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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for approving me for this arc! 

I really enjoyed this book, the writing technique was fabulous. The way it was written was beautiful. 

I would really recommend this book if you want to feel fully immersed into something
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You might expect that to read a poem over 150 pages long would be a grueling undertaking. I suppose if you hate poetry and clever wordplay and beautiful symbolism and gentle syllables, it would be a terrible experience. However, if you enjoy even one of these things and are committed to reading the entirety of section 2 in one sitting, you'll likely be delighted by this book. I was continually surprised and delighted by the intricate word choices and the foamy imagery. I'll never think of the month of May quite the same way again.
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This story envelopes you in a cocoon of May. You get lost in her tale and of the tale of the one who loves her most. Vivid sceneries transport you across the springtime and beyond, telling the tale of the rise and fall of "May". A most enjoyable tale in verse.
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I really like the front cover it’s beautiful and the colour blue really drawn me to the book.  I found  May  hard to get into myself but some of the descriptions are really good and you can really see what the writer is portraying. 
Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this book.
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Thank you very much for the ARC.

I thought "May" was very dense for me. I enjoy classic poetry and recently read long poetry by St. Vincent Millay that I adored but this one I unfortunately didn't connect with very much.
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As someone who does not much enjoy poetry, this book did unfortunately not change my mind. I DNFed it not far in. I think I do not perhaps have the mind of someone who understands poetry and sees it in the beautiful way in which it is intended, therefore I struggle to read it and end up finding it, put frankly, boring and meaningless. 

In my opinion, I think a lover of poetry could still find this enjoyable and see it for what it is meant to be, even though I couldn’t.
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I was hoping to use May as an example of epic poetry from around the world in my World Literature class. However, either the poem itself or the English translation is too dense and metaphysical for them to grasp. I have to take the world of translator, M Kruijff as to the poem’s broad impactful beauty. It did not come through effectively for me.

Thank you to Arimei Books and NetGalley for an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.
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An epic poem about youth
by Herman Gorter
Pub Date 26 May 2021 | Archive Date 31 Jan 2022
 Arimei Books 

I am reviewing a copy of May through Arimei Books and Netgalley:

In May the magical journey of adolescence is explained against the background of Holland's flowery dunescapes.  Adolescence is explained in strokes wonder-filled impressions a stunningly unspoiled girl.  May not only explores the promise of springtime and the intense spiritual life of youth.  The cycle of life always moves on, and as May matures and returns to earth, she finds it readying for summer.

May (Mei) was originally published Mei (May) in 1889, this spontaneous and vibrant epic poem was immediately recognized by his peers as a landmark work for Dutch literature.   May is inspired in part by John Keats' Endymion (1818), the poem touches upon a wide range of themes, including the innocence and wonder of childhood, the hubris and disillusionment of adolescence, unattainable divine love and the inevitability of transience. 

May is a beautiful story of youth, of springtime and so much more.

I give May, five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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I received this from

"May describes the magical journey of adolescence against the background of Holland's flowery dunescapes. "

A magical journey it is not ..

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