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Written in conversational style, Dr. Tony Evans and his four children, Crystal, Priscilla, Anthony Jr and Jonathan talk to us (similar to a face to face conversation) on some of the tragedies their family has had to endure (including the passing of their niece/cousin Wynter and the beloved matriarch of the family, Dr. Lois Evans).  The conversations are raw and honest ( which is something that is usually not shown in "Christian" publications) and eye opening.  Although it's a small part, and not the focus of the book, my favorite part was how Dr. Evans talks about how he met and married his wife (yes, I am one of those weirdo hopeless romantics and love stories like that).  I was familiar with some parts of the book.  I read Jonathan Pitts book, so I was familiar with Wynter's story, even though I had never heard of her before that, and I follow a couple of the family members on social media (I'm not evangelical, nor am I apart of that circle, so I don't personally follow everyone). This was a powerful and informative book and is good for anyone dealing with grief.
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I have enjoyed this book. I love that the family all came together to write it. A great book for someone in Grief.
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Divine Disruption offers “rules for engagement” when our lives turn upside down and/or inside out. Even if you believe you don’t need a book like this one, now, read it anyway or at least purchase it.  The day will come that you will reach for it; if not for yourself, for someone you know.
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I absolutely loved Divine Disruptions by the Evans-Hurst-Shirer family! It is a uniquely written book as it written by Dr. Tony Evans and his four children, making it the first time they all have written a book together. Each chapter covers a situation the family has went through or something that God has taught them. Most of the chapters include all of the family writing a piece of the chapter. I appreciated that at the beginning of the book it was explained how the book is laid out. The book is written by Dr. Evans and his four children and when the narrative changes, the author’s name is at the top of the paragraph.

What I read in Divine Disruptions shows that we all have ups and downs in life no matter who we are. What I read in Divine Disruptions shows that we have a choice every day to believe and trust God no matter what comes. What I read in Divine Disruptions shows that with a foundation and a relationship with Jesus Christ we can make it through the tough things of life.

I loved how Divine Disruptions is written as if you were talking to the authors themselves, as though they were your friends. The testimony the family tells is relatable and real. Divine Disruptions is a wonderful book that encourages and gives practical, Biblical advice through the seasons of life.

I would like to thank NetGalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read this book.  This review is also on Goodreads and
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Headline: Cling

Different perspectives
Different personalities
Different approaches to grief

What an absolute blessing to now have this book before me. While much of which was happening in the Evans and Hurst home we can now put some of the pieces together the family shared with the world outside of the book. Like when the family decided to take their raw emotions to the church on stage. We ( the public) got to view that service on YouTube.

One interruption after another and this family continues to run to God. We should learn how to fortify our relationship with the Lord. So many lessons from each family member all told one by one in their own words. The children were dealing with ailments and lost a grandparent, a sibling, a Aunt, an Uncle and then losing their mom. Several themes and actions throughout this book had me choked up but one had me smiling and I don’t know why. The family got together and did a prayer march, while reading I got choked up but then out of nowhere a big smile was on my face.

Towards the end of the book in the chapter titled Stones of Remembrance each child had a stone; Chrystal had legacy, Priscilla had faith, Anthony had family and Jonathan had salvation. They shared something personal about each word during their mother’s service. I could tell it was a joyous occasion and I mean no disrespect in saying that. 

This book is timely and timeless grow your faith.
A galley copy was shared with me by NetGalley in exchange for my thoughtful and honest review.
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In this collaborative book, Tony Evans and his four adult children share a personal inside look at the divine disruptions they've walked through as a family.  Starting with the death of a cousin, the Evans family endured loss after loss, resulting in the death of six family members and culminating with the arrival of a global pandemic.  Life was literally turned upside down, leaving them all questioning, "Where are you, God?"

This book, Divine Disruption, is a result of a promise the Evans children made to their mother before she passed from cancer.  For years, it had been her wish that they write a collaborative book, and it was after her death that they found a common project: how do you work through life's unexpected losses and challenges, while holding on to faith?  Their unique voices share how they found peace with God, persevered through the difficulties of life, and determined to work past the disruptions of life.

This book was honest, transparent, and, at times, heart breaking.  With the loss of their mother only a few years removed, the pain is understandably still fresh.  The authors don't shy away from the unfairness of the past few years, but rather lean into the sovereignty of God through Biblical wisdom and open conversation.  One of my favorite quotes came near the end of the book when Jonathan Evans says:
"Faith is depending on God when you're living in the unknown, and sometimes the Lord lets us hit rock bottom so we can experience that He is the rock at the bottom."

Wow!  That one powerful statement gave me a lot to meditate on in my own life.  And that's just one of the many insightful observations in this book. 

Divine Disruptions was my first introduction to any of the Evans' writings, but I can guarantee, it won't be my last.

*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher.  All opinions are my own.
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Love this book! The conversation style is perfect and makes you feel like you are sitting down with the Evans family. This book has given me wisdom and insight on how to deal with diving disruptions I am currently facing.
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Divine Disruption: Holding on to Faith When Life Breaks Your Heart provides a rare and intimate glimpse inside Tony Evans and his family after enduring an extended season of great trial and loss. In a two year period Tony and his family endured the loss of eight family members including his brother, sister, brother-in-law, niece, father and precious wife, Lois, of fifty years. It was also during this time his daughter, Priscilla Shirer, underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in her lung. Then, his other daughter, Crystal, was worked up for a suspicious growth on her leg. All of this was followed by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown giving Tony and his family much time to pray, reflect upon and grieve their tremendous losses. 

In this book you will hear from Tony and each of his three adult children, who are all involved in ministry, as they all openly discuss their struggles, disappointments and the role their faith played as they continue to work through and process their grief by leaning into God and onto one another. I so appreciated their honesty and transparency as each shared their thoughts and feelings as to the hope they were able to hold onto even in the darkest and most difficult times. This book is a must read for those grieving the loss of a loved one.
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Divine Disruption is an intimate conversation between brothers and sisters  and their dad. The reader gets to eavesdrop on the family as they process their heartbreak through the lens of their faith in Jesus. This is definitely not a “how to” step by step guide to get through heartbreak. It is the honest reflection of how faith in Jesus can get you through the worst heartbreak.
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In this first book from Dr. Tony Evans and his four children, they share personal stories and moments leading up to their mother's diagnosis, her battle with cancer, and what life has been like since. Most chapters have snippets from each person, almost as if you're overhearing them have a conversation around the dinner table, though a few chapters are solely from Dr. Evans.

I appreciate their honesty, particularly how one family member shared about their anger and frustration, but overall the book felt disjointed to me. That's likely because five perspectives are interspersed throughout and each one stays pretty surface level, as there isn't time to go very deep before the next person begins to share. Near the end, it takes a turn as Dr. Evans writes a good amount about Covid-19. Though I understand it being mentioned, as they lost their wife and mother right before the pandemic began, I didn't expect a book that is shorter in length to spend that much time on what Dr. Evans believes about Covid-19.

I'd like to see them do more projects together and believe they each have wisdom to offer, but ultimately the short format and very conversational nature kept an important topic close to surface-level.
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This book was an amazing read.  It was wonderful to be able to see how each of the members of the Evans family responded to their losses.  I was able to see myself in each of their experiences throughout different times in my life when God didn’t respond exactly as I would have wanted Him to.  It reinforced so much for me that despite my prayers not being answered in the way I would have liked or even Preferred, God was, is, and continues to be a good God.  I highly recommend this book.  It will restore your faith, lift you up, and encourage you all along the way.
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Packed with scripture, honest reflections on loss and trial. Loved the way they wrote it from 5 different perspectives, yet all Christ-exalting and founded in Truth.
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