a mom and daughter die and the husband/father is found beaten almost to death outside the house. The investigation looks at the father, people he might have been involved with and the mothers of the deceased and her husband who is now in the hospital. Kerri and Luke try and get some insight into things from an undercover cop that Luke used to work with
This novel has a great story line and really has you wondering who did it, there were a few guilty culprits in this novel. I found it jumped around a lot though and I had a hard time keeping the characters straight in the beginning 
I would recommend this novel and would read more by this author
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The third book in this series featuring Detectives Kerri Devlin and Luke Falco is evidently the final one in a trilogy.  I enjoyed the first two books and looked forward to this one.  A woman and her child are found dead when an arson fire destroys the home; the husband confesses.  Something is off and the evidence doesn't appear to point to him.  The story connects to Luke's dark past as he recognizes the husband as a fellow undercover cop.  Luke has tried to put his past behind him, but the current case leads back to his time in an elite group of undercover cops and some things that many would like to remain forgotten.  I like the characters, and I'm sorry that this is the final book.  read in July

NetGalley/Thomas & Mercer; Mystery; Dec. 14, 2021.
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